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Apple AirPods Max Silver, Blue or Green $799.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Costco have finally brought out more listings for Apples new AirPods Max, Now have listings available for $799.99 delivered in;

Costco membership required.

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      That's because you are assuming Apple as a Mercedes but in automotive world, Mercedes is Mercedes and not many people can afford it. Whereas in case of Apple it's a consumer product and most Australian use Apple product anyway, so that's make it Toyota. Apple very much rely on consumer market, just look at original USD price of their products, it's comparable to all the premium phone manufacturers, even OnePlus 8.

      So your assumption of Apple as a Mercedes goes out of the window. Apple know their customers and depend upon their gullibility to sometime push overpriced items to maintain themselves as a luxury brand, hence items like wheels, stand and this Airpod Pro Max. Therefore people who buy into their overpriced products are gullible, making them supremely iDiots. No offence.

      • Mercedes is Mercedes and not many people can afford it.

        Only in Australia where gullible people fall for anything and believe things like Volvo is a luxury brand. Back in Germany Mercs are used as taxis, you know, the reason why many people didn't want to drive a Falcon.

        No offence

        This is like when people say "I'm not a racist but…"; of course you meant offence, don't deny it. Lucky for most, no one cares what some random keyboard warrior on the internet thinks.

        • Despite your argument, Mercedes is luxury car, might not be in terms of feature but is certainly on price and perception. Hence, Toyota is best selling car in Australia just like iPhone is best selling phone. Something that is affordable by everyone and is best selling can't be luxury product by definition and is considered a consumer product. My point being, Apple is not a luxury product but is very good at disguising itself as one, releasing products like these once in a while to maintain that perception.

          So if people are gullible enough to buy these like crazy, they are by definition iDiots, regarding No offence I didn't meant offence but I knew people would be offended, that was just a joke.

      • -2

        I have a friend that works at centrelink and most unemployed clients use Apple? How? Why? Yet their children go without. We should reduce their payments, when they have a late model iphone when they could have an Android at a cheaper price, and their kids don't suffer.

      • More like Mazda than Toyota I reckon.

      • Apple very much relies on brain disengaged purchases. You know know you will get a very solid product from Apple and it will work very well in the Apple system. You just buy what you are given by Apple and don't think about it - brain disengaged. You pay for a heavy financial price but you don't have to waste time thinking for yourself. The customers get some advantages, Apple makes huge margins. These headphones must be making more profit for Apple for than the whole retail price of the xm4s.

    • Agree, those of us who perhaps have apartments / room shares / limited m^2, or just enjoy being minimal like to spend on few nice things. There's people who drop $10k on a living room setup, if you don't have the option or the want and this brings you enjoyment I say it's completely reasonable.

    • -1

      I don’t understand how others have a problem with what others think others should and shouldn’t do.

      You’re basically saying “quit complaining”
      And yet here you are, complaining.

  • +8

    I don't mind the love for apple, but on Ozbargain it's truly impressive how many folks love this considering the website and all.
    Not to mention the fact of worker rights abuses on a product your paying a premium for.
    It's a cheap quality product that you'll be buying/wearing to look cool rather than actually enjoy it's function.

    • +4

      Apple products are expensive in general. This is discounted from the original expensive price = bargain.

      If you’re worried about workers rights, almost everything that is made overseas is by cheap labour. Not saying I agree with it, but a lot of companies do it and everyone turns a blind eye to it (I suppose we don’t really have a choice if we want the latest retail goods).

      I think these headphones are expensive and probably not worth it, but some people want to buy a high quality product at a premium (because it’s apple, and works well within the apple products) and if it brings them joy then who cares.

      • +1

        Working for Foxconn as a slave beats workng in a rice field.

    • +2

      Not to mention the fact of worker rights abuses

      If you are "righteous", you should stop buying from Amazon as well. Apple haters cite "workers exploit" as a reason, yet no one complains about the Amazon deals ;-)

      • +2

        Whataboutisms are rife, personally I have family that work at Amazon and they're treated fairly and are satisfied with their jobs. The products that I buy (majority I'm guessing on the AU site) are not manufactured by slave labour/workers and people ain't paying a premium for it. (ツ)

        • For all the self righteousness, my family is fine and therefore the world should be fine. Meanwhile, Apple monster!

          • @dealsucker: You can't reason with the holier-than-thou crowd, tbh.

            • @ThithLord: Got the perfect name though "FlatuentFrank" except it comes from his mouth.

    • +2

      How do you know that whoever is buying them wont be buying it to enjoy it's function? Thats a bit presumptuous.

      You say you don't mind the love for Apple but you clearly do based on your comment.

  • +6

    saw these yesterday in costco.
    the earcups are made of metal and they are heavy, fine for when you are sat down but probly annoying when on the move.
    it has a case which is laughably bad, when i saw it in the shop I thought it was some cheapo aftermarket thing but it was the official apple case.

    massively overpriced for what you are getting but I guess thats par for the course with apple stuff.

    • which costco?

    • +3

      Tried it on today and I couldn't believe how horrid they are. Agree 100%

    • +2

      Is it a case, or a holster?
      Looks like something you hang off your belt, whip out the headphones when ready to have a shoot out with Kanye.

      • +1

        Wachu talkin bout it's a nice lil handbag.

        • -1

          European carryall.

  • +3

    They don't come with a hard case for storage and to turn them off you need to put them back in their soft magnetic half-case.

    • +2

      soft magnetic half-case.

      It is a sleeve. It is like if you were to put your smart-phone in a fancy paper ‘sleeve’ instead of a case.

      Also they are always on, the only time they are off is when the battery dies.
      Decent reviews now say, putting them into the ‘sleeve’ puts them in low-power mode instantly. If you leave them out of the sleeve they go into low-power mode after a few minutes of inactivity.

      Apparently if you leave them for around 24+ hours they go into “ultra-low-power mode”, but this will only happen if you put them away for storage. Most will use them almost everyday so they will only go regular low-power mode.

    • That is a Meme that isn’t so. After 10 minutes of sitting around off your head it goes into low power mode. Not much diff after a day apparently.

      Still not worth the price though.

  • +2

    "Price includes delivery"
    Well ya bloody hope so.

    • +1

      At this price it better be sent from outer-space.

      • +3

        Probably still get to you quicker from outer space than Aus Post delivery estimates 🤣

        • And with less damage.

  • +2

    Bought 10. Thanks OP.

    • rich man pay $7999

      • I wish :) But I am really interested, would buy one if these were $399… or maybe even $499.

        • I would agree but that case…

  • +5

    Why buy this over Sony’s? Hopeless

    • -1
      • +1

        Your obsession with hating on Apple products is the real Lemming, mate

    • I have Sony's and airpods…airpods has the best pairing out of any bluetooth headphones/earphones I've ever used. Switching devices on Sony's can sometimes be a pain (sometimes it connects to a random device and if I want to use calling feature I have to find it and disconnect it which I don't have to do with the airpods) and a bit buggy, mine could just be an outlier though. If I was in the apple ecosystem, I'd probably go with these.

    • If they were similar price I probably would. At least as good sound and ANC, if not a bit better, and better build in Aluminium rather than plastic. I would want a real case though.
      But they are not similar price so Sony for the win.

    • +2

      Because best in class ANC, best in class transparency mode, best in class sound, best in class build quality. They sound as good if not better than B&O Beoplay h95 which by the way cost similar but dont have the same level of everything else.


  • blue oos. sad

  • +5

    As expected. Android boys were in tears. Keep em coming boysz. Drop it here or neg me for extra tears.

    • +3

      Generally the Apple haters will be very vocal and the fans will just sit back, relaxed and enjoy their purchase.

      • -2

        And pay interest on their overpriced purchase.

        • +4

          So android product offers interest free purchase? Is that targeted? Shopback?

      • Yeah mate. How's 14.3? Is it released for you yet? Oh, wait :)

    • +1

      Tears from laughter?

    • It's really cute, isn't it?

  • +2

    What's so special about this can?

  • Finally Apple started to follow Samsung's inflated pricing model and offering some discounts on the current gen models… I love the competition

    • This is Costco (not Apple) doing any discounts.

    • -3

      Samsung are value for money and a reputable brand. Most components in Apple products are made by Samsung to their specifications.
      When iphone sales are down, Samsung suffers.

      • +2

        Stop drugs

      • +1

        Don’t think any parts are Sammy anymore. LG and Toshiba.

  • Got the Black one from last time. Bit heavy on the head, but been using it for movies, and wow. Would buy the blue pair again for sure though.

    • Saw on reviews that you don’t really notice the weight if you are just sitting there, is that right? But can definitely tell it’s there when moving around?

      • I basically sit in the lounge for music and movies, no probs. Maybe will try outdoors later. I have a big head though, maybe it sits more comfy. But missus now has gained control of it full time, she has small head and is not giving it back, so…

        • Noice, time to get a second pair 👍

        • I have a massive head, will this be comfortable for me?

          • @Ronan2001: Only if you also have a massive wallet.

    • -1

      and wow

      You need to elaborate more for those that think the XM4 and whatever Bose is selling currently are the cream of the crop.

      • +3

        I had XM3, honestly can’t compare the two. Mainly build quality is day and night, sound stage is bass-ier than APM, I’m no audiophile, they all sound superb. Noise cancelling is about the same, APM had better seal for me.

        APM with instantaneous pairing with Apple products and the spacial audio for cinema experience is what i was looking for.

        Currently sharing audio watching movies on my Pros, but it’s not the same, will get the blue asap in next batch.

  • +1

    Since Airpods Max deals will probably be posted again:

    If you are considering buying maybe have a look at these 2 decent reviews.
    (Yes they are long but if you are spending $800 then I think it is worth watching)

    - Review 1 - THE HEADPHONE Show

    - Review 2 - GYMCADDY

  • Don't think there will be any other brand that has so many loyal Customers as Apple

    • MacDonald's

      All of their clients are lemmings

    • The most loyal are the haters, bruv. Trust.

  • +3

    I ordered the space grey from jbhifi and got them today… best build quality on any headphones I’ve had(Sony beats Bose) and I’m no audiophile but they are impressive to my ears. Depends how deep your pockets are.

      • +6

        You could save your time also.

    • +6

      Good to hear you are happy with your purchase. Unlike haters applying their own standards onto others and trying to justify other people’s purchases.

  • +2

    Easily better than XM-poors and Lose. If you can’t afford quality, no need to hate on those who can. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Didnt know the number 799 represented quality. Quite hard to find a higher quality one.

      Good to know. Thanks.

      • Yes look at bose or denon.

      • +1

        You should really try it out. Build quality is superb and on another league to sony/bose. Sound on all three can be debatable based on your preference, but they are all good headphones.

        • Is the rrp $899 Apple twice as good as Sony and Bose?

          I know its hard to tell and subjective… but twice as good shouldn't be hard to tell.

          • @jecec: I won’t argue with “rrp”, but based on me owning them, I’d say I’m preferring the APM for sure. If prices were reversed, my choice would still be the same.

            • @Metre: That's great. The world needs people who are willing to splurge.

              The rrp comparison applies to all the items anyway.

          • +1

            @jecec: A Taotronics is $67. Why would anyone pay $350 for Sony's because they sort of sound similar. What a bunch of wussies. Brand plugs. Sonyeeple etc etc etc.

            When it comes to speakers or sound, something costing 2x does get 2x better quality because its not possible. Its a law of diminishing returns. If you appreciate the improvement, you will pay, if not you wont. Why is it so difficult to understand?

    • Name doesn't check out.

  • I've never known if this old video is legit or not, but there's probably a lesson in this nonetheless……


  • +2

    Honestly this price point is a joke.
    Tell me why i am going for this but not a sony or bose?
    There's literally no advantage in comparison to 2 of the best brand on the market.
    This is not like buying Mercedes over a Toyota or Nissan……..

    • If you can ignore the pricing before you try them, you might leave with a better impression. Tbh made for Apple fans for sure.

      • Like I said, what's been done to this airpods gives it true advantage over other successors for watching Apple TV+. But other than that its just an over price toy for apple fan boy.
        Btw, honestly, i am not against apple. I think they make great tablets. But after 1 month of use. I am leaving apple iphone pro max back to android system again.
        Only thing I am going to miss is its camera. Other than that its just getting too complicated and hard to use.

  • +8

    If only I can get $1 everytime a hater trying to apply their own standard onto others, I’d be rich.

    • -1

      Doesn't take much for you to be rich it seems.

    • If I could get a $1 for everyone who complains about others on the internet I’d be much richer.

  • +8

    Bewareofthedog do you have life? ahaha lol you are everywhere hatin. Prob your missus divorced you?

    • +1

      hahaha he's literally going after every positive comment about these.

    • +1

      May be is an actual dog. May be he bites. Ouch!

  • -1

    Too much - Apple fan

  • -1

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    $800 for headphones?

    The stupidity amazes me.

    I have owned 5 or so Apple iPhone and a range of Macs. Still do for music production. But I now use android and couldn’t be happier.

    Apple lost their way when Steve died.

    I’m just shaking my head at this… I own the Sony series 3 noise cancelling headphones; there’s no way Apple are better then those.

    Seriously who the pays this much headphones??

    • +3

      Seriously, who spends this amount of time worrying about what others are purchasing?

      • -2

        Someone like yourself who spends time replying.

        • Ah, the age old classic of NO U

          • -1

            @ThithLord: And yet you’re still wasting your own time replying.

            • +1

              @ant333: Bruv, I use Apple's products. It makes sense for me to be in this thread - you don't use them anymore (more power to ya).

  • -1
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