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[UNiDAYS] Bose QC 35 II Headphones $269.10 + Shipping (Free with Club) @ Catch

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    This is a good deal for those who want QC35ii, even better with those that got the 15% off Catch gift cards (so $250 becomes $215.50), so effectively these cost $234.60. Cheapest ever…

    Personal preference was the Sony XM3's and have been using them for 2-3 years

  • This vs Sony XM4?

    • Same level, just Sony more bass.

    • And the Sony's battery can be replaced easily as the other commenter mentioned.

    • General wisdom is these are tops in comfort while the Sonys have better noise cancelling. Another significant difference is these use button/switch controls while the Sonys are largely touch-based (driven me nuts for the past two years with my XM2s, but most people have no complaints).

      • Ya…owned both XM3s and QC35s. For long flights, QC35s worked for me for sheer comfort as the XM3s couldn't last an hour on my head without my ears becoming sweaty. There was also an uncomfortable pressure point on the crown of my head but that might be attributable to my big head. Sound wise, the Sony was 'better' in terms of bass response but I felt the QC35s were better for 'treble' to put it simply. Neither are audiophile cans resolving music at its best, but both are more than sufficient for the usage scenarios you'd use them in. ANC was slightly favourable to the Sony but the sweaty ears thing was quite unbearable. The Sony however was pretty garbage if wired compared to the QC35s though simply because that bypasses all of Sony's processing.

        • yep - my big ears touched the inside of the SONY cups which hurt my ears after a short period - so I stick with the Bose

          SONY sound good - Bose feel good - take your pick

  • Great price for CC members! Paid $379 for some XM4's yesterday but if I was a CC member I would of bought these for sure as they're very good headphones for the money!

  • Great headphones… only issue I have is the pile of different charge cables I have micro USB, USB c, lightening, 3ds charge cable… list goes on and on… I just wish manufacturers stick to a universal port standard..

  • Good deal for me.
    Had purchased catch gift cards at 15% off recently
    Used $10 referral credit
    And 10% student discount
    Came down to $225ish for this set. I say very fair price. !!! Merry Xmas

  • I use these. They are simply awesome !

  • Has this deal expired? Or do I just not understand how it works?

    When I go to the link, it says they are $348 (save $51)
    Even with 10% and 6% off this is nowhere close to $234 as others have claimed.