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JBL SoundBar Cinema SB350 Wireless SUB $349 (Save $350.95) @ Big W


Looking for a soundbar for my TV and came across this one that is on sale for 1/2 price. From the little research I have done in the last 5 minutes, the reviews for it aren't the best so I think I will continue to look.

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    At least you're honest in your description.

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      It's not like he's the JBL CEO or anything.

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    was considering until i read your description… then i stopped myself from considering more

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    +1 for your description @op

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    OP tells it like it is. Gotta respeck dat.

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    To be honest, I would recommend visiting the store and testing all the sound bars in your price range. Every one has their own taste when it comes to home theatre experience. I went to buy LG SN7Y/8Y series based on reviews but ended up buying Sony HT-S350 for $345. I am more than happy with it :) No Dolbly Atmos or DTS or upfiring speakers but its Sound X Pro and the Sub was worth every penny watching FF7 :)

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      Unfortunately, it's easier said then done based on my experience of visiting several stores.
      I found that it was almost pointless trying to demo the soundbars on display in the store environment, not to mention it's going to sound completely different to how it would sound in your house anyway. Finding stores who had the soundbars hooked up and powered on was another challenge altogether.

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      You live your life a quarter mile at a time.

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      Looks good. Don't pay more than $299

  • Does it support Dolby Atmos?

    • No. And you probably wouldn't want it to

      • Why do I not need it?

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          not on a low end soundbar. Its just cosmetic value at that point.

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      Atmos on a soundbar in most cases is practically a scam, unquestionably so on something in this price range. You need to spend top dollar and ensure your room is setup optimally.

      You'd buy something like this because it's aesthetic and sleek, whilst giving a modest increase to the sound quality over you horrible inbuilt TV speakers.

      • Do like the Sonos Beam?

      • I have Samsung hw 900t. Seems okayish but I get what you are saying on atmos. But these days I only download video with atmos which kinda makes the sound incredible.

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    It's almost like a "half of the double price" deal as for its quality

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    It might not compare to $700 soundbars, but might be noticeably better than $350 soundbars?

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    I hate that soundbars have over taken normal speakers.

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      how does it make you feel?

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        Acoustically challenged

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      Did somebody hurt you?

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    Browsed around in the site and thought this soundbar is interesting. It comes with android TV built in. So comes with nice soundbar speaker (that too not a cheap one, JBL of all), chromecast and android tv all for $350


    • No Sub, but there was a deal on here recently that adds the sub for $399 in total which blows this deal out of the water.

      • Never hear of these type of sound bars… interested as we could do with one as wife wants to get Disney+ for the kids, but i dont want to upgrade my trusty non-smart last gen panasonic 65" plasma… and we use Fetch mighty for tv + apps… unfortunately Fetch doesn't support Disney+ yet

        Any chance i can get some feedback @poxy001 or anyone

        1. Could we use this soundbar to watch Disney+?
        2. Would the Fetch and Wii hook into the soundbar which connects to TV via hdmi ARC?
        3. Lastly, is there a need to get sound from both the TV and the bar? WIth no optical i presume not possible anyway?


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          1. It supports android TV. If its on android tv (pretty sure it is), you should be able to.
          2. I am not sure, but this is not an AV receiver. So, the wii connects to TV and the TV sends audio to the soundbar.
          3. The soundbar will override and takeover the audio (with some settings)
          • @usbc activist: Awesome - #1 & #3 make sense.

            Re: #2 - i dont get how that works. So you need a TV that does audio out via HDMI arc? Instead of optical which i thought was common?

            Whats the point in having all the HDMI inputs for the soundbar then?

            Cheers for the reply btw

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              @chriskq: I think it can done both ways.

              1. The ARC HDMI cable goes from TV to soundbar. The console can be connected to TV.
              2. If there are multiple HDMI ports on the soundbar (based on what you mentioned, it has), then the console can be connected to the soundbar. As long as there is another HDMI cable connected to the ARC port of TV from the soundbar, the audio switching between the devices should happen automatically.
  • I have gotten jbl sound bar with sub 2.1(not the one mentioned in ad here but kinda same)bought 20 months ago, just about one hour ago smoke started coming out of the sub. Luckily didnt catch fire and had to throw it out. Here on ozb looking for some new one and this one caught my attention. Btw not buying it for sure but to all other buyers their life is expected to be around one or two years.

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      Electronics like this don't tend to catch fire when they go, just stink.

      You should have taken it back under warranty. It is reasonable to expect a brand name soundbar would last longer than 2 years. Given that, it would still be under warranty.

      • But the warranty is for one year only

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    I have the 450SB and it is unreal. I'm sure the 350 is sufficient at this price.

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    What is the recommended soundbar around the $500 range which has Dolby Atmos?

    • Samsung HW-Q800T but you really need to spend $1000+ to get Atmos that actually does something

      • Is Samsung HW-Q800T better than the Sonos Beam?

        • No if all you care about is apple support. Yes if you want better a better product.

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    I bought this, very happy so far

  • In my opinion Yamaha Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer YAS-209B is better option. I own a slightly older version 207B since 2018 and very happy with the purchase. YAS-209 was costing $399 during boxing day sales on Amazon and Harvey Norman few days ago.

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