How Often Do You Change Your Bed Sheets?

This thread was inspired by a discussion on a mattress post from earlier.

It seems like there is a bit of a divide on how often sheets should be changed.

Credit to oO0Dam0Oo for suggesting this poll

I know there are some gaps in the poll options such as between weekly and fortnightly. Choose whichever is closest.

Poll Options

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    Between Fortnightly and Monthly
  • 236
  • 44
    I don't change my sheets because my mum does it for me


  • +29

    If i'm getting some regularly, then once or twice a week. If not, then between fortnightly and monthly 不

    • -2

      Do you at least change them each time just before getting some? Amazes me sometimes that some of the best groomed Tindr dates rooms' are nasty.

    • Need some clarification of what counts as regular.

      • Between 1/day and 1/week.. haha!
        Depends who happens to pop over. (I never expected this to be a benefit of living in the CBD).

        • Fair enough. If it's a really good sess, surely you'd need to change it every day then?

          • +3

            @dust: As gross as it sounds, I can sleep on the other side of the bed for a day or two. 不

        • +11

          Does this work? When I moved to the CBD my bed 'sessions' went from 0 to 0.

          • +1

            @Shiny Mew: 不 You still have to go out and be social!

            I'm not going to pretend to be the best looking person in the world but it seems (I can only assume) that a good job, nice apartment and nice car does wonders (until i come across someone I can see as a long-termer).

            • @bobbified:

              that a good job, nice apartment and nice car does wonders

              No way.

              • +3


                No way

                It's definitely not my "good looks"! I think I could easily be the ugliest mofo anyone can meet! 不

            • @bobbified: which end of CBD, what kind of job and what car are we talking about here :D ??

        • +1

          STD included ?

      • Are you talking about walks or holidays?…

    • -4

      homo or hetero? I guess guys are considered less hygenic than girls so your sheets should be cleaned more often with homo?

      • ….sheets should be cleaned more often with homo?

        I would assume so, but someone else might be in a better position to answer your question! lol

  • +2

    Warmer months: fortnightly.

    Cooler months: monthly.

    • +2

      That's interesting. I get pretty bad night sweats during winter but I'm completely fine during summer. I think in winter my head sticking out of the covers is cold and so my body overcompensates.

  • +11

    What's next? How Often Do You Change Your Underwear?

    • +72

      That's a no brainer, it's 4 days right?
      Right way round, back to front, inside out and inside out back to front

      • +24

        Nothing beats the sniff test lol

        • +25

          My wife physically gags and threatens divorce when I do the sniff test

        • +3

          From how far do you sniff?

          I sniff from an arm length away, and they pass for quite a while.

        • +9

          the wall sticking test is better, if you throw them at the wall and they don't stick then they are safe for another few days wear.

          • @gromit: Wall? You some sort of clean freak? Normal people use the stick test with the ceiling.

            • +1

              @banana365: way to frustrating to have to get a ladder in order to do your annual wash.

      • +1

        Then swap with a friend

      • Right way round, back to front,

        So your junk fits in the back?

        • +2

          I've got more junk in the trunk than under the hood

      • day 5 is a hat but if you don't freeball you don't gain the bonus day for that.

      • That's a no brainer, it's 4 days right?

        Right way round, back to front, inside out and inside out back to front

        That's right, and if you could go commando for one day, that's a work week's worth of underwear all sorted.

    • +11

      you guys wear underwear?

    • If you have a pool, how often do you shower ( With soap ) ?

      Every 10-14 Days !

  • +7

    There isn't an option for whenever I pee in them?

    • +18

      "I don't change my sheets because my mum does it for me" got you covered

  • weekly, more or less.

  • +10

    Less often now that I'm married.

    • word

    • it doesnt get any better either.

  • +4

    What - can you get removable sheets - whats the world coming to?

  • +1

    Between weekly and fortnightly.

    Used to be Quilt cover every second sheet change, when we used a flat sheet (hotel style), but we've given up on that…

  • +1

    I feel there should be an option for more regularly than weekly? During Summer (and the middle of winter when I sleep very rugged up), I feel that due to sweat they need to be washed every few days sometimes. Other periods and it will be longer. I more base it on whether they smell and need to be washed, rather than a specific regularity.

    • +2

      Do you not have Air Con? Why on earth are you sweating in bed?

      • +2

        ozbargain way. Washing a set of sheets a bit more often is cheaper than running AC 24/7

      • +2

        Even with air conditioning, I sleep hot, always have, and require the support and weight of a blanket to comfortably sleep which doesn't help things. A fan circulating air in the room helps, but it just happens.

        • +1

          Have you tried a teddy bear?

      • Not everyone has air con dude or wants to run it. Winter is cold and summer is hot. That's ok, don't need to alter it.

        My move is to get sheets that work for the right season and live somewhere I can sleep fairly comfortably year round.

    • Try rexona 72hrs anti presperiant before sleep :))

  • +14

    Probably should add the option of when my wife suggests it or similar.

    • +2

      I don't change my sheets because my wife does it for me

      • When sleeping in another room?

        • which room ?

  • Once a week for me unless its summer and I've been perspiring.

  • +21

    You have to change sheets? I thought they just changed colour by themselves.

    • +2

      Do yours also change to a yellow-brown colour? 不

      • +1

        Not sure, colour blind.

  • Once a week, once a fortnight if i'm lazy

  • +19

    Between clients..

  • +5

    Technically I'm never changing sheets if I only have one set which I wash and then put back on?

  • +5

    Why is there not a yearly option?

  • +2

    Throw them against the wall. If they stick time to change them. 亢丐喫

  • As above it is subjective depends on whether people got fluids on it. If you wet the bed you're obviously not going to stick to your weekly, fortnightly or monthly routine.

  • +3

    Nothing better than clean sheets.

    • esp after a break up ..

    • Nothing better than finding the green sheep.

  • +2

    GF does hers weekly or more.

    I do mine if I think the GF is coming over

  • +1

    Weekly in summer. 10 days to a fortnight in winter.

    I saw Jan Fran on The Project reveal that she hadn't changed the sheets in over 6 months - or was it a year? - and she seemed surprised that people wash their sheets more often. I don't know how that's possible. They just feel bad after a while. I wouldn't even enter the same room as 6 months sheets let alone sleep on them.

    • +1

      What the (profanity), six months??? Disgusting

  • +2

    When they are worn through

  • +7

    When I was a NEET single, I'd change them every few days since I had so much spare time but not a lot of spare cash. Having a comfy bed with clean sheets was something I could afford and enjoy/take pride in(even though I'd shower before bed every night anyway).

    Plus, a good nights sleep is one of those things that if you do right, has so many positive flow-on effects.

    • +6

      the way your post started, not quite the reason for changing them frequently as I was expecting..

      • +3

        Was more wholesome than anticipated.

        • Well, there's that and all the stains from wanking to make the time pass.

  • +2

    Whether someone should change their sheets weekly or less frequently greatly depends on whether they shower before bed.

    • +1

      Yes exactly this!

      We shower before bed and sleep in aircon, so our sheets stay cleaner for longer.

      If you dont shower and hop straight into bed, of course your sheets are going to be filthy much quicker.

  • My mum does it for me

  • +4

    Love the feel of new bed sheets. I buy new sheets annually, winter and summer, and try to reuse/recycle the old ones into rags, cleaning cloths and covers. Bedding has become more and more important the older I get.

    I remember a quote from a friend of mine 15 years ago. "My boyfriend's bed is so disgusting. I found a stain I left there 2 weeks ago".

    • +1

      Buy annually winter and summer- isn't that buying bi-annually rather than buying annually?

      • I stand corrected

  • +1

    Switched to white cotton. hey have dirt indicators showing yellon in centre. Then can boil them and use as rags to change engine oil.

  • Depends on how much bodily fluids goes on them. Sometimes u get fresh sheets but oopsies, then u gotta change them. But usually weekly

  • +1

    Between each seasons - so quarterly

  • Quick shower before bed and lay down a large towel for fun times between the sheets - shouldn't have to change the sheets more than once every 2/4 weeks.

    I wash the pillow casings every week though.

    • +1

      Hi Patrick Bateman

      • I don't think Patrick Bateman has a beach towel as a fun times mat. He seems more of the plastic sheet kind of guy.

        I find people who wash their own sheets usually love the towel trick. People who don't wash their own sheets find it weird. They are welcome to wash my sheets if they don't like the towel lol.

  • I dont get any, and I dont sweat much. So not many stains for me.

  • +1

    I cover my bed with cling wrap so that I never come into contact with the sheets. It seals the freshness right in.