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Apple Mac Mini M1 - 8GB/256GB - $999 (RRP $1099) @ Umart (-5% OW Price Beat = $949.05)


For anyone that's been thinking about getting the base Mac Mini M1 that's just been released.

JB Hifi had a cheaper ($10) discounted price over the weekend, but you couldn't price beat it as OW dropped their price to match. They haven't yet price dropped for this retailer and they will price beat it. Stock currently available in NSW.

Umart: $999 - 5% Officeworks price beat = $949.05 delivered/collect.

I think this price beat price may be the lowest I've seen for this model (roughly 15% off Apple store) and Mac Mini's aren't eligible for Unidays offer.

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      You can't rely on synthetic Benchmarks between different architectures, X86 vs ARM. For example Geekbench bench is heavily optimised for Apple. It is only useful for comparing between Apple architectures. You are also comparing a CISC hybrid (x86) vs Risc(ARM). If you need to run Windows/Linux/BSD natively and the applications they support, the 4700U is a better option. If you are fine with just MacOS, then the M1 would be a better option.

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        For example Geekbench bench is heavily optimised for Apple.

        I'm genuinely interested why you say it's optimised towards Apple, which uses both x86 (CISC) and ARM (RISC).

        I do agree that you pick the platform that works best for the apps you need to use.

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          One of the easiest examples is if you look at the top single core benchmarks in Geekbench 5. You will notice that it even though the CPUs are AMD Ryzen 5950X, and X86 based, the OS is MacOS. So the fastest single core performance in Geekbench 5 are Hackintoshes. So if Geekbench 5 is platform agnostic, why does it score higher on a MacOS based Hackintosh vs an alternative operating system.


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            @shellshocked: Very interesting. I wouldn't know where to begin to figure out why that is either, although ExtremeTech gave the M1 vs x86 topic a fairly even-handed review back in November.

            It agrees with your sentiment:

            As always, I recommend caution when extrapolating from synthetic tests to real-world performance.

            FYI, didn't neg you.

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      It comes down to how you use your PC normally. Are you simply going to browse the Web, maybe do a bit of Microsoft Office type work? If yes, and you have Office365 (so you get the Mac version as well), then you are better off with M1.

      However, if any of the following usage patterns is important to you, then M1 is probably not the way to go:

      • You do game on PC (you have some PC games - probably not heavy 3D though).
      • You actually need some VM related work that involves x86 based setup (including docker) or you do need to run linux.
      • You have a lot of PC apps you use which aren't available on Mac.
      • You run apps which require more than 8GB of RAM.
      • You do need to transfer data from Android phones regularly to the new Mac Mini and cannot wait for 3rd party M1 native apps for that to be made available.

      M1, by not needing to pay Intel tax, is priced at a rather competitive price range. Until Intel and/or AMD re-price their laptop CPUs to be more competitive, there will be more people interested in M1. However, laptop CPUs are an area where Intel makes a decent chuck of profit. Intel really need to sort out its mess quickly or drop the prices of the CPUs.

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    Very tempted by the Mac Mini as a first foray into Macs (big iOS fan but not really OSX). Most reviews are glowing but they still recommend waiting for the M2 iteration to iron out issues and improve further. If you don't need one now, that might be salient advice.

    • +12

      Apple has been designed their own ARM chips since the A4 (iPhone 4) in 2010, so there might not be too many issues to iron out. I certainly wouldn't avoid it for that reason. From all accounts it's solid and very fast.

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        I have an old mac mini thats around 8 years old and due for replacement. I installed 16gb of ram around 12 months ago to give it a new lease in life. I really cant decide whether to replace it now or wait for the next version or cheaper price.

        • +3

          2012 model? That was the last with the easily replaceable RAM I think. If it's working for you, may as well keep it.

          • @Daabido: We have a mid 2010 with 4gb ram
            Will a ram upgrade do much ?
            Any clues appreciated

            • @sian72: It will, and I've got some older Mac Minis from that vintage, but the M1 has been very tempting for me to get my parents given they love Mac OS X and don't push the limits beyond casual/mainstream grandparents style usage (Safari, Mail, etc)… making them perfect targets for M1 Macs.

        • +1

          Hopefully a M1X mini with 32GB of RAM is released this year.

        • Your mini probably doesn't support Big Sur, if you don't care about that, then stick with what you've got.

        • Where did you purchase the RAM from?

      • +1

        If you are in Apple's ecosystem and you need a mini PC or laptop now, then sure, M1 is worthwhile.

        The issues are software related. It takes time for native apps to happen. Sure, M1 can run x86 based binaries via emulation, but that's still not ideal. Some of 3rd party development apps are still in beta. Apps that require low level API access generally need native code.

        Then, there is the question on whether Apple will address some of the complaints people currently have in the next iteration of Mac Mini, MBA, MBP (give us 4 ports, instead of forcing people down the expensive daisy chain path and hacked workaround for multiple screens). Lastly, the true desktop CPU (M1X?).

        What's the rush exactly? As Intel and Android 2021 now going for Wifi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2, unless you urgently need a Mac, do you really need to jump into the first generation of Apple's new tech now?

        • You don't need to wait for native apps to happen, there is no issue running x86_x64 apps under Rosetta 2 and of all the testing people have done, most apps run faster under Rosetta 2 on the M1, than natively on Intel hardware!

          There are some very niche pieces of software that won't run properly yet, but every single day these apps are getting updated.
          And if you are one of those people who run those niche pieces of software, you know who you are and you know how to check if they have been updated to support M1 macs.

    • -4

      You should also wait for the PS6 as they will refine the design better. You should also skip the 3000 gen GPUs and wait for the 4000's as they will likely iron out issues and improve further.

      • +5

        What a clever unique comment. Thanks for the advice.

        There are different thresholds for different people on different products on jumping in for early adoption.

        I'm happy with my PS5, others prefer to wait for PS5 Slim/Pro. To each their own.

        I might wait for the M2, others prefer to jump in in now with the M1. To each their own.

        • +2

          If Apple didn't already have 10 years+ of designing its own chips (not including PowerPC, even) I'd agree with you. But honestly, if you're even remotely interested in an Apple Mac, I wouldn't let the M1 chip worry you. No need to wait for M2 (remember, we're more likely to see iterations of the M1 in the iMac to come early this year before we'll see M2).

          • +1

            @ihavecentsnotsense: That's a good point. The thing that makes me hesitant is when M2 comes along, there'll be a feature set that the M1 will get excluded from which has been typical for Apple with first gen products. Still considering it though, dual boot would have made it an instant buy but understand why not currently possible.

            • +1

              @Hybroid: It is possible. You can boot an M1 Mac with any other OS with ARM compatibility that you so chose, compatibility is going to be on the devs of said OS/drivers to make it work. Not Apple.

      • +2

        May as well never buy anything then if its gonna get so much better.

    • It's pretty good. I'd recommend you look at other things such as storage, expandability and what programs you want to use. I believe there isn't full compatibility with intel based processor yet but it is being worked on. It also "only" has gigabit ethernet and no displayport, only HDMI 2.0.

    • The M1X will be out soon if you can hold off a few months (they may or may not do a mini format with that, who knows atm). Also iOS apps just a novelty on MacOS atm, they really need a touch screen to shine, though that is not a thing on M1 macbooks yet and unlikely to be a thing for m1 minis.

      • Worth noting also that the M1X Macs will be more expensive. What we're seeing now with the M1 is the budget/entry level line.

  • +10

    I grabbed an M1 Mac mini with 16GB and 1TB after watching lots of reviews. It seems to work nicely. I haven't had any real compatibility problems with any software so far. Rosetta 2 works seamlessly.

    The memory is on chip so it isn't upgradable but what you get is tightly integrated with the CPU and GPU. Many of the reviewers said the machine seems to behave equivalent to a similar machine with twice as much memory. So, as a rule of thumb, the 8GB machine behaves more like a 16GB machine.

    The connectivity (2 usbc and 2 usba) is limited but with a break out box it works nicely.

    And it is dead quiet!

    • +1

      Have you had any Bluetooth issue lately?

      • No but I don't really use bluetooth with it!

        • Thank you. It seems everyone was complaining about Bluetooth connectivity with various input devices and then everyone’s quiet now.

      • Having some trouble when pairing external devices but turning off wifi when doing so helped.

        • Does it mean you need to permanently (before software fix) turning off the wifi or just when connecting new devices?

    • the biggest problem i have is the apps .. first mac and I am so lost trying to find legit apps to replace what i use to do on a PC.

      Luckily i still run a NUC for work and can manage .. but i'd like to swap over ..

      What are you using for a file manager, windows manager and video player?

      • +4

        VLC is on MacOS, but IINA is a better alternative IMO!

        • I just read about iina last night .. downloaded it but haven't tried it out yet.

          I was considering to get a copy of elmedia player pro, but then i got lost in between getting elmedia player pro vs folx vs videoduke since it can download videos off youtube and other things ..

          yeah .. getting greedy .. would love to see discounts for those products cause they are adding up quick. facepalm

      • +3

        I just use finder, none and VLC; respectively.

        wrt Windows manager: Spaces is built in (https://support.apple.com/en-au/guide/mac-help/mh14112/11.0/...) and might give you what you want?!

        • wrt spaces .. i will be using that for the multi desktops, I meant the windows themselves .. like magnet vs bettersnaptool vs tiles (or others) kinda thing.

          thanks .. =)

          • +2

            @lamb: I use Rectangle, it's like Magnet but free and open source. I recommend IINA as well

      • +1

        What are you using for a file manager, windows manager and video player?

        Finder, Moom (amazing) + macOS' Spaces, macOS' Quicktime (99%) + VLC

      • +1

        What are you using for a file manager, windows manager and video player?
        Finder, nothing, VLC

      • +1

        file manager, windows manager and video player?

        Finder, nothing, TV app. I convert all videos to mp4 using free Subler app, and "import" it in TV app Library. All is available to play on AppleTV via Home Sharing.

    • +2

      So, as a rule of thumb, the 8GB machine behaves more like a 16GB machine.

      That's not a great rule of thumb. There are efficiency benefits to the M1 compared to previous Macs that make borderline workloads feel snappier but if you find yourself needing >8GB pinned on an Intel, you're going to want more than 8GB on an M1 too.

      • You are right for some of the cases (where as you say you are using lots of memory) but for most cases 8GB is enough, where as for intel based machines I would think 16GB is more workable than 8GB.

        The unified memory will make lots of apps much much faster.

        Interesting article.


        "However, if you find yourself editing large, multi-gigabyte images or video files while also browsing a few dozen tabs and streaming a movie in the background all on an external monitor, then perhaps choosing the 16GB model is the better choice."

      • +1

        Agree. I had the 8GB and it did not behave like a 16GB Intel model. Browser tabs still eat real memory. It is more efficient. But its not double. Maybe X+4GB is a better “rule”. 8GB behaving like 12GB on Intel. 16GB behaving like 20GB on Intel. YMMV.
        I have the 16GB M1 mini and used to have a 64GB Intel mini and it handles everything except my VMs which I offloaded to a NUC.

    • So, as a rule of thumb, the 8GB machine behaves more like a 16GB machine.

      utter nonsense. Picture or video files don’t become smaller just because they’re processed on MacOS or M1.

      • +1

        The ram is integrated with the high speed sad. When it maxes out the 8gb it uses the ssd. All user reviews a saying the 8gb of ram is as fast of faster than most other 16gb computers.

        • +1

          ram is integrated with the high speed sad

          no - SSD is outside M1 SoC. M1 based computers have "2x" faster SSD, but it's still "swap space" like every OS has had since year dot. Ignoring speed differences, innately, SSDs wear out, so, aren't long-term substitute for RAM.

  • +12

    But Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Harry's, and he ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS. And a Motec exhaust

    • +1

      Yes, Mac. The Mini is fast and more, especially when everyone is furious on the M1 motorway.

    • +3

      Hey man he was in my face…

    • +1

      A couple of Nissan SR20's would pull a premium one week before race wars.

  • +3

    Wow, what a nice price. Stack with 10% Coles Myer GC from ZipPay, and you have a Mac mini for under $900!

    • Can you link me the discounted GCs?

      • You had to have stocked up earlier. Offer no longer live.

  • Photoshop M1 version out yet?

  • Awesome computer, its really nice to be able to run iOS apps on mac
    They could have made it smaller though as there is dead space inside the enclosure
    One thing to look out for is these macs don't have an IR receiver if you plan to use it as a media centre

    • +15

      for anyone wondering, this Mac doesn't come with a floppy disk reader either…please look out!

      • -2

        Please go take 10, you must have redlined after that witty comment

        Some people have their minis connected to their tv's for media centre use
        While the enclosure looks identical its missing the IR receiver
        Don't think too hard on it okay?

        • +4

          The 2014 Mac mini was the last one with an IR receiver.

        • +2

          The 2018 Intel mini didn’t have an IR sensor so your comment is kind of irrelevant when flagging this as an M1 mini flaw. No modern Macs have the IR sensor anymore, been gone from the mini, MacBooks and iMacs for more than half a decade now.

        • Even most new TVs no longer use IR

          If you're running a media centre, do yourself a favour and get a Harmony remote that supports bluetooth.

    • +3

      I remember when it was last updated (before the M1) there was an interview with some high up at Apple (I think this was on John Gruber's 'The Talk Show' or the 'Accidental Tech Podcast'). The reason for no casing redesign is that a shocking number of Mac Mini are used as server farms, and industry clients requested that it stay in the same chassis so they wouldn't have to invest in new rackings in order to upgrade their thousands of machines.

      • +2

        Yep, and even this M1 mini is being deployed in server farms, even AWS is deploying them, so expect the casing to stay the same next refresh too (if there is one).

        • -1

          even AWS is deploying them

          “even”….? They’ve got little choice if they want to offer MacOS EC2 instance. They’re trying to shoehorn a consumer OS into a VPC.

          • @AlexF: “even” because they never deployed an Intel Mac mini until now when they’re also deploying M1. MacOS on AWS is brand new, so yes, “even”.

            • @itsme56:

              they never deployed an Intel Mac mini until now

              This has nothing to do with M1. It has to do with Apple - While developers have been able to turn to companies like Macstadium to host macOS instances previously, Apple’s licensing agreement for macOS has always been a bit of a grey area. Apple made this a lot clearer recently with an update to the license agreement for Big Sur. Apple software and hardware can now be leased to individuals or organizations for permitted developer services, as long as it’s “for a minimum period of twenty-four (24) consecutive hours.” - The Verge.

        • +1

          They will now. The M1s use 1/4 of the power farms will save thousands in electricy

  • Next MacBooks expected to release winter 2021 just fyi

    unrelated but also related lol

    • Will that be the 16 inch with the M1X?

      • rumour has it there will be a 14 and a 16inch

        • I reckon the 14 inch will be only the 4 port model and it will have a cut down version of the M1X. And then the 16 inch will have a 16 core M1X

        • I'm hoping they do something with the larger thermal dissipation capacity of the 16 inch. I've seen the M1 benchmarks and its faster than my 2017 15" with a i7 and 560. My mate grabbed a 13 inch and says it doesn't get very warm so there is definitely room for a better gpu or cpu.

          • @McOzbargainer: It will probably be a big redesign. As great as this chip is looks and feature wise they are looking a bit dated when compared to likes of dells xps that offer edged to edge 4k oled hdr touchscreens ect

    • Think they are we designing the MacBook Pro as at moment people are just buying the airs.

  • +1

    Grabbed one for the in-laws thanks OP! I already have a 16gb/512gb mini and it's impressive. Now to find a cheap 24" monitor for them….

    • This deal is actually still active, any thoughts? - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/594962

      • +1

        I'm using the 8/8/512 on a Dell 2560x1080 screen .. and it isn't very "pretty" ..

        I (strongly) considering the Dell one that is 3840 x 2160 .. on sale now.

        • Nice monitor but definitely overkill for my 60 year old in laws. That screen is better than mine!

          • +1

            @iShibby: might be the time to get that one for yourself and give them your old one ..

            sounds like one of those corny win-win situations .. lol

            • @lamb: I literally got mine in December, won't get it past the financial advisor lol

  • Anyone used this as a plex server? I'm currently using an i5 NUC with 16 GB of ram but it can hit buffer issues when streaming 4k. Thanks!

    • +2

      Jeez I use an old 2010 mac mini as my plex server and it runs "OK". This would chew it up and spit it out lol

    • You need i7, clearly.

  • Kindly asking if anyone can tell me if this M1 Mac Mini would be able to stream via OBS some Xbox gameplay through capture card? I’d really appreciate as I’m quite a beginner in PC’s.
    Thank you for your time, I truly appreciate it.

  • What screens are people running with these Mini’s?

    • +2

      Got myself a 32 inch 4k Samsung curved monitor for office use. No gaming for me.

      Awesome combo - Mac Mini + Samsung Monitor + Magic Keyboard + Magic Trackpad + Magic Mouse.

      It's all Magic :-)

    • The screens are the only thing holding me back from jumping on this. Its gotta drive 2 ultrawides on 120hz, which would take up both the thunderbolt ports. Hopefully M2 or whatever doesn’t have this thunderbolt limitation.

      • take up both the thunderbolt ports

        you’re safe - new Mini is restricted to just one display via Thunderbolt port.

        • Hmm, interesting. Apparently HDMI 2.0 goes up to 100hz at 3440x1440, just shy of 120. I'll hold on for the next revision anyways, hopefully a 2.1 port or even a couple extra thunderbolts.

          • @scoots: Curious.. Why need 120Hz (on a Mac)?

            • @AlexF: It’s not “needed”, but everything feels so buttery. Almost feels laggy when I disconnect the displays and use the integrated retina screen.

  • Guess good deal for using those 15-29% off gift card

  • Will this play cyberpunk2077?

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