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YouTube Premium via Argentina - ARS $119/Month (Single: ~AUD $1.80/Month, Family: ~AUD $2.73/Month) - VPN Required to Register


Now $0.60 per month less than 6 months ago due to favourable exchange rate (with full credit to HiDave). Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Very straightforward process:

  1. Use a VPN to connect to an Argentinian server (required only for registration).
  2. Open an incognito browser window.
  3. Sign up via the main link in this post (or here).
  4. If an Argentinian address is requested, use this link.
  5. Pay with a card that has no foreign exchange fees.
  6. Enjoy the full benefits of YouTube Premium.

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  • +1

    Can I pay with a Google Play card from Aussie? Thinking about setting this up for my folks

  • +1

    Nice, no more ads for my kids..

  • Ahh I made a India Youtube account and it got suspended a few days in : ( anyone else have this happen?

    • +1

      Did your whole YouTube account got suspended as in you can't access your whole account anymore?? What process did you take?

      • I ran PIA vpn made the account as u should (incog) and then created the family account and added my fam and then 2 days later bam suspended.

        • Are you not able to access your YT account now at all? What does it show?Did they send you an email?

    • Well this is interesting. Do you mind sharing more?

      Burner account or main account? What happened to everyone else in the family?

      • +1

        Burner account and everyone else just sees the subscription ended. I'll redo it eventually. Lost my money though the whole <$2 :')

  • Meh paid $1.44 via Indian YT last month

  • Awesome!

    YTP Family signed up.

    Used 28 Degree MC.

    Thanks OP!

  • So do I need a new new YouTube account or can I using my existing one. How about family ? Can you link existing accounts or need to sign up for a bunch of new accounts? Would be great to keep my existing playlists and saved videos.

    • +3

      Try looking back in the thread for the other 10 times these questions have been asked.

  • Thanks. Done.

  • Surfshark Argentina server didn't work. Had to use NordVPN. Follow the instruction and is all good to go.

  • Done, Thanks OP

  • Ah yes. One of the few ways to pirate that ozb allows

    • -2

      If only I was permitted to 'teach people here to fish' LOL.

      • -1

        There's other websites for that. It's just a bit weird how ozbargain allows geoblock circumvention as a'deal'

        • Yeah…. I stumbled on another the other day. Free Amazon Prime content no less. But I'm following it more out of interest, because of multiple other ways to obtain the same.

  • Thanks OP! This worked for me. I was able to pause my AUD membership and rejoin with the Argentinian price no problem.

  • +1

    Thanks, switched from india to this
    Used tunnelbear's free account and set my address in Buenos Aires

    • Did you have any family members connected to your account? Does their access still work?

    • How did you switch? Did you deactivate it or cancel it? I have the Indian and would like to switch. Specially because they don't allow me to upgrade to a family account for some reason under the Indian one

  • how do i add more people to my family? When I created the family group, I only added my mum. Now I want to add more but I can't. It tells me I have already created a family group and can't belong to more than one. But it doesn't give me options to add more members.

    It tells me you're done for now, remember to add family members in youtube account settings. Going there just takes you back here. It's an infinite loop with no option to add new members.

  • +1

    Doesn't work to upgrade from my existing YouTube Music.
    It says This offer is not available. To manage your account, please go to Account > Paid Memberships.

    I am connected to Argentina via PIA. Opened the browser in incog mode in Chrome and FireFox. Neither works.

    • +3

      Ok this worked.
      I suspended my existing YT Music account. It would be suspended after 23 Jan as I have already paid for the month.
      Then I proceeded with:
      1. VPN to Argentina
      2. Incog
      3. YT Premium free trial, which leads you to sign up with credit/debit card entry and billing address.
      4. Use your INT trans fee free card
      5. Enter Argentinean address using fake address generator.
      6. Success

      I was on the normal YT Music plan of $11.90 (or something) but I still had to make extra payment of $0.10.
      I also proceeded with the upgrade to Family plan, which I paid another $0.25 on top, which will go until 23 Jan.
      On my next billing cycle (23 Jan), I expect to be billed $2.73 (or around there)

      • Btw, I didn't have to change location or setting of any of my existing setup of Google/Youtube accounts.
        You only add extra payment method on your account, which I've explained above.

  • Currently paying $3.33 from India. Worked it out 60 cents x 12 = $7.20.
    Pretty sure all this stuffing around going to take 30 mins + to change from India to Argentina. Think I'll stick to India for now lol. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Great deal, but I'll stay with YT India, because I don't want to set up family again :))

  • On Indian subscription and this month I paid $2.28. Not sure if its worth hassle to setup again for $0.5 per month

    Screw it. I do it when j got time. Can't lose my OzBargain cred

  • -1

    is anyone with issue on paying Argentina'sNetflix with amex credit card?

    It's support to charged me ARS449 ≈ AUD6.9
    billing in Netflix website is ARS 449 but in amex statement is ARS 740 which is around AUD 11.8

    Try to calling both Netflix and amex but return nothing.

    • Go to the Netflix post to see why.

    • You know you're posting on a YouTube deal? lol

  • +1

    I'm signed up from Virtual India a year ago. Great deal but there is no way to stop YT Music making frequent and prominent Indian music recommendations. I actually love Latin music, so the YT Music recommendations from Argentina would be way better. Gotta love those Tango tunes. But I'm not going to interfere with a good thing.

    • +1

      That’s why most people make family accounts to deal with the subscription and add their AU YouTube account to it so nothing changes.

    • love those Tango tunes

      No love for Bollywood bangers?

    • This worked like a charm and switched my familly account from India to Argentina and love that all the recommendations now are latin music. Me encanta la música latina!

  • Haha I did this the other day because I needed an ad-free experience on Android TV ended up going for AR as I do for other purchases didn’t realise it was now the cheapest.

    Made a dummy account for payments and added the AU accounts and everything works fine.

  • thanks. used PIA

  • +1

    I set up a new Google account registered with an Argentina address, paid for family subs successfully.
    Sent some invites to my other accounts but got a message "Problem while joining family group - Looks like you're in a different country from the family manager".
    Anyone having the same issue?
    Do I change my other accounts to Argentina or the "host" one?

    • keen to know the same thing

      • I change one of my invited acct to Argentina, no luck…

        • My suspicion is they need a clean account to be in a different country family group.
          The clean account i mean is no purchase in other countries before?

          • +1

            @Capt0083: Start again.

            1. Create new google account without VPN using Australian internet connection.
            2. Edit google account settings, add your credit card in payment settings.
            3. Login to VPN, sign up to youtube premium as per above instructions.
            4. Logoff VPN, invite family members.

            This worked for me this morning.

            • @flagger: the new account you have just created, did you use Aust address or Argentina?
              Tempting to start over it again!

              • @kenneth88: Aussie address for my credit card. Argentina address for signing up to YT premium.

                edit: I looked at https://pay.google.com/gp/w/home/addressbook and my cc address got updated to the Argentinian one

                • @flagger: thanks i have tried and still cant get it to work…. guess i will just use the standalone sub now : ((

                  • @kenneth88: Did you sign up in incognito mode?

                    • @flagger: for 1. and 2. - normal mode
                      for 3. and 4 - incognito mode

                      • @kenneth88: That's how I did it and it worked. I used MS Edge which is basically Chrome.

                      • @kenneth88: Did you manage to get it working?

                  • @kenneth88: I managed to get it to work. I had to go into the Family Manager's account -> Payment and Subscriptions -> Manage Payment Methods -> Settings. From there you should see 2 Payment profiles, one of them is Argentinian and you would need to select it, scroll to the bottom and close this profile. After that resend the family invitation and it should work.

        • I also deleted the Argentinian profile and also cancelled the Youtube membership. I then resubscribed to Youtube again through VPN and now it works for me. I didn't have to change anything on any of the other accounts.

  • +1

    Is YouTube Premium really worth paying $$$?

    • Mmmmm… if you're not bothered by ads, then I believe no - not for AUD. You also get access to their music app but there are cheaper alternatives.

      • I've just been running music off my Playlists, for that, the ads truly suck.
        (Then there's the thing of migrating all the songs from Youtube over somehow..)

        What other alternatives?

    • $1.80 to remove ads? Yes.

      Unless you primarily watch on desktop with an ad blocker. If you watch on mobile, it's worth it to avoid the annoyance. Some videos will have 5 ads, most at least 2. An ad half way into the video mid sentence is super annoying.

      • Hey man don't forget ads immediately before all the good bits..

      • You can also get ad blocker on mobile devices. I have samsung internet and never get an ad on non premium youtube account.

        • It’s easier for Android to remove ads. But another story for IOS.

    • I like the ability to play YouTube on my phone in a small screen in the background while still browsing web pages.

  • -1

    Just get YouTube Vanced. It's like YouTube premium but free forever

    • does that need to be side loaded?

      • Yes, takes 2 Min, no root needed

        • side loaded , no root needed. is this jargon for trying to bypass phone settings or something? lol

          • @prankster: it means manually putting it onto your phone and installing it, as opposed to downloading from the phone's app store.

            No root means you don't have to unlock the phone (on iOS that would be called jail breaking).

        • i don't like sideloaded apps. They don't update automatically.

          Visiting their site made it look not so simple to set up.

    • reading this is for andriod not for ios..?

  • I tried through Surfshark VPNing into Argentina and it kept saying Youtube Premium was not available in my country.

    I ended up VPNing to get Youtube Premium for 129 Rupee a month instead.

  • Thanks for everyone's input - it worked a treat! Now I await my bank to pause my credit card due to suspicious activity.

  • +1

    I’ve noticed that perhaps depending on what Vpn you use Google asks for phone verification when creating a new Google account.
    Or maybe it’s across the board… feel free to chime in anyone?

    • Across the board. I sent it as normal and it worked.

      • Weird. I get the impression it wants to verify an Argentina phone number, if I use an Australian number it fails to accept the invitation to the family plan based on country

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Got myself Premium using my regular Google account

    • That is great, do you mind to post the steps you have taken to use your own Australian account and upgrade it with this offer? i though you have to create a new Argentinian account.

  • I did this for Youtube india over 18 mths ago, works an absolute treat, it's about AU$3 coming out of my account every month for the family plan.

  • If anyone is having issues following the various methods that have been posted to sign up…

    Are you using a combination of Kaspersky and Firefox?

    If so, uninstall Kaspersky and download the latest setup file and reinstall, or use Chrome to sign up.

    A previous version of Kaspersky was doing something screwy with Firefox's cookies and preventing me from completing the sign up process.
    It took me ages to find out what was causing it.

    The main giveaway was when being on the YouTube site and hitting refresh, I'd be asked to sign in again.

  • -3

    What do you guys use premium for when you can block ads with ad lockers and Android can just use Vance?

    • What is vance?

    • +1

      I use it to watch ad free YouTube on my TV

      • Some TVs come with Youtube built in not sure if ads are removed

    • +2

      i don't use an androiod device.

    • Pihole and other ad blockers don't work for TVs

      • what to use then?

        • +1

          youtube premium.

          • @Heybargain: The best bargain is when it's free, so therefore if you wish to pay that's fine.

  • Wow, lots of my my Indian family shows up here!

  • no need for vpn. an Argentine proxy suffices

  • my recommendation here is - if you are in India, stay there. not sure if Youtube will do what Steam did before - your indian & Argentinan citizenship will both be suspended

  • +1

    You're welcome @TightArse :)
    Love this offer.. Still on it!!

    If you have any questions… They're likely already answered in the previous post author linked :)

  • Thanks OP, done!

    Anyone able to point me in the direction of a similar process for Apple One?

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