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Tempo T11 Treadmill $719.10 (Was $1430) Delivered/Pickup in VIC @ Johnson Fitness Australia


72 Hour Treadmill Sale - Tempo T11 Treadmill RRP: $1430 NOW: $719.10 with 10% off with promo code "NEWME"

FREE Shipping within Australia.

Stock is ready for immediate dispatch.

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  • The Tempo link countdown expires in 1 day but this post says 72 hours? Please confirm the expiry.

  • Anyone used one of these models and have any thoughts??

    • like to know as well, I only used Proform and they are ok but paid almost the double

    • I got one of these during the Black Friday sales. Interface is relatively straightforward to figure out when you realise that there’s a few buttons to press before starting a workout (also known as read the manual beforehand and you won’t get as confused as me!) But feels very good quality and relatively easy assembly. Definitely heavy (mine arrived on a pallet) so would recommend a couple of people to help with receiving the delivery, unboxing and assembly. Mind you, I did it myself with not too many dramas/hernias. Not a super noisey machine either, and has wheels. Any questions you have ask away, happy to give advice!

      • Once setup how easy is it to move from room to room (i.e. using the wheels)?

        • Relatively easy actually, much easier than getting it out of the box to be honest. Some issues around tight cornering but I was able to manoeuvre it relatively okay by standing it up normally (as it locks into place when the deck it up) and tilting using only the two wheels.

          • @NotForYou91: Thanks for the info mate. What do you think about usability and quality?

            • @RossRoss: My pleasure - I don't usually comment on things but I genuinely enjoy using this treadmill and recommend it. The quality is a tonne better than the Lifespan that I had before this - that was used as a clothes stand for quite a number of years. Whereas I want to use this one and have been on there on the daily since having it arrive early December.

              Usability quite good, there are plenty of opportunities to customise a program that you are on - say you are on a particular program and it's pushing too hard or is too easy, you can just use the buttons on the sides to increase the incline/speed, but there are also 'quick set' buttons (that I'm fairly sure are customisable?) on the main interface. But in saying that, if you are happy doing what is built in, it's stock standard as treadmills go. Select a program, push buttons to set the time, push buttons to set level if applicable, and start. Easy as it gets :)

              There is also a function to create your own program which is pretty cool - but I am quite satisfied with the build in programs thus far and am just working on progressing through the levels. So far so good! I found the user manual quite helpful too with comprehensive info around customisation of both built in and making your own programs.

  • Not sure about this one but Whirlpool forum recommends Johnson and Lifespan for threadmills.

    My wife is interested in walk pad as it is lighter and can be moved from one room to other rooms (living vs study room).

  • General question for someone who has had experience with treadmills.
    Can you use them if you live in apartments - how is the noise for neighbours downstairs?
    I have always wanted to buy one, but I am worried about the potential noise downstairs.

  • Are these current models or discontinued?