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Samsung Galaxy S21 Series S21 $999.20, S21+ $1239.20, S21 Ultra $1,479.20 + Wireless Charger @ Samsung Education Store


All models are 20% off and come with a Trio Wireless Charger

S21 Ultra, $1,479.20 (128gb), 1,559.20 (256gb), 1,719.20 (512gb) - Selling all colours as well as exclusives to samsung store however exclusives are 4 weeks delay

S21+, $1,239.20 (128gb), 1,319.20 (256gb) - Selling all colours as well as exclusives to samsung store however exclusives are 4 weeks delay

S21, $999.20 (128gb), 1,079.20 (256gb) - Selling all colours as well as exclusives to samsung store however exclusives are 4 weeks delay

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  • +2

    Title says S21 but the links are for S20?

    • +1

      Click the link, its for the S21. They have removed the S20 from the edu store

      • Need to check your posting here, all listed as "s20" ?

      • What's the likelihood of the S20s listing back on the corporate stores given what they've done in past years?

        • +3

          I'd say quite likely the s20 will return. It could be temporarily removed to direct more attention/ sales to the s21 during the pre-order and launch periods.

          I bought a S10+ for a family member mid to late last year when the S20 range was out so yeah.

  • +9

    Have access to one of the corporate sites and not sure if it's worth it this year, my Note 10+ has really been holding up well and prices aren't compelling enough to make me want to switch.

    • +3

      Same, i'm still on the Note 9, may as well wait for the S21 Note, at least the stylus should be encased in the phone and not have to buy some crappy pen case which hinders taking pictures.

      • +4

        There are rumours that there won't be a Note this year as Samsung look to consolidate the S and Note lines hence the S-Pen support in the S21 Ultra and the earlier release date.

      • +4

        Same. My note 9 can last me for at least another year. No plan on buying any phone right now.

    • +13

      Also a downgrade in some ways, no more expandable memory slot and the S20+ series gets less RAM too.

      • +6

        Also only 1080P on both S21 and S21+

        • If you used 144Hz like most people on the S20 series, that was capped at 1080p anyway

      • +6

        Agree, 512gb internal in the note9, and 1tb micro SD..if i ever needed one.

    • +2

      Same, I just compared the two, apart from camera and marginally better screen everything is about the same or worse.

      Think I'll just stick with Note 10 plus and see what happens with the next Note.

      • I agree, Note 10+ rules. Still the best phone overall.

    • +1

      Same, rumours that the S21 Note will be the last note, might jump on that if true

    • +2

      its never worth it year on year. still got my n8 QHD OLED running strong on 9. I really wish I didnt smash the screen and digitizer though.

      • +2

        lol i'm in the same situation. Other than battery life and cracked screen N8 is going strong.

        • my battery health is still at 91% but yeah the 3,300mAh battery was always an issue especially paired with One UI and a bright higher res screen

      • who's Nate

    • It's never worth it year on year, but it looks like a reasonable upgrade on my galaxy s7 that will be 4 years old come february (purchased on sale when the s8 came out)

    • I lost access to my corporate site when I moved jobs. However, my wife's birthday is coming in 2 weeks and her phone, a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, was shutting down randomly. So I'll just gift her a new phone this year, phew!

      Would you be so kind and generous to hook me up for a purchase? Thank you so much in advance if you could, or else it's ok, I understand.

      • +1

        Wouldn't it be difficult for warranty if you buy it using someone else details?

        • I didn't get the corporate code, so I asked my cousin to buy one since she's still in Uni.

          Regardless, I think it should be ok as long as you have the original receipt.

    • Hi snowdongz, any chance you can tell me what the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cost on the corporate site? I am in the market for one but lost my access.
      Thank you

      • +1

        Ah, didn't get notified of this.

        $1,599.20 for 256GB is all that's offered.

        • Thanks for getting back to me.
          I am waiting on it to drop below $1300 but I have not seen any deals on the note20 Ultra lately.
          fingers crossed something comes up on the international model so I don't have to carry around two devices.

  • +2

    Im in 2 minds - is it worth waiting for a 30% sale like last year?

    • +1

      How long in was there a 30 percent sale?

      • +6

        2 months

    • +3

      I think it is. Also gets more time to hear about reviews and how the phone holds up in my opinion.

    • +4

      28 degrees card with price protection

    • I am amazed there is a 20% discount available at launch!

      • it's the education store, it's always 20% off.

      • Thats actually the real price :P

        • This is the way.

  • +2

    Is the S21 Ultra a worthy upgrade from a OnePlus 7 or smarter to go for the S20 Ultra if you a good deal can be found?

    • Oneplus 9 pro will be out in March - April wait for that, it will actually have a snapdragon

      • Isn't the Exynos 2100 meant to be pretty good? I haven't been following the reviews too much, but I heard some rumours somewhere it would equal the Snapdragon in multiple things.

        • +1

          No real world comparison available yet.

          Benchmarks are promising for Exynos 2100, however thermal performance needs some real world testing with actual devices(thermal throttling was a big downside of previous generation Exynos)

          • @Wazoo7: Ah ok. Thanks for the info

          • +1

            @Wazoo7: Have the Mi11 with the Snapdragon 888. Sorry to burst your bubble but the 888 throttles hard after around 30 mins of genshin impact… Waiting on what the Exynos has to offer this year.

            • @ruthlessmint:

              30 mins of genshin impact

              Running the real test here.

            • +1

              @ruthlessmint: Interesting. Well that makes buying the Australian variant easier. Held off upgrading LY until S20FE snapdragon for the Mrs.

              In saying that, lot of non-gamers like me will never notice the difference. Exynos S9+ still going strong for me in day to day with occasional Angry birds šŸ˜€

        • https://youtu.be/rsLJLk3nx8k

          The difference between the 2100 and 880 is in here.

        • Actually both the 2100 and 888 are turds this year as they are on the same garbage 5nm process by Samsung which uses more power than the previous gen chips that were using 7nm by TSMC, so battery life has actually gone down, and heat up. Only Huawei and Apple have good chips this year as they are using 5nm by TSMC, they are getting better battery life the equivalent of 1000mah.

    • -2

      Nah Iā€™d wait for the s22.5 aha lame

  • Do these come with the galaxy buds aswell?

    • +1

      No, you get wireless charger instead.
      It has been always the case with previous gen, extra trade off for lower price but worth it as you can buy buds cheaper then rrp.

      • Damn, may just keep my S20+ for another year and buy the buds pro separate then.

        • +6

          you should keep it till the cost to repair outweighs a new one.

          • @abuch47: Funny you say that.. I was about to claim credit card insurance on my Galaxy s7 for screen burn and poor battery life.. I was hoping for a nice little payout to put towards a Galaxy s20 or 21. My credit card insurance said it would most likely not be worth putting in for repair due to them valuing my phone quite low now (even though it's 3yrs old). I still took it into Samsung to try and get a repair quote.. They suggested I go through Australian consumer law repair.. They replaced my screen and battery for free.. Even though it's a 24month Samsung warranty. I also didn't have to deal with the credit card company approving/not approving the repair which was nice. My phone is good as new now.

            I seriously hate that the s21 is missing the micro SD card slot! I think that could be a deal breaker for me since I have a nice 200gb card in my s7

            • -1

              @kimba88: mines smashed so won't be covered and digitizer plus glass front/back cost far outweights the value. at 91% health, battery is poor (never was great)

            • @kimba88: Recently noticed screen burn in on my s7 too. Guess phone SAMOLEDs do get burn in. Was your burn in of an image like the notification bar clock or somesuch? My burn in seems to be the outline of the battery…

              • +1

                @skid: Yep, notification bar and icons.. And I think I even maybe noticed the ozbargain logo at times. Haha. I also had half the screen affected from watching optus sports too and random writing on the screen. Was pretty bad. My battery health was at 81% I think

    • You can take further $50 off by subscribing to marketing emails. So S21+ 5G comes down to $1,189.20

  • Is anyone else having issues with the Samsung government EPP. I log in then it asks to verify my employee email and I get an error.

    • I get the same

    • +4

      Dont lick any of the those images, you need to hit the drop down menu at the top left

      Also the prices on the gov are 5% less than the edu

      • +15

        Too early for some licking action…

      • Thanks mate that worked.

      • that worked, cheers but prices are more expensive than edu pricing? I'm getting @1316.65 for S21+ 128gb

        • +1

          Sorry I meant to say 5% more

          • +1

            @Thunder-Wombat: I figured, but I've never seen the edu pricing being cheaper than the aus gov pricing? Is this always been the case?

            • @coolie47: From memory its always been the same or just lower. Then the telstra and I assume optus give 30% off and I know telstra you can do a training module and they give you a onetime 50% off coupon

              • +1

                @Thunder-Wombat: damn, sounds like someone should open a ozbargineered Telstra store just to hire everyone as part-time casuals.

        • im getting pricing at
          Galaxy S21 | S21+ | S21 Ultra 5G
          $1249 $1549 $1849

          how do i know if logged into .gov store? i verified my email

          • +1

            @Regie69: I get the same prices on gvt store - nothing like the edu prices noted above… dream land pricing from samsung.

      • +1

        If I have a .gov email can I do this?

        • Yes, samsung sends verification email to your .gov email

      • +1

        I can't get Samsung to even send a verification to my Gov email? Anyone experiencing this?

        • mine took a cpl of goes but i cant get into the gov store

  • +3

    I prefer to have galaxy bud as bonus .
    Can people give suggestions please
    1. Buy from edu , get charging Pad
    2. Buy from JB ( I have $500 GC) and get galaxy bud
    3. Wait a little more for Edu and hope to get 30% off and get whatever bonus they have.

    • Yeah same here

    • +2

      Which model you are planning to buy? The 30/35% discount may not kick in till April/May so you need to calculate the difference between buds price and discount (you may want to consider buds price also at 30-35% discount instead of RRP for comparison)

    • For the s21 at least it's $300 cheaper on the edu store.

      The buds are only $220 from Amazon.

      Plus you can sell the wireless charger

    • +3

      I just bought 21 ultra 128GB from Samsung main store - got buds pro.
      Traded in my old trusty s7 edge (sitting in a drawer) for $35 plus bonus $200 off
      add pre order code to get $100 free accessories - made the case and charger free
      add mailing list $50 voucher
      = comes down to $1570
      much better offer than gov epp.

      • If u have any extra accessorie code,can u plsgive me. I want to buy s21.

      • +1

        U trade s7 and get $35 off ? What is bonus $200 off ? And what is pre order code ?

        • the bonus $200 is on top of the trade offer but yes like you my question is what is the pre order code, about to order one shortly.

      • How did you get $100 pre order code??

  • +2

    how do people get accounts for this =/

    • +3

      Enrol in a free university course

      • Where>?? can never find them and not with emails.

        • You may need to Apply to a few.. I dont think people will openly say "Use this school to get a free .edu"
          Im unsure if you apply to a real uni do you get an email address until you actually are officially signed up.

      • +2

        Free uni in Australia? Is that real?

    • Many TAFE courses are free if you meet the eligibility criteria, here's link for more info: https://www.vic.gov.au/free-tafe

  • +2

    Just remember that lots of people always sell their buds on ebay and the like, so if you want buds you can pick them up cheap as the market will be flooded.

    • hmm, Think they would be cheaper than the gov Samsung store price? that's really all im after.

      • Pro is $279.20 at Edu but will get cheaper when most people are offloading one

    • Earbuds are one of the things I wouldn't buy second hand.

      • +5

        Who's talking are about getting second hand?
        You can get new sealed one from private sellers.

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