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[Pre Order] Leadtek GeForce RTX 3080 HURRICANE $1479 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ CPL Online


It's hard to find one. ETA 29/01/2021 (ETA No longer available changed to pre-order)
Not a well established brand so…

Cooling Solution: 3-slot FAN
CUDA Core: 8704
GPU Clock Base/Boost(MHz): 1440/1710
Memory Clock: 19 Gbps
Memory Interface: 320 bit
Memory Bandwidth: 760 GB/s
Memory Size/Type: 10G GDDR6X
Output: HDMI(2.1) / 3 x DP(1.4a)
Max Digital Resolution: DP 7680 x 4320 x 36bpp @ 60Hz HDMI 3840 x 2160 x 24bpp @ 60Hz
Multi Monitor: 4
NVLINK Support: No
VR Ready: Yes
DirectX Capability: 12 Ultimate
Power Connectors: 2 x 8pin
Total Graphics Power: 320W

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  • +3

    This has got to be the ugliest AIB card i've seen yet haha

    • At least the gross fans point downwards on a normal build!

    • +14

      Much better GPU than PS5.

      • +1

        I’d bloody well hope so.

      • +13

        PS5 price accounts for more than just a GPU believe it or not…

        • This can do 4K with RT 60FPS, but ps5 just can’t

          • +6

            @abuseyourdna: This can do DLSS 4K RT 60fps, important distinction.

            The PS5 can still do RT, obviously a 600-750 console isnt as fast as a GPU which costs twice as much that wasnt the point they were trying to make.

          • @abuseyourdna: Good luck getting that in Cyberpunk

            • -3

              @BROKENKEYBOARD: Very smooth and fantastic graphic on PS5. 3080 probably is the same.

              • @AussieGargain: Lol, yeah, nah, I've seen enough photos/videos online showing what Cyberpunk looks like on console…..

          • +1

            @abuseyourdna: Lol the 3090 can't even do that.

      • I have a 3070 and so far haven't seen anything that looks as good as Demon's Souls on my PS5.

        • Funnily enough the only thing I can think of that looks close is ultra modded Skyrim haha. The main reason I want a 3080 is to be able to run modded Skyrim better.

        • +3

          If it was on PC, it would look better/run at a better framerate on the 3070.

          • @Vita85: Without a doubt.

          • -3

            @Vita85: Yeah, but that's besides the point…because it isn't on PC. And that's important when you're comparing the value cost of a GPU or a console. Comparing reality to a what-if scenario is apples to oranges. It still stands to reason that a $750 console is producing better graphics than my fancy new computer is on any other game, and at a solid 60 frames without having to **** around with graphics settings for half an hour either - PC master race people tend to dismiss the convenience of consoles which add a lot to the overall value package.

  • +5

    I wouldn't believe the ETA…it will be a moving goal post.

  • +11

    Wow, leadtek
    I remember my Leadtek winfast 4200 Ti back in like the early 2000's

    • +1

      Me too, it was a great card.

      • The only GPU brand that has blown up on me. I did put it to the test though. Magic bullet effect on footage from one of the first 4k video cameras (Sony FX1E). After about 24hrs it went into a peaceful sleep.

    • Leadtek geforce 2 and 3

      • +2

        Yup those were the days! I also played with the Riva TNT2 and Gainward brands back then

        Can’t believe this brand is still around!

  • +13

    Leadtek is actually a well known brand and have been around since the 90s from what I remember

    • +1

      Didn't realise they were still around, I had a Leadtek 6800GT back in the day, got it just to play Far Cry

  • +1

    Looks like the only pre-order on CPL with an ETA date.

  • -3

    My leadtek gf 550ti's driver discontinued for windows 10. it's such a pity for a decent card in 2010s

    my point is that the small company would not do something extra which just cost them a cent.

    • +6

      GPU drivers are handled by NVIDIA, not the AIB right?

      • +3

        100% correct, all drivers are handled by NVIDIA
        Firmware can be a different story as they flash with different clocking profiles but all OS drivers are handled by the cards manufacturer, its the same for AMD.

      • -1

        leadtek made 192bit ram for 550ti. normal 550ti get 128bit only. nvidia drivers cant make it working on win10

        • Might want to get your facts straight. The 550ti has a 192bit memory interface across the board. I'd say your issues with windows are coming from somewhere else. Plenty of people using windows 10 with 550ti's and older cards with no issues.

          It's a 10 year old budget card. Cut your losses and buy something new.

  • notwithstanding the ETA date, is this a decent price if you could get it relatively soon?

  • +13

    Not a well established brand? Boy I must be old

  • Is there any cancellation fee if you don’t get it in 2 weeks ?

  • +1

    Leadtek is still alive? Haven't seen their cards in Australia for years. My first ever graphics cards was a Leadtek WinFast A380 Ultra.

  • +4

    Well that’s a name I haven’t heard in many years. Still remember the old gf4 ti4400.

  • The Amazon deal that was removed was so much better :) it was available right now, not preorder lol that was one of the best posts for a long time haha

  • From CPL?! No thanks. I wouldn't trust them to have stock on hand in their stores when paying cash for an "in stock" item. Getting a pre-order from them is just asking for your money to be tied up for months.

  • Just ordered one of these from another store today, am i the only one that loves the design ? :P

  • +1

    Just be aware that there is NO way to disable/adjust the RGB lights on the fans and they are really obnoxious.

  • They change eta frequently. I've ordered a 5900x from them when the eta showed 21/12 and then changed to 31/12 and they still didn't have stock on 14/01/2021

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