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Dell Universal Dock - D6000 $207.20 ($202.02 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Dell eBay


Dell Universal Dock - D6000
Great device for all working from home. Good price, normally sells well over $250.
I have been using it now for over a year, there are some quirks but overall very happy.
Enjoy :)

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  • Can confirm that its a good dock. Seamless when using on Surface Pro 7 and MBP 13.

    • The dock doesn’t seem to support dual monitors on my MacBook Air M1. Can anyone help with a workaround to get it to work?

      • That's a limitation of the M1 Mac itself.

        • Yes but there are reported workarounds with docking stations. I just haven’t found a solution with this particular D6000 model.

          • @joyfulpatrick: I thought I read somewhere that the D6000 was suitable. The M1 by spec sheets only supports 1 external screen, but I can personally confirm it does work with 2 external screens if you have a dock with DisplayLink.

            I'm currently running my M1 Macbook on a 'ALOGIC Universal TWIN HD PRO Docking Station with Power Delivery 85W' and have it output to 2 x 1080p screens as well as the in-built Retina screen. Note this dock only supports Full HD res to the external screens.

  • Can confirm good dock too, got one from work for free and it runs 3 screen beautifully as well as sound, USBs etc.. it gets a bit hot though and has it's own power supply

  • I have one. It's good if your device doesn't support TB. If it does, get a TB dock.

    I bought it 2 years ago for $135.


    • lostn advice is correct.
      I bought D6000 last time and found it made a big hit on CPU because of the DisplayLink driver. Had to sell it on Gumtree.
      Now have a WD19TB and find it very good.

      • so my shitty asus work laptop does not put the video signal through the USB-c port, hence I would expect the "display link driver" issue you decried not to be an issue? as I will still have to connect my screen to the laptop.

        • What I am trying to explain is that:
          To enable USB-A ports to send signals to monitors drivers from Displaylink are used (by most non thunderbolt docking stations) (https://www.displaylink.com). Since additional drivers are used (as can be seen in task manager) more CPU is used. As D6000 uses these drivers; even if you use a Type C thunderbolt port these drivers are loaded.

          Note: Just trying to share my experience with this dock. I am not a tech expert. Your mileage may vary.

    • Excuse my ignorance, what's TB?

  • Can zoom work with 3 screens? One for shared screen + 2 gallery screens?

    • Yes, it will work. I have zoom on one screen and two other screens displaying other windows or browser content.

  • I have lonovo dock, all good the only thing not is:
    USB ports are not always on.
    even the dock is connected to power supply, it needs to be connected to a pc so for ports in the front of the dock will work… weird….

  • Does this dock support 4K screen with 75hz?

  • What is the res it connects the 4k displays at?

  • Don't make the same mistake I did and purchase this if it isn't compatible with your laptop (XPS15) :(

    I came across this handy information on Dell's website after purchasing one of these. I sold it and bought a WD19TB - https://www.dell.com/learn/au/en/audhs1/campaigns/dell-docks...

    • Only Thunderbolt can support 2x uncompressed [email protected] This one uses DisplayLink driver for software compression to the dock.

      • and from i heard, avoid displaylink!~ unless you just want to use it for office works ie boring stuffs not media game etc

        • The problem's not with compression, per se - Display Port 1.4 has "DSC" which also compresses. The issue is that DisplayLink is software-based compression, where as DSC is hardware-based.

    • Great link, ta

  • Jsut bought one and the estimated delivery date is Wed. 24 Feb. and Fri. 5 Mar ???
    Anyone got the same estimated delivery?

  • if you are intending to charge your laptop using usb c, it pays to check your laptop power requirement, for 130w you will need wd19, this will only output 65w

    • it will still charge, just slower. Depending on what you're doing, the charge level may still increase steadily.

      • yes that is right it will still charge. i guess it's good to know though before you purchase, as the alternative wd19 isnt that much more extra than this one

  • What I struggle with understanding is why one would pick a proper dock like this one over say, a $50 UGreen USB-C hub? Other than the multiple monitor outputs (which may not be an issue for someone with only one monitor), if the USB C hub has ethernet, enough USB ports, HDMI output, USB PD for charging, etc… what is the advantage?

    • those USB-C hubs dont have as many lanes and thus do not offer as much bandwidth.

      for example most of them only work on 4K30hz and USB bandwidth is reduced when you connect a display.

    • to me it's power delivery, i dont see anything priced like ugreen 50 bux usbc dock can have 65w pd, or even 130w. anything that is capable of doing so will be priced similar to dell dock

      i have my laptop on a stand with a single usb c connected to it, nothing else, and when i need to leave the office with it, i just unplug the usb c cable and go. my power adapter is always in the laptop bag

      • I meant something like this: https://www.amazon.com.au/UGREEN-Charging-Ethernet-Compatibl...

        I guess the key thing is you still need your own USB C power supply to plug in (such as my laptop one).. which coincidentally I get these from the office for our work Thinkpads (so not hardcore power needs)… but I think the power supplies are <$50 so combined, it's still around $100ish? Granted, it's still only one display output though but I thought the HDMI output (to my 3840x1080 monitor) uses the USB C display output…

        • oh nice, i see what you mean. yeah if 100w is enough i guess that would be pretty good alternative. i think thinkpads are 65w so either this d9000 or ugreen seems to be able to do the job

  • Work set me up with one of these. Works really well, but I find sometimes it doesn't begin charging the laptop when I initially turn the power on, unless I physically take out the dock power cable and put it back in. Once I do that it works fine. Maybe that's one of the quirks the OP was referring to.

    Anyway I didn't pay for it so I'm happy with it. Info intended for people making a purchase decision.

  • More context is always good for things like this…so hopefully this helps someone.

    I have one of these connected to my work MBP 13" (2020, 2 x TB3 ports). Displayport is connected to Ozbargain's favourite Xiaomi 34" widescreen and it drives it in MacOS at 100hz. The dock's USB-C port on the front charges my Pixel 3 phone with fast charging.

    I definitely notice the CPU fans whirring away using this dock - at the office I've got two 1080P dell monitors, (one is USB-C so it charges the laptop too) and the fans are quieter in the office…there have been a couple of occasions where it didn't charge the laptop, but for the one cable convenience I think it's awesome.

    I bought mine off eBay for around $120 or so…

  • I think wd19 is better choice. You can change just module for thunderbolt3 later.

  • If you're willing to pay $50 extra, the WD19 is $259 direct from Dell or $242.50 from an independent seller.

    Actually it should be about $245 from Dell's ebay store.

    It is a better dock and charges at 180w.

    Hell, I have this D6000 and I'm considering it..

  • I use this for work.. and i can't believe this costs over $200 lol
    and i use it for dual monitors + mouse +keyboard