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nbn 50/20 $59.95, 100/20 $74.95, 100/40 $88.95, 250/25 $99.95, 1000/50 3TB $119.95 for 6 Months (New Customers) @ Superloop


New promotional price for new customers only. Prices indicated last for 6 months from the date of signup then reverts the normal pricing.

Returning customers [who have previously been with Superloop and already received a six(6) month discount promotion] will not be eligible for a new promotion for a period of twelve (12) months.

For terms and conditions see https://www.superloop.com/legal/competitions-promotions.html

See previous popular deal.

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        • I have Gen 2 Telstra modem. Ordered at 11.25 pm. Connected at 11.54 pm. Woke up in the morning, everything worked. No change in setup. Only independent reason I know that the connection is from super loop because Ookla showed it as Superloop service.

  • Can anyone tell if ABB refunds back on pro rata basis if you leave in the middle of the month?

    • Yes they do. Worth calling once churned to SL to finalise it.

  • After some very nice fellow OzBargainer referrals from the last deal, I have upped my plan to the new 1000/50.

    Sadly my enterprise grade Meraki router will only push 450Mbps… but I’m getting 453/47 real world speed, so can’t complain.

    I agree their support will leave you wanting, but when it works, it’s pretty good, and these new prices are quite competitive.

  • have ordered and hardware delivery arriving today/tomorrow… wonder how long before a technician is out in my area (melb inner city). place hasn't had nbn before so didn't see the outlet

  • For anyone interested just did the change over from AussieBB
    Signed up via referral link above completed signup and submitted at about 11:06pm, was online with superloop exactly 20 mins later after about 10-15 mins my nbn hfc ntd lost sync and reset itself at which point my router stopped working so I gave it a quick powecycle and am officially online with SL and saving $20 p/month for the next 6 months.
    Nice and easy

  • Does superloop use DHCP like ABB and Telstra if I churn to them, is it an easy task? Got NBB hfc just want to know

    • yes dynamic ip same as ABB, simple switch for HFC
      don't forget to use a referral code from the link

      • oh nice i just put in my address it says it has 250Mbps/25Mbps for 99.95 a month first 6 months!! tempting….

        • Do it and take the leap. If you don't like it, the simply go back.. Make sure you use a referral though!

  • +1

    Made the switch from Aussiebb, signing up using ozb referral. Seamless switch with HFC. I was up and running within 20min of signing up. Called Aussiebb to close the account and received pro rata refund.

    Rock solid so far. Same 50/20 speeds, cheaper, and more (unlimited) data.

    And I did it all during my lunch break!

    Use a referral from ozb. You get the same price but you'll help another ozbargainer!

    • What speeds are you getting on HFC exact/less than 50mbps or around 52-53 mbps?

      • +1

        A bit over 50. 51-52mbit

      • +1

        Just thought I would sound off,

        HFC 100/20 on the gold coast is over provisioned so speed tests bring 107 Mbps down / 19 Mbps up

    • +2

      Might do the switch now. ABB is a bit too expensive now compared to Superloop. They removed my old plan and made me pay more and now the free data in the daytime is gone - time to move on. I was happy with their service (and happy to pay a bit extra for this) … but the price difference is now too big for me.

      • ABB is becoming more and more expensive and I believe their routing isn't the best. I have caught them number of times showed them the proof of screen shots and they keep fiddling the routing.

        SL is great in international routing and speed wise. I will be moving from Mate communicate once my billing cycle is over.

    • Can confirm, signed up to Superloop from AussieBB just now and connected in under 5 mins (HFC). Called Aussie following the connection confirmation and they cancelled immediately and advised of a pro rata refund. They did ask why I was cancelling but no push to stay from them.

      $20/month cheaper than the discounted price for 50/20 offered by AussieBB, very happy.

      Their customer web portal is very average but I doubt I'll be using it.

      • That's great. I am keen to know your speeds mate. Can you please kindly share with us.

  • Just switched over from Aussie using referral (congrats to the lucky winner!). Went to 50/20mbps in Brisbane on FTTP. Basically instant switch and DL speed is currently just above 50mbps. Seems promising for 10pm at night but will have to test over next few days. Double the speed for $5 less than Aussie (for 6 months at least!), thanks OP!

  • Just switched over from TPG using referral (and now added mine into). was paying $75 for NBN50 there and now on the NBN100/20 Home Fast plan. Happy with the new ookla readings :) although this will cost $90 per month by August…. will then think about switching i am sure!

    • Did you have to give TPG a months notice ?

      Are you FTTN?

      Did you have to reconfigure your modem?


      • FTTP and yes a month's notice (i've given them that previously as i was going to jump onto ABB but has instead landed on this).

        No, i did not have reconfigure my modem (i don't even have the modem function switched on my router-modem). Router is plugged straight to the nbn unit at my place.


  • Has anyone ported to this from Optus and knows the right way to do it? Already called them up to cancel my plan mid-February, but do I sign up to this on Optus’ last day of service or when my Optus service becomes inactive?
    I have FTTP.

    • +1

      Sign up to superloop first. Wait for the transfer to complete. Then call optus to cancel after the service is active.
      Then use a referral code to sign up!!
      If you want more info on the process message me!

  • +1

    Superloop has abysmal customer service - make sure you know that going in. You will be routinely ignored unless you call and then you will be waiting for hours and hours and hours.

    Any good deals with other providers if you're already a SL customer who doesn't get the new pricing?

  • Is there a fixed fee for new NBN installations on sites which havent had NBN before?

    • $300 or $275 with tangerine NBN

  • We switched with this deal (from Launtel), as it is a good deal on price.
    While the speed tests are generally good, we have observed additional slowness/latency with Netflix - anyone else facing the same?
    It's hard to measure, so it's only an observation. We are on FTTC so we can't run 2 providers, so apart from doing a comparison against a 4g wifi hotspot, this is difficult to prove it is relating to the change of NBN provider.

  • Transferred from Telstra to Superloop - $75 for 100/20 rather than 25/5 at same price. Took 54mins from signing up online on a bus, to connection being established at home. Using same Telstra modem, no issues, nothing for me to do, it just happened seamlessly. Can’t yet comment on SL customer service, hopefully won’t need it. But can’t be worse than Telstra. Their chat support seemed intent on trying to sell me a mobile plan I didn’t want and wasn’t asking about, from 3 different people.

  • Nothing for existing customers

    • Got your details in the referral system?

      • You can only put one referral into the bot but I have two connections

  • -1

    their website is awful wtf

  • Seems like a good deal!

  • +1

    Just in case you aren't aware, there's no refunds when you cancel your service with them, so better to cancel a day early than to be charged for another month, just before you're transferred over to your new service.

    • +1

      PROTIP: You should never cancel your NBN account with the losing RSP directly if you want a fast churn.
      Schedule the churn to happen one day earlier than your anniversary date. Once the gaining RSP completes the churn, contact the losing RSP to settle your account (i.e. ensure no further bills).

  • Anybody had problems with the discount being applied to your bills after signing up? I recently signed to the 100/20 plan with the code for $75 but on my last two bills now I've been direct debited the full $89.95 price.. I tried to contact them through emails about 3 weeks ago but no response, and now I'm stuck in the position of trying to call and be stuck on the line for hours..

    Great speeds and reliability, but customer service hasn't been the best experience so far..

  • Can anyone suggest the cheapest router for 100M or 250M plan? Thanks!

  • Just hit the referral link for someone and added mine in the process! :)

  • I dont think Superloop handle phone, for those wishing to keep their landline phone number at home when moving to NBN.

    Can anyone recommend an additional service, to keep home phone number? Some sort of voip service that is separate to Superloop (or some other service solution such as diverting to mobile).

    Thanks. (I would ask Superloop, but their wait times are usually long, and they may not be able to recommend a service from another company).

  • -1

    Anyone referral code PLZ? singing up now now

  • My 6 months on this plan (back in early Feb) is coming to an end in a weeks time. So just starting up my shop for NBN deals again. Does anyone have any recommendations or know of a deal? Have not been logging to OzB of late so might have missed a deal or two…

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