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$0 Upgrade to nbn 250/25 or 1000/50 for 6 Months (FTTP & HFC Only) (Existing Customers Only) @ iiNet, TPG & Internode


iiNet, TPG and Internode are automatically giving existing customers with FTTP and HFC on 50/20, 100/20 and 100/40 a free upgrade to 250/25 or 1000/50 for 6 Months.

After 6 months is over you have the option of paying the full price for 250/25 $134.99/m or 1000/50 $154.99/m or go back to a slower speed.

How to obtain: you don't need to do anything. It's automatic.

Compatible router required. Use wired Ethernet for best results.

NBN250/Ultrafast plans are only available in FTTP & select HFC areas.

iiNet NBN Critical Information Summary

Chris May iiNet ISP Representative

Just wanted to clarify here that nobody's plan is actually changing. Eligible customers are receiving a speed boost in line with the communication that they have received. After six months if they choose not to switch to the Superfast plans then they will stay on their current plan.

We will contact customers when their speed boost ends with details on how to switch to a Superfast plan should they wish to do so.

Paul Guidera iiNet ISP Representative

It's definitely still in progress! Keep an eye out for an email/sms from us in the coming weeks.

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  • Theres also nothing mentioned on the iinet website about this.

    • iiNet sent out emails and text message.

      • i'm on iiNet and i didn't get an email or an sms

        • Someone else in the comments said the same thing and still got the upgrade.

          • +2

            @Twix: From iiNet via Facebook - asked them what the story is. Calling them now to chat

            Cheers for getting in touch, Some NBN HFC customers cannot achieve this particular speed boost however, eligible customers will be receiving an Email or SMS advising that speed boost trial begins. If you'd like to discuss further, please feel more than welcome to call us on 13 22 58 and we'd be happy to help

            • +2

              @dogzilla: Chatted with them and i'm eligible on my plan (despite not getting email or sms). Suggested that it may be a manual operation but should take effect (for me in Perth)…tonight but info is provided by NBN which is having delays etc…usual disclaimers etc..

  • Am on 100/40 with iinet, no change.

    • Same. 2022.

  • Restarted router. iinet 100/40
    No change

    • If you are connected via ethernet, most cheaper routers still only have 100mbps RJ45 ethernet output.

  • +1

    It's good but i wasn't having any problems with 100/40 FTTH, won't be paying 50% more for it when the trial runs out.

  • Same. I actually downgraded to NBN50 from 100 back when it had shit evening speeds. Now that the network seems to have been upgraded and I'm getting decent evening speeds, I might go back to 100, but besides downloading games every now and then, I mostly just stream - and I doubt streaming speeds are really going to improve enough to justify paying double. Also can't really download too much until ssd nvme tech develops enough to get anything larger than 2tb fast hard drives.

  • +1

    we r going to the moon bois….

  • +3

    I think this will result in a lot of people upgrading at the end, most of the time it's not the need to download 50gb-100gb fast, but smaller things are noticably quicker going from just 100-250 for me.

    The bigger the household the more noticeable it is, in 6-months everyone's speed is going to drop as much as 10 fold and they will notice.

    Good promotion.

  • +1

    Just got the email and text.

  • Can I sign up and get this?

  • +1

    I'm with TPG and now getting >100 when I pay for 100/40

    • What exact download are you getting?

      • +1

        110 down

        • +1

          That's the over provisioning kicking in and is different to this speed upgrade.

  • +1

    can i downgrade to NBN25 to take this advantage for the next 6 months?

    • FTTP or HFC?

  • I'm on FTTP.
    What is the lowest plan I can sign up to, to get 1000/50?


    • Any of those.

      • +1

        Spoke to iinet, minimum 50/20

        • +2

          only for existing customers though, you can't get it if you sign up new?

          • -1

            @yacman: Technically, I will be an "existing" customer the second I am connected.

  • Internode sales have stated this is targeted. WTF?

    • You have to be on 50/20, 100/20-40 and on FTTP or HFC.

      • I’m on 100/20 fttp

        • What make is your router? Are you using Ethernet?

    • Did you contact them to find out why you hadn't been bumped up yet? 100/40 FTTP with Internode here for like 5-6 years and no increase, maybe I'll contact them tomorrow

      • Yep. Called them and sales guy said it was only being applied to select accounts.

        I’ve been with Internode for a while too, on 100/20 FTTP.

        • Funnily enough I've been pretty happy on Internode, always kicked the idea around of jumping ship to a different provider for some price savings. I might give them a call up and this might be enough to get me to jump ship, being dangled a carrot then being told I can't have it even though two days ago I wasn't even aware there was a carrot ;).

          I wonder what the criteria for select accounts are. Perhaps they've looked at my bandwidth usage and went: nah, screw that guy!

  • -1

    Coincidentally my HFC connection as of tonight is ^#$&^*!!!! 100/40 i normally get very close to that every day without fail even peaks.

    Tonight i get 30/30 and know others in area reporting simillar. TPG you mongs you broke the NBN!!!

  • Still stuck on 12/1 here… but obviously, being on 12/1 in the first place means I wouldn't care what higher speed they would give me.

  • +1

    I went on a big worrying spree that this is a bait and switch - because the only current new plans besides this do not have 40Mbit upload anymore - the max is 20 with the exception of this new plan, which if you were paying was around $154aud a month.

    They've said that's not the case though - if after the six months you want to move back to your grandfathered plan (100/40 for example) you can.

  • If you were on 100/40 does it downgrade you download to 25 on 250/25?

    • Yeah upload = 25. You can go back to 100/40 after 6 months.

  • Why not offer it to FttC customers as well (at least the upgrade to 100/20)?

  • so how come theres been TPG people getting upgrades? whats going on there?

  • Edit: Misread.

  • i cant wait until the 6 months is up and "oh no we don't actually sell the plan you were on before, so sorry, we cant put you back on it, here are you more expensive options"

  • I got the sms yesterday, tested it out.

    It's legit https://www.speedtest.net/result/10873810095

  • For what it is worth I just moved to NBN250 with Superloop on HFC and i'm getting 230+ on average throughout the day. So if you're on HFC it's actually pretty good from my experience so far.

  • +4

    FYI, info from a chat with iiNet Sales support:

    Hello, I'd like to check if our connection is going to be getting the new upgraded speeds?

    We are undergoing a large project to gift eligible customers faster speeds. If you are eligible you will receive communication when the gift applies. This is currently happening in stages due to the large volume.

    I'm not in a hurry but would like to find out if I'm eligible. If you don't know yet that's ok.

    I can confirm it's an ongoing eligibility checking so even if you're not eligible right now this process continues until July so if you become eligible anytime during this period you will be then automatically migrated to those higher speeds for 6 months.

    Ok. And if so I'll receive an email/text?

    That is correct

    • +1

      So sounds like new users will eventually be eligible!

  • I'm on 50/20 FTTP with Internode in Melb. Now getting speeds of 250/25, unsure why it's not 1000/40??

    • Maybe you’re limited by your poi capacity.

    • wait..Internode are giving free upgrades up to 1000??

  • Wish I had switched to iinet when I moved places instead of getting tricked by TPG into a new 24 month contract.

  • iiNet 50/20 HFC plan here. still only getting:
    DOWNLOAD Mbps 22.56
    UPLOAD Mbps 18.84

    • -1

      your line/server quality is only good enough for 22.56mbps. As such, increasing your "plan speed" will yield little to no difference.

      • and a 50% service credit.

    • well that's better;
      DOWNLOAD Mbps 51.73
      UPLOAD Mbps 18.73

      • +3

        This is basically consistent with an optimal speed for a 50/20 plan.
        Hopefully, you can get something higher like 150mbps+ down when they switch you to a 250/40 plan

        My 1000/50 FTTP tonight:

        PING ms
        DOWNLOAD Mbps
        UPLOAD Mbps

        • That's on heck of a connection. So you can download 90 megabytes per second?

          • @Homr: Well, that is a speed test only.

            Netflix even 4K is not even using 50mbps

            But yeah, Cyberpunk via GOG took around 20 mins to download.

  • What's the recommended router for the 1000/50? I assume a router that supports wifi 6?

    • Using RT-AX86U atm and Asus AX3000 for the PC

      Luving it.

  • I just wish you could opt for say 500/500 instead of 1000/50

  • Did someone mention that they might be giving this to new customers? I tried asking iiNet about this if I could be upgraded for free if I signed onto the 100/20 plan but they're being ambiguous and not giving me straight answers.

  • Is anybody aware of the "Criteria" for being eligible?

    ie 100/40 with Average Usage under x, etc

  • well, now I'm getting 63 down and 30 up on my NBN50 plan, so…
    winning :)

  • +1

    just got the email and sms today from TPG that ive been upgraded to the 250 plan (was on NBN50 plan). Literally after telling them I was considering leaving and they even sent me an email this morning saying they don't offer those plans lol.
    Went home and did a speedtest and got up to around 270Mbps!

  • OP please help me understand, I am not a iiNet customer atm, but if I join and choose the lowest NBN 12, 59.99/mnth plan (I have FTTP connection) would then iinet upgrade my plan from NBN 12 to 1000? How does this works?

    • +1

      NBN12 is not eligible. It would be upgrading from NBN50 or NBN100 to NBN Ultrafast after 3 months. Not enough time has gone by to test that.

      • +1

        Thanks, yes I just called and their sales team said it's not applicable for the new joiners anyway, only current existing customers, which is very confusing if we go by iinet's definition of 'current existing customers'..

  • so i was lucky enough to get this boost, I've had a taste and now i want more.
    I want to get some of these speeds on my wireless, what device (thats not bank breaking) is recommended.

    PS4 test internet connection (wired)
    connection speed (download) : 633.8 Mbps
    (upload) : 2.2 Mbps

    • What router are you using now?

      Sometimes you only need to adjust the settings.

      • welp the standard 1 IInet gave me, which they stated will only give speeds on wired (TG-789 Broadband Gateway)
        i have been looking to upgrade for some time now, so the speed boost has pushed me

        • +1

          Yeah the TG-789 ain't going to cut it. What is your top price limit?

          • @Twix: not over $300 if possible

            • +1

              @kellycarlos: Ubiquiti UniFi U6-LITE Wi-Fi 6 Access Point @ PC Case Gear / Centre Com.
              TP-Link Archer AX20 @ Centre Com.
              TP-Link Archer AX50 @ Wireless 1.
              TP-Link Deco X20 or Deco X60 @ The Good Guys Commercial

            • +2

              @kellycarlos: The TP-Link suggestions are good but make sure you check some reviews/charts to know what speeds to expect depending what devices you use (So you aren't disappointed).
              Wifi 6 (AX) clients
              Wifi 5 (AC) clients
              I would personally recommend most of the listed Asus devices but they do also cost more.

  • Is iiNet NBN25 eligible? I am still getting 25.9/4.66

    • Nah must be nbn50 or nbn100.

  • +1

    TPG HFC running at 442mbps download on wifi near the router, 184mbps at the other end of the house

  • Been on this offer of free superfast internet for 2 days now and not impressed, my Internet performance has gone backwards. Working from home now getting slow connectivity to work VPN, buffering on streaming content and scratchy connection to video conferencing. Not impressed if this is what the future holds for internet in this country. Time to complain to TPG.

  • +1

    Have been getting close to 250 mbps on TPG. Am currently on the 100/40.

  • this still work ?

  • My 6 months just finished and have swapped to iiNet Home Ultrafast 100/50 for an extra $10 deal permanently, been using a tp-link M5 mesh system, seem to be at about 550/40, would going to a wifi-6 better tp-link be faster, have all apple gear with wifi 6.
    Which one?

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