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nbn Technology Choice FTTP Upgrade Quote $0 (Was $330) @ nbn Co


$0 FTTP quotes are back. There are installation fees if you decide to go ahead with it.

Due to the intricacies involved in generating and processing quotes for complex premises, the Group Switch and Area Switch application forms are currently unavailable on our website. We are only accepting applications for some single premises at this time.

Please refer to our website in the future for updates as we continue to optimise the nbn™ Technology Choice Program.

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        Yep. It took 5 crews to install my FTTC in 2018 - 2019.
        Then 2 more crews to install a missing pit in the run in the row behind my house.
        Gotta pay for all those pre work meetings.

      • Assuming parts cost what, $2000 at most for 40 meters or so (even though i know a normal multimode cable is about $1 per metre) i fail to see how labour costs can exceed $17,000 to dig a trench and lay some cable.

        • I got a quote as an attempted upsell to replace about 10 meters of straight line ceramic pipe with a pvc pipe as part of their $99 pipe unblocking service. 14,000 dollars.

          Told the plumber I'll see him every 5 years or so for a pipe unblockage.

        • +1

          FTTH doesn't connect to the node. The node is incapable of supporting FTTH and your run would go back much further to a fibre distribution point.

          Just more evidence of what a white elephant these things are.

          • @jnewau: Ohh no kidding, i never knew that, always assumed they were just a drop in for the last run that could be replaced with fiber + utility and connection box

  • $16,660 for HFC to FTTP.

    Nevermind then…

  • Only 16k, I will pass this time.

  • $ 13,354, the green box is 500m away, ACT. uff.

  • I just wonder for how long they are going to keep the quote page online this time.

  • +3

    Damn, mine dropped from ~$33k last time this useless POS link was posted, to the bargain basement price of; $ 9,907 inc. GST…

    I'm waiting for the 'Act now to save 90% option'.

  • +7

    Australia has the 61st fastest internet speeds. Slower than Vietnam and the Ukraine. Where all great corrupt politicians come from

    • +3

      Interesting, I figured they all went to Canberrrrra…..

      • -3

        Well they just recently took over the Whitehouse too

        • +5

          Yeah cause there were never any corrupt politicians in the whitehouse before that. Certainly the last guy was the least corrupt one ever. Not even proven to have abused his position multiple times.

    • +2

      Hmm… And our country code is +61. Illuminati confirmed.

  • Mine is $14,963..

    I'll pull the trigger sub $8k

  • what we used to pay to know what to pay?

    • +1

      It used to be $660, $330 and now $0.

    • +1

      Yep, bunch of neighbours in our cul-de-sac paid $330 each to be told it was $7k each to go from FTTC to FTTP, and as many others have said here, "yeah…. nah".

  • +2

    Oh yes, I can get FTTP, just have to wait for my neighbor to upgrade first.

  • Get Fixed Wireless! Easy done

  • $2943 for me. About $300 per metre from my lounge to the FTTC pit.

    • +1

      That is a low quote in the land of NBN.

    • -1

      Correct me if I am wrong, but if you went through with the $2943upgrade and got FTTP, wouldn't you then be able to upgrade your plan with aussie broadband to 1000mb/s download unlimited for $149 a month?

      • That is right 👍

  • +2

    $26k FTTN to FTTP - approx 900m from node.
    Can't get faster than 50/20 on my FTTN and no 5G around yet

  • $ 2,701 inc. GST

    FTTC to FTTP. Pretty sure the pit is literally just next to my driveway

    • That is a low quote for FTTC-P.

  • +1

    $2,795 for me. FTTC, with the DPU in the pit directly out the front of my house. I get a solid 93/20 at the moment, but going FTTP would enable me to get the 1000/X and 500/X and 250/X plans.
    Might wait a year and see what FTTC upgrades such as G-Fast + etc might be coming.

  • +8

    $0. My FTTP was installed under Labor.

    • +3


      • +1

        Yep 100 and 1000 down connections all hooked up and both go smoothly /flex

        The Liberals actually came in when it happened and they honoured the existing areas where work was about to begin.

  • $ 16,390 inc. GST to go from hfc to fttp

    But I get a consistent 110mbps down on a 100mbps nbn plan with 38ish Mbps up so I'm pretty happy with hfc

  • hi how do you check distance to the pit ?

    • +1

      Trundle wheel? Tape measure?

    • What tech type are you coming from?

  • Locatiion 1
    Cost $ 16,579 inc. GST

    Location 2
    Cost $ 16,427 inc. GST

  • $2,634 for FTTC to FTTP same as last time. Telstra cable is still solid at 115/5 all day long, but disconnection date is in November :(

    • FTTC will do around 110/40. That is a low quote for FTTC-P.

  • +4

    Someone remind me how they spent billions of $$$ and some of us still end up with a little copper wire to the house????


    • +5

      Turnbull. Technology mix.

  • I'm on HFC in a rental currently but looking at buying a place soon. Ideally it will be FTTP, but if not, I am allowing for up to $15k in the budget to change it over. I WFH full time, I wonder if I could put through a proportion of it as a tax deduction…

    • +1

      Capital cost. Depreciate?

    • Save yourself extra months waiting for install and go straight to a FTTP property.

      A FTTP upgrade for full time WFH should be able to be claimed on tax. Speak to your tax agent.

  • +1

    $16,407 HFC to FTTP. Time to start saving up.

  • They've jacked up my quote since I last checked, from 8.4k to 15k. I'm on HFC

  • +1

    Nice. 16k to upgrade to what they could have done in the first place. Guess im stuck with HFC

    • HFC upgrades are in the works. Ultrafast = 1000/50.

      On Tuesday, NBN said by the end of November, it would have over 25% of its HFC footprint able to get an ultrafast plan.

      "The company expects that by June 2021 over two-thirds of premises in the HFC network footprint will be able to order NBN ultrafast broadband, and it forecasts that by the end of 2021 nearly the entire HFC network footprint should be able to order NBN ultrafast broadband," it said.

      NBN jacks up 750Mbps coverage to 'nearly' all HFC premises by end of 2021

      • +1

        Latency and reliability of HFC will never be as good as fttp.

        • Yeah that is true.

      • So they will be replacing HFC?

        • NBN are upgrading HFC to be capable of 1000/50 + more expensive monthly plan costs. To go from HFC-FTTP you have to pay for it.

  • $11k - tell him he's dreaming.

  • Didn't they get money from the government to do free full-fibre upgrades as part of covid spending? Or was that only for FTTN to FTTP?


    • +1

      That was an ‘announcable’. Same as always with this government, big announcement, no plan to deliver, quietly forgotten without spending any money.

  • Can someone smarter than me let me know if you're on FTTC and upgrade to FTTP, does that then allow your neighbours to then sign up to FTTP too, or is that not how it works for FTTC zones

    • Yeah, I would love to know this too. If the first of us needs to pay a larger sum them maybe we could all co-op together…

      • -1

        In my example, the thin fibre runs down the street.
        DPU connects the telephone cable from my house to the fibre. Hence FTTC.
        Neighbour cannot connect using my fibre run from the DPU at my front gate to my premises since it only runs on my property.
        With FTTN upgrade to P there will be a lot of new fibre running from the node to your house, which can be "tapped into" by others on the way.
        Sorry, above sounds like mansplaining.

      • +1

        You can do a single premises or wait for group switches to come back. If you are the first mover your neighbours still have to pay $2000+

        • +1

          Great, thanks for the info!

    • +1

      Anyone can apply for an upgrade to FTTP. Your neighbours still have to pay $2000+

  • $10k to upgrade FTTN —-> FTTP

  • +1

    4K to go FTTN to FTTP is it good price

    • +2

      That is a low price for FTTN-P.

  • +1

    $22,616 from FTTN to FTTP, did I set the new record?

    • I got 22,688$… unlucky

    • Nope, a work colleague got $42k

  • +4

    $3172. With the right wind I could piss into my NBN pit from my front porch. Seems a bit steep.

    • -3

      Correct me if I am wrong, but if you went through with the $3172 upgrade and got FTTP, wouldn't you then be able to upgrade your plan with aussie broadband to 1000mb/s download unlimited for $149 a month?

      • How many times are you gonna ask that same question?

    • +1

      That is gold. No pun intended 🤣

      That is a cheap quote.

  • +1

    $23,518, so tempting… not. Can't even get 50mbps down

  • Bit weird, living in a townhouse with multiple other units. I can enter the address for the whole property and it comes to about 3k for FTTC to FTTP. Entering a specific unit address drives the price up to almost 10k.

  • If you work from home would this be a tax deduction?

    • I believe for a percentage you use it for work and only on a depreciation basis.

      Eg pay 10k for it, can't see you getting away with less than a 10 year useful life to depreciate it over. So 1k a year. But you only use it 40% for work, hence you can only claim $400 a year.

      As always check with a professional though.

  • +1

    $2,850 to upgrade from Fibre to the Curb to Fibre to the Premises.

    Not bad. But the pit is infront of my house.

    I currently get 100mbps all day everyday and has been reliable.

  • +3

    $3,871 from FTTC to FTTP. Same quote as last year.

    We're about 100m from the pit.

    Good value.

    Bought one. Thanks OP

    • nice. has the works been done? and what NBN plan did you go with and what speed are you typically getting?

      • +2

        Accepted the quote and paid for it on 08/02/21.

        Following other posts, it seems like it could take up to 3 months from paying up front to the works being completed.

  • +2

    1) prices are high since all techs have increased their prices for Government jobs. A snake eating itself really.
    2) higher prices = less installs with same profit margin.
    3) local council applications and rules. Enough said.
    4) telecom applications and rules. Enough said.

    Same happened in the construction industry recently, suppliers dropped their price big time to stay afloat against competitors.
    Job = labor + materials + profit margin
    When materials and profit can't go any lower, the trades have to drop their rates to be employed.

    • +3

      Trades never drop their rates.

  • +1

    what happened to the govt upgrading these?

    • +1

      NBN are upgrading FTTN-P where they choose. It won't be everywhere.

  • Gone from $26K in December to 16K now - HFC to FTTP. Ill keep waiting. The SOBs only connected it up to the NBN 18 months ago.

    • Odd, the quote I did went up $6K from $10k to $16K.

      I'm surprised many that any have gone down.

      • +1

        I think when they replaced the manual process with the automated one they’ve basically just made all HFC to FTTP some random number between $16,000 and $18,500. So if you were below that before then it’s gone up, and above it’s gone down…

  • +2

    Anyone know how much for dial up?

  • $3k for FTTP. Would that actually be worth it? Not that bad.

    • -3

      Correct me if I am wrong, but if you went through with the $3k upgrade and got FTTP, wouldn't you then be able to upgrade your plan with aussie broadband to 1000mb/s download unlimited for $149 a month?

    • That is a low quote for FTTP. I would pay it to have access up to 1000Mbps and for stability reasons.

  • +2

    $6091 FTTN > FTTP. Actually considering this

    • You must be close to the node.. what speed do you get now?

  • Im on a gigbit plan with NBN (HFC) get approx 850/50 speeds, so no improvement over gigabit with switching to fibre ?

    • +1

      You might get closer to 1000mbit down but I am guessing it will not be cost effective unless you were desperate.

    • +1

      You’re in the lucky few % of HFC users.

      It’s mostly if there’s congestion on your local segment or you want a business plan with higher uploads. Otherwise if you’re happy probably not worth it for now.

    • +1

      Lower latency. Also HFC doesn't have any battery back up so goes out in power outage, at least in my area. HFC also susceptible to lighting strike. I had a bunch of equipment killed from surge up HFC cable.

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