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Receive a $5, $10, $50, or $100 Coles or Woolworths e-Gift Card with any Mutti Pesto Stir Through Sauces Purchased @ Mutti Pesto


Ok i know this reads like a bit of a comp but i've just successfully redeemed and can confirm that you will definitely at least get a $5 gift card pending validation.

What happens is you buy any one of the 2 styles (green or red Tomato) of Mutti stir-through sauces 280g available at either Coles or Woollies, fill in the form and upload the receipt, and you will get a new screen to spin a wheel with the $5, $10, $50, or $100 options (I got $5 on the two times I did for the 2 receipts I had today). It will then say congratulations, etc and it will take up to 2 days to validate. You will get a e-gift card for the chain you purchased from, however I recommend to buy them at Coles as they are currently half price at $2.25 edit: our good friend doweyy has pointed out that it's now Woolworth's turn for half price this week, so it's kind of like getting free sauce and making $2.75 profit.

You can redeem once per transaction up to 4 times for a household, and can purchase until 28 Feb but claims run until 7 March.

Let us know in the comments if anyone manages to snag a $100 card!

Full T&Cs:
Conditions apply, see www.muttipesto.com.au/terms. Starts: 3/2/21. Purchase by: 11:59pm AEDST 28/2/21. Enter by: 11:59pm AEDST 7/3/21. Limit 1 entry per transaction; 4 entries per person & per household. Retain receipt/s. Instant prizes: $100 Coles or Woolworths Grocery eGift Card; $50 Coles or Woolworths Grocery eGift Card; $10 Coles or Woolworths Grocery eGift Card; $5 Coles or Woolworths Grocery eGift Card (see terms for details). Promoter: Mutti Australia Pty LTD (ABN 476 330 842 69) of 87-103 Epsom Road, Rosebery, NSW, 2018. Permits: NSW TP-00561 ACT TP20/01680 SA T20/1491

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  • Got 5-5-5-10.. Thanks OP

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    Got $100-$5-$5-$5. Thanks OP
    Friend got $50-$5-$5-$100 last night.

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    Got 4x $5. Thanks OP. $11 profit.

    I agree with other comments that the Coles gift cards are hard to use. The self-serve checkout operator says the gift cards should be in color and that's why they don't scan (they're monochrome). She had to plug the numbers in manually. She showed me how so I don't have to ask again.

    • +7

      The self-serve checkout operator says the gift cards should be in color

      lolwut? All barcodes are mono

      • Used all 4x $5 today in 1 transaction, via iphone.

        Tip : use the Flybys scanner, not the item scanner!

        Hold the phone screen steady underneath the Flybys scanner for 4-5s, it's slow to read

        • Was this on self-checkout? I always scan my Flybuys card with the item scanner, haven't noticed a separate Flybuys scanner.

          • @kiitos: Yes at every scanner in SA stores, both self-checkout, and manned-checkout.

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    Come back to share. I got $50 and $5 gift cards. Thanks!!

  • +2

    Loving this deal OP! Thanks for posting. I got $100, $5, $5, $10.

  • Tried three times got 3 x $5

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    $50, $5, $100, $100.
    Thanks OP!

    • +1

      That has to be the best outcome so far!

    • +2

      Looks like this time, they do pay the ferryman!

    • +1

      tell me what lotto numbers you are going to pick for next week!!!

    • Nice one man!! That's fantastic!

    • wow that is the best yet

    • Holy moly! Well done!

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    n00b question - can you use multiple of the egift cards on the same purchase? Just keep scanning the codes one after the other?

    • +1

      Yes, split the payment to match your gift card balance or try to redeem full amount, get "Declined" message and agree to redeem all available balance of the gift card, then rinse and repeat.

      • Or choose split-gift card

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    5 family members and friends.
    All 5 5 5 5.

  • 5555

    • already got all 4 gift cards too

  • i passed this onto a couple friends and one got a $50 and other got $100 along with $10's and $5's

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    50,5,5. Will try one more next week

  • +1


  • Anyone hit the jackpot (100,100,100,100)?

    • wouldn't that be a winner

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    I thought that the 'transaction' was referring to the entry process, not per receipt. ie. You will need to enter your details each time, regardless if all 4 are purchased on one receipt. But read the t&c's and its definitely 1 entry regardless of how many jars are on your receipt.

    Won't trouble me (as an ozbargainer it's always seperate receipts by default). But I told others about this and didn't see '1 entry permitted per purchase receipt'.

  • Thanks x4 $5

  • Anyone else still waiting on their gift cards? I submitted the day this was posted.

    • Check your spam filter.

      Hotmail sent to junk mail

      • Nothing in spam :(

    • still waiting too.. nothing in spam either

      • Got mine

    • Same, supposed to receive 4 x $5 but I only received one…

  • Are people putting in real addresses?

    10, 5, 10, 5 = $20 profit

    • +1

      I did but probably shouldn't have in hindsight…

      I have 4 x $5, 3 gift cards came through so far.

      • What addresses would you use on hindsight? Asking for a friend. :D

        • Someone else's address.

        • A neighbor? Lol

    • If all registered with the same or alias email they all will be stacked on top of each other in the one email.

  • Got 5,5,5,5.

    Thanks OP!

  • +2

    used 4 of the gift cards today - like people above have said just use the separate flybuy card scanner and hold it under there for a 5 sec and will read.

    Put on full brightness and didnt need to enlarge the barcode

    • Good work. My wife showed me the Flybys scanner. Works a charm.

  • $5, $5, $5, $50

    I think that shows today's lesson is "keep persevering!"

  • I think that shows today's lesson is "keep persevering!"
    Nope. 5, 5, 5 - aaaand today 5 :)

    • sorry to hear that. I was TRULY expecting another $5 on my last attempt too, but was very lucky

  • I went through the self checkout so I could take time opening the emails etc, there's no separate fly buys scanner there, but managed to eventually get them all to scan via the item scanner, had to try a few times.

  • +1

    Has anyone received their Woolworths gift card. I submitted the form 4 days ago.

    • check your junk folder tomorrow

      • +1

        Yes, I just received the email… some free cash in pocket

    • +2

      I'm at 6 days and still have nothing. Been checking junk/spam folders every day too :(

      • +1

        I just received my gift cards

      • Same

  • +1

    5 5 5 5

  • 5 - 50 so far. The 5 has been validated already. Just got the 50 today. Maybe one more try tomorrow.

    I wonder if the stir through stuff is any good. :-) Just seems to be can't lose lottery ticket at the moment.

  • +1

    5-5-5-5. $11 profit, which on its own is PFG, plus 4 jar sauces. Don't tell Nat's What I Reckon

  • Just started, got a $5. Do I need to use unique emails for my remaining 3 claims?

    • +1

      no u can do up to 4 per household so same email address is fine

  • Thanks OP. $5, $100, $5, $5.

  • +1

    Its been 5 days and i havent received the $5 woolworths vouchers I won. Any idea how much longer I need to wait?

    • +3

      I'm at 7 days and still nothing. I emailed Mutti yesterday to enquire

      For reference I used my hotmail address for the promo

      • mine is gmail, but its not any better.

      • +1

        Mine was in my junk mail same email domain . Turned up 5 days after entry .

    • Finally got the cards after emailing the support team :)

  • $10 + $5 + $5, woolies only had 3 jars left to buy, will need to get 1 more, fingers crossed it's a 1% spin!

  • +1

    Got 4 x $5 from these jars. Still profiting $11!
    Thanks OP.

  • My local Woolies, at half price, then home to spin, (green) $5, (green) $100, (red)$5, (red)$5. As $100 doesn't count unless there is evidence then look here: https://ozhamada-observes.blogspot.com/2021/02/mutti-100.htm...

  • The green sauce is yummy FYI

    • How do you have it? Just stir through some pasta?

      • +1

        i made a pasta bake, next time I will heat up the sauce and have with chicken/tuna + pasta. even just the sauce on its own with warm pasta should be nice

        • Thanks, might try this tomorrow. It’s still half price at Woolies I believe, so if it’s quite good maybe I’ll get some more

      • i made a pasta bake, next time I will heat up the sauce and have with chicken/tuna + pasta. even just the sauce on its own with warm pasta should be nice

    • Agreed!
      I also added a little bit of chicken - delicious

  • -2

    Second time around, put a different address and email but same number. It didn't work but did with another number.

    5 5 10 50!

  • how long to receive the egiftcard? i claimed it on friday 19th Feb, today wednesday 24th Feb. I still haven't received the giftcard. would the email go to junk mail? and what is the email address and title please? thanks!

    • +1

      Subject: Congratulations, your entry has been approved!
      From:[email protected]

    • I redeemed at 12.15 and 12.16 and got e-gift at 1.25 within 1.10 hr. But only managed to get $5 & $5.

    • +1

      Claimed fri night, got it today. Not in junk (gmail).

  • $50,5,5,5

    Do people get the confirmation in 2 days or longer?


  • HI

    I got 4 x $5 coupons. Can these be scanned at the self service registers and if so how does one redeem them?

    cheers Peter

    • +3

      Choose split payments. Type in $5. You scan one using the Flybuys scanner and then enter the pin when prompted. Rinse and repeat.

      • Thanks

  • $5 at Coles a week ago.

    $5 at Woolies today.

  • Thanks $2.25 a woollies got 4 x $5 cards

  • Is today the last day to buy?

    • yes

  • This was a fun competition, would participate again

    • Yes except I submitted on 15 Feb and nothing.

      • check your junk folder

        • I have many times. Perhaps someone could kindly tell me the subject line. I have searched my email for Mutti.

      • +1

        Did you receive confirmation email upon entry, titled thank you for your entry?

  • Got $50, $5, $5, $10 - not bad, thanks! Waiting for the emails/gift cards to come through…

  • Submitted Sunday night in anticipation of receiving it yesterday, or maybe by COB today…?

    • It won't that quick. Helped neighbour made the claim on 24 Feb and no gift card yet. Don't know what is going on. Does anyone else has the same experience?

      • Yes I received 1 gift card after a few days but not the second one. I paid separate transactions/receipts on the same day at Coles. Do they only count that as 1 transaction?

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