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Pull-up Squat Rack $199, 10kg Dumbbell Set $24.99, Barbell Set $59.99 @ ALDI


Excerpt from the upcoming Aldi catalogue. Too lazy to upload and edit the rest.

Full credit to the Facebook poster.

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  • Op, the Dumbbell set shows as $24.99 in the catalogue attached. Although it was $19.99 2 years back.

  • Can that squat rack be put outdoors? Will it get damaged by the elements? I just don't have room in my house for these.

    • As soon as it gets scratched you can bet it will rust from inside out.

    • Mine was outside for over 2 years but undercover, still some water got on it and in it. A tiny bit of rust but mainly just surface flaking. If its covered well then it will be fine.

    • You may want to plug up the spare holes once you get it to your preferred setup to prolong it as well.

    • I bought one last year. The build quality is so-so, the finish is not great though so I bet with a bit of rain the bits that aren't perfectly finished would start rusting. Inside it's unchanged from when I bought it and has been perfect for my needs.

      • What is it like as a pull up bar? Is the so-so quality make it seem unsafe to use?

        • Mine is solid, enough to do squats off of and feel safe. It is perfectly fine to do pull ups on, well I assume, my fat arse can't do pull ups. It doesn't seem that comfortable to grip though, I have a different device for that.

        • It looks very similar to the one i have bought from rebel sports, if theyre just a rebrand then it could be on the tight side. M 5'7". I put an extension om each side to make it a bit wider. I bought it coz its the smallest foot print i can find for bench press/squats and pull ups.

          • @Mark365: I'm 6'2" so I need something that will be useful for the average sized bloke.

            • @serpserpserp: I put some bracket on each side to make it wider about $60 for 4, my 6'4" bro in law seems to be ok with it after extension. But u might want to check out PR 2 and cortex sr3, they seem to be a lit wider but still fine for olympic bar size. Since u have to spend extra for the bracket and the amount of time insatllaing it, the above might be worthy alternative.

            • @serpserpserp: I'm also 6'2" and have this squat rack from 3 years ago.

              Pull-ups are fine for me, I just need to bend my knees (pull-up bar is only about 205cm high). But I should point out I just do pull-ups at shoulder width - if you are doing wider grip I guess you might find it narrow. I measured the pull-up bar and it is 96cm, but with the bolts sticking out it's really about 90cm of usable width.

    • Connect it to a sacrificial anode

    • I bought one 12 months ago. It's outside, but in a carport. Has a bit of surface rust on the chrome spotter bars, otherwise fine.

  • Curious to what weight the squat rack is rated at.

    • It says 300kg

      • thanks

        cant believe I missed it

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          Note that the weight capacity is different to the impact capacity of the safeties. The whole point of these units is that if you slip, trip, tweak your back, pass out or otherwise fall with a bar on your back, it will stop you from suffering a catastrophic injury as the loaded bar tries to crush you to death.

          Based on nothing at all except safety ratings I've seen on other cheap units I'd suggest it's rated closer to 150kg. Realistically, if you're squatting that much weight then you're at a stage in your lifting that it's worth spending more on better gear anyway and you're going to have the expertise to know what you need.

          • @jcon: Well said

          • @jcon: Never considered that but you're completely right.. if it's not rated for impact then it's stupid listing it at that weight, unless they're waiting for something to kill themselves or a new law that forces them to do the right thing

            • @wozz: Realistically there are very very few circumstances where a bar needs to fall from a height. If you fail a lift you can normally lower it slow enough to place it on the safeties. If you are going to drop it, be prepared to replace safeties and also your barbell.

          • @jcon: Thats good feedback.

            I might pass on this then.

            Im creeping closer to the 200kg squat mark so this might not be ideal.

  • Perfect for Victoria's next 6 month lockdown

  • Just checked those previous ALDI push-up rack deals. It's almost around the same time every year.

  • Barbell Is decent (compared to bigw/Kmart ones), only had to tighten once. But didn’t put anything over 40KG on it as mainly used it for squats

  • perfect timing. was thinking about getting aldi resistance bands for more bands. Also anyone here vouch for their compression stocking?

    • Can’t really say for the Aldi one, but I have both 2xu hyoptik leggings and some random generic I got from rebel and id say benefit is not that wildly different (if any). The 2xu ones look more. A E S T H E T I C though…

  • How tall is the rack?

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    10kg Dumbbell Set

    is that 10kgx2 or 5kgx2?

  • Anyone got the catalogue and the QR code link?

  • Anyone got the catalogue and the QR code link?

  • whats the chances that these will be available?

    I have never been able to find anything in stock within their catalogue.

  • Could the squat bar section be lowered to bench with?

    • Drag your bench seat over there and do some curls in the squat rack…

    • Yes, and I have benched off of it just fine.

      • Can you adjust the stops to just above cheat height?

        • Probably depends on the height of your bench and size of your chest. Most of these have preset holes maybe about 5cm apart for the stops.

        • As said already, the gaps are wide apart meaning you don't get fine adjustment to height. I had to choose between bar being inline with my chest so the bar would touch my chest on rest or impeding my lift a little. I went with impeding my lift a little as I dislike sliding out at the end. If your seat can be height adjusted, your laughing as you can save space.

          It isn't an ideal bench, but saves me having two devices and I'm not after body building.

    • Bought one last year. One problem for benching is the lowest height setting for the J hooks (just above the join in the uprights) is still a little high for some, depending on arm length and bench height. I have to raise my bench up by about 1 inch (with some planks) and it works for me.

  • do you even lift?

  • Had the rack outdoors, undercover for 4 years, and other than a few surface spots of light rust where I knicked it, it was still going strong until I eventually upgraded (sold it for same amount I paid for it, well before covid).

    Great for the price (outside of fb marketplace bargains), only issue is those with wide bench press grips, your elbows may clip the sides on the way up and down.

    But you can just learn to narrow your grip and accept this limitation (supposedly better for chest work and less for arms).
    Absolutely fine for squats (it was what I first started out doing squats on), and helpful feature having the pegs on the back for a few weights storage. Just a shame they don't still sell their rubber weight plates for less than $2 a kilo, and the 16kg "Olympic" barbells (5 years later and all mine are still going strong)

  • I think I have this squat rack, not from Aldi but it looks literally the same as mine.

    I think I might have paid over $300 for it so at $200 I think its a great deal.
    Does the job well, I'm never going to be getting close to the max weights for this thing anyway.

    Only criticisms for me are that the bar isn't that high for pull ups, and some of the nicer racks have better handles.
    The rack itself isn't the heaviest either so it doesn't feel as stable or as solid as a typical rack you might find in the gym. Again for someone like me where the most weight I've put on this is about 100kg for squats it hasn't been a problem but I've got some friends who do the whole powerlifting etc thing, probably not suited for that.

  • Does anyone know the width of the holes for the plates that come with the barbell?

    • These would be the standard diameter holes (~2.5cm)

      • thanks for answering.

      • Yep, I bought the straight bar set a few years ago and the holes are 25mm. Be careful if you're buying these for the plates to use on a different bar, many 'standard' barbells are 28mm (the ones I got from Aldi don't fit my current bar).

  • ffs i just bought a 20kg dumbbell set a month ago for $100 from rebel

  • where is the facebook post? i would like to see the rest of the catalogue

  • any idea if the squat rack is ok for pull ups, enough width?

    what about dips?

  • In the market for new kettle bell. No good ALDI

  • rack is ok for 7 year old to do pull-ups excercise?

  • Wonder if Aldi’s target audience, sugar addicts, would be all much into fitness.

  • Ugh, all the gym gear and they still don't have their gym gloves back!

  • Thoughts on the Gazebo or better to go for Kings? I need a gazebo for camping

    Edit: it actually looks extremely flimsy. I think if a gust of wind comes along its going to bend, warp and it would be game over.