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Fixed Owner Occupied P&I Home Loan (LVR ≤ 80%) 2.04% P.a. 1-3 Yr Term with Breakfree Package $395/Yr @ ANZ


Looking at purchasing a new home or refinancing your loan and want a LOW fixed rate?

ANZ is offering some NEW LOW Fixed Rate loans with Break Free Package ($395 annual fee):

Term Principal and Interest P&I - Comparison Rate
1 year 2.04% p.a. 4.13% p.a.
2 years 2.04% p.a. 3.97% p.a.
3 years 2.04% p.a. 3.83% p.a.
4 years 2.24% p.a. 3.76% p.a.
5 years 2.24% p.a. 3.65% p.a.

Simplicity Plus Variable Loan (No Annual or Package Fee):

Special Offer Variable Rate (LVR >80%) 2.98% p.a. Comparison Rate 3.02% p.a.
Special Offer Variable Rate (LVR <=80%) 2.72% p.a. Comparison Rate 2.76% p.a

ANZ Australian Credit Licence Number 234527

** Rates displayed are subject to change at any time**
** Rates posted 15/02/2021**

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    Beware, may take 3.5months wait to settle

  • +4

    Shouldn't the fixed rates be under 2% at this point? The rate might be "the lowest in ANZ history" but it's not the lowest among competitors.

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    I was told that ANZ allow you to have an offset account on the one year fixed product. That's huge as it gives the customer optionality for the one year. Plus the $3k, it's worth switching and then moving on after the year if you don't get a good rate thereafter.

    OP please confirm that offset is available on the 1 year fixed product.

    • Correct!

      1 year Fixed loan is eligible for offset account.

      Not many other banks offer 1 year fixed rates at the same rate as 2 & 3 year rates.

      • +1

        Great. I can't see variable rates dropping below 2.04% in the next 12 months.

        • -1

          RBA is lending at 0.1% to the banks so they can roll over their more expensive foreign loans as they come due.

          0.1% is available out to 3 years.

          Likley this year the RBA will start to provide negative rates to banks ie the RBA will PAY banks to borrow money as the ECB has been doing and the Danish Central bank.

          Quantative easing is here for the long haul. How low rates get is hard to say.

  • +3

    So is this for new customers only? can existing breakfree get this fixed rate?

    • Ring the bank up and ask for it. They are usually flexible in what they can offer. It's like Foxtel.

    • Yes.

    • FYI my fixed loan with ANZ breakfree expires at the end of the month and I called about rates today - got quoted exact same amounts as in OP.

  • If I bring over multiple loans, each worth over 300k, do I get the cashback for each loan? Or do I get it once for total overall lend?

    What are your investor rates?

    • I think only westpac group will give you cashback based on the property numbers…ANZ will only give you 3000?

  • What is the current turnaround time for refinance?

  • what is the interest only rate - on investment loan

  • BOM has 1.94% for 4 years fixed and $4000 to switch.

  • op If I am fixed into a rate with ANZ already, if I call them will they honor this new rate?

    • Worth a try

    • what rate did you fixed?

    • With a fixed rate home loan, you cannot change your rate or product until the end of the fixed term (unless you pay a penalty fee). The rate is locked and it is unlikely that it will be worthwhile paying the fee. If you are on a variable rate home loan, then you will be able change rates and products at any time.

      Given you say that you are fixed into a rate already, then I assume you have already locked in the rate of your home loan.

  • If I'm not mistaken, CBA has a 5-year fixed rate at 1.99%?

    • 4 years with their wealth package (which is the same fee as this deal).

      Bankwest have the same deal as well (given they are essentially the same bank) but I believe they offer a 40% offset account and $2k cashback where CBA don't - NB I haven't looked in to it a great deal but that's how it seemed to me.

  • hey Rep,
    How long is the turnaround times for settlement?

    • private message from rep…

      Depending on application complexity.

      1 weeks for application input
      1 week assessment
      1-2 weeks discharge from OFI

  • +2

    I just refinanced it to St George, 1.99% fixed year for 1 year and 2.59% variable rate with $4k cashback

    • Does St George have an offset account attached to that 1 year fixed?

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