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1Password Families US$2.50/ A$3.23/Month (Was US$4.99/ A$6.74/Month) for 1 Year (New Customers Only) @ 1Password


1Password has dropped the price of Families due to Lastpass Restricting Free Users to 1 Device Type

This is not an affiliate link from me. I copied the URL from @ https://twitter.com/1Password/status/1361744458140831746

Per family per month
Billed annually

New 1Password customers only. $2.50 per month for the first year, then $4.99 per month.

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    Just go with Bitwarden and save yourself the trouble. Almost identical to 1Password and you'll save yourself the trouble in a year when you have to migrate from 1P. The featureset is near identical.

    • How much is Bitwarden?

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        Totally free and has support on all platforms. Not to mention open source and fully audited and certified.

        • Awesome I might get on it early to avoid it begin a paid subscription. Thanks

          • @nightelves: It's open source so hopefully it won't turn that way :)

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              @JSONBourne: Just like Signal, it still need to store our data somewhere, and that will cost the business

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                @avoidfullprice: That’s what the $10 subscription presumably covers for the advanced features.

                Note you can run BitWarden yourself on your own server if you want too. If they ever forced a sub, that’d be an option for many.

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                @avoidfullprice: They have paid plans.

                I agree though, if someone is offering something for free and I can't see how they manage costs or make a profit, I get worried (either they're doing something to profit from customers like sharing data, or they have no business sense and won't stick around).

                I can vouch for Bitwarden though. I've used Dashlane, 1Password, LastPass and Bitwarden. Bitwarden is the one I've stuck with (including on paid plans for the team at work).

                • @kapone: Yup. A generalised comment from me. LastPass has paid subscription as well, but if they are not leveraging the free user for income then I personally don't think it is a good business model.

                  I moved onto bitwarden from LastPass because LastPass app kept saving passwords as ****** and not the actual password on my phone. I was like why the website keeps saying my password is incorrect lol

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        $0 for a free account.
        $10/year for premium.
        $40/year for family.


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          If you look at the breakdown unless you want online storage, the same features as 1Password are free.

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      I've been using Bitwarden since someone here suggested it (was previously using Roboform for years) and it's amazing. Would highly recommend it to anyone not happy paying or on the fence about switching.

    • Went to check Bitwarden but not a great first impression. Have we OzBargained their website to death already? https://imgur.com/a/Q9OVA4p

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        I do not think it is OzBargained, I think it is more to do with many people jumping ship from LastPass and people is looking for the free alternative. I completed the change LastPass to Bitwarden in lass than 30 minutes.

        • It was a tongue in cheek comment on OzB DoS, but just reading on the LastPass change I reckon you're right. I'm amazed they're choosing to lose so many customers

          • @TheLurker: I suspect it's becase they were unable to figure out how to monetise them, so just decided to push them as we free users were just a drain. Keepass is another alternative that needs a bit more work but you can self host, or host on your Google Drive or Onedrive etc

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          yup just changed over to BitWarden- very painless.

          The only issue I have is that the for Lastpass, there's an autofill icon on lastpass, which is quite convinient. Likely just a behavioural thing though.

          The timeout seems to have a 4 hour max or "NEVER". Not sure what it used to be for my Lastpass, but it felt like it was a few days?

          OVerall seems a good alternative and happy to give it a bash.

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      Also people using LastPass free might want to look at Bitwarden

      Beginning March 16, 2021, LastPass Free will include access on one device type of your choice. The first device you login with on or after March 16 will set your active device type.

      I'm going to look into changing over to Bitwarden.

    • Real bargain is in the comments.

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      I actually think Bitwarden works better than LastPass - at least so far - Lastpass UI was not working properly half of the time. Actually thinking about buying the 10$/yer sub just to support them. Was even considering paying for LastPass but that amount is way too much. Someone didn't do their research. Cost of switching to BitWarden < than paying 50$ a yer but I'd happily pay 10/20$ a year. IMO bad market research.

      EDIT: Heck, I just bought it. Supporting great software at a reasonable price is good.

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      Just switched, thank you for the recommendation.

  • $2.50 USD or AUD?

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      USD. Thanks title updated.

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    I was a big fan of 1PASSWORD … but their subscription model killed it for me. I swapped to Bitwarden (www.bitwarden.com) and I am not looking back. Free for a personal user.

  • 1Password is a nice app but it is ridiculously overpriced (at a standard price). Especially when you just use iCloud to sync your data without using their own cloud service.

    • Syncing uses their services under these plans. There’s an outright option to our base which has no subscription but requires you to sync with your own storage.

      • Which can be used with Dropbox free.

  • any deals on Lastpass ?

    • I can't find any active Lastpass deals.

    • I had a look around to avoid having to change my password manager. I used to pay yearly I think $12, then it went to $24, then $36 and I stopped paying because I didn't need much of the premium features. Now it's $54! So I bit the bullet and started what I thought was going to be a labourious swap to bitwarden but it turned out to take about 5 minutes. I'd steer clear of lastpass unless you particularly like frequent 50% cost increases.

      • Thanks. Will go bitwarden a go.
        Export from LP to BW is accurate?

        • It seemed to go pretty well. I read some things about added spaces, or special characters not exporting properly, but I didn't spot anything like that.

    • -3

      I just use FREE last pass, it pretty much does everything I need.

      • +4

        For another 4 weeks yes.

      • +4

        I did until today when they announced that if you're on the free tier, you can use mobile, or desktop, but you have to pay if you use both. I use it on my phone, tablet, laptop and desktop so the free tier doesn't cut it for me anymore.

    • Lastpass changed something in their business model, getting negative posts on twitter

  • +1

    Just switched from LastPass to Bitwarden all good so far .

  • I was quite sure I bought a lifetime version of the software 5 years ago but I can't find my account now…


    Any long-time users know what's going on? Do they delete unused accounts?

    • I hate subscription models. I had a lifetime for carrot weather, and they keep adding new subscriptions for new "features" that are just old features with a positive spin. Greedy corporate bastards.

      • I don't mind if the sub fees are affordable.

        If they had charged $12/year I would gladly pay up to keep the business model going but LastPass actually doubled… then tripled… the fees.

        Expecting customers to pay more but getting no features or value-adds in return.. what could go wrong!?

        edit: Argh! I realized what I bought 5 years ago is now.. it was a license key for a standalone Windows program that only runs on a single system.

      • Your comment is basically the justification for a true subscription model. If you are paying upfront for "lifetime" subscription, or purchasing software upfront the maker is basically incentivised to abandon it and release a new version as you experienced.

  • Longtime 1Password user here and I like their UI and seamless iCloud sync for Apple.

    Anyone tried Enpass on Mac and iOS?

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    yeah, tried this mob for 1 year free a while ago and switched to bitwarden now. Bitwarden is almost the same, the integration and switching (when an app requires login and switch briefly to the password manager app) is much smoother and some app definitely works better in 1Password but can't justify the full price. Only app I have issue with is the my maccas app when I need to flip around different accounts to get freebies, bitwarden seem never to get that one to work, once you get the login details and go back to mymaccas the login screen just disappear. But I can live with that.

  • Anyone had issues with Bitwarden not detecting changed/updated passwords automatically?

    • Any updates on this? I'm considering jumping to Bitwarden soon but I just noticed your comment

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