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$700 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra $99/M 12-Month SIM Only Plan (+ $10 Monthly Credit) (Port in & New Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Shopping around for a new SIM Only plan, visited JB and GG. Here are the details for their Telstra SIM Only plans -

JB HiFi -
$99/month - 150GB data, 10$ credit per month, brings to $89/month plus $700 Gift Card
Works out to be only $30.67 a month, if you have a plan for the $700 voucher.
Website says $99 and $500, but in store representative confirmed $89pm and $700 GC
$69/month - 80GB data, with $400 Gift Card
Website says $69 and $300, but in store representative confirmed $400 GC

The Good Guys -
Similar to JB, $99/month - 150GB data, 10$ credit per month, brings to $89/month plus to receive one iPhone XR 128GB(MH7L3X/A,MH7M3X/A,MH7N3X/A) rrp $929
$69/month - 80GB data, with $400 Gift Card
See details on website: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/telstra-mobile-and-broadband-...

Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers.

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    • Yer this sounds like a good idea actually, might do the same! :)

    • Coles have JB HIFI gift cards on sale this week… Unless of you don't like returns in flybuys points

    • As it seems to be expired today I asked if they could knock off some money from the iPhone 12 Pro Max 128gb they said could knock off $45 with a $600 gift card if that helps ya mate… depends on how nice the person is

      • That’s awesome. Thanks so much. But not sure if this deal is still ongoing?

  • -2

    $30 mth for 100g with circle at the moment

    • Optus network nahh

      • +1

        Optus were better for me than then the coverage im getting now. Ill happily move back when this plan is over.

        • +1

          Plus you get Optus sport for the EPL which is the main reason I stay with them.

  • +1

    I got a JB Hi-Fi gift card due to a similar deal a while ago but never used the giftcard. I tried selling it on a buy/sell/swap page and got accused of being a scammer lol Probably should have thought that one through lol

  • In terms says data is only for use in smart phone… can they limit usage for hotspot?

    • don't think they can, I assume it meant you can't insert the sim into your mobile modem?

      • I think some can or even limit hot spotting

  • Any deals with the s21?

    • You can use the voucher towards the S21. There was a specific S21 deal last week that provided better value.

  • I can't see how people justify paying $99 per month on a mobile phone plan. I'm on the $65 plan (which I still think is alot) with 60GB of data and struggle to use even half of the data provided :/

    • If u are using it as your main wifi at home 150gb Is about right with netflix

      • What about Netflix and chill? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

    • +2

      I can't see how people justify paying $65 per month on a mobile phone plan. I'm on the $160 yearly plan (which I still think is alot) with 60GB of data per year and struggle to use even half of the data provided :/

      Pretty sure other members can go lower price/data

      • +1

        $150 per year here, 80GB of data. In 4 months I have used 7GB. Could not justify spending this kind of money each month.

        • Easy for me to use nearly zero phone data when I've barely left my home Wi-Fi network since January 2020

    • I'm with Optus, $49 plan & 60gb per month but I have NBN at home so can't justify the increase

  • +1

    Question time. Can I sign up for a new number today to get this deal in store. Then port over my wife's number in a few days?

  • What's the best mid-range phone you can get with good battery life that would be a good deal with the $400 gift card?

    • +2

      Pixel 4a + $

    • Galaxy A52 5G about to drop.

  • Smh… Got yearly boost sims as my Kogan expired last week… Was waiting for one of these!

  • +1

    Waited a month for this deal in January and gave up when my contract expired in February. Oh well, maybe better luck in 2022.

  • Hmm.. is there any deal around 700?

  • Unless you use 150 GB data and 5G it is no deal as $30 gives you better options with international calls .

  • Are you able to sign up and then immediately downgrade to a cheaper plan?


    • +1

      They will charge you $1,100 plan cancellation fee.

      • +1

        So he can ;)

  • Can you add $10 International Pack to this Plan?

    • I believe you can

      • They never used to allow add international packs to JB or TGG plans.
        Ules this is changed recently.

        • You can online chat with Telstra, no issues of adding extras

  • +16

    Come on JB, do your $59/$500 thing.

  • Any deals for mobile internet plans?

  • Thanks OP, had almost given up hope. Been waiting for something good since the wifes 24 month Pixel 2XL expired in November, I got onto the Samsung S20+ and have been really disappointed with the camera, so upgrading her to something I know will do the job

  • Thanks OP just went in-store and sign up.

    • Is this a Telstra plan, or JB-Telstra plan?

      • Telstra plan

  • Does anyone know when this deal ends?

  • has anyone been able to get a $59 ($69 with $10 discount) + $400gc plan at jbhifi?

    • Would also like to know this. Thanks

      • +5

        I just asked, sorry not available. Fyi the current deal listed ends tonight, I'm in store signing up right now

        • Thanks for sharing the info ☺️👍

        • Did you get the $10 discount?

  • I have a newbie question. Currently im using share data plan with my wife on Optus with the breakdown:
    - I am with the $39 for 10GB
    - my wife with $25 for 3GB

    We got some discounts applied to us, then we only pay monthly for $45, and share our 13GB each month

    I wonder with this deal, whether I can add my wife number and share the data too? Since 150GB is way too much for us.

    Anyone knows about this? 🙏

    • No share data with Telstra

      • ah bummer, thanks for the info

  • My budget is $12 a month,must be some high rollers on OzB

    • As others have mentioned, it’s likely a tax deduction for most.

      • I'll be using this to pick up an iPhone 12 max with the $700 voucher

        After selling the old phone maybe $600 out of pocket. Could not care less about the plan cost because work reimburses 100% of plan costs but none of the handset payments, so this is a bit of a win

  • Just spoke to JB Hifi over the phone, the sales rep mentioned if I want to add $10 international call pack that will break the contract and I have to pay the cancellation fee. Has anyone experienced this?

    • Maybe be you can negotiate with Telstra to waive the cancelation fee

  • +1

    I've called JB twice today and both times they've said there's no $10 monthly credit on the $99 plan..

    Edit: called a different store and there is a $10 monthly credit… Frustrating that the information is different..

  • I wonder if a change of ownership (or account) will result in JB Hifi claiming back / clawback their gift card offer?

    My wife works for telstra and can get further discount jf transfer to her account….

    Asking for friend 😁

    • +1

      I believe it will trigger a cancellation.
      I previously enquired about transferring my service to a company business account. Telstra advised that I would have to pay the ETC on my current personal plan.

  • +2

    Geez, got super lucky.

    Planned on signing up for S21 last Saturday with the $0 upfront. Due to lockdown, this wasn’t possible so called my JB who agreed to do it when they reopened.

    Went in today and got the $10 credit as well, as it applies to all $99 plans. So only $89 per month with the S21 included!

  • I’m too far from a physical store to sign up for this deal tonight (which is when I assume it ends). They don’t seem to over the same deal over the phone with the $10/m credit. Has anyone found a workaround?

    • The staff told me the deal of $700 was starting from yesterday. I don’t think it will end tonight..

      • +1

        I was told today, that it ends tonight

  • Just went into my local JB and they said this plan never existed and Ozbargain has made a mistake :)

    • Keep pursuing. I know I will today . Got 5 in my area XD

  • Tried my local JB in Melbourne and they advised that there is no $10 credit for the $99 plan. Can anyone share which shops in Melbourne you have luck in getting the $10 credit applied on the $99 plan?


    • I called both Chadstone and Elizabeth Street branches and they said the new deal is now with a $600 giftcard. Both stores emphasised the additional $10 credit as well.

    • The Nunawading shop gave me this deal on Thursday. $89 with $700 although the banner on their shop said $600

  • Couldn't sign up today so mark deal as expired

    • Try different stores. Or take the The good guys offer which gave you a free iPhone XR. I believe a brand new iPhone XR worth at least $700 on the resell market.

    • Don’t mark as expired as it most likely is not until many others confirm it… people couldn’t get it yesterday and others could….

      • Tried 3 different Stores - no luck at all of them.

    • Yeah same it says 18th and 19th only

  • +1

    Had a nice guy explain to me the promotion for $700 was for 2 days only and is now down to $600 and the $600 will expire soon and go back to $500 for $89. The guy mentioned can’t change it at all as it was organised with Telstra…

  • Is the $59 plan with $400 GC still available?

    • I’ll ask now , on my last store to call XD

      • I can see on the Goodguys website the $69 plan with $400 DC offer is still available until 28/02 but no mention of the $10/mth credit.

        • It was never mentioned that u could get $10 off this one

          • @Splashtash: Interesting, I thought it was a long-running deal with JB Hifi at least. I've got a couple of plans last year and plenty of previous deals mention it but it's never mentioned on their website though.

    • Just called a JB in WA. I was advised that the current deal is $69 with 400 GC (no $10 credit available atm *tear) and $89 (thx to $10 credit) with $600 GC.

  • This should be marked as expired now. The plan is now $89 per month with $600 credit in JB Hifi's portal linked with telstra. JB hifi can't change it to be $700.

    I think the $600 credit deal will end tomorrow night and will revert to $500.

    This was all check with JB hifi instore.

    • Expires 28/2/21

  • +3

    These promos will come and go so just wait for the next one.

    I feel the $500 GC promo on the $69 plan ($59 with $10 monthly cr) is better value if it ever comes back.

  • What is $10 credit monthly? Cashback into your account ?

    • Yes. Monthly credit

  • So only boost and belong we should avoid to port in from Telstra?

    Which ones everyone port out to use for min 28days or more while waiting for the next jb deals? Any recommend with big data?

    Can we port in from Woolworth, Adli (using teltra network)?

    • I just go into woolworths/coles and get whatever Sim is on offer, usually starter packs are half price or better and then keep switching them until the offer comes back round.

      • Why not just add a new service and then port the number across?

        • Can you port you number between two Telstra accounts? How do you do it and do you end up paying for two services while they port and cancel?

          • +1

            @brettule: It can be done, but the pain is probably not worth it if you can avoid it in the first place.

            • @affinity: yeah I just did this for 2 numbers. One good. Other not so good.

    • Kogan

  • My plan ends on 1 April 2021, when do I cancel my plan so I won't be charged after my contract ends?

    • What plan?

      Isnt it all pro rata?

  • +1

    if only it included international calls like optus 49$ plan … would have pulled the trigger :(

    • +1

      Why not just use Signal or similar to make the international calls over plain old data?

      • +2

        The person they are calling would need to have the same app installed and have enough data for the call. Something that is hard to do for more senior people, or in countries where data is expensive. Plain phone calls work best I find. Which is why I'm on the Amaysim plan for $30.

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