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$2 Bonus Cashback ($5 Min Spend, ShopBack Superstore Excluded) @ ShopBack


Another $2 bonus from ShopBack. Note that gift cards from the Superstore are excluded.

Note: The '$ to go' amount that appears when you start the challenge is the pre GST amount.
• This challenge entitles you to $2 bonus cashback when you spend $5 or more in a single transaction (inclusive of GST, exclusive of delivery & all other fees) through ShopBack between 12.00am and 11.59pm AEDT on 26th February 2021.
• Purchases from ShopBack Super Store (ShopBack Voucher) and stores offering no cashback are excluded from this challenge.
• Only purchases made after you 'Start' this challenge will qualify for the bonus cashback.
• Limited to one bonus per customer.
• Available while redemptions last.
• The $2 bonus cashback is in addition to the regular cashback you'll receive shopping at your desired store.
• The $2 bonus will be added to your account once your regular cashback turns Confirmed.
• Purchases that do not count towards this challenge are those in which do not meet the store's respective terms and conditions (including but not limited to cancellations, returns, exchanges, using unapproved coupons, purchasing excluded products/categories).
• Cashback will be voided if any fraudulent activities are detected or if any terms and conditions are not met.
• ShopBack reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions, and terminate the offer at any time without prior notice. 

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$30 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • Mines spend $5 for $2 back.

  • Is it a $5 minimum spend or $10?
    The How to Play description is different to the Terms and Conditions….

  • Can we buy in iga gift card ?

  • Thanks DB - added to Bonus cashback master thread for tracking purposes

  • Can I pls place a bet a neg coming . I think I can't even get $1.01 for my $1 .

  • +2 votes

    I'm staying out of it

  • +28 votes

    Get ready to waste time chasing this up with Debra.

  • should mention find this inside the earn more tab, challenge section of the app….

  • Got burned with them on the latest 25% cashback promo for Amazon fashion:

    In the end my cashback got tracked at a standard 6% rate instead of 25%. They promised to correct it within 48 hours but as you can guess they failed to do that.

    • Yup. First time ShopBack failed to track for me. Their Black Friday flash sale is a total mess too: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/606799#comment-10138596

      • Never again, got burned on their December deals. Twice. I've completely stopped using them.

        Although it is a great way for them to make heaps of money:

        1. Advertise a cashback deal with minimum spend.
        2. Their customer gets heaps of additional sales
        3. ShopBack make commission
        4. ShopBack dont give you your cashback, blaming it on the retailer and providing no proof to you.
        5. ShopBack laugh all the way to the bank, keeping your cashback and all the commission they got from your sales.
        6. Rinse and repeat.
    • Been burnt by these guys on an Amazon offer in the past.

    • Yup jumping on this bandwagon also. Recently rejected for no rhyme or reason. Followed all the rules and got nothing.

      • I'm waiting on a review. Activated. Shopped. Plugin said congrats it's tracked. Got nothing. Had to chase it up. Still waiting…

    • lol mine got rejected outright from last year

    • I have your email address from a past query and have checked your account and the transaction is reflecting the 25% rate.

      If you are checking your cashback via the notification bell in the app - that will not update further so you will always see the 6% figure that initially came through. Please tap on your lifetime earnings figure or visit here where you'll see the most up to date numbers.

  • people should realised by now, this whole thing is a gamble.
    and when you are the loser, the final decision is on the dealer. you can provide 100 screen shots but if they say not tracked then bad luck no honey for you.

    • As a side note do NOT have honey installed when using SB/CR.

      • Yes this happened to me too. They rejected said I used an 'affiliate'. Even though it was a different tab when I used Honey to check whether there was a coupon code. Given there was not, I opened new tab and somehow it recorded as affiliate and did not track CR.

        • Cashback sites warn against opening new tabs for this reason.

        • You would still have it as an extension then.

        • Opening a new tab does nothing. You'd have to use incognito mode or another browser to stop honey's affiliate referral from taking over from shopback's.

        • Download a portable installation of firefox, install only the plugin, and a few passwords, and no ad blocker. Use it exclusively for shopback shopping.

          I do this, but in reverse. Daily driver is portable firefox, with cashrewards (and I can still run adblock plus with no issue).

          Chrome has shopback extension, and no ad blocker.

          Saying all this though, sometimes cashback's get rejected.

          I also got all cashbacks rejected for the 27th Nov (black friday). :/

      • do NOT have honey installed when using SB/CR

        For the uninformed, could you please clarify what you mean by "installing honey"?

    • Not "this" but all these compaines

  • Sometimes it's just not worth the hassle with cashback.

  • I'm one of many that got nothing for singles day back in November. This should be marked as a competition.

  • Cheers again OP! Mine always track using the app on my phone, and if the odd one doesn't I'm not too fussed.

  • I’ve made many purchases through the app the last couple of years and every single one has tracked.

    I tried the desktop extension last week for the first time and only 1 out of 5 transactions tracked. I contacted them and they credited the tracking amounts within hours which was pretty good.

    However i now know to use app only… it works much better.

  • Can’t use gift cards for eBay purchases. Sigh

  • +10 votes

    Please be careful. Shopback is not trustable anymore. Few days ago there was 25% cashback promotion for watches. They just gave 6% and not answering the emails. This is clearly a fraud.

    • this happens alot, for most things on AZ they only entitle with 3% instead of 6% they advertised, no issue with CR if I can rarely get approved from their side.

    • -4 votes

      This should be fixed already and you can check your cashback history for the updated figure. As for the email answering issue - PM me your email address and I can help follow up if your issue still has not yet been resolved.

  • +3 votes

    Eh whenever I use Shopback, literally always takes like 4 months to get cashback, and by that point I don't even remember the amount I was supposed to receive anymore

  • I have never had an issue with Shopback. I only ever use their app to purchase stuff.

    I should add that i find their app extremely frustrating but happy to report that I haven't had any issues. I only had 1 issue with CashRewards and that was resolved after 2 attempts for upsized cashback (they make you feel like a criminal for questioning why the cashback didn't track).

    • I don't blame your optimism as I too was like you friend, until I took a volley of rejection arrows to the knee since Singles Day at Amazon.

      I too only used their app, so I thought I was covered and thought people's complaints were invalid. Based on other OZB comments recently since November, it seems I'm not alone.

      So I think it's a case now of buyer beware, it's a competition not a guarantee to get cashback.

  • Hopefully my CW order tracks. Usually use Ebay or Amazon for these and it tracks within 30 mins generally.

    • Usually use Ebay or Amazon for these and it tracks within 30 mins generally.

      no way! eBay and Amazon has always been at least a day.

  • Looks like Debra and Veronica is the same person :)

  • Subscribe and save with Amazon and Commbank cashback is the way to go. With Amazon the money is instant and with Commbank I usually get the money in a week. Saves me chasing it up 4 months later…

  • Can this be clubbed with Uber eats $3 bonus on $10 spend ?
    $8 cashback on $10 spend all up.

    Edit: I can't find Uber eats when i search for merchants although they are running a promo challenge.

  • Does this work for multiple items in eBay cart?

  • Not even considering it until the current dumpster fire is dealt with.

  • shop back is a scam don't use it
    runs bs promos then rejects purchases

  • Just got a cashback rejected after it was tracked during an Amazon promotion. I have used the app no promo codes etc everything was done right and tracked until they denied it yesterday. I’m never going to use them again I’ll switch to Cashrewards whiche never gave me any problem

  • Seeing a very OBVIOUS common theme to these negs. It's AMAZON !! The Amazon cashback structure is an enigma nobody understands. Cashrewards negs are often around Amazon as well..Avoid it.

  • Ordered a screen protector, eBay logged me off right after checking out, hope that doesn't affect the tracking. :/

  • I also had an Amazon purchase declined from November ($1.19 for some Pepsi Max), I noticed it a week or so ago and lodged a claim, the next day I got a reply and it was approved along with the $3 bonus. Interestingly it was marked as a 'top up', and the $3 bonus was 'compensation'. And yesterday they seemed to have fixed the Amazon issue because the transaction went from declined to approved and I got another $3. Double dip!

  • +3 votes

    I received an email saying $0 cashback on latest ebay transactions and I remember another email last month saying they had identified a reporting issue with ebay and required me to submit a missing claim form. I wont bother with them.

  • I activated the challenge in the app . Later , logged on SB from website and purchased via amazon. Hope that gets tracked.

  • Do I have to order by App?

  • tracking and getting actual cashback barely works for me. even when you submit a missing cb enquiry it pretty much always gets rejected despite it stating that it was tracking the whole period. azlso has everyone just forgotten about the security breach? sderiously, i'm STILL recieving multiple spam calls, sms and email every single week

  • Best store to shop is Big W.

    If not tracking, order is canceled easily. If canceled due to no stock, you may still get the bonus. Paid by Big W store card and get Wish card back.

  • Made a purchase from Liquorland at around 8.30am but still no sign of tracking at 10.30pm. Made a purchase yesterday from LL using CR and it tracked in 7 mins!

    • Update - tracked between 5-6am today so tracking took 21+ hours. Previous LL purchases via SB have always tracked much quicker then that. I am thankful that at least it tracked!

  • Just got back $120 from Cyberghost deal. Was a bit worried with all these rejected CB.

  • no deal… I am still waiting for the friend bonus from shopback… all requirements met but nothing happen… worse thing is that nowway you could contact them, even not an email address, but just wasting time with the useless bot.

  • Purchased over $1000 worth from AliExpress thru Shopback. Provided SB all the documents to prove that it was tracked. Their excuse was that AliExpresss didnt pay them commision. Then why is AliExpress still listed on SB if Ali not willing to pay comms. I am not a newbie when it comes to tracking so please dont tell me that i did not click thru from SB.

    • You checked that it was an affiliated item?

    • Their excuse was that AliExpresss didnt pay them commision.

      I was given this same BS excuse by GoCashBack for AliExpress.
      It was an affiliated item according to their link checker.

  • This is the first challenge I've completed which didn't track. See how we go with submitting a claim.

  • Anyone gotten confirmation of completing this challenge? My purchase from Ebay was tracked but no sign of the bonus being tracked yet? Or is this one not a instant notification of bonus? I see terms state bonus is not cleared until regular is confirmed. Does this mean when its pending or redeemable?