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Dell XPS 13 9305 (13.3", i5-1135g7, 1080P, 16GB RAM & 512GB SSD) $1,487.07 Delivered @ Dell


I know some of you will be looking for 16GB RAM on that recently posted XPS 13 deal. For an extra $100 you get an extra 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD and a much better processor. Seems like a no brainer to me.

Thanks to PassmorePastie for confirming LOVEKEANU coupon works on this product.

I don't know how many of you will be buying 5+, but it says this at checkout also "Get EXTRA 7% Off with code BULK in cart when you buy 5 units. T&Cs apply."

11th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 Processor (8MB Cache, up to 4.2 GHz)

Video Card
Intel® Iris Xe Graphics

13.3" FHD (1920 x 1080) InfinityEdge Non-Touch display

16GB 4267MHz LPDDR4x Memory Onboard

Hard Drive
512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive

Dimensions & Weight
Height : 15.8 mm (0.62")
Width: 302 mm (11.9")
Depth: 199 mm (7.8")
Weight: Starting at 1.16 kg (2.6 lb) non-touch, 1.23 kg (2.7 lb) touch*

2.25mm 720p at 30 fps HD, digital array microphones

Audio and Speakers
Stereo speakers professionally tuned with Waves MaxxAudio® Pro; 2W x 2 = 4W total

Exterior Chassis Materials
CNC Machined Aluminium

Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2 x 2) and Bluetooth 5.1

Primary Battery
4-Cell, 52 WHr, Integrated battery

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  • Any love for Keanu?

  • I'm going to start working from home and need a new windows laptop. I'm debating over this or a surface laptop 3 - I like the trackpad and screen dimensions on the surface laptop, but the XPS just seem better all round. I'm going to be using an external keyboard, mouse and hooking it up to a monitor, so I figure the trackpad and screen won't be an issue?

  • I've just ordered one and can confirm LOVEKEANU does work bringing the total down to $1,487.07

    • And 10% upsized cashback from Shopback. The cashback is supposed to stack with LOVEKEANU but tracking can be hit-and-miss.

      • Worked for me when I ordered 2 days ago. Got a the email in an hour!

        • Check your cash back in 1 month and see if it has been cancelled. I can't remember how long time took for dell to check that a code had been used. 1-4 weeks.

          • @8azinga: My bad, I ordered from CASHREWARDS, they had the 10 percent when I ordered.
            "Effective 22/02/21, purchases utilising code LOVEKEANU are eligible for cashback, provided it's not used in conjunction with other unlisted codes."

      • Tracking works. It’s dell who is being dodgy saying it didn’t track for them and ShopBack being complicit and just not caring enough to follow up on it. Record your check out process every one!

      • Link to source? It's not listed on shopback site.

        • If Dell pays CB via CR then it should also pay CB via SB.


          Dell Australia Offers & Coupons
          Expires: Mar 31, 2021, 11:59:00 PM
          Save 7% on a wide range of products
          Coupon: LOVEKEANU
          Exclusions apply. See Dell website for T&Cs.

          Important: Dell cashback is ineligible if using any codes that are not specifically listed on Cashrewards.

          Effective 22/02/21, purchases utilising code LOVEKEANU are eligible for cashback, provided it's not used in conjunction with other unlisted codes. Cashback is ineligible for purchases made via the Dell Outlet Store. Negotiated offers (phone/email/chat) are ineligible for cashback. Alienware monitors are classified as Alienware.

        • Different companies. Doesn't mean they'll match.

      • Code isn't listed. Tracking doesn't mean they will approve it. Dell checks if codes have been used even if it tracks and cancels them later on. At least that happened to me. I went through cash back knowing codes would allow them to deny but tried it in case it worked.

  • I got this and aren’t looking to switch but curious as to whether any expert can tell me which was the better value :)


    My previous before this was a 2017 XPS 13 and I loved every minute of using it, except the webcam being in the bottom left…

  • You could get a 4700u or i7 10xx 11xx laptop for this price. Not a great deal imo.

  • Is this 2 in 1?

  • M1 MacBook air is much better if you don't care about the OS.

    • The apple store sells an M1 MacBook air with 16GB of memory and a 512GB SSD for $2,199, and Officeworks has an 8GB/512GB at $1,947. I don't think that's really a comparable price.

      • Everyone can buy MacBooks with education price. For $1,439 you get 256GB storage, but you get a much better screen, twice the performance, twice the battery life and much better-built quality.
        For $1,789 you get the same storage and everything else much better than this unit.
        Sorry for saying this but everyone should avoid intel processors this year.

        • Both of those prices only include 8GB memory, right? And it's an extra $270 for 16GB? Again, not good prices at all. You're paying $1,979 for equivalent RAM and Storage space.

          Buy what you want to buy, just don't pretend apple has good prices.

          If you really have a use case for 40% more CPU performance in a 13 inch laptop, and you don't care what OS you're on (not much overlap there) then by all means, spend the extra.

          • @Joker042: M1 is an ARM-based chip. What you're saying is like the iPhones with 3GB or 4GB of ram have a worse experience than Android phones with 8GB or 12GB of ram.
            If you only care about numbers and spec sheets, not the actual experience. Don't worry about me, just go with numbers.

            • @littlelooloo: Mate, if you're putting data in memory then the RAM doesn't care if it came from an ARM processor or a monkey tapping on a telegraph machine. An OS can use more or less RAM, sure, but you're really talking shit if you thing the processor architecture makes a huge difference to RAM usage.

              You've been huffing the apple gas a bit too long.

          • @Joker042: No, as a two generations XPS user, I switched to an M1 MacBook this year, because Apple offers much better value this time. Don't call me an Apple fanboy as I don't have any brand loyalty. I'll switch to a ZEN 3 or ZEN 4 laptop with USB 4 once they come out.

            • @littlelooloo: And still your reply addresses nothing that I've actually said.

              Have a great day there mate. I think we're done here.

              • @Joker042: My point is you're pay your money to buy the experience that you can get from using your device. You're not buying numbers. Numbers don't matter here.
                The 8gb M1 MacBook as a whole package offers way way better experience than the 16gb xps 13 with the Intel i5 processor for most people. End of story.

              • @Joker042: "That's a lot like looking at a car and saying "Mate, you could get a 2.4L engine for half that price" like the rest of the car doesn't matter."
                This is your answer to yourself lol.

                • @littlelooloo: Mate, if all you're doing is browsing the web and watching netflix and chatting to grandma, then sure, the experience is what you're paying for. If you're just doing that you don't need 16GB of RAM or an M1 processor. If you're using applications which will make use of the extra RAM, then not having it will be a much worse experience.

                  Pay for the shiny. You know you want to. Meanwhile don't pretend you've got a good reason to be doing it.

                  You confirmed that your opinions are idiotic when you binned all intel processors because the M1 is more powerful with zero reference to any use cases. Now you're just talking to try and distract from the fact that you lack any kind of actual point here.

                  • @Joker042: You can check out some review and comparison videos between XPS and M1 Macbooks. The differences in performance are huge.
                    For me, as a previous XPS user and a current M1 user, I can feel the dramatic improvements in performance and the overall huge improvements in my daily experience in everything that's reasonable for an ultraportable laptop.
                    I'm not here to argue as facts are facts. Just don't blind yourself when spending your hard-earned cash.

            • @littlelooloo: Depending on the usecase. I cannot run machine with less than 16gb ram. If you start running multiple vms, doesn't matter what processor it is, it sucks RAM. If you run a lot of in memory computation, it sucks RAM. If you just browse internet, get a chromebook

              • @od810: In your case, you shouldn't even look at ultraportable laptops. They're just not designed for your daily tasks. A good 8 core AMD zen 2 performance laptop with 32GB of ram is the way to go for you. I'll wait for the ZEN 3 if I'm you. They're GOOOOOOOD.

                • @littlelooloo: I think the argument with the M1 is a valid one…assuming you are using the laptop to its full capacity for video editing or something intensive and aren't opposed to osx vs windows and not gaming…fill disclosure, I just bought a m1 MacBook air and also have a ryzen 7 dell.

                  I think the M1 is like comparing a Tesla to a traditional car in it the design and architecture is completely different to traditional laptops.

                  Most reviewers have said 8gb ram is sufficient for the M1 even with video editing. I think the reason is due to the M1 chip constantly using the Mac’s internal storage for memory swap (which is basically using the SSD as virtual RAM). The recent finding is this may wear out the SSD a lot sooner but from a "how much ram do I need", it's not as simple at 16gb or 32gb anymore due to the design differences.

    • Windows > Mac tho

      Grabs popcorn

    • I returned my XPS 13 for a refund (after a few issues) and bought a MBP M1. Absolutely love it!

  • Find it a bit weird that theyre still selling the 2019 chassis XPS 13 with the new CPUs. Definitely not a bad deal though, I paid $1450 for a refurbed 2019/early 2020 (model 7390) XPS 13 2 in 1 with a last gen processor 1065-g7 and these same specs (except touch scrn)!

  • Sh….t. bought my from outlet the week before last week. Should wait for this.

  • Guys, 10% shopback works, so this is another $135 cheaper still. Worth updating the heading.

  • This seems to be a special model released for the Chinese market and now Australia?

  • Thanks friend, great success. Bought a xps 13 2 in 1 with 27% stacked with LOVEKEANU brought down a nice unit to about 2k. Pulled the trigger.

  • Gota love KEANU

  • Great deal. Only 5% cashback from both Cashrewards and Shopback now unfortunately

  • Thanks got 2.

    Slightly concerned that I haven't received my tracking email from Cashrewards, been well over an hour!

  • Has anyone seen any reviews on this model? Being the Chinese model I haven't found much on it. From what I can tell it's an older chassis with newer guts, vs the 9310 the differences are: 16:9 display, 3 USB-C/thunderbolt ports, smaller keyboard (and dedicated pgup/dn keys).

  • Does anyone know when this deal expires?

  • Anyone got theirs yet? What do you think?

    Also I'm going to miss out on cashback of $140 as Google pay declined with error message. However dell didn't tell me that until I chased up over a few days.

    When I spoke with dell they had to make a new order up. I spoke with tight Arse who was unable to help.

    • I got mine this morning.

      It seemed fine for a couple of hours and then the screen went black with red lines across it and it started making a loud grinding noise.

      It basically bricked itself. Get the ram error LED of 2 amber and 4 white, on the odd occasion I can get it into BIOS, or Windows or whatever, but after a minute or so it will freeze and screen will glitch.

      Called Tech support and now I'm waiting to be contacted by a tech who is going to replace the motherboard. If that doesn't work I'll demand a replacement.

      Not altogether impressed, seems like they did no QA on this thing.

  • Checking with anyone else who took advantage of this deal…

    I'm having intermittent blue screen's of death happening and it's driving me mental. Ringing Dell to arrange repair/replacement today and was wondering if any others had similar issues?

    Disappointing to say the least

    • Mine stopped working after a couple of hours.

      If the bottom cover is removed the laptop will work for a while, but if it is moved or touched with any force at all it will either freeze or blue screen requiring a hard reset.

      Every other time it is turned on i get the ram error LED of 2 amber and 4 white.

      Basically the thing doesn't work. I had scheduled for a replacement of the motherboard but the time frame for the repair isn't reasonable. In addition to this I do not think that the major problems with the laptop will be corrected by replacing the motherboard. I think my laptop has serious build problems and potentially faulty connectors between the screen and the motherboard.

      If any pressure at all is applied on the laptop it fails.

      As for why it appeared to work initially? I wasn't moving it at all.

      I'm in the process of organising a return and full refund. I just don't trust that a repair or replacement will be reliable at all.

      • I think I'm heading down the same road unfortunately, certainly won't be purchasing another Dell which is disappointing because I was keen to use an XPS

        • Yeah same, if the thing worked it would be great. I like the appearance and the components, but I get a feeling that QA is non existent on this 9305 model even more so than usual for Dell laptops.