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[eBay Plus] Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones $335.58, Bose QC35 II Headphones $274.89, Google Pixel 5 128GB $890.71 @ Allphones eBay


Allphones eBay have some great prices with the 15% off tech deal. All items in title are currently the best prices available.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones - $338.26

Bose QC 35ii Headphones - $274.89

Google Pixel 5 128GB - $890.71

Apple Pencil 2nd Gen - $176.71 Sold Out

Other honourable mentions:

Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones - $204.38

Apple Airpods Pro - $311.48

Apple Airpods 2nd Gen with Charging Case - $203.49

Don't forget to stack with eBay gift cards to save further.


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  • +3

    those xm4s are tempting

    i can wait…..

    i can wait…..

    sub $300 soon hopefully

    • Headphones come up at $397.95 for me…sorry missed the ebayplus

      • You need to be a ebay plus member. There's a 30 day trial for it.

    • Check the deal I posted :P Sony WH-1000XM4 @ 314$

      • Deal Unpublished by Moderator 😢

        • +2

          Yes, I didn't notice that there aren't enough available. But they are still available if you want to check out https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/264917793632?_trksid=p2380057.m5...

          • @lastkey: Thanks mate

            • @123nkj: You're welcome. Mine will be delivered today.

              • @lastkey: I bought this deal this morning for $314.10 but received a text and an email from the store a few hours later saying they were actually out of stock and would have to refund.

                • @KFesting: Sorry mate. Mine already delivered. You’ve been OzBargained.

                  • @lastkey: All good, the owner of the eBay store actually called me to apologise and said he'd be getting in more stock but wasn't certain when. He refunded me immediately and I pulled the trigger on the deal for $289 later that same day!

    • I got them for $300 just have to wait for a catch gift card discount and a UNI days discount.

  • $943.11 for pixel 5 without ebay plus - it never seems to be on a big special :(
    but I thought $999 was the normal price not $1047

    • +6

      Uncle JACK

    • yea true but I think they've added in shipping and etc into the price

      margin for pixel 5 is extremely low, what I can say is that the discounted price after code is below cost

    • I bought it on 11/11 last year with JB Hi-fi 11% discount + 10% discount gift card, comes out to $801. Surprisingly this didn't get price drop as quick as the Pixel 4/4XL.

      • is it a good phone? spec looks avg for $800-900

        • +3

          Depends on what you want. It's a good phone for what it does, very smooth user experience with some special Pixel software trick, generally a really good camera phone. My wife always prefer the Pixel photo instead of her iPhone 12 Pro Max. It's smaller than most phones on the market, slim bezels on all sides, has ip68 rating and wireless charging even reverse wireless charging.

        • For me the value was in pure Google Android. No other company trying to lean in on my experience.

  • Thanks OP, been waiting to get this.
    Bought one

  • Thanks OP. Just bought one.

  • thanks OP, great price on the XM4!

  • How's XM4 vs QC35? It's about $60 difference.

  • Im guessing we cant match this price at office works as its ebay for the pixel 5. Thats what ive been told. Has anyone had better luck. Also allphone has it listed for 999 on their website.

  • My wife wants wireless earphones. Not over ear, but also not the ones that goes fully inside ear.

    Is the Apple Airpods 2nd gen the way to go or is there any better options? She's got a samsung phone.

    • The galaxy buds+ or the latest one (I don't remember the name) would be reasonable choices since she uses a Samsung phone.

      Scratch that. I just read the other part of your comment.

    • Why not Samsung buds? Airpods work best for iPhone as some functions are not usable on Android phones. Or if you want a decent budget pair, try Soundpeats Trueair 2.

      • The Samsung ones goes fully into the ear. I'm not sure what the style is called, but otherwise they would have been the obvious choice.

        I'm surprised that the airpods would have difficulties with other phones, it's just wireless headphones. But maybe it's some specific minor features (that I'm sure we don't care about). I'll double check, thanks

        • I see, those are called in-ear. I hate them too. So checkout the Soundpeats one I mentioned above. If you still want the premium then go for Airpods (currently on sale on eBay).

          • @hawkeye93: I'm happy to pay a bit more since it's a gift, but I'm just surprised that I can't find anything else similar to the airpods. I was hoping to buy a different brand, but I guess there's not much to choose from based on my requirements.

            Edit: personally I have the xm3 which I love, but my wife is insistent that she doesn't want any big over-ear ones :-p

        • I own a pair of AirPod pros that I used with my Android phone for nearly a year. Other than not being able to quickly switch between devices, the experience is generally the same as with an iPhone, which I am currently using now.

          You also miss out on the spatial audio, but I never used it anyway.

  • Got myself a pair of XM4, after a few years of using Bowers & Wilkins P7 (which I love very much).

  • +1

    Pixel 5 out of st0ck

  • Thanks OP - copped the H-M4's. Can't wait to have a great pair of noise cancelling cans finally

  • tempted to get the XM4, but still missing the black friday mark $299: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584820

  • This is on the wrong post sorry
    Want to buy the xm4's, please let me know if this will work:
    -sign up for club catch for free shipping
    -after unidays discount, they come to $340.20, so buy 3x$100 and 2x$20 gift cards for $289

    Also, how do the cards work? Do I just choose to pay with paypal as they're tied to my paypal account?

  • +1

    Unsure why, but the Pixel 5 won't work with the 15% code: "This code can't be applied to your order."

    • +1

      I bought one without problem on Tuesday and already received it yesterday.

      • +1

        really odd - perhaps they have removed it from the deal since you purchased. I just see the PLUSPR10 coupon now, but the 15% is appearing for other items

  • I have mixed experience with the XM4 - I've had to factory reset mine a couple of times now. First was to resolve a white static sound coming from the left ear cup, and the second time because the noise cancelling just started spontaneously letting in outside sound (like toggling the switch does). That's in about 3 months of daily use. Those issues haven't re-occurred but its still not a great experience.

    Compared to the cheapo Taotronics BH-060 which haven't skipped a beat in 12 months - but the XM4 are a lot more comfortable and have far superior noise cancellation.

  • +2

    Doesnt seem to be working for the Pixel 5

    "This code can't be applied to your order."


    • +1

      seems to be removed from the deal - I reckon they should remove the Uncle Jack pricing and put it back to RRP now - that way the PLUSPR10 10% would be more appealing

      Hope Amazon match this - really dislike dealing with ebay in terms of deliveries and having to wait around random amount for different items - delivery guide is never that accurate for me

  • Don't waste you money on brand-name ANC cans. I have Bose QC 35ii and sound quality and ANC is on par with popular $99 options I have tried.

    Unless you are keen on the Brand name or looks these are not good value for money.

    The bose ones definitely suffer from artifacts, which you can hear in a quiet room. Low-frequency noise from outside sometimes gets amplified and an unpleasant vibrating sound is generated. Similar happens sometimes with medium speed wind blowing on the street or draft in the house/shopping centers.

    Just not worth the 3X mark-up if you are not brand conscious. I bought them cuz I wanted to get the best on the market, but the difference between Bose and good $99 alternatives is hard to tell for most IMHO

    • +1

      oh! I experienced similar issues on my Anker Q30 and was blaming their adaptive ANC! very unpleasant sound when using ANC on a bus and suspension is hitting potholes.. I stopped using ANC after 2 tries..

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