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Free 6 Months Speed Upgrade for 100/20,100/40, and 250/25 nbn Plans (Select FTTP/HFC Customers Only) @ Superloop


Not sure if this has been posted before but you can opt in for a free upgrade if you have been on 100/20,100/40, and 250/25 for at least 3 months.

You'll need to call them and tell them that you saw the current promotion and want a free upgrade wait for an email. CS told me that everyone who is eligible will get one and they are doing it in batches. This can take some time. Guess if youre lucky you'll be first. Depending on your NBN, you may only choose the lowest upgrade.

- Upgrade from 100/20 to 100/40 or 250/25 for 6 months with no extra costs - https://hbbsupport.superloop.com/hc/en-au/articles/150000303...

The general T&C are as follows:

  1. With effect from 1 March 2021, eligible Superloop NBN existing customers who have been on Superloop NBN XX/XX for at least 3 months will be given an opportunity to opt in for a speed upgrade to Superloop NBN XX/XX (“Free Upgrade Plan”) for no additional cost for a period of 6 months (post service qualification), subject to these terms and conditions.

  2. This Plan Upgrade Offer is only available for Superloop NBN existing customers from 1 March 2021 until midnight AEDST 31 July 2021. Superloop may withdraw the Offer at any time without notice. By applying for the Offer, you agree to be bound by Superloop’s Standard Form of Agreement available at https://superloop.com/legal/terms/ (SFOA) and these Terms and Conditions. Superloop may change these Terms and Conditions at any time in accordance with the SFOA.
    Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this Offer, you must:
1. Be an existing customer of on an Original Plan for at least 3 months.
2. Opt-in to the upgrade offer that you were notified of; and
3. Have premises that have an eligible service qualification.
4. Superloop may accept or reject your application in its absolute discretion.

How the Upgrade Offer Works

  1. After 6 months, your plan will revert back to the Original Plan. The details of the Original Plan are set out in our Critical Information Summary and Pricing Schedule available at: https://www.superloop.com/legal/critical-information.html
  2. If you change your Superloop NBN Plan during the Upgrade period, then the upgrade offer will cease and your service will go back to the Original Plan specifications, as set out in our Critical Information Summary (CIS).
  3. During this 6-month speed upgrade period, no other terms of your service or applicable discounts will change. All other charges such as upgrades, additional data packs, other internet services, installation and other charges for non-standard installation will continue to apply. —> Still on my $10 less a month :)
  4. This upgrade is only available for selected FTTP & HFC premises.

Edit: 7 March 2021 - Got my email and upgrade :)
Im on FTTC so my upgrade went from 100/20 to 100/40 :'(

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  • +1

    They did my upgrade to 250/25 from 100/20 automatically so I didn't have an option to choose. I was going to wait because my suburb is due to be upgraded to gigabit soon. Oh well 250 is great but would have liked to experience gigabit for a while.

  • +1

    I got 100/40 from 100/20 automaticity didn’t do anything

  • +1

    Got the email today for my 100/20/500GB plan as well around midday.

    Meant to go to 250/25 but speed has dropped to 99 Mbps down from 107 Mbps that I previously had.

    Upload speed though has increased from a previous 19 Mbps to 23 Mbps so just hoping the 250 Mbps kicks in soon.

    Hope others get their email notifications soon, but check also in your SL member panel on the right hand side to see if the increase registers.

    • I'm on HFC 250/25 Plan now and get 258/24 all the time. With Nord VPN turned on i get between 247/22 and 250/23 all the time but if i get a slow VPN server i just click on quick connect again (very rare i get a slow server).

      • Hi mckayver,

        Did that speed change happen straight away or did it take a day or two?
        Also did you have to reboot or power cycle modems at all? and are you on HFC or FTTP?

        My HFC speed tests today are still the same, it seems my uploads are faster like 23Mbps but downloads are slower at a few Mbps slower than my original 107 Mbps.

        I have power cycled my modems twice and still nothing, would love to know what the heck is happening here.


        • +1

          Hi mate, they sent the email at 8:52am Fri and and I did a speed test 5min later and it was already upgraded to full speed of 258/24. I didn't reboot my router and to be honest I still haven't touched my network/routers since Christmas. Now I think about it I will reboot my network this arvo.

          Maybe you have a bottleneck in your home network. What kind of setup do you have.
          Sounds like you're running wireless 2.4ghz and not the 5ghz you need for the higher speed. I just switched off 5GHz and connected at 2.4ghz and now my speeds are 104/23.
          If you're using wireless try a network cable instead and move the PC to the router if you have to and plug the network cable directly into the hfc black modem and buy pass the wireless router to test.
          I have Hfc.

          • +1

            @mckayver: Nice speeds and glad it went so fast and well for you.

            Not running wireless, as I always use ethernet (Cat 5e) which is gigabit rated.

            I tried plugging directly into my Arris Cable modem and that doesn't work at all.

            There are quite a few SuperLoopers on Whirlpool forum with the same issue including those on 1000/50 connections. Same story really so its surely something to do with NBN or SL or a common types of Modem yet I doubt that, but for the sake of fully knowing I might break out another modem/router to test that but I feel certain it will be the same. I am using a Netcomm NF17ACV modem/router which has always performed flawless for me.

            Thanks for sounding off.

            • @zztrader: Weird problem and yeah it's unlikely switching the router will fix the issue but you have to try it anyway. I would just keep trying everything and read everything and then eventually call superloop tech support. They will run a speed/stability test to the arris modem. SL Tech support are really good as I have had to call a few times in the 2 years I've been with them. I'm actually using a telstra smart modem gen 2 plugged into the arris modem for my main router. They work great and you can get them for $20 on gumtree (got 2 one for backup). Also running a tplink archer 1900 off the telstra router. Post back with updates, curious now.

  • +1

    Got email yesterday. NTD restarted by itself 4 times over a 15-20 window after clicking upgrade. After that speed stuck. Speed test this afternoon 840/47 on HFC. Will run a test in the morning when no ones on and see what I can get.

  • Just check that I have not got any email about the upgrade, and the speed is 105/15 speed. Just paid the monthly fee 3 days ago. Do I have to wait until next month?

  • +1

    I just got a email saying my plan has been upgraded to 100/40 for 6 months and I have a FTTN connection.

  • I’ve gone backwards. I was on 100/20 and consistently got 107mbps speedtests.

    Got the email this morning saying I’ve been upgraded to the 250/25 speed so now I’ve run a speedtest but I’m getting 60mbps on all test servers.

    I was on ABB 250/25 in the past and could get 270ish speeds so I know it definitely could work with my setup.

    Tried resetting the NTD but no difference.

    • I've gone backwards too I always got 106mbit + like you now I only get 60ish after the upgrade to 250..

      • I tested again this morning and I'm hitting 260mbps, guess it's just a weird changeover thing.

        • same here 258/24 :) now i just need to find out why my network adapter keeps switching between 100mbit and gigabit

          • @aeezy: Glad its all fixed guys! enjoy those speeds!

    • I have the same issue - email saying speed has been upgrade to 250/25 about 6 hours ago, but speedtest is only showing 95/19 - about 10mbps slower than my usual download speed. I will check again tomorrow and see if it works.

      • NTD had a reboot by itself. The speed is 252/24 now - very happy :)

  • Received the upgrade to 250/25 email 2 hours ago. Like a lot of people, the speed stayed the same. Tried resetting the router and ntd with no luck.

  • Just received the email with an automatic upgrade to 250/25 and like others, the speed stayed the same. Restarted the router and NTD and no change. HFC :(

    • Same here :(

      • Speed increased after 3 hours. But havent reach max speed yet (250/25). Will try it later.

      • Same here.

    • +1

      I got the email around noon today and my speed increase has only just kicked in now. I didn’t do anything, so it might just be a matter of waiting it out a few hours.

      • Good point. Will see if it fares better tomorrow.

        • +1

          Annnnnnd it's now kicked in this morning. Like others have said, it seems to be the case of waiting a while from receiving the email.

          • +1

            @Eclipse54: Yeah we lodge the change request with nbn at the same time you opt in to the upgrade, can take up to 48 hours for nbn staff to process and push the change for you to experience.

            glad its all working, enjoy the speeds!

            • @Super Craig: Hi Super Craig

              I joined Superloop at the end of 2020. Today I just get another tax invoice/receipt that my monthly fee has been debited.
              However I still have not received the upgrade email. I am now on 100/20 plan. I am using HFC.

              Do you know how long it takes before my upgrade? thank you.

    • mine took effect within 10-15min… HFC, 100/40 to 250/25. Speedtest so far highest is 140 down tho… I'll have to test again during early morning to see if its the number of devices the kids uses…

  • I didn't receive any email yet.

  • +1

    Got my email from 100/20 plan upgraded to 250/25 last night around midnight and still had 100mbps speeds after restarting NBN modem a few times.
    This morning speeds went up to 140/24, but not sure if it'll go any higher…

    Edit: managed to get speeds up to 255/24 now - problem was that my router was set to use channel 165 on the 5Ghz band, which can only run at 20mhz channel bandwidth. Changing to any other 5Ghz band allows it to run wider channel bandwidth.

    • so much speed I dont know what to do with - will regular users ever even notice a difference over 100mpbs?

      Surely even on private seeded torrent groups you couldn't get anywhere near these speeds right? Best I've ever seen is like 20 down iirc

  • Finally got the email this afternoon, upgrading from 100/40 to 1000/50.

  • Still no email, anyone else in the same boat? Has anyone contacted them?

    • Yea, in touch with SL's over FB messenger. In my case (started in Feb21), so I need to wait until at least May21 (at least 3 months with SL) for my email. SL's FB rep confirmed this will be ongoing until July21 so emails on offer will continued to be rolled out.

      The phased email is to manage/juggle on amount of expected customers reaching out to their support team.

      • I wonder if everyone is getting an email or only a selected few. I was hoping to upgrade from 250 to 1000

        • Reporting back to this community to confirm i've received the upgrade email overnight from SL. effective today for 6 months. going from 100/20 -> 250/25.

          have not tested this as only saw the upgrade email on the way to work so will only be certain when back at home tonight to test. finger crossed it's all up & running… SPEEDILY :)

  • +1

    Got the 100 to 250 upgrade email on Saturday morning and members portal says 250mbit plan, but speed is still running at 100/20 speeds.

    Spoke to superloop today (90+ minute wait) and was told that there is a backlog at NBN for speed upgrades, no ETA for when it will actually change but most likely expect it to happen before end of the week.

  • Got the email this morning. upgraded from 100/40 to 250/25 . took about 15 mins from the time to submit the NBN connection resetting. the Reset took 2 mins. after that was on 250/25 . Speed test was 9ms/258Mbps/23.9Mbps. Thanks Superloop.

  • Upgraded to 1000/50, it's been 3 days yet still on 100/40. Have restarted both modem and NTD and still nothing

    • Upgraded at start of month, from 100/20 to 250/25. Today, still stuck at less than 100 (ie. no difference) even when tested using ethernet cable directly to NTD. Customer service told me to restart NTD (power off for a minute) but still no change. On HFC. Disappointed. Very.

  • We heard NOTHING about this from superloop.

    Torrents have been hitting 11-12MB/s, which I figured was just software BS.

    But the wife just complained about speeds, so I ran 3 different speedchecks… and all hit 250Mbit or higher. So, i login to our account & also check here. Yep, free upgrade. Bizarre.

  • Finally got my email! Upgrade to 250/25

  • used the random referral link - wasted

    Withdrawn Unfortunately, this person has withdrawn their order with Superloop :(
    Cancelled Unfortunately, this customer cancelled their service and is ineligible for a referral bonus :(

    • The whole thing is a hit or miss. I had 10 people click on myreferral but only 1 actually went ahead

      • to be clear, i join superloop using random referral link but the random person not with superloop anymore :P
        don't found out until the connection done

  • I’m past 3 months with superloop now onn250 hfc but haven’t received the email yet. Anyone received one this month?

    • And I just got the email lol. Thanks superloop!

  • i got an email today when i completed 3 months and speed has upgraded from 100/20 to 250/25

    super happy

  • I’ve been on 250/25 for 3.5 months and had yet to receive an email. Contacted Superloop by phone to ask when I’d be upgraded. Rep didn’t know about the offer, even though it’s on their own site - had to direct him to the page. After reading the info the rep consulted with their team leader and I was then told I wouldn’t be eligible as the offer excludes Tasmania. No mention of this anywhere. I cancelled my service. (profanity) Superloop.

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