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Gaming PC with Intel i5-9400F, MSI RTX 3060 GAMING X 12GB, B365M Mobo, 16GB RAM & 256GB Samsung SSD $1199 + Delivery @ BPC Tech


Hi guys,

The RTX 3060 been launched a week, and today we are happy to share you guys with our real budget 3060 gaming system.

Kraken Power C Series FOR GAMER System With RTX 3060

Intel® Core™ i5-9400F Hexa Core LGA 1151 Processor Up to 4.1Ghz
Stock Cooler
Gigabyte B365M HD3 Motherboard
MSI RTX 3060 GAMING X 12GB Graphics
2x G.Skill F4-3000C16S-8GISB Aegis 8GB DDR4 3000MHz Memory
Samsung 860 Evo 250GB M.2 SATA III 6GB/s V-NAND SSD (Eligible for Samsung SSD CASH BACK!)
Deepcool Matrexx 40 Tempered Glass side panel PC Case
EVGA 500 GD 500W 80+ Gold Non-Modular Power Supply

You can check more details on our website.

Most of the listed Specs are upgradable, and you can choose switch to the AMD system if intel is not your favourite.

We hope you guys enjoy this deal :)

BPC Sales Team

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  • roughly just under $400 for the rest of parts when you take out the gpu and thats if you can manage to get one.

    • If you're looking for the card alone, PLE are showing stock available for $849.
      Sorry, not trying to hijack post, just for discussion purposes.

      On a sad note, saw someone trying to scalp the exact same card for $1250 on Gumtree this morning.

      • Lol, anyone who tries to buy that might as well just save the $50, purchase this, and then have a fully-blown PC :)

  • Is it just me that feels uneasy with a PSU under 600W, though this build is likely completely adequate?

    • Was looking at this yesterday, when scouting ideas for ITX build, apparently 600W is recommended for 3060/3060Ti build.

    • a good quality 500 watt power supply is adequate for a 3060 / Ti


      EVGA GD is 'above average' for a power supply so it's all good to go

    • +14 votes

      No idea why everyone keeps wanting to buy high wattage PSUs. I run a 3700X + 3090 on a 650W high quality PSU and it works just fine. Cutting it fine, but totally workable. Total draw is 510W under load. You'll be fine even with a 450W high quality PSU for a 3060.

      Much more important to get a good quality PSU than one that is just high wattage.

    • A 400w psu is more than enough for this system

    • Overall wattage ratings don't really say too much. You need to look at how much current it can provide on the 12V rail consistently and it's peak current capabilities.

      In this case they're using the EVGA 500 GD 500W 80+ Gold which has a current rating of 41.6 Amps on 12 Volt rail meaning it has about 500W it can supply (albeit not very efficiently) on said rail.

      Taking a look at the TDP figures we can estimate the average power draw on load for both the CPU, which is 65W, and the graphcics card, which is 180W. This is well below the 'max' 500W on the 12V as they state. Now I'm not sure is this is how much current the power supply can continuously supply or if it's just a peak current rating.

      In any case my point is this power supply is more than capable of handling this sytem.

  • Made a pcpartpicker minus gpu because getting a good price on one is impossible https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/vbW4vf
    Psu price from newegg but not listed on pcpartpicker also the deepcool case isnt listed but this is same price as pccasegear matrexx 40

    You are looking at a sub $600 3060 if you take into account the rest of the pricing which in this market is a damn good deal.

  • For those planning on buying a pc from these guys, in a previous thread they told me that they won't ship the additional accessories that come with the components (screws, SATA cables, additional PSU cables etc.) to add your own storage drives unless you pay an additional shipping fee. Maybe something to take into consideration if you need to add your own drives and can't pick up the system in person. Could the rep clarify if this is the case?

    • Just got an email back regarding this issue and apparently all the relevant cables etc. will be shipped. Not sure why in the past they've said they won't unless you pay an additional charge. Here's the comment chain for anyone interested: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/604297?page=1#comment

      Again if the rep could clear up the confusion that would be much appreciated.


      • +2 votes

        Hi Winston,

        I just confirmed with our warehouse staff that all the cables will be attached to the case.

        But we unable to deliver the original package box unless extra shipping cost.


        BPC Sales Team

        • Of course, I was never asking for the packaging, just the necessary cables, manuals, screws etc. so we can add our own drives or whatever. Thanks for clarifying

          Any chance you could bring back a deal similar to that Sakura system for the same price with the same components? I'd be interested in buying.

  • I am not disgusted by this deal…..in fact…I'm a little worried how much I like it

  • what is the return on investment time if you using this to mine eth these days?

    • casual question, since the main purpose for the pc is still work and entertainment/gaming.

      • For a 3060 I doubt you'd break even unless you have free power, after the intentional nerfs nvidia put in.

    • Never, once factoring in power prices in Aus.

    • 3090 - 120mh/s
      3080 - 90-100mh/s
      3060ti/3070 - 60mh/s
      3060 - I'd assume it'd be 50mh/s pre-nerf so you'd be looking at 25mh/s which is worse than a 1070 which you can pick up for $300-400 depending on the market.

      edit: roughly a year for roi at current eth price and difficulty.

    • It depends on how long it takes for the limiter to be bypassed, because currently it seems to be limited (based on some reports) to about 27 MHs max (which is about what non BIOS modded RX570s do) at 100 watts. So I suggest you put that info into a mining calulator (e.g https://minerstat.com/coin/ETH ) along with your power cost and see what you get.

  • How did they come up with their domain name?

  • Wtf. Lol

    No windows? - CPU upgrade option available

    I cant connect to wifi? - SSD upgrades.

  • Oh god, I just finished my built and now this comes up………………

    Asus PRIME B550M-A (WI-FI) $149
    CPU 3600 $288
    Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory 16GB (8gb x 2) DDR4 3600MHz CL16 $76
    Graphic Card 1660 Super $300
    SSD Western Digital WD Blue SN550 500GB NVMe SSD $80
    PSU Cooler Master MWE Gold 550W 80plus Gold Certified Fully Modular $127
    MSI MAG Forge 100R Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case $95

    Total: $1115

  • Decent parts used for this prebuilt but I don't think the 3060 is good value, even at $600. If I was outlaying this sort of money, I would fork out a little extra for the 3060ti or 3070 but then you would have to upgrade the CPU to match, bumping up the overall system cost..

    It's sort of a "no man's land" in this price bracket. Not enough of an improvement over TechFast's R3500X+ 1660S combo to justify the premium and since you're already laying down $1K+ you might as well go all the way and just bite the bullet and not compromise. IDK..

    • Can't find a 3060ti / 3070 for under $1k. Literally cheaper to buy a techfast build for $1400 and dump everything but the gpu on the marketplace.

    • +2 votes

      Don’t know why you are getting downvotes. The 3060 is not a great value card. Some of the recent deals for 3060ti/3070s were not that much more in terms of cost and provide significantly more performance.

      • Yeah, I think people are trying hard to rationalise or justify the bargain in this build. I get that and at first glance, I fell into the same trap. Then I compared it to deals on either side of this price point and the value just didn't stack up.

        I think BPC is pretty clever in trying to distract you from the 3060's poor value proposition by including other components which aren't "bottom of the barrel" and throwing you off the scent.

  • While it may seem cheap I don't think a 3060 should be paired with a 9400F.

  • $89 to upgrade to Ryzen 3600 is a great deal I reckon

  • do you guys think there will be a sub 1k rtx 3060 build in the future?

  • Assume CoD won't fit on this.

  • @budgetpc Can we get a 3080 system deal?

  • Your page isn't working with the build upgrades. The upgraded options are bugged.

  • Video card has almost as much memory as the PC.

  • I am unable to upgrade many parts? Is there a fault?


      Hi MrKingi,

      We have fixed this issue, and you should be able to use the upgrade properly now.

      BPC Customer Service Team

      • It is not working on any of your PC's, still. e.g. the 'No Windows?' drop down allows me to add a Ryzen 5 3600. It's pretty bad. Tried chrome and explorer.


          Hi Andrew,

          Try to add the system to the cart first, it should back to normal after this step.

  • computer for the price of a gpu alone :o

  • Are you able to send the components in their original boxes so I can just use the parts I need and build my own system? I believe TechFast do this option.

  • hi @budgetpc, can I upgrade the cpu to 10700F?


      Hi fanfan6ji581,

      We could upgrade to the 10th gen intel CPU. However, since we are using the 9th gen CPU at this deal, if you wish to upgrade to 10700F, together, you have to upgrade the motherboard.

      BPC Customer Service Team

  • Is this enough for 4K video editing? I have 34 dell 4k curved, will this run on 4K @60hz?


      Hi Owenz,

      If you looking for 4K 60hz rendering, I would recommend you to go with a graphics card above 3060TI

      BPC Customer Service Team

  • Is this system build quiet?

  • Anyone got Warranty experience to share with BPC?

  • They just changed the price to 1299 sad