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Google Pixel 3 XL 128GB Pink $393 Delivered @ Amazon AU


As per title. Bought one for my partner. I paid more recently for a 64gb refurbished so I believe this is a good deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Very good deal

    • Depends what you're after.. camera is outstanding, specs are good except the battery is poor. And only 3 years of support from Google from the release date.

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    I beg to differ. Redmi Note 10 pro would be a better buy overall. Faster screen refresh rate, bigger battery , variety of camera and a headphone jack to boot.

    • +15

      Quite a few people wouldn't be as inclined to pick a lesser known brand like Redmi over a massive company like Google.

      This isn't personal opinion, this is psychology. Same reason why some don't want to pick Google (but will still choose Google's operating system).

      • +9

        True, but irrelevant to what OP said.

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        Using Redmi phone(s) since the past 7 years.
        Redmi 1S and Redmi Note 5.

        • +1

          how are you going with access to 5G and VOLTE?

          • @matt-ozb: None yet. Redmi Note 5 is 3 years old now. Also, on Boost (which has VoLTE) but doesn't recognize my device "firmware", so I'm missing out on a lot. Looking out for a new phone now (will take only a 5G phone next).

      • Sad to say this but on quality and longevity front, I find Xiaomi a better option.
        Still using the $135 Redmi Note 4X.

        • Haha same. I've been using my Redmi note 4x since 2017. still going good. although the battery life is not as good now.

        • +1

          I'd agree. Xiaomi phones are very sturdy - both hardware and software and last much longer than other branded phones. I havent used any brand since past 7 years and I am happy about it.

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      Pixel 3 was the best Pixel camera ever made, and I'd have to say it's the best single camera setup, perfect for anyone. Upgraded to a Pixel 5, and the colours and clarity have worsened. They somehow managed to make it less appealing.

      • +3

        The pixel 5 camera is slightly better than the 3 feature wise, very similar otherwise. Not sure if you're using a different version of the camera app, you should definitely not get worse performance

        • +1

          It's definitely worse. Search up people's complaints online, the colours are noticeably more grey and the camera struggles to focus and pick up detail. Some people speculate it's related to the lens.

      • Yep. I have the above phone and find the camera to be very good - a step up from the 2XL, which was also very good

      • Uh, aren't all the pixel cameras since Pixel 2 the exact same hardware, and the only difference is what software features they artificially limit to newer models?

        • Uh, nope. Google has stuffed things up, you can find that out by searching "Pixel 5 camera issues". I can tell you without a doubt from my own experience that results definitely vary - sometimes it gets colours wildly wrong, making the picture completely yellow or grey in a dimly-lit environment. There's severe grain throughout pictures as well.

          Even the Pixel 2 and 3 are having new issues with updated camera software, with the camera app not even opening.

          • @Techie4066: So which would you buy, pixel 3 XL or pixel 5?
            could be warranty issue if it's not working to x degree.

            • +1

              @G-rig: Pixel 5 (especially if you can get it for $700, it was $710 from OW price matching Telstra a few months ago). Open it, look at the camera, test it in dimly lit situations, check for grain in the photos. Any issues, return it immediately.

              • @Techie4066: yeah ok, that's a good price, want to buy from google store so will just get one for $999 then rely on 28 degrees to price protect within one year - the pixel 6 should be out in around that time i assume. Don't usually pay full price, got my 3 XL for $750 which was a good buy, then reduced again. Should be able to sell a brand new replacement for $400 i guess, cheers. Just confirming the RMA procedure, they may want me to front up $1500 although I thought it was just card details. Cheers,

                • @G-rig: RMA is such a pain and your mileage really varies with Google support. Emails were sent back and forth with my mother for months until her Pixel 3 was fully refunded and returned due to microphone and speakerphone issues (yet another common problem - Google NEVER gets everything right).

                  Also, I'd say your return experience would be better at a physical store.

                  • @Techie4066: Can be, I've had good experiences though, and where a model like the nexus 6p wasn't manufactured anymore I got a pixel instead.

                    It used to be 1y warranty physical stores or 2y Google store online. Will have to check if the pixel 5 is 2y warranty everywhere.

                    Also got an alert setup for When they do go on sale again hopefully.

                    The post editing enhancements are pretty good anyway. Don't know how easy it would be taking it back to a store for very minor faults, Google sends out the new one first as soon as it's approved.

    • +8

      Does anyone worry about the Chinese government having access to your personal data with the Redmi phones?

      • +3

        A non factor for me personally.

      • +11

        of course; google, ms, fb, apple, amazon, our own government too. They all want our data and get it to varying degrees.

        • I prefer our government or Google over the CCP any day.

          • -2

            @diddy50: I wouldn't trust the federal liberals over the CCP. Scandal after scandal. Corruption claim after corruption claim.

            It seems like every day you hear of wrong doing by the federal liberals. Same as the CCP.

            I rate them at the same level.

            • -2

              @arcticmonkey: The CCP are literally putting their citizens into concentration camps.

              It seems like every day you hear of…

              This is your problem. It may seem that way because of the crap media you expose yourself to. Stop doing that and see how you go.

              • @1st-Amendment:

                Stop doing that and see how you go.

                Are you suggesting to live in ignorance, like it appears you do?

                • @jackspratt:

                  Are you suggesting to live in ignorance, like it appears you do?

                  Nope, didn't say anything of the sort, but it's says a lot about you when that is your only contribution to the conversation…

            • +1

              @arcticmonkey: Lolllll you're comparing the torture, sterilisation and imprisonment of millions to local scandals?

              OK Karen

      • +2

        What data they want to know about me?

        • If you eat bats or not

          • @DiLs: Or lamb brain burgers…

        • Your after hours browsing grown up activities…

        • porn caches, i guess

      • +5

        You should worry about Facebook and Google just as much

        • +1

          If anyone with access to www think personal information is private, think again.

        • +3

          Google and Facebook harvest data to make money and provide a service. China harvests it to make money, provide a service, and oppress people (China uses global users/traffic to fingerprint and filter data before it enters China)

          Feel like one is much worse…

        • I cant believe ppl ask such dumb questions yet have facebook, apple, google etc accounts
          read damn T and Cs and see what data they collect on you

          worry about Chinese/Russian governments collecting data on some poor old Joe from Australia - what for

          • +1


            worry about Chinese/Russian governments collecting data on some poor old Joe from Australia - what for

            Plenty of reasons: political pressure, industrial espionage, competitive advantage, social disruption campaigns as part of an information war.

      • +1

        The Chinese government doesn't give a rat's about you mate.

      • the chinese government knows how often i cook rice from my xiaomi rice cooker …..

        the level of privacy is based on how you set up your phone and what apps you use …. if you are wechat user, you might be sharing more details than some people. people share their info freely if they can get something for nothing e.g fitness app, app that talks to bathroom scales,etc,etc.

        under the android licensing terms, you can’t turn of tracking via cell towers only GPS , so you are always tracked by google, can’t turn off cell tower tracking.

        • It's not about sharing usage data at all. As people have said 100 times fb, google, etc do that too. It's a privacy/antitrust issue. Sure let that debate play out.

          What using China-centric services does however is feed thier censorship algorithms they use to oppress human rights, free and open discussion, and critical thought. It's not about you. It's about the 1.x billion people that suffer due to consumption of phones/apps/etc.

          Practical research topic:

    • What about no NFC?

  • +3

    I know it's not comparable but hijacking this thread to saw if you're looking for a pixel - I have a Mi A3 running Pixel Experience and it's damn good, was relatively easy to flash. Pixel size with good camera and all day battery

    • +3

      Mi A3 has very slow updates which have been full of bugs. Great buy that I myself considered, however Xiaomi have pretended it doesn't exist.

      • +5

        For real, that's why I strayed into the Pixel Experience ROM - Xiaomi abandoned it

        • +2

          There is still the issue of "other" updates, like firmware or drivers that are device specific.

          Shortly after Apple stopped updating the iPhone 4S, there was a firmware issue with the broadcom wireless chipset that effected that model and probably every model before it as well. That kind of update is important, but even Google won't give you those kinds of updates beyond 3 years, at least with Apple you now get at least 5 years and sometimes 6 or more!

          Of course there is a case for many options and different people have different concerns as already evidenced thus far in this short discussion.

        • +1

          yep, a lot of companies except nokia have dumped the android one program do the vanilla android experience and frequent updates will be harder to get in the future unless on pixel.

          • @garage sale: Wasn't Google going to do updates via Android itself and rely less upon the manufacturer for most updates (excluding firmware and specific drivers) ?

  • -1

    Excellent deal., full res lifetime backup to Google Photos till next year.

    • +12

      Lifetime back up until next year what

      • +1

        Life time backup of full resolution photos clicked by this phone and uploaded to Google Photos by Jan next year.

        • +1

          I think they were referring to lifetime > Jan 2022 for the majority of people.

        • +1

          And security patches ceased after November this year ouch

  • +9

    Great phone, just be aware that the 3 years of software updates is from launch, so this will no longer be guaranteed new firmware after October.

    • How's Google's historical performance?

      • The last Google phone I had was the Nexus 6P, it was perfectly good in original condition when Google stopped providing updates; the battery was shot, but if it could have been replaced easily and cheaply enough, then it could have had more years of service … not worth it with no ongoing security updates though.

      • It's excellent, security updates arrive on the day, very fast major updates, they provided the original Pixel with an additional update which exceeded their promises.

      • I believe the Pixel 1 and 2 ended up receiving updates until December of that year, so a bonus couple of months?

        During their lives, support is fantastic.. Monthly updates without fail, and inherently the first phones to receive new Android versions.

  • +4

    still using mine since the launch day, solid phone, the notch is not a problem at all, recommend 100%!

  • +2

    I would not recommend - my Pixel 3XL (and many on the internet) have a WiFi/Bluetooth problem.


    • +1

      I did and warranty was an easy process.
      My only tip is make sure you don't drop the phone, damage it and expect the company to fix your problems.

      • +2

        Agreed! If you damage the phone don't expect Google to fix it.

        If however the hardware fails through no fault of your own the warranty process works. They ask you nicely to make the phone look brand new again, but they know legally they can't neglect the warranty they promise.

        So you might have to be insistent, but they will fix a hardware defect if it is under warranty.


        • Wow worked out in the end for you.
          What a great company Google is.
          Others would not have done that

        • Why do I have to be insistent to get a warranty hardware fix?
          If only Google/Samsung were only half as good as Apple are in this regard….

        • Yeah don't know why the mmd person even linked the thread lol

  • +2

    pretty good for the price… though note the battery is pretty poor on this. ended up selling my pixel 3xl and buying a s20fe and the battery is so much better. just my 2c

    • The FE battery is so good, but the touchscreen is ass. Have had problems since the day I started using it mid-October, and this has been complained about everywhere online.

      • i've personally never had any touchscreen issues

          • @Techie4066: Strange we got 15 for the office and only one had issues, replaced under warranty and the new one as fine. Meanwhile 8 pixel 5s out of 10 have touchscreen issues.

            • @onlinepred: I've seen firsthand the Pixel 5 has camera issues with colour, white balance and grain. Touchscreen seems fine…

              Whereas my S20 FE has been a total disappointment, especially considering the price - scrolling, zooming, swiping causes the screen to shudder and not do what it's told.

              I've booked an appointment at Samsung Sydney to get it checked out. Just look at the sheer number of complaints on Samsung Community, article comments sections, and the Reddit megathread. Samsung, including their team I've contacted on Samsung Members, has known about these issues for months and has promised yet another software update, so it's clearly an issue.

              • @Techie4066: Yea crazy as pixel 5 costs more haha, can't even take a bunch of photos without it grinding to a halt.

                Yep it's a series 6 fault, luckily majority don't have it so just push Samsung for a replacement. It's your right

                • @onlinepred: Pixel 5 was purchased by my mother for $710 from OW, price matching Telstra.

                  The S20 FE camera was VERY slow until I figured that motion photos was turned on. Re. the touchscreen issue, I'd honestly like a refund and to switch back to a Sony Xperia (maybe the 5 II) at this point, despite needing to import it at a high cost.

    • +2

      Battery life on mine is fine … at least compared to my previous oneplus 5t. It's not great, but I get a full day unlike on the oneplus. Screen on the pixel I'm a little disappointed. It's ok, just not as sharp as my previous phone. Overall, even at this good price I wouldn't rebuy.

  • Guys if I buy this now will I get HQ uploads unlimited. Currently got LG v50 and Oneplus 6t will this phone have better camera?

    Build quality better than 4a 5G?

    • I thought it was hq uploads with 4 and later.

  • Given it is a 2.5 year old phone.. how much longer will Google support it with updates? Have they got a 3 year policy or 5?

    • 3 years

      • +4

        So basically EOL by Nov 2021 then..

        • +1

          Yeah basically. You're much better off spending a couple of extra dollars for something you can get a few years out of.

          • +1

            @BargainMe: Does it suddenly stop working in November?

            • @jackspratt: No it's just the guaranteed updates every month no longer available

    • +1
  • -1

    Thanks, I bought one. Nice price for a reliable phone for family.

  • +3

    I wish the Pixel 4XL would drop down to ~450 on one of these specials, I'd snap it straight away. Still using my Pixel 2 XL and love it, but starting to slow down a bit.

    • Yea pixels tend to only last about 3 years. Wishing for Google to support a flagship past 4 years. Only getting a few months of updates for this phone seems a waste of money

      • If anything, this is about the only area in which Apple has a one up on Android phones in general. Basically they will continue support for around 5 years so that they last longer and become a valid hand-me-down as well. Arguably, Google should do this to stimulate other OEMs of Android to do the same as well - or at least lift their game up on more long term supportability.

        • Agreed. i think Oppo and Samsung are closest to making hardware that can last 5 years. Still not Apple level but very close.

  • +2

    If you have privacy/security concerns regarding Google, this phone is an excellent choice to utilise GrapheneOS: https://grapheneos.org/

    Aside from GrapheneOS, other deGoogled ROMS or iOS, Android is essentially spyware

  • Can this be bought just for photos backup? is it unlimited for how long?

  • This is a new device with full warranty or a refurb?

    • New device

  • If you install Lineage OS on this and Google Camera app, it will feel like a real Google phone + you get long term support.

    • Not really. Lineage doesn't have the same rigid levels of testing for a "release" that Google performs before an update goes out. Lineage is basically "Beta forever" where new things are added, bugs are fixed - but new bugs come up and fixes break things. It's an endless cycle unless you love doing regular updates.

      • To be fair, even pixel releases have many issues and buds that sometimes never even get fixed.

    • Yep that's my plan

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