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Telstra $59/Month 80GB/Month (12 Months) + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (12Mo Contract, Port-In, New Service Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Telstra $59/Month 80GB/Month (12 Months) + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (12 Month Contract - in Store Only)

*Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Minimum cost $708. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

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    I've only been ported out for 21 days damn it.

    • Worked for me last time with maybe 2 weeks since port, worth a shot.

  • I think JB is doing this to retire the $45 plan :) Not sure if it is worth biting. I barely used the 55Gb, let alone 80Gb

  • Great deal

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    Is this 5G capable?

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      also curious on this!

    • Seems to include 5G, the CIS mentions that the network access is 3G, 4G/4GX, 5G. Plans over $60 on the Telstra site seem to include 5G access also which should confirm this.

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      Yes, this JB plan is 5G capable.

  • In store only .. has anyone had any success previously getting this organised over the phone?

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      Previously you were able to call the 13 number and do a plan signup over the phone. As of a few weeks ago, JB discontinued this service and abolished that team (I was told due to resourcing required; especially when promo offers appeared).

      If you try to call your nearest store, they won't do it over the phone (even if you have a Telstra account already).

      Unfortunately, the only way is to go into store.

      • Which is fair enough, they wouldn't have capacity to have a store person off the floor all day to answer phone calls.

      • Thanks for the response

  • Wish the Galaxy Z Flip $999 deal was still on…

  • Does anyone have a link to this Telstra plan? I can't find $59 plan on their website. There is a $60 per month with 80 GB. Basically I want to know if I can share data with another device. If I can I might sign up for this and use it for home broadband.

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      Data sharing doesn’t exist with Telstra personal plans anymore.

      • Doesn't seem to be correct. Telstra $60 plan says: You can have up to 10 upfront mobile or data services attached to your account. Each service connected has access to the data on your plan.

        • Sorry, I was referring to the $5 data share SIM… but didn’t make that clear.

    • it's a JB deal not in Corporate website

    • See my comment above
      As for data sharing, you can't share the data with another plan, but you can use your phone as a hotspot and share data that way, no restrictions on hotspot use. I've done that many times when vacationing.

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        No I don't want to lose connectivity to home devices when I leave the house with my mobile phone. I wish JB plans had data sharing

  • anyone got the written terms for the gift card - cancellation before 12m?
    I understand the standard ETC for the plan $414 pro-rata, how about the gift card component?

  • How long until the gift card expires?

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      JB gift cards do not expire. For as long as JB does not go bust or into administration, your gift cards are safe.

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      99 years

  • When does this deal end?

    • Tomorrow

  • Anyone ever ported at JB shop before? how's the experience? is this fast painless process?

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      Go during porting days if you want it to be fast and painless.

      Porting days are Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm (AEST) and 10am to 6pm Saturdays (AEST).

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      Yes & yes. Took maybe 10-15 mins if you include the time of ID check and writing out contracts.

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      Done twice with no issues. Might do a third time but the switching to month to month within the 12 months seems out of the question now I think.

    • Done it twice and both times there were issues. The second time took nearly a month to resolve, with Telstra and JB blaming each other. That was after an order over the phone, and Telstra had no record of my order.

      Bad luck I guess…

  • do they still require to port out from telstra 30 days ago?

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      Yeah, I'd like to know. Been ported out 6 weeks tomorrow.

      • 6 weeks should be fine. I just ported out 20 days

      • 6 weeks > 30 days

    • Yes but you can activate and port a sim from another provider and later combine your telstra number onto your new plan

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        I know someone doing this, but I also saw some people complaint that telstra refused to swap the number and they have two numbers now.

        • I guess there's a bit of a risk

    • I've had good experience with broadway sydney jb hi fi. They don't care how long you have been ported out for.

  • Does anyone know if any JB still stocks Huawei phones? Or are they all gone?

  • Can I port directly to Telstra and get this deal if Im with Aldi mobile or will I need to port out to a non Telstra carrier?

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      ALDI mobile porting to Telstra is OK. Only current Telstra, Belong and Boost are ineligible as per T&C.

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        Thanks aaruu

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    Perfect timing to use towards a Pixel 5 and price match with Telstra to bring down to $349.00

    • Can you please explain how this works? Why would Telstra match $349 price? Do you have to buy a plan from them?

      • i think its bc telstra is selling for 850 atm, so with price match, 850 - $500 gift card = 350 pixel 5

    • Had me curious so I did the searching around, the Telstra $849 price is conditional as its attached to a plan. I don't know how you'd go about price matching at JB let alone anywhere else but I'd be keen to know as my brother may take up the gift card.

  • Anyone know say after you ported out from Telstra and then porting back in, is there a way for them to relink your Telstra plus to this new service? Or do you have to start from scratch with new customer number etc?

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      I think it automatically links to your old account because the account is under your name and email address and you can have multiple numbers/services under your account. Could be wrong though

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      Your Telstra Plus points stay active as long as you still have services that remain active on that account when you port out. So, if you port out and have other services under that same customer account (e.g. prepaid, home internet, other mobiles) then you are fine. To earn points on the same Telstra Plus account when you port back, just ask the consultant to add the service under your existing customer account (give them the prepaid number, another mobile number on the same account, etc.)

      If this service is the only thing you have with Telstra, then you might need to activate a prepaid service first before porting out to avoid the customer account being deactivated.

      The easiest way to see if there are other services linked to one Telstra Plus account (i.e. other services on the same account) is to sign into Telstra My Account and see if there are other services visible and only one Telstra Plus account available.

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        I previously ported out of Telstra leaving no active services with Telstra at all, but all my Plus points remained in my Telstra account/profile for more than two months before I ported back to Telstra during the previous $79 JB deal.

        • Your points typically expire after 12 months after the last active service is removed from the account (I can't remember where I saw this internally); however, the ability to earn points on an existing Telstra Plus account is linked to whether or not the Customer Account (separate to the Telstra Plus account) remains active.

          When you leave Telstra and no other services remain active, the Customer Account remains active for a few months. From experience, after you leave Telstra and the bills are all finalized, the Customer Account changes from 'active' to 'retired' status. Once the account is at 'retired' status, new services cannot be added and a new profile needs to be created.

          I couldn't find anything about how long it takes before a Customer Account becomes 'retired' but I suspect it varies on a few factors, so the easiest way is just to keep a prepaid active on the account (e.g. Long Life / Pre-Paid Mobile Casual) to avoid this problem from happening.

          (Note this was from experience on Telstra's Siebel system that is being gradually decommissioned; things may be different with the new Salesforce/Console system).

          • @CK1: I had a Telstra account that wasn't used for many years (probably at least 6 years, could have been longer), it was re-activated when I ported in a mobile a couple of years ago.

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    I literally signed up for $59p/m + $400 JB gc this afternoon. 😭😭

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      Have a + as consolation 😭

  • I'm on the $55 plan and still got 2 and a half months to go. Plus one month, port out and in. So hopefully something will come up by then.

  • Great deal.

    Thankfully, I am on the $45 per month Telstra Starter Plan which includes 80gig of data, 5G access and 30 minutes of international calls. No contract.

    The drawcard here is the gift card.

  • So this is only for tomorrow (Thursday)? Previous comment said it ends then.

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      Yes 1 day only - instore only

    • these seem to be on pretty regularly with different give aways- Im waiting for the phone one again…..

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    Port in, get the gift card then port back out cause canx fee is $414(?), $86 profit?

    • not worth for the credit check lol

    • No, Actually you need to pay 69*12/2+300=714 Early termination fee.
      So lose 714-500=AUD 214

      How do I know that? Telstra staff changed my plan and I got charged 714 early termination fee…

  • Can I get two new mobile connections and have two gift cards?

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    no international call…damn!

  • How much am I likely to be able to sell the gift card for? Don't buy much from JB

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      I think 10% off is normal

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        Thanks. Works out to be 21.50 a month after selling gift card for 450. Good deal. Might be better too to buy something on a good sale using the gift card and sell that instead..

  • Stupid question, but how/when do they give you the giftcard? I signed up to a similar deal over a year ago but can't actually remember receiving the gift card

    • After you've signed the contract, in store

  • I am on boost and it's expiring tomorrow. not eligible?

    • Also interested in the answer to this question

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    I am currently on a telstra M2M plan. Can i get a new number with jb plan and port my current telstra number to this new number easily?

    • Same situation for me, wondering if it’s possible!
      I think I remember reading that it is in a previous thread last year but can’t be certain

      • Yah looks people have done this before.

  • Anyone waiting for a good Oppo Find X3 Pro deal when its released?

  • I signed up last year in September and got 400gc. if i get a new number, port that to Telstra and talk to chat team to merge new contract to old and cancel the new number?

    • Beaware nowadays porting take longer than expecting.
      I just port over from Optus to Telatra couple weeks ago, took 8 days with 20+ app chat finally got it sorted. And Telstra literally give me a $10 credit for the delays.

    • You might end up stuck with 2 contracts if that triggers ETC on first one. Not worth the risk imo

      • anyway to avoid etc?

        • No. It's a contract

  • Can you add on international calls to this plan?

    • No you can’t, the rep at JB will tell you this when setting up your contract.