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Chromecast with Google TV $89.10 ($69.10 with Latitude Pay) + Delivery / $0 C&C @ The Good Guys


Comes down to $84.10 with Cash Rewards OR Shopback spend $5 for $5.

OR if you use Latitude Pay comes down to $69.10 - thanks ash200

Combine Latitude Pay with cash rewards promotion and boosted cashback 5% total comes $69.10 - ($5 + $4.03) = $60.07 C&C

Offer ends 11:59pm AEDT 11/02/2021. Discounts apply to most recent previous ticketed/advertised price. As we negotiate, products will likely have been sold below ticketed/advertised price in some stores prior to the discount offer. No further discounts apply. Discount calculated at point of sale. Excludes some advertised lines, Door Buster Deals, 15% off Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Pro X, Laptop 3 & Book 3, All Apple Products, Gaming Consoles, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 Gaming Accessories, Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Devices, Fisher & Paykel Washer (WH1060P1), Dyson TP04 Pure Cool Tower Fans (249230-01 and 310132-01), selected TV models, Chef Built In Cooking & Rangehoods Clearance, selected Portable Cooling, TP-Link Home, selected Samsung Soundbars, Swann Home Security, Mobile Phone Plans, Home Broadband Plans, Mobile Broadband Data Plans, All Apple Products, Linsar, Loewe, Miele, Asko, Ffalcon, AEG, Smeg, La Germania & Neff, Digital Vouchers & Gaming Credits, Gift Cards, Home Services, Delivery, Installation & Gold Service Extras. Further exclusions may apply. Terms and conditions apply.

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  • $69.10 with latitude pay.


    Will kayo work with this?

  • +13 votes

    Netflix bundle may work out much cheaper for those that use Netflix… Around $44 from memory after taking into account the Netflix credit.

  • Dang that's cheap

  • Any advantages of this over smart tv?

    • +6 votes
      • portable
      • cheaper
      • nice colours
      • potentially more apps
      • replaceable when there is a better product
      • Is there any major difference between using Netflix or prime video app from LG OLED and this. I want to understand if I have an app on tv for just watching Netflix, will that be different from this

        • +3 votes

          No, it's the same apps.

          This is mainly useful if you don't have a smart tv or your smart tv is too crap to install the latest apps.

        • Same apps but with a layer of "suggestion" like you get in YouTube. Based on your viewing it will suggest other content from all sources along those lines.

    • replaceable when there is a better product

    • none if your smart tv is android and decent performance hardware

    • Samsung's Tizen UI is sh*t, looking for anything to replace it

    • In addition to what others have mentioned:
      Getting a dumb TV and adding a Chromecast is usually way cheaper than getting a smart TV.
      Also smart TVs get outdated pretty fast - not a problem if you use a Chromecast. More frequent updates, replaceable if needed.
      My smart TV doesn't have a "Binge" app for example. So I have to get one of these anyway if I want to watch Binge.
      Also if your TV breaks, it's way cheaper to replace this way.

  • I have both the the Chromecast with Google TV and the Firestick 4K.
    The Chromecast still has a bug with higher frequency 5Ghz channels which means that people who have routers set at channel 149 or above the Chromecast will not work. You can always change the router to channel 36 or just use 2.4ghz. That said if you are using a mesh system you may still run into problems.
    I still find the Firestick to be snappier than the Chromecast, and the WiFi on gives a better signal even though it has only 1.5GB of ram compared to 2GB on the chromecast.

    • 5Ghz bug really sucks, force to use low channel band just to connect this over AC

    • Yeah this is really frustrating. I have Google WiFi and the Chromecast can only operate in 2.4GHz as a result of this 'bug'. Really hoping Google can release an update to fix it.

      • Genuine question, what's the reason for using a higher channel? Is it only because of local congestion on the lower channels?

        • 5.0 is bad at going through walls but better speed performance overall.

        • There's 2 reasons:

          2.4GHz vs 5GHz - you can bond channels on 5GHz to get faster speeds. You can do this on 2.4, but it makes you a (profanity), as it interferes with the whole band for anyone near you.

          The reason to use a higher channel within the 5GHz band, is that the highest channels are allowed to use more power, thus getting a greater range. You know how most WIFI devices ask what country you're in? This is so they can set their signal strength and available channels up to comply with the law. Here's a good description of the rules in Australia (https://goughlui.com/2018/06/04/note-choosing-5ghz-wi-fi-cha...), showing that the highest frequency channels are allowed to transmit with much more power than the others, as well as the middle DFA channels which have more power than the lowest, but have to shut off if the WiFi point detects radar.

    • Does this look like it is something that can be fixed, or is it a hardware issue?

      I'm not sure if I should buy one of these or look at other/more expensive players, but since I built a HTPC a few months ago, was kind of looking for the cheaper option if it can do what I need.

      Here is a couple of posts I made https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/563217 If anyone has some time to have a read and provide some advice, that would be great.

      • The Nvidia Shield or Apple TV 4K are the best media players for normal people at the moment.
        Whether the 5Ghz bug will be fixed is anyone's guess. Google support says Yes, but they may be just parroting off some script. I suspect that it is a bug in the Amlogic SOC that will require a chipset revision of some sort. Anyway active discussion link on whirlpool below:

        • +3 votes

          are the best media players for normal people at the moment.

          which are the best ones for abnormal people?

        • They might be the best but they are also 4x the price! And I would argue that for 90% of people the Chromecast with Google TV is more than good enough.

      • cant u connect HTPC to pc itself n do what chromecast does & more?

        • HTPCs are all well and good, but I do believe there are proper benefits to using a dedicated media player like Chromecast/Apple TV etc. Being able to download the app and jump straight in and use it with full remote support is a huge benefit for one.

          • @swanny246: Yeah, great point. Another thing I didn't think of until after I built the HTPC. A remote makes a huge difference too compared to not having one for the HTPC. Is it actually possible to be able to get something to use on the PC as a remote?

            Also, can download an app on your phone and use it as a remote for the Chromecast with Google TV too (can't remember if the CCwGTV has one Edit: just saw the picture above at the top of the page where it clearly shows it has a remote)? I know the Apple TV and Nvidia Shield come with remotes, but can you also get apps for remotes that provide more functionality for those as well?

        • cant u connect HTPC to pc itself n do what chromecast does & more?

          Do you mean connect the HTPC to a TV? If so, yes, that is what I've done, but there is no apps for Windows 10 that I can use to get the best streaming quality on my TV. I didn't realise that the streaming quality wouldn't be as good watching through web browsers compared to the apps.

          I do remember the quality being better on the old non-chromium version of Microsoft Edge (it looked like 1080p on HULU for example), but when watching Hulu with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, it looks like crap. I haven't tried the absolute current version of Edge to see if it's improved in that, but when I tried in the chromium version of Edge a few months ago, the quality wasn't any better than the other browsers. Amazon Prime is the only service that seems to work great on any web browser (the video quality is 1080p and looks by far the best of any of the services I have - Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Foxtel etc. Not sure if you guys agree, but Amazon seems to blow them away video quality wise at least), so I give them huge props for that, and also will keep my subscription with them due to allowing a much, much better experience when watching through a web browser. Plus, they also have a Windows 10 app, so I could also use that if I wanted.

          I would much rather just keep using the HTPC, but if the streaming quality is going to look like it's between 480p -720p at best with stuff like Hulu through a web browser, what's the point of paying for those services if I can't watch them in at least 1080p. Does anyone know what the main reason would be on why they don't want it to be as good when watching through a web browser? Is it a legal issue (like a DRM thing?), and/or is it something to do with them wanting us to use their apps so that they can get more information and statistics of viewing etc.?

    • Been looking to replace my Samsung TV's rubbish Tizen. Bought a Firestick 4k on your advice. :)

      • Can you possibly give me a link to the Firestick 4K you bought? Also, could you possibly tell me what you think of it after you receive and use it?

        • Best price I found (I didn't look too hard) was $72 from Dick Smith

          It's supposed to arrive tomorrow. Will have a play and get back to you. There are plenty of reviews on youtube though, if you're eager.

          • @ToastySteve: Thanks. I look forward to it :).

          • @ToastySteve: Hi mate, have you had a chance to use the Firestick yet? I'm still looking at both the CCwGV and Firestick. Kind of just waiting on another opinion for the Firestick. All good if you're busy, I can wait a day or two longer. I'll try and have a look at some Youtube reviews tonight after work.

            Do I have to get some sort of Adapter to use the Firestick by the way?

            One of the comments on the Dick Smith site said :

            This is a American fire stick that has American plug.
            Can’t plug it in to a PowerPoint unless you got a universal adapter.

            If sold at an Australian store, do they normally come with an AU plug? Anyone know? If I have to buy one, can anyone recommend a cheap AU plug to buy that would work?

    • Apart from those issues you mentioned, how does the Firestick 4K compare to the CCwGTV? Can you install the same amount of apps? It it possible to add extra storage (I assume not)?

  • Is there a way to alter DNS to make it work with getflix?

  • Had to pay for delivery, how does my local not have stock.

  • Can you use this without a phone like the Apple TV?

  • Can I install kodi on this and how would it run? Better option to move up to NVIDIA shield or something?

    • +2 votes

      i run kodi on mine. works really well and is a great option. the remote is a bit meh compared to the sheilds but not a total deal breaker and this is a lot better than the apple tv so definitely a great option

    • +1 vote

      i setup kodi on one of these and it worked fine…

  • Local didn't have stock but delivery was only $5 so I bit the bullet. Thanks OP and ash2000

    • Did the price for Latitude come down after you agreed to payment? Not updating on my screen (Still $94.10 with postage).

  • great timing, I was looking for one of these this morning!