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Detroit 25m 10A Extension Lead $9.95 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Total Tools (Excludes SA, WA, TAS)


25m extension lead. Half Price. Today only.

Excludes SA, WA, Tas

Heavy-duty insulation
Shielded socket and power LED indicator
Ideal for general use, workshop and construction sites
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Ultra-flexible, durable & easily visible

Cable length: 25m
Plug: 10Amp
Cable: 3 core 1.0mm²
Max total load: 10A / 2400W
Supply voltage: 240V~
Meets Australian Standards

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  • +4

    I picked up a few last year when they were half price. These are heavy duty, quite a thick cable when compared to the cheaper $18 Bunnings extension lead.

    • +1

      Thanks OP just ordered a few myself.

    • Yeah.. same feedback.. they are pretty good

      • ditto, great value for $9.95.

    • +1

      Damn, I need a number of these, but no love for SA.

      • +2

        I would buy some for you and post, but these are really heavy cables so postage will be hefty

        • Kind offer, thanks. But yeah, postage would kill it.

      • +2

        for those in SA, WA, Tas it should work if you can jump on VPN.. I just selected a Vic server and ordered for $9.95..

        • But will they ship? don't want to waste time trying to get refund etc

          I don't use any VPN, can you point me to what/where to use?

          • @iDroid: I just used my surfshark account and selected click and collect. Got the order confirmation come through. Will wait and see if I'll get my collect notification.

            • @navarch: navarch, so you are saving $10 on the purchase, to then have to travel interstate to collect?
              If that saves you money, then please post a deal about how you do it, as I think many would be interested in this!

              • @AdModnar: ha ha.. Nope.. Still use click and collect at my nearest store in WA which is about 1 km away..

                • @navarch: ah, understood, you're hoping they don't check the amount paid against the store location at any stage in the process.
                  I wonder if it is a different franchise arrangement or something in those 3 states listed…

                  • @AdModnar: Yes.. I got the "order ready for collection" notification. So all good.

                    • @navarch: all good… except (maybe) for the store franchisee (eg if they are separate and there is some different arrangement for them in Tas, WA, SA)
                      I guess I'm saying that just because you CAN work around a restriction like that, doesn't mean you should.

        • Ordered worked using VPN. Will wait for collection. Thanks OP AND @navarch

    • +10

      Please be cautious on the term “Heavy Duty”. Some opportunistic manufacture will simply have a thick coating of plastic and call it heavy duty.
      You would want to think about what tools you are using with this. Being 1mm and that is likely to be 18 AWG, which is fine for light duty tools use.
      If you have have a high power tool, you would want something that is 12 AWG, around 2.0mm, which also means less loss over distance also… which after all, this is what you are using the extension lead for.
      The point is to look at the gauge and not necessarily the thickness of the coating around the cable, higher amperage rated is also likely to be thicker gauge and better suited to plugging in high power tools when temporarily extending the power source.
      Oh, most importantly, your safety when using the right tool with the right extension cable. If you are unsure, a simple check is if your extension cable gets hot after using a high power tool, it means you are stressing out the cable to deliver the required power, you are better off using a proper heavy duty 12 AWG rated cable for your safety and longevity of your tools

      • Thanks for the info, do you think these will work fine for vacuums?

      • Specs say 1mm, which is 18 AWG… jesus that's about the thickness of earphone/headphone wire strands.

        Would not trust this imo.

      • Works out at about 4.5% (~10V) voltage drop across the length at full load current. Not really a huge issue on its own, but if the GPO circuit already has a long cable run then this all adds up if you've got a decent size motor hanging off it.

    • yeah so its worth the price even with delivery fees

  • +1

    Sweet! got a couple. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Sad to see this offer not available in SA.

    • +18

      me too, especially when we could really use it to steal some power from Victoria.

    • +6

      Keep an eye on OzBargain, someone might have a lead to a local offer.

      • +1

        I see what you did there

  • +1


  • +1

    Thank you, I paid $50 for a 30m heavy duty extension cord last year..

    • -1

      TBH you get what you pay for. Copper isn't discounted that much. I can't use cheap leads to power my air compressor. Maybe good for some led lights or something low amperage.

      • +1

        Oh okay thanks for the info, just looked the $50 one is 15amps, this one being only 10amps.

  • +1

    Just put an order through here in WA for $9.95 click and collect - yeah, I like to live on the edge…

    • Shows up as $19.95 for me in WA

      • me too even I changed the location to NSW still shows $19.95

        • It reverted to $19.95 for me but updated to $9.95 once I reclicked the click & collect option.

  • This one is 1.0mm² and well within acceptable range for household and small workshop use for the price. Please note, other more expensive cables are heavy duty and rated to 15amp with 1.5mm² cable, obviously for a much higher price.

    Good deal

  • For me (VIC), it is keep showing 19.95. Do I need to apply any discount code?

    • +2

      Same here. showing $19.95 for a store Click and Collect in VIC. Even after I added to the cart and selected C&C, it's still showing $19.95.

      • Same for me in NSW

        EDIT: I went back with my VPN off and it's showing $9.95 now. Don't know why coz I had my local area selected but whatever.

        • +1

          Gees. I turned on my VPN and set postcode to 2000 NSW. It's showing $9.95. Then add the item to the cart and select a store in VIC. It worked!

  • Any free delivery? the delivery cost is the nearly the same as the lead.

    • +1

      Sure, if you double the price of the lead.

      • Doubling the price or increasing the QTY to x2 does not give you free delivery.

        • It's a joke. Since shipping is same price as product consider the price of the product as double and free shipping

          • +2

            @rdhupar: haha yes i know. i was being sarcastic. probably doesnt come across too well via a kb.

  • I need to use one of these extension lead to run power from house wall to a pond & fountain area through a 25 mm conduit. Is it a good idea to unscrew the plug of the lead, run through the conduit and then put it back? Obviously the plug wouldn’t go through the conduit.

    • +4

      Fixed wiring should be installed using TPS cable to a (weatherproof) powerpoint. 2.5mm for power.
      - not advice, get an electrician to do 240v works.

      • +4

        Or DIY. Australia is a total nanny state when it comes to electrical work. Most other countries allow you to do this kind of thing - but not here. It's nonsense.

        New Zealand, which uses the same wiring regs as us (a common document) allows you to undertake some fixed wiring work.

        Just DIY - my opinion but not my advice.

        • +2

          Whilst personally I'm comfortable doing a bit of DIY like this, imagine if the rules allowed - there are so many stupid people out there, imagine how many house fires could result?

          • +2

            @placard: How do all the other developed countries deal with it then?

          • +1

            @placard: Sure, but we're pretty much the only country that I know of that doesn't allow us to do any fixed wiring.

            I'm a qualified (but not licenced) electrician BTW.

            • +1

              @R4: It's a joke, Australia has so many regulations, it's my house, I should do whatever I please. I've always been curious about this stuff, let's say you decide to do some electrical repair in your house and down the track that causes a fire for whatever reason. How could anyone even prove that you it was your fault and not the original electrician? I recently built a house and as far as I know there wasn't any inspection after the electrical work was done, plus they do wiring before lockdown so in theory anyone could "sabotage" your house.

              • +1

                @mange: Yep, and Bunnings sells pretty much everything that you need to do single phase fixed wiring - and most electrical wholesalers will sell you anything with no questions asked - so obviously, people are pretty much doing plenty of electrical DIY.

                Masters was great as they sold 3 phase gear, which Bunnings doesn't do.

              • @mange: I have seen some pretty shoddy wiring in old houses where people thought it would be smart to use "EARTH" as a neutral wire since there was no neutral wire.

                It is your house and you can do what ever you please, but sadly there are so many other there which don't know their stuff who would:
                1. Electrocute themselves
                2. Electrocute others (plenty in the news, where somebody got electrocuted due to dodgy DIY wiring from the previous owner)
                3. Cause house fires, as they don't know what thickness and length of wires should be used.

                Otherwise if you do your research properly (most people dont do this), and learn how to do it properly, then DIY……..

    • Isnt the whole point of outdoor cables they dont need a conduit?

      • +1

        Another reason for do not DIY. lol. Need to know the rules.

        240V needs to be trenched to around 750mm and put in a conduit with electrical warning tape thrown across it before throwing soil on it.
        Depending on which state you are in, the depth may be different and regulations may be different.

        This is to avoid people using edge cutters or stuff and hitting a 240v electrical line.

        If you are planning DIY work, make sure you look up the regulations, they are usually there for a reason, and adhere to them. Or else poor guy who decides to cut your grass may get electrocuted.

        • +1

          It's 600mm deep but you can have a higher depth if you cover the conduit in concrete

    • Is it a good idea to unscrew the plug of the lead

      You'll have to cut one end off the extension lead, buy a new plug top, and refit.

    • +6

      That would not be a good idea for several reasons:

      1. It's illegal, according to AS3000:2018 extension cords should be removal and temporary and you have just made the installation a fixed installation.

      2. The Plug is not removal and you would need to buy a new one to splice/attach onto it. These plugs are generally more susceptible to ingress of dust and water.

      3. It will be fairly evident it was DIY job.

      Your best option is to keep the Extension Cord above ground and away from any area of mechanical stress. When connection to the Pond Socket attach using a IP53+ rated Enclosure such as: Ampfibian X2 or https://www.bunnings.com.au/click-ip55-lead-extension-safety... .

      The cable is Black and Orange to be visible for a reason. Burying or concealing the cable in a way that inhibits removal and makes the installation permanent, is a big no-no when it comes to electrical in Australia.

      Unfortunately there aren't many options to do this cleanly and in a DIY manner (If you want to comply with the regulations). Whether it's worth abiding to, is another question entirely, and comes down to your attitudes of the law and electrical safety.

      • Thanks for your detailed explanation The only reason to use conduit is to avoid physical damage to the cable and to provide neat / tidy cable organisation. Further, the conduit will be above ground and attached to the brick wall. Thought of making the plug connection on the house side that is in undercover area. I know the laws prohibit many options in DIY manner.

  • +1

    Grabbed one, great price op

  • +1

    Good price! Too bad I already have a few extension cables that I don't use already.

  • +1

    Cheers OP! Just picked up 5. Been needing a bunch of extension cables.

    • +1

      connecting to local ausgrid power box to get free electricity?

      • +2

        …who…who told you my plan??? ¬_¬

  • exclude WA :(

    • just ordered one in WA and got confirmation. Havent picked up yet..

      • which browser did you use?

        • just used chrome but with VPN extention enabled.

  • Click and collect working fine in SA

  • If it helps, I selected the Auburn store for collection even though it said out of stock (said wait time up to 4 weeks which was fine for me). However received an email within the hour that the cables are ready for collection.

    • Same here, also want to see what they can do for ST's DeWalt road show.

  • +1

    Thanks got one

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got one!

  • +1

    Was able to buy online (c&c) in Hobart (Tas)

  • +1

    Thanks Op was able to order & C&C at TT Caroline Springs (Ravenhall)

  • +2

    Thanks OP, got 2. Don't need now but ozbargainer never fails me with any good-review purchase :)

  • Thanks OP just picked up 2 at Burleigh Waters…great quality and heavy duty.

  • This does appear to be available in TAS - Hobart

  • +3

    No immediate need for them, but I can see future use, grabbed a couple. Thanks Op.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, been looking for one of these!

  • Would they work well with electric lawn mower? Thank you

    • +1

      Not if you try to cut the cord with the mower

    • +2

      Pros: Very thick insulated cable which is what you need given the type of work proposed
      Cons: Being a thick cable it is less flexible than the thinner type resulting in perhaps less maneuverability around garden beds etc. But quite good for more straight forward lawns

      • Cheers mate, was just about to ask how flexible, think I'll pass on this one.

        • Couldn't you use it to get to the general area and last mile it with a thinner cord?

          INB4 "Hurr durr don't daisy chain these things"

      • @oxblood8 Thank you

  • Are these ok for backpack vaccum? or are they too heavy and thick?

    • these are too heavy and too thick for your task

  • +3

    Bought, dunno why yet

  • +1

    Thanks OP. This is what I was looking for.

  • +2

    Try using VPN if you are in SA, WA, Tas.. seems to work for me.

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