[Citibank Credit Cards] Free Citi PayAll for All Payments Set Up from 1st April 2021 to 31st October 2022 (Normally 2%)


Received in email. Maybe targeted.

Free points on your rents, and any other fees that normally don’t accept credit cards without a fee.

Email excerpt below:

We are writing to advise you of an update we are making to the Citi PayAll product feature available on your Citi Rewards Card.

For all Citi PayAll payments set up between 1 April 2021 to 31 October 2022 (the Period), the Citi PayAll fee will be reduced to 0%:

• Any recurring Citi PayAll payments set up during the Period will not incur the Citi PayAll fee for the duration in which those payments are scheduled to occur.

• Any Citi PayAll payments set up after the Period ends will be charged the standard Citi PayAll fee of 2% of the amount of the Citi PayAll payment.

• Any recurring Citi PayAll payments set up prior and after the Period will be charged the standard Citi PayAll fee of 2% of the amount of the Citi PayAll payment. This fee will apply to all recurring payments made for the duration in which those payments are scheduled to occur.

For more information on Citi PayAll, please refer to the Credit Card Terms and Conditions and Other Important Information and if you are enrolled in a Citi Rewards program, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Rewards program you are enrolled in.


This is a good guide:

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  • I saw you could swap between QF / Citi rewards once per year with the Citi Platinum (not sure if this is US only) Anyone done this? Now the Signature cards are now all platinums

    • *correction - they are now all Premiere cards.
      According to Flight Hacks you can swap rewards program to QFF


      But I just called Citi and she didn't know what I was talking about?

      Wanted to know

      If Pay all can be used to earn QFF points?
      Does adding the diners card cost anything? And does it change your credit limit/ invoke another credit check?

      Anyone know the answers as the operator had no idea (classic Citibank). Cheers

  • +1

    Diners costs nothing and doesn’t require credit check. Double win.

    • +1

      Cheers for this. I couldn't get any form of an answer after a 30min phone call. Much appreciated.

    • What’s the benefit on getting Diners especially for this deal?

      • Diners must be the only free credit card which gives you points on foreign exchange transactions with a good rate. I used it a lot in the Philippines which often accepts diners where credit cards are accepted.

        • +1

          Unless things have changed since I did a comparative test (short time after its launch), the Diners is deceptive junk. Theoretically it should provide points for free on overseas transactions, but instead it just proved there's no such thing as a free lunch.

          The rate was roughly (but consistently) 1.25% worse than 28 Degrees, Citibank Plus, ING, etc. So there was definitely a fee to cover the cost of the points, it just wasn't shown.

          • +1

            @the splingee: My test in March last year showed similar results. Did two identical purchases just minutes apart using Citibank Diners and 28 degrees. Diners was more expensive. I think Citibank bought Diners Club a while ago, so they are free to charge whatever they choose for the exchange rates, which definitely works out to be worse than 28 degrees and ING. I mostly used ING with the free International ATM fee rebates which saved me around $50. Still used 28 degrees for shops that accepted it.

            • +2

              @great-price: While it is technically their prerogative to manipulate the exchange rate, I consider it deceptive for them to portray the product as "No International Transaction Fees when spending overseas."

              And I suspect they are actually applying a % fee (just hidden) based on what I observed with my comparative test. While the transaction was pending, the amount that my available credit had reduced by was actually in line with 28D, ING, etc., suggesting the exchange rate is ok. It was only when the transaction settled that it showed up noticeably worse, while the others settled very close to the pending amounts.

              Anyhow, ING is certainly great for the ATM fee rebates (both international and domestic). I prefer Bankwest Zero Platinum to 28D in general, but they're no different in terms of international transactions.

              • @the splingee: I used to have a Bankwest Zero Platinum, but they closed it on me due to infrequent use. I liked the fact that it was fee free and included travel insurance, as well as having no international transaction fees.

              • @the splingee: It's not a fee or even a hidden fee, it's called the spread. The difference between the (made up) FX rate they apply to the card and the real world FX interbank rate that the live rate used at the moment of making the transaction. Diners Club uses a bigger spread than MasterCard, but you'll never find out exactly what it is because that's commercial in confidence information that no financial institution will release publically. The best you can estimate is to do your own side-by-side tests buying the same thing for the same price in the same currency at the same time using two different cards. I did this too purchasing AA flight seat upgrades for two sectors on an international flight. Both US$100, one bought with 28° card, the other with Diners. I got the same result as others report here. After all the FX conversions and the final amounts appearing on the statements, the Diners ended up about 1% more expensive as others found. There was no more than 3 minutes between making the two charges. Not enough to explain the discrepancy. Diners is more expensive

                • +2

                  @Legoman: It can be the spread. In practice it doesn't matter what it is - it's a cost, relative to the Mastercard and Visa options. There is no free lunch.

                  As long as people are aware of that, they can make an informed decision about whether the points are worthwhile. But it is likely that many people are not aware, nor in a position to do a comparative test like I did using 4 cards.

  • Would this work..
    If youre on a lower limit, like the minimum, could pay in surplus of your limit and do a payall for the surplus?

    • While you can generally do that, I think you're limited to 90% of your credit limit per transaction, e.g. $15000 limit, payall transaction of $13500. (I tried paying an amount larger than my limit and my limit amount, and both times I got denied. This is after paying ahead on my CC, I.e. They owed me money, not vice versa.) I organized a second payall transaction the next day.

      • I can pay the full $15,000 via payall. My balance is now $0

  • Weird. I done a test, pay using category home renovation. On the last page if i pick regular payment it says i can setup up to 60 months! Seriously? All free if i setup before October?… if paying 10k each month so i will earn 600k points in total? Too good to be true…?

    • +4

      In theory, but with Citi already announced that they’d withdraw from Australia & few other Asian countries, and tried to sell the business, I doubt this offer will even be there by end of year. New owner (if they do find buyer), will probably cancel this. I’m beginning to think, that this is an attempt to inflate their book numbers so that it’d look attractive

      • From Citibank Online messaging:

        Please be advised that there is no change in the way Citi serves its
        retail banking and credit card customers as a result of this

        We currently do not have definitive timelines, but we expect the exits
        will take many months to complete, and in some cases may be a multi-year
        process, and are subject to relevant regulatory and local board
        approvals and other relevant processes and procedures.

        Once a buyer is found for the business, we expect your account will be
        migrated to the buyer.

        Our Consumer operations, including all branches, call centers and
        offices, continue to operate as they do today.

    • Go for it! But max it earn 200k points per year for a cool mill!

  • +7

    Citi Management: We are selling our Aus cards business. How can we get rid of these unprofitable zero fee for life cards that we have on our books before the sale?
    Cit Marketing: I know. Let's run a generous short-term points promo that can be gamed, but gaming it breaches the promo terms and entitles us to cancel their cards!
    Citi Management: Do it.

    • ha ha ha. love it

    • +1

      I get the vibe the points value will do down again soon.

  • I had a "Payall Reversal" when i was trying to pay my mortgage. I know in the T&C's that it may not work with mortgage payments, would there be anything else that may have prevented the transaction going through?

    • Not enough credit available?

      • Wrong account details?

    • Try paying your Normal offset/bank account then transfer to your mortgage?

  • Really late to the party here…but are people just transferring to another bank account with no issues and receiving points?

    • +2


  • Anyone got issues with money not coming into payee accounts? I transferred and it’s taking 4 business days and money still not coming into my payee accounts.

    • just checking that you set it up more than 14 days ago? there is a 2 week blockout period or something so it doesn't transfer instantly - just in case you missed that bit

      • i setup couple days ago and it says scheduled for 27/4 but then i got email today 20/4 saying it will be processed in 3 days… hmmm…. weird

      • It’s scheduled on 14th, charged money on 12th, but till now, still no money coming into my payee account. Contacted with Citi online chat and they said they will track transaction , but it will take another 3-5 working days. Not sure, where is my money now:-(

        • entered correct bsb and account numbers ? you know they dont cross check acc name

        • My bad, my payee hide the accounts in online account, so it was thought not come in. Actually it was available after one business day in payee’s account. Sigh.

          • +1

            @shoppinginsyd: secret account, eh? its ok… we understand… wink wink

            • @ChiMot: hahaha, sometimes you even forgot those small money with hidden accounts. now it's time to remember it.:-)

    • I setup my first on the 13th. They took the money from the card on the 9th, but I really got the money on 13th

      • yep, they took money 3 days in advance before scheduled payment date.

    • Yep, day 5 now, no transfer…

      • is it all good now?

        • Yeah, eventually..

  • I setup a payment for 27April but it was charged today on credit card. I didn't BPAY yesterday and it's not been cleared as yet.

    Does it mean I lost payment altogether?

    • Yup same here 27th but charged just now. But i made it well below my credit limit so i should be fine.

      • Your Citi PayAll payment of AUD **** to **** from card ending **** is declined. Please make alternative payment arrangements.

        Will they try again tomorrow?

        • I dont think so. You can call and ask.

  • Anyone brave enough to send $ to Binance? (Could mitigate risk by having cash in your offset to cover it). But might give some extra play cash.

  • Anyone requested a credit limit increased ? I requested on 8/4 and still not approved yet. They said it was cancelled and progressed to policy department. What even it means ?

  • Anyone got a chance to double check or confirm with this "And the good news is that the number of points you will earn is uncapped." From https://www1.citibank.com.au/offers-benefits/PayAll1, it states rewards points earned from PayAll is uncapped. But in terms of Citi premier card, it has 200,000 points cap per 12 month. If there is uncapped for PayAll, then probably we can utilize the max $35000 transfer limit to earn 35000 points every month which means 420,000 points per 12 month. That is a lot. Thanks.

    • Doesn't the zero fee promotion last for 7 months?

      • not really.
        yes 7 months, but anything we setup during that 7 months, got zero fees

      • Yes, zero fees last for 7 months.
        But any scheduled payments during the 7 months which can be lasting max 24 months will be also zero fees. So basically you can get 24 months points earn since the first date set up during the promotion 7 months.

        • try this:
          choose type: home renovation.
          On the last page pick regular payment it says i can setup up to 60 months!?

          • @ChiMot: I tried that category, it shows 60 months, but when you got for selection, it seems only changed to 24 months available. I maybe wrong, but probably will try it again later on.

    • I guess we can only know 2-4 months later, once someone hit the 200k points :)

      • maybe that is the best way to verify. :-) if 35000 pts max per month, then almost takes 6 months to reach 200k though. If my understanding right.

        • Should be less than that if some of us also use the card for something else, I think the 200k cap is for all spending?

          • @hanofee: yes, that's true, if used a lot the card already, it probably will reach the max very soon.

    • I just had a chat with Citi online cs. There will be points cap per 12 months depending on your credit card reward program T&C.

      • +1

        Ok so for the premier (the old free for life) card, cap is 200,000 it seems.
        Ie $16k per month is sufficient no need to try hit the limit 35k

        • 200,000 limit per year or per financial year?

  • Anyone know if the $35k cap is per calendar month or statement month?

    • I believe is per calendar month.

  • How do people plan to use the points you earn? I think I will transfer them to Flybuys regularly and spend them at Coles.

    • Redeeming them straight for Coles giftcard is better value than transferring via flybuys then Coles dollars.

      • Yup i will be redeeming to coles…

      • Are you sure?
        10,500 Citi points = $50 Coles evoucher
        10,500 Citi points = $52.50 in FlyBuys Dollars

        • -2

          But gift card u can use it freely/bigger amount, where flybuys can only use $10 per transaction at Coles. Coles should really change like Woolies where u can use how many points u want at once

          • @hanofee: nope, my credit on flybuys, i can use any amount i want no restriction. but i need to always bring and use the physical card.
            its called flybuys dollars. just like money. and we can also use flybuys dollar at few other stores within coles group, i guess ?
            may be used in store at Coles Supermarkets, Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, First Choice Liquor Market, Coles Express, Kmart, Target

            • @ChiMot: Oh thanks, didn't know that. better flybuys points then if your exchange rate is 1:1.

        • yeah i came back just to post that. agree with you (@capslock), going to flybuys first is slightly better. just little more

        • Maybe our transfer rates are different.

          Mine is 1.33 citi = 1 flybuys.

          So need 13300 Citi points to get 10000 flybuys points for the $50 Coles dollars.

          Vs the 10500 Citi points for the 50 Coles evoucher

        • anything for Woolworths?

  • I transferred mine to KF a few years ago. Gave great value for flights in Canada to the US. I haven't started Payall yet, was waiting to see if there is any fall out. Seems to be all good.

  • Sounds like Citi wants to go out of Australia with a bang with this offer!

    Probably want more to sign up for the rewards credit cards before the sale I think…

  • Anyone else found this to be torture? The delay in paying is days, plus it doesn’t seem to save the payee, this has meant I’ve had to add bsb and Acc details every time…

  • No it won't save the payee, you can add the payee in advance to save you time. You need to be patient as the payment is made within 7 working days from the time you initiated I believe.

    • +3

      free points and people still complaining hmmm not the usual ozb who happy to run around to save $10

      • Pretty big shortcoming IMO

        • +2

          If you just keep paying to the same account (which I supposed most of us), you can either go to Completed or Cancelled tab and re-initiate to the same payee. It'd still offer the chance to readjust the amount/frequency etc, but no need to re-enter the payee.

          • @hanofee: Hmm this could be my problem. I can’t see a completed or cancelled tab? iOS.

    • If you’ve got a Citi bank account you can add and save the payee to your list.

      • You've also posted that there are risks (against the T&Cs) doing this. What payment category have you used to pay yourself?

  • Has anyone been investigated for money laundering yet?

    • nope. i am clean fluffy and smell nice !

    • Whats the value that auto flags these days? I think it used to be a >$10k transaction.

      So is say 3 * $5000 safer than one $15k? I have nothing to hide, but who has time for a financial audit these days.

      • well what can we say…
        if the big brother asking i will just say yes i transferred xxx to my mothers account and then she returned it back then i paid off my balance.
        why? to get citi points.
        no monkey business here.

        • +1

          But it will be a full financial audit, not just on these transactions. Tax is hard enough. All of a sudden the $4000 cashback from a home loan refinance that you didn't claim as income pops up etc..or some other CGT/ FBT event occurs (especially if a government worker, there is some BS fine print about not being allowed to have additional income while employed in a gov position). This includes rental properties and shares.

          Anyway, looks like $10k is the magic figure. If you can make it 2 x $5000 instead, might save some pain.


      • No idea, but I have been keeping the transactions under $10K.

        • -1

          TTR not applicable here as no physical cash involved.

  • Am I missing something…I'm thinking of converting to velocity pts? Is this a bad redemption rate? 2.5:1

    • wait till there is a bonus for transfers

      • velocity has a 15% currently

  • I'm sorry if I'm late to the party.

    My understanding is:
    1. You can setup payall to pay yourself or other people via a scheduled date to a maximum of your credit limit or $35,000.
    2. You then pay it back however you normally pay your credit card balance.

    The one thing that I do not understand is the interest free. I can't see any information about being interest free? I normally setup my credit card to pay the full balance every month.

    If someone can help, I would appreciate it.

    • yes you get the same interest free period, they treat the transfer as normal purchases like buying from amazon for example or your $4 coffee

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