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Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth Type-C RGB Mechanical Keyboard US$64.99 (~A$84.29) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


One of the highly rated keyboards at the lowest price ever (I believe). Available in Blue or Brown switches.

Limited stock on both colours. Shipped from AU warehouse - 1 week delivery.

About this item

  • Minimalistic design doing more with less. Requires less hand movement while still being able to access all the functionalities.
  • Compact and Portable . It saves desk space and easy to carry around. Fits right in backpack. Perfect for home, work and on the go.
  • Decent bluetooth connectivity enables wireless connection up to 4 devices and switch seamlessly back and forth.
  • Revamped obinskit starter software simplifies the way to set up your own key layout, lighting and to create macros.
  • The “Magic Fn” on the Caps Lock button makes it easier to utilize the F1-F12 keys while gaming.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD (thanks adr8 :p)


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  • +1

    That is an amazing price indeed!

  • Anyone have any experience with this keyboard for programming? Not sure on how a 60% would go. Currently using a TKL.

    • +2

      Ngl I think lack of arrow keys would drive me crazy. Maybe if you exclusively use vim or the like it wouldn't matter so much. But I've been looking at 65% keyboards for this reason.

      • +1

        I use one,

        you can tap the 'arrow' key area and it does the arrow key functions.

        Also quite programmable with the app

        • Yeah I did see that. I still think having to press another key before using arrow keys wouldn't work for me as is, but that said I haven't actually tried it

          • +1

            @snep: You don't press another key first, just tap the keys on the bottom right and they function as arrow keys. You just can't hold the keys down or they work as their original function, so it's tap tap tap tap tap to go across 5 spaces.

            • @whitty: Ah that makes more sense. Even so, personally I don't see the benefits of a 60% over a 65% since the difference in size is pretty small. I suppose it could be good if portability is really important.

      • I'm not sure what the programmability is like in the Anne pro2, but I have a 60% and the left win key is my fn key with ijkl being my nav keys.

        I haven't done a huge amount of programming but dabbled, and find it more comfortable to use ijkl as nav keys with FN than to have a seperate nav cluster. Keeping my hands on/near the home row is the best

      • I got a 65 instead of a 60 for this reason

    • +2

      I have one and do a lot of programming on macOS. Here is my capsule review.

      - Great keyboard and software with good build quality.
      - Using tap keys for arrows works better than I thought
      - Being small, it is centred very very well on my desk with the monitor. Also, my mouse it not too far away.

      - The thing that drives me nuts is the lack of a `/~ key. I always go for the key left of 1, which is Esc in this case. I can map Caps Lock to Esc but I prefer to have Caps Lock as backspace.
      - If you use F keys in your programming heavily it might be a bit awkward. eg. Cmd-Opt-F7 would require me to press 4 keys.

      • Is it QMK, you could swap it to grave escape?

    • +2

      Don't use 60% for programming unless you really need portability. The END HOME INS PGUP PGDN F1-12 DEL requires combos, the arrow keys need to be tapped multiple times, you cannot press and hold to keep the arrow moving. I like this keyboard for general web browsing, including typing on ozbargain.

      • I am a programmer and I used Anne Pro for over a year. You can make Caps Lock + wasd for arrow keys which can be held, it's quite natural for those who play any games

    • i use one. love it.

  • +1

    Very good price!! Jump onboard if you want one for sure

    • about 46 units of each (blue / brown) at time of posting

      will see how long it lasts :p

  • +1

    How does this compare to ducky one 2 mini or keychron keyboards? I am really keen in getting a compact mech keyboard :)

    • +4

      I've got both this and a Keychron K6. Keychron has a way more premium feel all around and would recommend it over the Anne.

      The Anne is good when it's working but I've had my fair share of issues with connections, both over bluetooth and wired. The arrow keys being under a fn key + wasd isn't too much of an issue, overall I actually feel like it's a bit more intuitive than the 65% placement.

      • Saved me $80 thanks :)

    • +1

      Can't speak for Anne but I have the Keychron K2, it's solidly built, even though its a full plastic design, unless you get the one with aluminium rails.

      No real issues over bluetooth, haven't really used wired so cant speak to that. I've only had it for about 3 months so knocking on wood that stays that well. Backlighting remains off for me 100% of the time because I just dont need it, battery last well over 4 weeks per charge.

  • +1

    Great keyboard/price if you don't mind not having dedicated arrow keys.

  • loving my drop crtl .. i just bought a separate 20$ calculator for other stuff

    • did you pay full price though coz its pretty steep

      • Nah, mate who works in Saudi bought it for me, was 250 USD then

  • +6

    For anyone thinking of getting this. I really wish I got a 65% instead of 60 - miss those arrow keys even when they're on a Fn layer.

    • You can probably figure out you can quick tap the "arrow key" on this keeb to make it work. Pretty sure there's software to customise the keys anyways.

  • +3

    Worth noting Bluetooth 4.0 has noticeable input lag in games, according to this user review on Reddit

  • Oh man, i wish it has arrow keys.

    • it kinda does. the right shift and fn keys act as arrow keys… dont ask me how but it is somewhat intuitive.

      • Function arrow keys work quite seamlessly for me. But recommend going into settings and changing the latency for their activation. Great keyboard and super customisable with both lights and shortcuts

        • wait you can do that??! how do you access settings?

          • @lawyerz: Comes with an app

            • @Lifeinflow: could you advice, i'm in obinskit, which is the setting to adjust latency for the arrow keys activation?

  • If Corsair didn't just drop the K65 Mini i'd be keen (pending their reviews :/)

    • Heads up the reviews are bad.

  • I'm struggling between anne pro 2, GK61 or RK61. All seem very decent. Hotswap is nice but not necessary.

  • I'll wait until it's $69

    • it's cheaper than that already. $64.99 USD hehe

  • BT with RGBs. I can't imagine how long the batteries will last.

    • Longer than in an Apple Magic Mouse. Those things are hungry hungry hippos.

  • +4

    For those who miss the arrow keys, what I did was change the function of the bottom right keys to be the arrow keys (i.e. permanent rather than the default "tap" functionality). I also changed the right Alt key to the Fn key. You still have the left Ctrl and Alt, so you don't lose any functionality this way.

    • or just get one with arrow keys.. already mini without the number pad ;)

  • Kinda wish its in white but can’t complain with this price

  • I have one with kailh box red switches, only used few hours, back to my lovely full size keyboard.
    btw it can't enter bios(of course it's a BT keyboard).

    i believe it's a nice keyboard, just I don't like the 61 keys layout.
    also have another one kemove snowfox 61 Gateron red switches from banggood, i think it's better than my box red anne pro2.

    now I am using Razer yellow, I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • +1

    Says it has reached 40 times use when adding coupon.

  • only 40 available at that price. shame.

  • Same for me. It says 40 has been reached. Shame.

  • Has anyone used AP2 and Blitzwolf KB1? How do they compare?