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[Afterpay] Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" Monitor $449 (OOS), Xiaomi Dreame V9 Carpet Head $189, V9 Combo $249 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Greetings everyone, some excellent price drops here from Gearbite, the Dreame V9 is the cheapest price ever for both the carpet head and combo versions, and the Monitor is the cheapest in recent times.

Should be able to select Afterpay as payment and then use gift card as full payment to avoid the requirement of using Afterpay.

Stack with 5% 1.5% off Choice Gift Cards which include eBay via Cashrewards.

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As always, enjoy :)

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This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • I think your third link is wrong, OP

    But otherwise, great deals.

    • +1

      It's a dual listing, so just need to select the item within the dropdown box :)

  • +1

    Got the Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" in another recent OzBargain deal and would totally recommend!

    • is the display area of the monitor supposed to go all the way to the bezel?

      • -1


    • +5

      Me too! It's fantastic. I use it for work. My biggest tip is get DisplayFusion and set up hot keys to split the monitor/move windows to predetermined areas. Windows 10 by default doesn't deal with splitting screens into thirds well.

  • +1

    Just replaced my broken Acer Predator x34 with one of these - "No ragrets" !

    • Really no "ragrets"? How does it actually compare?

  • I don’t have afterpay, if I apply now would it open in time to get these deals? And credit score impact?

    • There is another option..You can choose to use afterpay , add the discount code and then pay the discounted balance with a egift card.
      I just realised it's in the original post too.. oops..

      • How do you get egift cards?

        Edit: …oops.. it's in the original post

      • Ok thanks!

  • Beauty 👍 OP. I’ve had my eye on the Dreame, especially with incoming baby and having new carpets. I’ve now pulled the trigger!

  • That monitor though! I have the Dell 27DGF, I always keep wondering if I should buy this too and see how it compares and decide which one to keep :)

    • Recently got the xiaomi. Previously I had a 2015 imac 27 inch 5k ips monitor.
      Ips looks brighter. But i do remember the screen burns, which would eventualy disappear.
      It depends if you want a bigger screen imo, i still would prefer ips over va, now that i have tried both
      Its still a great monitor, im happy with it for the price.
      Jus the brightness could be better, ips gives u that

  • for some reason, it didnt work with my normal ebay account but worked with my ebay plus. Great deal - Thanks.

  • Hi doweyy, looks the link doen't work with afterpay and the code as well, has to be ebay plus or not, anyother requirment?

    • Weird, should work perfectly for all accounts? It might be an issue with your account, you can either checkout as a guest or contact eBay live chat and they should be able to sort out the issue.

      I just tried on guest checkout and it applies without issue.

      • Thanks doweyy, guest account works..really weird, afterpay reason might be

  • Thanks for the heads up, grabbed a carpet head vacuum for my folks.

  • can someone explain the soft roller head? the more expensive one?

    • +1

      mmmm squishy. Also turns.

      • worth?

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got a new vacuum for the new house!

  • +1

    Can the Xiaomi monitor be mounted to everyone's favorite NB F80 Monitor Desk Mount stand?

    • +1

      It sure can.. that's the mount I'm using. Floating look FTW!

      • So no sag at all?

        NBF80 is meant to work with monitors up to 9.5kgs, this monitor is listed as 10.5kgs

        • +2

          Its about 8-9kg without stand

        • +2

          No Saggyness.

          • @Mingles: Thanks and cheers for confirming this :)

  • +3

    Can someone enlighten me on the Dreame models

    Do I need the second head? My house has carpet and hard floors, I have a roomba so I'd mostly use this for spot cleaning
    How does V9 compare to V10/V11?

    • +1

      I use the V9 with carpet head for my apartment. I have carpet in the apartment except my bathroom and kitchen. The carpet head can also be used in hard surfaces.

      Extremely happy with my V9 and I also recommended to few of my friends and they also bought them.

      • Thanks, I've bought the carpet head only

    • +1

      The carpet head will work fine in hard floor, but I suggest get a soft rollers head if you have more hard floor then carpet as it is more efficient. Otherwise, carpet head alone is fine.

  • +3

    Can someone compare the Dreame model to Xiaomi 1C handheld?

  • +1

    Does anyone have idea on how these compare with 2x 24" (1920x1440)? I'm due an upgrade and I'm tryign to work out if I go with something with a dual thin bezel setup or something like this. I do a fair bit of 3D modelling type work and the usual word / office stuff as well.

    • Yep I'm in the same boat minus the 3D modelling work. :-)

    • This is like the equivalent of having 2x 27" monitors side by side. Before upgrading to this monitor, I was using a 32" 1440p monitor as primary with a 32" 1080p monitor beside it. Since upgrading, I haven't had a need for the second monitor. I hope this feedback helps.

  • Finally pulled the trigger on the Dreame V9. Been umming and arghing for ages but for $237 after the 5% off choice gift cards it was too hard to pass up….again.

  • Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" is OOS

  • +1

    Thanks, grabbed myself a vacuum, always wanted to replace my corded one

  • Any deals on the dreame v10? 😊

  • -1

    Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner 20,000Pa Suction Australian Version Combo Version

    It is listed as $219 on Kogan + $14.99 shipped to NSW (metro area) = $233.99 OR $219 + $18.99 = $237.99 Express Shipping

    URL Here:


    • Is this the one with carpet head only?

      • +2

        Yep. Significantly more expensive than this eBay deal so I'm not sure what the upvotes are for.

        • +3

          I can help with that :)

      • Price has gone back to $279 now (was $219) but I believe yes, click the "In the box " of the page showing below accessories on the page and the long suction tube is in red (if the photo is correct on Kogan page) looks better to me.

        1 x Xiaomi Dreame V9 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (AU/NZ Model)
        1 x Carpet Brush
        1 × 2-in-1 Brush
        1 x Flat Tip Brush
        1 x Anti Dust Mite Brush
        1 x User Manual

  • Prices for the vac's are showing as $236.25 & $311.25 for me.
    Even at the $236.25 price this is a good deal but I don't know how the OP's price is achived.

    • +1

      You need to apply the coupon "PAPDY20" and select Afterpay as payment to get the prices in the title and save 20%.

      • Cool, thank you.
        Guess you can tell I'm new to this :)

        • It's all good :)

  • anyone know how much and where you can buy replacement batteries for the mi vacuums?

  • Stack with 5% 1.5% off Choice Gift Cards which include eBay via Cashrewards

    Celebration Swap cards are still 5% on Shopback for those interested.

  • Still waiting on my order for carpet head, they haven't event dispatched it. Order was placed in mid february.

  • Thanks OP. Highly recommend the V9. Best vacuum I've had.

  • You can only apply one voucher code to this purchase

    Wtf. Came up when trying to use the ebay plus sign up voucher.

    • Yeah you can only use one voucher per order unfortunately, so can't stack with the eBay plus voucher in this case and you'll need to use it separately.

      • Yeah lame. I didn't want to muck around buying a separate $200 gift card for the vacuum and leaving one spare, so I paid the remainder$ with afterpay lol. 10 bucks a fortnight.

  • why people use v9?for price only small diffirence from V10?V9 still best?i have hard floor i need to get the combo?thanks!

  • Anyone's monitor been shipped yet? :/

    • Not mine, AusPost just says "received and ready for processing". :( It's probably delayed because of the weather.

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