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[VIC] Powerpal Power Meter for Metro Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat Residents $0 (Was $129) @ Powerpal


Over 35,000 free Powerpal's have been claimed by Victorians with the service rated 5* across Google reviews and the app stores. The service is completely free thanks to funding under the Victorian Government's flagship energy upgrades program.

We saw a great response from OzBargain when this deal was first announced last year, so we just want to let the community know that the offer has been expanded to cover homes in Geelong and Ballarat (in addition to Melbourne metro areas). So if you haven't yet claimed yours jump on board!

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      Yes that's true

  • I’ve got a few questions;

    -how does this work exactly? You plug the thing in that’s always on and connect with your phone via BT?
    -can’t self install, so an installer comes. Do they actually need to go inside your house to install it or only have access to the meters outside?
    -and can we pick a specific time? Eg 11am? Or is it like Telstra where you need to stay a whole morning/arvo? Ie "morning" 9-12?
    -so we need to pay a $200 installation fee? Can we pay via PayPal?

    • What install fee? Its a free device and install is free. Takes them about 10 mins and they claim their payment via recs.

    • No fee.

      They don't need to come inside unless your meter happens to be inside.

      Can't specify a time, just a day from memory.

      Yes it's always on and logging data locally. It'll sync with your mobile app when you open it so your phone doesn't always need to be connected.

  • Had one installed last year but i had a sparky come by to do some work and the little sensor came unstuck from the smart meter. Can anyone advise how its supposed to line back up to the smart meter sensor?

  • Had one installed about 6 months ago. Not working well, never worked whole day, always had some gaps. I don't know it's just me…

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      Are you saying that your Device fails to connect via Bluetooth all day OR that there are Gaps in the Power Use i.e. not recording the Data at all?

      If Bluetooth Related: Live data to the App is not critical as the device stores the energy use info. Once you are in range and via Bluetooth it will then update your local app and online Server.

      If your are saying there are "Gaps" during the day and yet Bluetooth connected, then that would be strange UNLESS you had Solar in which case there are gaps as you didn't use any power from the grid.

  • Edit: original question already answered..

  • So what data analytics does the app collect, where does it send it and who do you sell the data to?

    These are indispensable answers for anyone even slightly concerned for cyber privacy.

    • I've had the same thoughts. I read their privacy policy apparently they claim they don't monetize the data, but I'm skeptical.

      I may be wrong. Someone posted t&c's that says otherwise on page1.

  • +1

    Had mine installed last week Thursday. Great little devices. Was installed at rockbank/Aintree area

  • We have one of these and it bugs me that it has no WiFi support and works Bluetooth only. Come one are we in 2000’s?

    • +1

      no WiFi support and works Bluetooth only

      These are low power devices.

      Powerpal uses one of the most advanced IoT chipsets available on the market today combined with patented power optimising algorithms to achieve the stated battery lifetime.

      Once you start introducing a WiFi radio, the device battery will need to be replaced sooner than the projected 10 year lifetime.

  • Last I spoke to someone from Powerpal, you guys were working on a solution for supporting solar panels as well as 3-phase meters. Any movements in this area?

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      I have solar and a 3 phase meter - i got this installed about a month ago.

      It works with 3 phase meters since it connects to the flashing interval LED. It also works with solar, but it wont show you your solar consumption.

  • A friend and I applied for this last year for our respective homes, never heard back.

  • Does someone need to be home for installation?

    • +1

      Yes. You or your household delegate needs to be there to sign the paperwork.

  • I just signed up, but I'm in a unit. I believe the main electricity box is locked (2 units only) will this be an issue?

  • Any chance you could extend your installation coverage by a couple of KM? My postcode isn’t eligible, but multiple neighbouring postcodes are.

  • +3

    I don't know why people are complaining about this being a waste of our tax dollars. Upon some reps confirmation/comments from others, it seems this would actually be covered by utilities providers so they can check the box and claim they are doing their bit for a 'greener' future.

    Even if this came from our tax dollars, this is nothing compared to the waste the government is using in implementing JobKeeper scheme (full of flaws) and other fiscal stimulus which would have to be eventually paid/borne by the next generation. No free lunch.

    I'm probably gonna get negged hard after this… COME AT ME BLUDGERS!!!

    • +1

      The price being passed on to retailers is either reducing their margins, or being passed on to consumers as part of the overall energy rates. It is probably a bit of both. The argument is that improvements in customer awareness of usage patterns can encourage reduced peak load. This will reduce the spot prices that retailers can be exposed to.

  • Silll waiting for installation in 3777.

  • I had mine installed last week. Installer did a good job arriving a few minutes before the scheduled time .. so all is good with it. Now I just need to collect enough data over the next week or so to start understanding my usage…

  • Anyone elses app refusing to open? Loads the Powerpal logo for a second then goes back to my phone dashboard. Using Pixel 5

  • Can someone explain why do you need some physical device for a smart meter. It already feeds data to a cloud, that's the whole point of it.. I mean it's open free in SA https://customer.portal.sapowernetworks.com.au/meterdata/CAD... and providers show same data in their online accounts.

    • Exactly my thought. They should make the smart meter data available on a live stream to customers, rather than polling hourly and then sending to us on 24 hours basis.

      It can be left with the customer to download data to the minute to free them from storing all those data. (Compared to what FB or google stores, this will be peanuts though)

    • +1

      More for those that want to see "Live Data" on the fly. Not every Retailer shows or offers a Weblink for Live Data, in fact very few do.
      Your link I assume to the Distributor (as you are in SA). No such thing exists in NSW. One can request a "Export" of the data but this is not Live Data. PLUS is also only avail if one has a Smart Meter that sends the Data back. Not all do.

  • +2

    What I completely don't get is that we already paid for smart meters.
    Why don't the smart meters provide this functionality ?

    (disclaimer - I have a powerpal, installed early this month, although I'm not 100% happy with it - continual bluetooth connection requests and chunks of missing data. I've emailed [email protected] just now)

  • +1

    I have a PowerPal. But in NSW we are trusted to be responsible adults and install them ourselves.

    It has revealed some interesting info about where our bills blow out, and we've made some adjustments to our power usage which should save us hundreds of dollars in years to come. (Like operating our pump in the off-peak times rather the peak or shoulder periods.)

  • Hi guys. Any current coupon code for people not in VIC? Much appreciated

    • No such thing. I checked high and low in Nov when I got mine. Best was when CR or was it Shopback had a deal for "ALL" items on Amazon as one could purchase from there. Saved me perhaps $10.

  • +1

    Have signed up since Feb, have not gotten an appointment yet

  • +1

    I've got one (free) and love it. so good to drive down your own usage. especially when i see the pool filter kick in.

  • -1

    Signed up, had an appointment that they cancelled. Then I unsubbed from their mailing list and a few weeks later still get barraged with spam.

  • How is the data stored? I note that I can export 60 days of data, is my data older than 60 days wiped?

    • +2

      One needs to export it as local CSV file at least once every 60 days if you want a local copy.
      The App however does show all the History Data longer. For how long I am not sure as only had mine for 6 months. The app shows all 6 months.

      Sidenote: Perhaps via request or in time there will be a method to export All data as it still exists on their Servers.

  • Does anyone know if they contact you on the installation day , ours is supposed to be installed today between 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock ?

    Edit : oops my bad its tomorrow .

    • We have ours installed now , took about 5 mins for the installer and thats with setting up the app as well .

  • +1

    I've had one of these for about 6 months now. It's a novelty really. It won't actually line up with my bill cost because I have a controlled load on my meter, and it won't differentiate between them, so it's of limited usefulness to me.

    I do occasionally look at it to see the spikes in days when the A/C is on or I do a lot of laundry to see the effects, but for the most part a plug in power monitor for individual appliances has been more handy for me to curb my bill usage.

  • What does these means? Do I sign away my CO2 certificate ownership to Victorian Energy company in exchange for a free Powerall" that Victorian Energy can use the certificate to make money else where?
    "As the energy consumer, you own the rights to create certificates for energy saving activities undertaken at your premises under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. One certificate represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) to be reduced by the activity.
    You are able to assign your right to create certificates to an accredited provider under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. In assigning your right, the accredited provider will be entitled to create and own the certificates for the activity undertaken at your premises. In return, the accredited provider should provide you with an identifiable benefit (e.g. price reduction on a product, free installation or a cash-back arrangement).
    You are responsible for ensuring you are satisfied with the terms of the assignment of certificates to the accredited provider (as detailed below) prior to proceeding with the activity."

  • +1

    Just got ours installed today (3188). Works great, real-time monitoring is super handy. Saves me buying those powerpoints that monitor energy use.

    Highly recommended to anyone on the fence.

    • +1

      I use both.
      Adaptors for Power Points allows one to get a avg read on individual devices or rooms. Powerpal only gives an overall household read or monitoring live power.

      Example. Powerpal won't tell me that my fridge uses on avg 2.1 kWh a day . Using smart powerpoint adaptors and over time one gets to know how much power is being used by which power sockets and should match close to what Powerpals total reads.

      Powerpal is very handy though and has assisted with me reducing overall power by approx 20% by being more aware of what is going on. The adaptors assist in isolating what's used where (for initial audit purposes over the space of a month or two).

      • What sort of changes did it lead you to make to get that 20% reduction, if you don't mind me asking?

        • +1

          In my case biggest savings was the Hot water tank which is easy for me to turn off at the meter. I turn it on before bed and off in the morning.

          It's a combination of things like not leaving appliances on unnecessarily, TV, PCs etc, Turning power off to rooms (via Smart plugs) at end of day. Being more aware of the power that Air cons, heaters, cookers consume i.e. only turn on when needed and more importantly turn them off.

          The Powerpal app makes one more aware of daily use so was a great starting point and fun challenge to find out what was using the power.

          ALSO: My electricity plan is Time Of Use (TOU). In turn stay clear of running unnecessary items during Peak periods.

          • +1

            @Borg: Actually Hot Water tank I have always turned off so was not part of the savings.
            As I got my Powerpal in Nov 2020, I just did a comparison between Nov 2019 to Mar 2020 and same period this year 2020/2021.
            Total kWh used is down by a whopping 28% (8% higher than noted above). No changes in house or lifestyle so this is down to pure awareness and change of habits. Thanks Powerpal. It's worked well for me.

          • @Borg:

            It's a combination of things like not leaving appliances on unnecessarily, TV, PCs etc

            All of this should be done even when you don't have the PowerPal device, i.e. common sense, really.

            In turn stay clear of running unnecessary items during Peak periods

            What's your peak period?

            • @DoctorCalculon: Common sense vr reality are two different things. It acted as a reminder to check what's what and to ensure common sense prevailed :-)

              Peak Period: Usually 2pm to 8pm Mon-Fri (AEST). It's a tricky question as different retailers offer different rate periods. Some follow the Summer/Winter rule whereby there is no peak for 4 months of the year, others have peak all year. Also during daylight savings some still apply peak as AEST so Peak would be 3pm to 9pm local time.

  • Hi Powerpal,
    The app should be improved to show notification/alert. I want it runs a notification sound when the import power exceeds a certain limit. When Solar pannel generate, we switch on many appliances and later forget to switch off, and then they start drawing power from the Grid. This is a very useful feature if you can add it.

    One key metering I want to do is to measure the power export, rather than import so that we can plan the power usage more efficiently. The smart meter measures this (export) and presents the cumulative value under reading code "47". Anybody knows, how to read these values without going to the meter board? Can powerpal add this to their metering?


    • +1

      Totally agree. The app could do with Alerts to remind one when e.g. one is exceeding a x.xxwatts. This way it can act as a reminder to turn someting off!

  • is there something sinister with this device eg. powerpal knowing all my details?

  • How long do they take to contact you once you register your details?

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