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Fire TV Stick 4K $99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon is finally releasing the Oz version of the 4K Fire TV Stick

Powerful, cinematic entertainment - Instantly access 4K Ultra HD content at up to 60fps. You’ll also enjoy the brilliant colour of HDR with support for Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HDR10+, and the immersive audio of Dolby Atmos.
Thousands of apps - Stream for free with SBS On Demand, 10 play, 7plus, YouTube and more. Enjoy your favourites with subscriptions to Netflix, Stan, Disney+ and Prime Video. Plus watch live TV, news and sport.

This item will be released on April 21, 2021.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • they have buttons for directly going into Prime video and Netflix. Thats good. Wish they would have given one for Youtube

    • Youtube is owned by Google. Companies pay extra for the special buttons on the remotes and google is a Amazon firestick competitor with their own streaming devices.

  • +1

    Still no Freetime/Kids+ get it together Amazon AU.

  • Does Prime Video actually support 4k video? Reading online suggests they do but nearly every show I've watched on there incl. Amazon originals (e.g NOS4A2) seems stuck in 1080p ?

    • I have no issue getting 4K HDR on NVIDIA Shield for prime video if the video supports it.

    • Beautiful 4K/UHD rendering on my TV, but not many movies/series in that res - mostly US.

      By some quirk searches for 4K/UHD material with the stick generally plays back in 1080p. A workaround is to log in on a desktop and search for 4K or UHD there, then save your results to "Mystuff", Watch it from "Mystuff" on the 4K stick with a sufficiently fast wifi and Bobs yer uncle - 4K resolution.

      • Yep Range isnt the best.

  • +7

    Should really be $79…

    • This would be the RRP, exactly the same as the Chromecast with Google TV

      • Chromecast with Google TV RRP is $99

    • +20% Australia-tax.

  • +6

    Too late for me. I waited and waited for this. When they brought out their latest "new" products, I just went and bought four GoogleTV devices. Haven't been happier. Don't intend on buying a firestick again.

  • Google TV with Remote or This?

    • +1

      Google TV is going pretty nice for the last few months, got it with a Netflix bundle from google store…with this bundle, it comes out being a lot cheaper than this.

    • Google TV.

      It has android, which can install any app after a few tweaks in he options.

      • Fire tv is Android too mate.

  • Checked the pictures and looked at the specs but couldn't find evidence of ethernet port.

    Doesn't have one right?

    • It's a "stick" so it's not meant to have an ethernet port. These things were built to be very compact. So you're correct.

      • There's been some sticks with ethernet was hoping this was one of them. Anyone ever used one of these with a usb ethernet adapter?

    • +1

      You can add an Ethernet port to the Fire stick

      Check This

      • Thanks exactly the sort of thing I've been looking for. Wondering.

        Is USB port on this USB3 or USB2? If USB3 wonder if there are any compatible gig ethernet adapters?

        • 100mb ports annoy me but what is there to gain really for a device like this to have a gigabit port?

  • +3

    Ive had an american one the past few months. I only use it for Cinema HD etc

    Baffled why you guys think the apps such as kayo and netflix are better on this than on your tv?

    I have a 4k samsung also and reverted to using the built in tv app for Prime, Netflix etc. Found it much better

  • How does this compare to the Xiaomi Mibox?

    • I would not recommend the Mibox. Have been having issues with mine lately and it doesn't do 4K on all applications as is stated.

      • I've got the Mibox, and agree it's starting to have some issues. I'm looking to upgrade it but can't justify the Nvidia Pro

        • +2

          The Nvidia Pro is an overkill unless you want to do gaming. I haven't tried the firestick but for 4k and at this price especially from a legitimate company like Amazon, it doesn't sound like a bad price although it will go on sale eventually.

        • +1

          I have a Mibox and its been good except for one little thing lately.
          My mibox (and I heard Chromecast with android TV does this as well) doesnt wake via HDMI CEC after being off for a while. You have to wake it up with its specific bluetooth remote, then it works. Its annoying.

          Fire TV devices seem to not have the same troubles with waking up after TV poweron. I have a couple of lites and they work great. Having to sideload apps like Kayo, Kodi is a slight pain.

          • @sillyhead: Have you been having issues with audio upon wake? It's recently started happening to me where if you wake up the box theres no audio at all. Only way to fix it is through a reboot. Absoutely annoying!

            • @thousandsuns: I've been having this issue recently. Any idea what's caused it? Never was an issue before

            • @thousandsuns: Yeah, mine started doing that with the recent update. Only way to get around it is turn off sleep mode and don't put it on standby. Not a fix, just a work around.

            • @thousandsuns: Yes I've had the audio problem before. I did a hard reset then made sure it was always on in the power options. I havent experienced the audio issue since then though. It still goes to sleep overnight though, even if I disable my TVs HDMI CEC power settings.

              All in all I can't complain too much about my Mibox 3. Its definitely put in a good innings, and it was the bees nees for the price range when it came out 3-4 years ago. Way better than a vodaphone TV or a clone android TV

          • @sillyhead: Exact same position here mate. It still works fine, but I need to pull the power cord and reboot to wake.
            Still trying to decide whether it is worth forking out $100.

  • Incidentally what do I keep hearing about “hacked” firesticks where you can “watch anything”?

    • essentially adding kodi to it and watching through it's addons, plenty of youtube videos to help (it's not hard)

  • Upvote even though it’s RRP.

  • +1

    hopefully once the AU version is released, there will be a firmware update for all Firestick 4K devices to allow AU apps to stream in 4K from the device. Have had my US version for 1 year and have not been able to stream 4K video from Stan, 7plus, 9now etc. Might have to buy the new version otherwise

    • 4K video from 7plus, 9now etc.

      Might wanna lower those expectations

      • haha… yeah, true. one could hope!
        no 4K for Stan is annoying on the Firestick tho

  • Looks like were getting the Fire TV Stick 3rd Gen as well, which has the same new remote and Dolby Atmos for streaming apps as the 4K stick, but 1GB of RAM (same as the Fire TV Stick Lite) compared to the 1.5GB of the 4K, and 1080p instead of 4K:


  • Genuine question, in the dumb-TV age these devices are must-haves. Now with all the smart TV features, built-in Netflix or other streaming apps, what are the benefits/advantages of these devices, other than the friendlier user interfaces?

    • +1

      I find Smart TV built in apps are usually pretty terrible and quickly outdated.

      Much rather have a dedicated device

    • +1

      Smart TVs often don't support new streaming services (e.g. only the newest smart TVs support Apple TV+ or Disney+, old smart TVs you are usually relying on it to be updated, and most TV manufacturers don't seem to care in the least about updating a device they no longer sell), lack of updates (services can stop working when the streaming service updates to add new features and they set a flag day where all devices must update, after which it no longer works), and the app or playback can be slow or stuttery (e.g. parents-in-law have a Samsung smart TV, the built-in Stan app stutters annoyingly in some videos, but I had a spare Telstra TV I gave them, and when using the Stan app on that, it's buttery smooth using the same internet connection + TV + episode + login).

      I've seen enough to know that a smart TV might start off great, but in the long run you're likely to be better off with a dedicated media device that gets good reviews, is widely used, is supported by all or almost all streaming services, and will be updated for a long time. If you have not run into any issues with your smart TV, and it does everything you want, then save your money and stick with it, and worry about getting a device when you run into any of these issues.

      P.s. I wouldn't recommend the Telstra TV either, it still works for older services, but it also does NOT have Apple TV+ or Disney+ support, despite users having been repeatedly asking for this for since October 2019 and November 2019 respectively on their forums. Yet Telstra seemed to be very quick about adding support for Foxtel & Kayo (Kayo is wholly owned by Foxtel, and Foxtel is 35% owned by Telstra and 65% owned by news corp), so the cynic in me cannot help but notice that there seems to be a real difference in speed for support depending on who owns the service in question, and the inherent conflict of interest this represents for a streaming media box.

    • With these you can download any new app that comes out for Android TV, and can use it on any TV. My LG OLED doesn't have a Kayo app, so without one of these it's no Kayo for me on that TV. They get updated, and they are generally much faster and better than Smart TV features are.

  • How does this compare to xiaomi mi box s?

  • Nice. I got 2 devices (Vodafone TV box and Google TV) capable of doing 4K but I have only one 4K TV. And the only 4K content is just youtube for me. Maybe I need another 4K TV and a 4K netflix subscription.

    Still not justified to get one.

  • Cant believe they took this long! I got mine from ebay an year ago for almost the same price.

    • A year ago? This is a 2021 release.

      • +1

        Only 2021 on Amazon AU. The same stick was launched in other markets in 2018. I bought mine from an online retailer for $72 and it works perfectly with an Aussie power adapter.

        • It doesn't even need an Aussie power adaptor - i've got one from the US also and have it plugged straight into USB port on TV - never had a problem

      • It's been around since 2018 in another markets (US, UK)

  • +1

    There is no Australian version of the 4K Firestick. In fact there are no hardware or firmware variation from country to country.

    The only things which change is the prong configuration of the power supply and the livery on the box. There is one bigger difference and that is the streaming apps availability, the access to these is dictated by which country the user is registered as living in. Once you sign in for the first time, the local streaming apps become available.

    • That's all true - only thing I can see different is this seems to have a new remote with more dedicated buttons on it - will perform the exact same as US version though

  • ATV -> Google TV-> FireTV.

    I have all three of them! Google TV if your with Android. Much better than FireTV.

  • Anyone have the US version and considering getting this, will it be any different?

    • There is no US version, they're all the same - the only difference is power plug and pack livery.

  • The OS on my TV is really clunky and even changing channels is slow. Do any of these devices completely replace the OS so i can also control my free-to-air TV watching experience?

    • No, you can't watch free to air through them other than through their catch up apps.

      • Vodafone TV has a tuner built in. Not the fastest though!

  • why not getting google tv?

  • I've never used one of these types of devices and I have a question. Is there an auto volume level option? My PC can do this via Realtek on-board sound. I live in a a unit and I won't turn the sound up just so I can hear the voices, then be blasted with the MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS.

    • +1

      Not be default no I don't believe so.

      Apps like Kodi have sound config options but again not automated so one would have to tweak depending on what you are watching. Often the problem comes down to how well the show has been ripped. Some are terrible i.e. the FX are in front whereby the main sound (voices) are behind. Poor mixing is the issue and hard to get around. TV Ads are the worst offenders and BLAST you out!

  • this is good news.

  • How does this compare to the TelstraTV? In terms of user interface, speed, and app availability?

  • Just my 2 cents. I owned a few different android boxes, apple tv. And i also found that with a more modern sound system or 4k or hdr etc.

    Was running in a endless loop of either trying to find workarounds or after awhile just succumbed to it just not supporting the feature. And i am very adept at tinkering and IT stuff so it definitely isnt a skills issue.

    I thought Shield TV was too expensive which is why i went to buying the better android boxes which were dirt cheap like $70 or $80 and seemed to do everything. But to find out eventually it didnt. Even used CoreElec which is a kodi based OS which was ok, but remote laggy and eventually hardware couldnt keep up.

    So i finally caved and got a Shield TV, which basically solved all my issues, 4k hdr, 100% direct play on plex, full hd (purehd, atmos, dts-hd etc) codec passthrough in all apps, 100% direct play with image type subtitles in Plex, no stuttering on 4k hdr and 4k large bd remuxes. And heaps more.

    Obviously everybody's requirements and their tech setups at home would be different and less demanding. But essentially aftet spending almost the same cost of a Shield TV…. i ended up buying a Shield TV…. no regrets other than being a cheapa$$ and not forking it out earlier.

  • Thanks OP bought one with the little birdie voucher bringing the price down to $79. Would use it for my cinema room to connect with the projector

  • +1
  • Does anyone know how to put Google play on a fire stick if that even possible

  • Which is better the Chromecast with Google TV or this 4K fire Stick?

    • Both have pros & cons. Both are 4K compatible and cost $99. Both have apps natively available that the other doesn't. Google currently has 5GHz issue but has built in Chromecast.

  • Any idea if it supports Binge?

    • Not natively but you can side load the app using the DOWNLOADER app in the Amazon app store

  • +1

    I bought the original FireTV stick & I found the limitations very quick, so I bought another box, after I did some research
    I am on a pension, so I bought bang for buck, and this is it:-
    They just released a 2021 version, and here it is:-
    But you should get a mini keyboard with that, and they came out with one, and here it is:-
    But I suggest getting this mini keyboard instead, it is way better:-
    I keep getting emails from Tim and I know I should read them, but I am too busy. Maybe you can subscribe and read them, he runs Androidpcreview.com, and he does all these reviews of Android TV's and stuff like that. Very interesting stuff, he is the one who got me onto the T95. I use the T95 more than I do the fireTV. The fireTV I found fills up too quick, so I can't load many apps on it, but the T95 I can load heaps on there.
    I hope this is useful to someone

    • +2

      always nice to read what others are happy with and nice effort incl the links.

  • +2

    Only $78.21 here, if you have eBay plus: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Amazon-Fire-TV-Stick-4K-Ultra-HD...

  • For those following, two for $130 via TGG using LatitudePay

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