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Dell 20% off Monitors (S2721DGF (Expired) $398.00, S2721D $239.20, S2721DS $269.00, AW3821DW $1549.00) @ Dell eBay


Happy Monday Ozb, Myself and Dell have organised some great deals on monitors for those of you who have yet to grab a deal on these quality products. For those who've already jumped on previous deals, I hear a wall of Dell monitors is an amazing feature to the home, haha. The DGF is the cheapest price EVER by a whole dollar, woo. I noticed the S3221QS was already posted by another ozb member (gee you guys are fast :3) I have included it nevertheless as it was organised by us for this deal and we can provide qty specifics and purchase assistance.

Shipping time: Stock is local and is expected to be shipped within 2 weeks from purchase date!

Refer to below table for models, pricing, qty, and eBay listing links. Apply coupon at checkout BEFORE purchase.

Model | 20% off Price | Qty | Listing
S2721DGF $398.00 500 View Listing Out of stock.
S2721D $239.20 400 View Listing
S2721DS $269.00 500 View Listing
AW3821DW $1549.00 400 View Listing
S3221QS $388.80 1000 View Listing

Need order specific help? DM me or contact the Dell eBay team via the contact seller button on the listing. Full T&Cs Here

As always, any questions? Post below and myself and other Ozb members will do our best to help you out.

Happy Shopping :D

Original Coupon Deal

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  • +15

    I'd love some feedback on Dell products you guys would like to see on deal in the future (not including U or P series). So if there are some specific Dell monitors, Alienware, XPS laptops, Inspiron laptops ect you want at a great price, drop a comment below and upvote the comments on the models you guys are interested in. Cheers! ^-^

    • +5

      Why not U or P series?

      • +1

        I would also like to know why.

      • +32

        Internal politics. Reserved for corporate / other retailers.

        • +22

          Understood. Thanks for being open about it and not dodging the question πŸ‘

          Edit: I've been holding out for any USB-C Dell monitor specials that can provide USB-C PD of at least 65W. Are there any non-U series monitors that have this feature?

          • +7

            @space cadet: This S2719DC does. I'll see if I can get something happening in future deals.

            • +3

              @LiMaaa: This is what I'm after too.

              USB C monitors. Also if they can operate as a USB hub with 2 USB A ports. I know I'm picky, but with Mac's only having 2 USB C ports these days we need monitors to come to the rescue!

            • @LiMaaa: Nice one, cheers!

            • @LiMaaa: Actually, just looking at the Dell website it says that the S2719DC only does up to 45W. Is there another non-U model that does up to 65W (or more)?

              One cable. Many uses.: With USB-C connectivity you can connect your laptop to the monitor and charge up to 45W from a single source

        • +4

          Can we start a GoFundMe so you can sort out this BS internal politics for us? We need UltraSharpu

      • +2

        Often consumed by corporate clients - imagine how pissed they'd be if they were paying primo for U and P type monitors and consumers like us were nabbing them for a buttload cheaper. :)

        • In the quantities that corporates buy, their discounts eclipse bargains you think you’re getting. Private buyers are chumps.

          • @AlexF: Yeah, but then I'll have to buy 400 monitors to get that $500 monitor for $199.

            Not so bad buying one at a small discount, imagine the savings not having to buy 499 other monitors :P

    • +8

      More xps and inspiron laptop deals please!

      I need an i7 16 GB laptop but waiting for a good deal atm.

      • +3

        Same! XPS 9310 13" i7 16GB UHD 512GB or 1TB HDD please :) pretty please with a cherry on top!

    • +2

      I'm probably in the minority but I'm thinking about a Precision.
      Unfortunately for Dell, Lenovo now has the T15g which is in a pretty sweet spot for a business laptop with a GPU.

    • I just bought an Inspiron 15 7501 but can see other retailers have released better deals than what I committed to online via other brands.

      Sucky timing on my part :( as the savings were more significant $300-700 off…!!

      I bought during the "up to 45% off" sale

    • Given how it turns out TN performance is holding up even over the speediest of IPS panels and most VA panels, the Dell S2719DGF (or a successor, if it's fully discontinued), might be worth campaigning for as a gaming option.

      So long as it's being well manufactured on the panel side of things, 1440p 144Hz and 1440p 240Hz TN have their place.

    • +3

      Definitely would be keen on an AW2721D deal at some point! Have been sitting on the fence for a long while debating on whether it is worth coming from the 27GL850G.

    • +1

      No specific monitor but something 4k, 30 - 34inch, IPS if the price isn't insane please

    • I'm very keen on a 34-38 ultrawide with USB-C

      1. 34" Ultrawide
      2. 4k with USB-C
        Either of the above, but must have VESA mount
  • +3

    Any chance for S2721QS?

    • +7

      Not enough current local stock to warrant fast shipping so thought we'd leave it for another deal.

      • Thanks, I will wait then!

        • was about to ask the same thing, so thanks for saving my wallet for this month lol

      • +1

        Is this the same situation for the S2721Q which I just ordered?

        • +4

          Yes. There is some local stock, so that doesn't necessarily mean shipping would be delayed, but not enough local quantity where I'd feel comfortable posting it as a deal and having people upset they missed out.

          • +1

            @LiMaaa: Dang. I hope I'm lucky and get it sooner than 4-6 weeks.

            In any case thank you for the transparent and quick reply.

      • +2

        Thanks…also waiting and looking forward to the next deal

    • Is $384 a good price for S2721QS?

      • +1

        If I didn't get S2721DS from this deal my plan was to buy S2721QS from the dell website using code LOVEKEANU which brings the price down to 357.40. If you have credit card price protection insurance you can buy now and wait for the OP to post a deal for QS in the future.

  • +4

    Haha you beat the lowest price for s2721dgf by 1 dollar, nice

    • +12

      Now we can all grab a bonus potato cake. πŸ˜‹

      • +3

        We call em scallops here

        • +3

          Why though? It's kinda confusing when you go to the fish and chip shop and asked for scallops and get potato.

          • @locknuts: I was thinking the same thing…

            Scallops is a common name that is primarily applied to any one of numerous species of saltwater clams or marine bivalve mollusks.

  • S2721DGF or AW2720HF?

    • S2732DGF is 1440 vs AW2720HF at 1080.

  • Nice. Will we ever see a deal on the 32” Ultrasharp flat?

    • Not anytime soon as it's a U series monitor.

  • Seeing the S2721DGF at this price is painful when you paid $535 for it last August

    • +30

      Buy another to average out.

      • +9

        Ozb philosophy:

        If you never stop buying, you never miss out on a good deal!

    • +2

      S2721D record low price has not been reached, which makes some happy.

      • Black Friday Round 2.. Fight! ;)

    • +1

      Don't think new stock has been added yet. Same listing as the last ebay sale

    • +1

      From the post:


  • Anyone know if S2721DGF accepts 4k input from PS5 downscale to 1440p? Looking for 1440p HDR monitor on sale for it.

    • My understanding is that the PS5 only sees the display as 1080p. There is no 1440p support and the PS5 can only output to 4K where a display supports it (and this one doesn’t).

    • +2

      Can confirm that it does not (although a representative told me it does) - other than that though it's a great monitor for the ps5! hopefully Sony puts in 1440p support in the future

    • +2

      Seems like the similarly specced Gigabyte G27Q does support downscaling a 4k input to 1440p, you could check that out. $399 at mwave


  • +1

    What's the difference between S2721DS and S2721D?

    Any monitors with USB-C deals?

    • +4

      The difference is the DS has a more versatile stand with more adjustment options over the D, however the actual panels are identical. Not an issue if you plan to monitor mount or have some yellow pages laying around. ;)

      S2719DC potentially later this year, no promises as of yet though.

    • +1

      I think it is just the stand - more adjustment on the S2721DS. Panel itself appears to be the same? -edit- confirmed by OP.

    • There's also speakers for the S2721DS though not great, but for 30$ more plus the extra adjustments with the stand it's worth it unless you have your own mount.

      • I think the D also has speakers - the only difference is the stand

    • Recommend look at the eBay listing link, scroll down and see the features. there's a great graphic showing the DS adjustible stand. The D just tilts, but could be OK if you are not concerned with popping it up on a board, or it could be right as is. I have a D and it is just right on the desk. It is an exquisite monitor to look at. Very pleased.

  • Do we know approximately when the deal will be? I can't seem to find the deal time

    • +2

      The deal starts in 48 minutes (2pm AEDT).

  • +1

    So tempting to go the 32inch 4k screen and stick with a single screen instead of 2 x s2721ds screens….

  • Do you work for Dell? What does Associated mean in this instance?

    • +4

      Not employed by them but I'd love to crash their xmas parties. :D

      • +4

        Dell, LiMaaa is basically your official OzB rep! Hire this man!

      • +1

        You didn't answer the second part of the question. It seems reasonable to conclude you derive a financial benefit by making these posts, whether because of an employment agreement or a different contractual relationship.

        • Sorry, I didn't notice the latter part of that question. I don't really derive any ongoing financial gain. I kind of regret humbly declining ozbargainers when they wanted to start a gofundme to support my efforts haha.

          Ozbargain guidelines on association tag

  • AW3821DW - nil stock ?

    • Stock will be updated on listings when deal goes live!

  • +1

    Any chance of dell releasing a 34 inch 144hz 1440p gaming monitor?

  • +7

    +1 for OP just for the cheerfulness in responding / writing.

    • +5

      I misplaced my burning rage a while ago, but I may have just found it again. xD

  • Would like to hear comments/impressions regarding the 3221QS, thinking of swapping my current 2721Q and upgrading…

    • S3221QS is a VA panel, vs the S2721Q IPS.

      I've got the S3221 for PS5 4k60 gaming - it's big & does the job. I'd keep the 2721Q if it's for desktop non-gaming use.

      • Yeah, I needed the QS because of the adjustable height which I need - unfortunately didn't get the QS model in the 27"

        In terms of multimedia use and general desktop use (videos, uni work, movies etc) does VA v IPS have a clear winner?

        • The way I see it, IPS is generally the preferred panel, VA is generally regarded well as most larger monitors are VA panels so it's become expected. If we saw IPS panels on more larger screens I'm sure they would be predominantly more popular. Generally the difference is this.

          VA panels provide a good middle ground with better-than-IPS refresh rates and contrast levels, but have worse viewing angles and color production.

  • Currently using the Acer Predator XB271HU
    Is it worth changing to the Dell S2721DGF?

    • +1

      Changing? Probably not. The colours are nicer, the monitor is lighter and overall a smaller bezel but it's not really worth paying $400 for those small gains. Using it as dual monitor, sure, that's what I currently do with my Predator/Dell setup. Only downside is the bezels don't line up (which is why I'm considering a second Dell).

    • +1

      I just changed from the XB270HU because it broke.

      S2721DGF has much better colours and is more responsive. It also seems brighter and has HDMI input.

      If my monitor hadn't broken though, I wouldn't bother. Plus I think your monitor has HDMI input already so there's not that much reason to upgrade.

      Great replacement. Not much of an upgrade.

  • A note of warning, I just received an email about an order I made on Dell ebay on the 19th.

    "We apologize for the delay.

    Thank you for your recent order with Dell. We are working to ship your order as quickly as possible. The delivery date for your order to arrive has been updated to may. 20, 2021.

    Your order is very important to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this change in delivery may cause.

    For the most up to date information, please use the button below to track your order.

    We appreciate your business and patience. Thank you for choosing Dell."

    Like I don't need it now! (ha)

    • +3

      A lot of people received an automatically generated ETA, they contacted me with order numbers and I was able to confirm it's inaccurate and they'd receive their purchases 4+ weeks earlier, abiding to deal ETA's.

      Drop me your order number via DM and I can check it out for you if you'd like?

      • +1

        Thanks, DM sent.
        I hope you can help.

      • +1

        DM sent with my order number too.

  • How does the Dell monitor keep getting cheaper?

    • +1

      We're seeing good deals as the AU dollar has been strong lately, should it drop, these kinds of prices may be harder to come by in future deals. It's a good time to buy as the dollar does seem to be getting weaker :'(

      • +1

        Ahh that makes sense. Not regretting my original purchase at a higher price - it's an amazing monitor!

  • OP, with your connection with Dell, is there any chance you can ask Dell technical team to fix the 60Hz issue on S2721DGF?

    As pointed out by RTings, second last row of pixels:

    I know most people would use high refresh rate on that monitor, but from time to time, we do use that monitor with an older device only capable of doing 60Hz. Also, there are some other minor glitches which would be great if Dell could fix them in an updated firmware.

    • That's interesting, I'll definitely have a chat to them regarding this. I know some new iterations are planned for some existing monitors. Perhaps that will address these issues.

    • Damn, so considering a PS4 Pro can max at 60hz, does this mean i will see the issue?

      i was about to checkout until i read this. Since i also use my monitor for my PS4 :(

      • Excuse to upgrade to PS5? Though, honestly, if you have a PS4 Pro or PS5, I would go for G27Q or M27Q or one of those monitors which offers hardware 4K to 2K downscaling. That way, you can set your PS4 Pro to 4K mode, and the monitor downscales it to 2K in hardware. Furthermore, you could still go 1080p/120+ fps if you want.

        I wish Dell would also offer the same feature in a firmware upgrade, but given there isn't one firmware update released yet, I don't fancy the chance. There are Dell monitors which offer similar feature, but they cost more.

        • Hey netsurfer.

          Are there any other good PS5 monitors out there in the 27" 1440p range?

          I need to upgrade my old ASUS monitor and have been settled on the Dell S2721DGF but the same complaint keeps popping up that PS5 doesn't support 1440p and Dell doesn't allow downscaling from 4k to 1440p.

          I was looking at the Dell S2721Q that is on sale on eBay right now but it is 4k 60hz. I know it doesn't have HDMI 2.1 but that's not a major issue for me. The big issue is 4k resolution on a 27 inch screen. Many people complain it is too small and you need to scale in Windows.

          Also with those two monitors you listed G27Q and M27Q does 1080p work ok? I mean does the monitor support downscaling to 1080p or only from 4k to 1440p?


  • AW2720HF Gaming Monitor $479.

  • God damn it, paid $482 for the S2721DGF just over a week ago!

    • +1

      If it hasn't shipped out you are perfectly entitled to cancel that order and purchase on this deal.

      • Thanks but the monitor was delivered last Thursday.

  • Oh damn, I had just bought my AW2721D only last week.

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