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Alienware R11 Desktop i7-10700KF CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB+2TB, RTX 3080, AW2720HF + AW Mouse/Headset/Keyboard $3,761.11 Del @ Dell


Before you balk at the price - Godzbargainers hear me out!

I've done a rough parts calculation based on low-tier components and this is actually a cracking deal for those too lazy to build and want an easy purchase to game asap. This R11 comes with an awesome monitor, and some decent peripherals, albeit very gamer orientated.

i7-10700KF - $450
RTX 3080 - $2000
512GB+2TB - $200
RAM - $100 (Looks to be Kingston Hyper X)
PSU - $200 (From my research, I believe it's a 1000W Gold Efficiency PSU by Delta who make some decent PSUs normally aimed at servers)
AW2720HF - $550 (https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/alienware-27-gaming-monitor-... - it's actually not on sale right now, normal RRP is $900 but you can wait every few weeks to pick it up under $600 so I have used this price)
Mouse - $77.50 (https://deals.dell.com/en-au/productdetail/82i8 - currently on Sale)
Headset - $105.50 (https://deals.dell.com/en-au/productdetail/82hu - currently on sale)
Keyboard - $194.50 (https://deals.dell.com/en-au/productdetail/82ie - currently on sale)

Total - $3900 approximately in parts, not including the CPU cooler (watercooled), the motherboard or the case. It also doesn't include the heartache of stuffing up your build because you don't know what you are doing, or hours of troubleshooting because you plugged your HDMI cable into the motherboard when you had a KF chip (true story when I helped a mate build his PC remotely last year). Plus the Dell warranty from my experience is usually pretty good, especially on their monitors.

The only downsides to this are the RAM which some would say isn't enough. I run the same in my rig at home and haven't had problems with AAA games. In any case, Dell's RAM upgrade offerings are a joke to say the least. Buy this system and spend $109 on another set of Kingston Hyper X RAM and you're set for 4x8GB configuration. The other good thing about the R11 Desktop is pretty much all components are individually upgradable for the future.

Don't forget to shop with CR/SB and save a further 6% coming down to $3558.01 with code LOVEKEANU or if you don't use CR/SB you can still shop using the Qantas Rewards Dell store and pick up 1 QFF point per dollar in spend but the cost will be $3761.11.

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  • +45

    Upvoted you for good info and effort put into deal..
    Theres prob some that would buy this to strip out the mythical 3080 in it ..
    nice work ..

  • +66

    Lol, all it took was a global silicon shortage and cryptorush to make alienware actually worth it for once.

    • +4

      Perhaps Alienware are behind the chip shortage….🤔

      • +4

        Aliens. I knew it 👽

  • +9

    Further 6% Cashback with CR or SB also bring it down even more. Should end up being $3558.01 after cashback.

    • +2

      Thanks, I'll update. I usually am unsure if CR/SB stacks with LOVEKEANU but ill just put YMMV :)

      • +2

        For your and others reference, specifically advertised by Cashrewards is:

        Effective 22/02/21, purchases utilising code LOVEKEANU are eligible for cashback, provided it's not used in conjunction with other unlisted codes.

        So should be all good :)

        • Thanks for updating.

          FYI price in title should not be including SB/CR

  • Good price with all these extra accessories and a monitor

  • +4

    Are 3080s $2k now? What happened to the 1400-1500 options?

    • I guess the caveat is, if you want it now, that's what they're going for. EVGA/Galax and such have $1400-$1500 options but they are and have been on very limited stock for months.

    • those options increased in price by $500-$600.

      • +2

        Gotcha. Glad I managed to snag one back in December. Albeit, I had to lurk on the Aus stock notifications discord channel throughout the day

        • that's some next level hunting right there.

    • +1

      You'd be lucky to find a 'cheaper card' below $2300 now.
      Not to mention 70~% of the cheaper $1300ish card orders still haven't been fulfilled from day 1.

      • I ordered mine from scorptec on Dec 17. They started listing stock as it came in, so was ready to pick up straight away. If you have the patience to lurk on the discord stock notification channels, I'm pretty sure you could find one within a month.

        • I managed to secure one for $1750 from a discord channel. But all the alerts coming through are now around the $2300 mark and still selling out….

      • I've been regularly seeing them pop up still for 2-2.1k, and they aren't the cheaper cards either.

    • 3070's are now selling at $1500

    • In the USA,3060 on ebay are going for USD$1200 right now. Not even ti versions so about $1500 Aussie pesos. 3080 will probably be $3000 soon. I was shopping online for the Asus Strix oc 3080, they were asking $2600 in Feb..so I did the smart thing and bought the 3090.. 🤣

  • +2

    Nice post, solid effort. Appreciate the work.

  • +1

    Great deal IMO. For a first gaming PC I think this could make someone very happy.

    Comparison to yesterday's similarly priced deal on an Aurora R11 but this one has no accessories or monitor, but has an i9 and 64GB of RAM: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/613668

    • +7

      Lol nearly $4k spend on a first gaming PC I think would make anyone happy.

      • +1

        IKR who the heck spends that much on a first PC? I feel like a few years back 1k was the sweet spot, now who knows

      • +1

        I remember $3k for a 486

  • Does it has CPU throttelling or heating issues, like the other XPS?

    • Unfortunately I don't own one so hopefully others can chime in, but I would always recommend a repaste with a quality material and i'd probably look to see if a better fan configuation internally might help as well.

    • What a cracker of a deal - Kills Techfast offerings.
      Buy now, worry later.

    • It doesn’t overheat. I upgraded RAM with 64 gb 4*16 3600 MHz and it is a beast. Had to contact dell support once for some issue and they helped really well until the issue was solved (software not hardware).
      Most importantly you can claim it in tax.

      • And yes, you can OC cpu graphics card and Memory.

      • What model Alienware do you have and what ram did you get?

        • +1

          same as specs mentioned by OP but upgraded with crucial RAM (BL2K16G36C16U4RL - wasted around USD70 on RGB - didn't realize that I was ordering RGB model and BL2K16G36C16U4BL will do the same job, unless someone wants to keep the side panels aside). crucial promises to match the memory frequency on these systems. somehow Alienware has locked the memory frequency using XMP profiles and aftermarket kingston hyperx memory doesn't show the same frequency after installation. the original RAM that ships with the system still sits in the desk somewhere with me.

          I upgraded RAM with 64 GB and it resulted this system to be the best system I have ever owned.

  • +2

    GPU prices… feeling sad…

  • +1

    Good bundle! Got one.
    The monitor+keyboard+mouse+headset make this deal good!

  • Great deal, OP

    Case looks like a type-c input lol

    • +3

      I've heard others describe the case as something a little more erotic… haha

      • Great… now that's all I can see haha

  • +6

    It would be prefect if the monitor is 2k instead of 1080p

    • +1

      Yeah, running those specs with a 1080 monitor is like strapping a jet engine to a golf cart. Also, 1080 at 27 is a bad spec full stop. I find my 2k 27 to be borderline too grainy. To each their own I guess.

  • +1

    Nice, this is the unit I posted on the 3080 deal, of course this has the 3080 upgrade instead of the 3070 offered as standard.

  • Can anyone see what kind of keyboard+mouse+headset are included?

  • -1

    Keep in mind that this is water-cooled.

  • +4

    Good bundle for sure but the screen is very edge case for only the most competitive players who need 240HZ. I certainly wouldn't feel the need to go beyond the 160hz of my Dell gaming monitor. Also 3080 is 4K or a very high frame rate 1440p class GPU. Seems a waste on a 1080p.

    • +2

      Valid points, a good option might be to sell the monitor separately for say $500-600, especially if you already have one.

  • Does anyone knows what is the clock speed for GPU inside this thing? and can it be overclocked?

    • Unsure on stock clock but it can be overclocked with software such as MSI afterburner. FWIW, Dell provides an OC command centre to tweak things here and there but from most accounts it is pretty useless than other dedicated software or direct bios tweaks.

    • +1


      the card is not designed to be overclocked, pretty much just meeting the minimum specs, and that cooler doesn't very promising

    • +1

      you can overclock this using Alienware command center under Fusion section.

  • +1

    Awesome, now who wants to buy my brand new, unused, Alienware R11? Only asking $2000 cash, but you’ll have to source your own graphics card. /s

    • good plan but no

      I only need the graphics card too……

    • Hi, there. If somebody wants to go halves I am up for it: one half is GPU, the other half is the rest.

      • PM me.

      • Which half do you want? I imagine it's the GPU!

  • Has this deal ended. Comes up as $4319 now?

    • Not for me, just clicked through. List price is $3,985.45 on sale without further discounts. In checkout apply LOVEKEANU to save an additional $224.35 plus use CR to save an additional 6% down to $3558.01.

      I'd suggest clearing browser cookies / history and try clicking through again.

      • Thanks… working now.

        Shame you can't get 32mb RAM though? Shows 16 then 64?

        • +4

          Read the bottom part of my post. The RAM options that dell offers are a joke.

          64GB Dual Channel DDR4 XMP at 3200MHz; up to 128GB (additional memory sold separately)
          + $1,200.10

          128GB Dual Channel DDR4 XMP at 3200MHz
          + $2,799.50

          Nowhere in the world does RAM come close to costing that much.

          The RAM itself appears to be Kingston Hyper X (I have confirmed that to be the case on many reviews I have looked at). You can buy a matching pair of these sticks for another $110 or so.

          • @toshjammi: yeah, it's kingston hyperx but aftermarket chips won't give you the same frequency… for me 3200 mhz were showing as 2900 mhz on the system…

            after few tries, replaced all the stock RAM with crucial BL2K16G36C16U4RL. the system booted up without any additional step in 3600 mhz ….

  • I plan to get a gaming pc for streaming, esport games not really doing AAA games and browsing etc. Could I downgrade to the 3070 and achieve all this, it takes about $350 off the price too

    • +2

      Originally I saw the deal with a 3070, and it became an even better deal with the 3080 because generally the 3080 RRP is around $500 more for similar models such as ASUS ROG Strix 3070 ($1449) vs ASUS ROG Strix 3080 ($1959). Keep in mind those are sold out heavily at those prices. So you can see it that you're only spending $326 more to upgrade to the 3080. At this price point most people would take that option hence that was the reason for posting this deal and not the other.

      As an answer to you specifically, e-sports and the 3070 is a perfect combo IMO so if that better suits your budget, go for that option.

      • I think a techfast build would be about half the price for a similar 3070 build with no monitor?

        • +4

          The main benefit of this over techfast is that it ain't built by techfast.

        • +4

          As a fair comparison, i'll do what I can, but Techfast haven't run a 10700K / 3080 combo in a long time.

          Last was back here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/571522

          $2300 got you an F processor which can't be overclocked so theres about $80 in price there alone, no NVMe drive, no additional HDD, slower RAM, 750W PSU but not really a game changer there, no CPU water cooling, no Windows OS installed or licence.

          Techfast's current offering on their website is https://techfast.com.au/products/Intel-Core-i7-RTX-3070-8GB-.... It doesn't have a 3080 option, but once you bump up the components to comparable spec:

          CPU to a 10700KF (+ $109),
          RAM to 3200Mhz (+ $29)
          SSD to NVMe (+ $99)
          Additional 2TB HDD (+ $119)
          PSU to an 850W Gold (+ $109)
          Windows Home (+ $169)

          You are already at $3,233 - built by techfast (slow), by all accounts a trash warranty and customer service, no monitor, no peripherals and still only a 3070… I can't see how this isn't a deal.

          • @toshjammi: Was replying to the poster who wanted to get a 3070 build


          • +1

            @toshjammi: F means the processor doesn't have an iGPU. K versus non-K difference for 10th gen is almost non-existent, and both are already pushed to the nth degree. Overclocking would only be for world record charts, not usable and power efficient for gaming or task work.


            You'd honestly be more interested in undervolting these things, because the power consumption is enormous.

            • @jasswolf: I agree that a 10700 and a 10700K are probably identical at stock level, but people don't buy K chips and not overclock them, if they do it's a waste. To say there isn't real world difference on a stock 10700K and an OC'd 10700K would be incorrect though. 5-10% extra frames in games is easily achievable with a good overclock.

              • -2

                @toshjammi: You know what's a waste? 5-10% more performance for 30-50% more power usage. Imagine thinking that's worth doing for 10-15 more FPS.

                Please stop.

                • @jasswolf: My power bill is insignificant. I’ll take the frames.

                  • @toshjammi: I think it's important we start looking at our power consumption and its implications on the wider environment, not solely on our wallets.

                    • @BrutallyHonest: it's literally an extra few dollars a year, so i'm going to have to disagree

    • I assume you will still use the machine after a few years. if you choose 3080 you can use if for a longer time for just 10% more of the total price

  • Thanks OP,
    I never bought a branded desktop ever, finally bite the bullet
    I downgrade to 3070 considering the monitor, but upgrade SSD to 1TB

    • Just to save $312 you downgraded to 3070?????

      Big mistake IMO.

      • Plus with the way GPU prices are going, the $312 saved will dissapear real quick. GPUs = stonks right now.

      • +2

        jake-sun cancel your order and re-order with 3080…to be future proof and have better resale in future.

      • $349.99 actually.
        I have to keep it under $4000 to make wife happy :) and need the 1TB SSD more, too bad no option to drop the HDD

        • You may regret it sir. But your choice….

        • +4

          Looks like the upgrade to 1TB cost $300, i'd suggest you scrap that, get the 512gb version, then buy a 1tb separately for $150 or so. Works out cheaper and perhaps you can argue for the 3080.

        • It's much cheaper/easier to add more SSD/storage in the future than the GPU IMO.

      • So now we are comparing a G5 to an R11…

        If people want an R11, they pay the premium. Do you spend your days outside the BMW dealership telling people they can buy a Toyota for less?

        • Car reviewers did suggest people buy the Supra over the Z4…

          • @jace88: Haha fair… but they should have picked the M2 over both ;)

  • -3

    yeah, as ppl pointed out 1080p monitor with this is dumb as
    1440 p min and 32 inch

    • +1

      It really depends on your needs. For competitive gaming, 27" is the sweet spot, and frames win games so 1080p with a fast panel is what a lot of people prefer. If you want more visually impressive stuff in higher resolutions, I'd just sell the monitor separately. You would have no problem getting $500-600 for it easily, and put it towards a different monitor that suits your needs.

      • For competitive gaming, it's 24", but there's a strong argument argument to be made for 27" 2560x1440, which this isn't.

        What marketing spiels you aren't parroting, you're misremembering. And no, they won't get $500 for that monitor, not now, not ever.

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