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Xiaomi Monitor Desk Lamp w/ Wireless Controller US$43.97 (~A$57.97) Delivered @ Banggood AU


UPDATE: 600 units sold. They've added another 200 - these will be shipped from April 10th.

This popular light sold out really quick last time - 500 units within a few hours! The product received great feedback in the previous deal.

After receiving many requests for another deal, I've reached out to the rep and they've organised another one for ozb :D

Here are some nice pics of the light in action


Easy installation: Just hanging it on your monitor, saving space on your desk.
Asymmetric forward projection design: Avoid screen reflection, even focusing on the screen for a long period of time, you don't need to worry about the glare and dazzle. It effectively reduces eye fatigue.
Adjustable brightness and color temperature: you could brightness and color temperature by pressing and spinning the remote control.
Ra90 Color Rendering Index: High Color Rendering Index, the presentation of colors is more real, more vivid, and has better recognition.
USB Type-C connector: The lamp can be powered by a monitor, computer, USB adapter and power bank.

Package List:

1* Lamp
1* Base
1* Remote control
2* AAA battery (Not Included)
1* Manual
1* USB C to USB A cable

Shipped from CN warehouse (approx 1-2 week delivery).

AUD price based on current MasterCard conversion rate. Title price includes GST and shipping.

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  • +7

    Can confirm, one of my better purchases. Nice quality/finish and fits nicely on the Dell S2721DGF.

    • +5

      Do you mind sharing a photo?

      • Cheers OP!

  • +1

    Why would you want light glare ONTO your monitor? That seems very odd. Does it have adjustable angle?

    • +12

      ..Because it's angled so you get a nice pool of light one your desk, not the screen.

    • +1

      Yes the angle is easily adjustable - and even when adjusted as close to the monitor as possible, I don't experience any glare on the screen. It is designed to direct light onto your desk in-front of your monitor, not at the screen.

    • +1

      Really doesn't effect the contrast or brightness of your screen and if anything somehow makes it look even a little better?

      I got this last deal and apart from the light onto the desk and general illumination it works a treat at night when the eyes are tired and sore from days work.

      Really takes the strain off, great product and quality finish.

  • +1

    It's been useful for me already since the last deal.

    One slightly annoying thing is that whenever I turn on my computer it automatically turns on, and more annoyingly, when I switch it off, it turns it on too.

    Not sure if there's a way to change this behaviour.

    • +1

      I had a similar issue when I plugged it into my monitor (would turn on/off with the monitor). Solved it by plugging it into a USB AC Power Supply.

    • +1

      Weird, mine turns off with the PC. Could always just use any spare phone charger if you can't stand it

    • +2

      might be that your PC has USB ports that are on even when the PC is shutdown (i.e. useful for charging your phone even if you PC is not booted). The reason the light might turn back on when you shutdown your PC is because you PC might momentarily cycle power on the USB port, and the light by default will turn back on when it sees power.

      Best way to solve is to use a dedicated USB brick to power it.

    • +3

      your motherboard BIOs should have ERP setting that can be toggled to change whether mobo should continue to supply power to USB ports when powered down

      ASUS guide [Motherboard] How to disable standby power of the USB connected device

  • How well does this sit if you have a curved screen? The part I would put it on is quite wide and is not flat.

    • +2

      it works perfectly fine on a xiaomi 34 curved monitor

      as merlict pointed out, if its too wide (3.2cm+), then it may not fit

    • +2

      The clip works perfectly with curved screens, but do measure it to make sure the total front edge to back edge is less that 32mm

    • Use mine on the all favourite Xiaomi 34" everyday - good purchase!

      The front almost perfectly covers the bezel, as to note impact the viewable screen.

    • I’ve got a smaller Kogan 29 inch ultrawide but it has a 1200R curve. This fits it perfectly. I use it everyday!

  • +1

    Using it as I type. Definitely recommend it to everyone!!

  • +1

    Would it co-exist with a webcam on top of the monitor?

    • +10

      Everything can co-exist with enough tape

      • +9

        Damn, just solved the Palestine crisis with duct tape

      • This person engineers…

    • I put a webcam on top of it by clamping onto the usb cable. Then I put a small 3" ring light onto the webcam. No tape needed, as long as my kids don't bang the desk too hard…

    • I placed my webcam on the side next to the desk lamp. I think it works nicely for my 34" ultrawide because I don't have the conference app in the middle but at the side of the screen (so I can use the other parts of the monitor for other apps concurrently). I tried placing the webcam on top of the desk lamp but the flat USB cable is in the way and had to be press flat and I am not comfortable with that. Another alternative is to get a cheap C-clamp monopod.

  • Does this work on the iMac with curved back? Interested to know how does it clip on.

  • +1

    Thanks! This is the second one I’m buying. The one that I have I use every day!

    • Me too! I hope a single controller works with both of them.

  • The discount code doesnt work. Do i buy it from CN or AU?

    • +1


  • +2

    Bought it last time and absolutely loved it. The remote control is fantastic and easy installation

  • +1

    I bought this during an earlier deal and it is an amazing product. The colour temp and brightness adjustment with the remote is very useful.

    However, I wanted to use this on my new Dell S3221QS curved monitor but the bezel on this monitor is too thin for the clip that comes with the lamp. So if I put it on the monitor, the clip goes beyond the monitor lining and onto the screen. I am worried this might put some pressure on the screen and damage it. I am trying to find a workaround for this and probably going to use some 3M double sided tape and foam on top of the monitor for the clip to attach to.

    • +1

      It's fine - my Kogan ultrawide is the same (I have the S3221QS as well), and yeah the lamp clip is sitting on the actual monitor surface. But it's in the black border area, so I'm not too worried about it.

      No issues so far!

      • I got worried because every time I fixed it there, the screen showed some ripples (while I was moving the clip). Even though the clip actually sits on the dark area when the screen is on, I am not sure if this might have some long term negative effect. Here is an image of how it sits on the monitor:


        • +1

          Double sided tape a piece of thick plastic on top of the monitor.

          • @Richardc: That's the plan. Got to find the right sized plastic/foam first. I think I might actually tape it to the lamp clip since the monitor is more expensive amongst the two. :)

              • @Richardc: Thanks for taking the trouble of searching for this mate.
                I think it might be too long and would need some sawing. Besides it would be better to use something other than metal, something soft and unobtrusive. I am gonna try to find some foam-cushion from one of my old gadget boxes or watch boxes probably.

                • +1

                  @aurthohin: Reason that I suggest this is , it's softer than steel and easier to cut, and the light is clamping on the metal, not the housing of the monitor, for color, you can use marker to paint it

        • Yeah, that is exactly the same as how it sits on my Kogan monitor (as I said, I have both monitors, so I can see the bezels are pretty much identical).

          Looks fine to me like that. shrugs (Doesn't cause any ripples once it's fixed in place)

    • It came with Chinese instructions….. How do you adjust the colour temperature??

      • +4

        Press and hold the button down and turn.

  • i thought it's an expensive led strip. came here to see what the bargain mavric of the internet had to say. now im about to buy one to see if i agree. at least it's slightly better value than this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/586363

  • +2

    This also doubles as a squeegee.

  • how wide is it?

    • +1

      it's compatible with all screens with 1-32mm thickness

      • Thanks. My Frame is 42mm deep. RIP.

  • +1

    Thanks. I have been waiting for this since your last post!!

  • +1

    Thank you skido, finally got one.

  • +1

    Bought one in last deal and very happy with it. Getting a second one for my other Ultra wide screen.

  • +1

    Can anyone please explain why this is good? Why not use the lights on the ceiling?

    • +1

      I've laughed but it's a good point the only reasons I can think of are

      • Less power consumption
      • Targeted area ( desk ) instead of the entire room some people like me help them focus.

      BTW the above points haven't justified me spending $58.

    • The light angle makes less glare and shadow.

    • more points on the credit card?

    • This is essentially a desk lamp. Why use a desk lamp, instead of ceiling light?

      This provides consistent and bright lighting across your desk, so when you're reading or writing, there wont be any shadows on the text, unlike normal desk lamps which project light from the side

      • Thanks, I don't do any reading or writing so I guess I can pass

  • +1

    One thing I can tell you is that this does not work on the Alienware 38” curved ultrawide. Really annoying.

    • Would assume it wouldn’t work on a Samsung Oddessy G9 also?

      • Probably not. Mine is just way too thick in the middle.

        • Use two

          • @Richardc: Now thanks thinking! But then I’ll spend too long trying to get the colours and brightness the same as each other.

            • @Taldsy: Actually you won't. My favourite settings is turn right to the coolest colour temperature (no amber LEDs) then one click to the left.

  • Any good with slim or bezel less displays?

    • +2

      the little clip thingy at the front is 5mm, so if your monitor has bezels larger than 5mm, it would fit fine without blocking the actual screen

      • Thanks, that is a shame my monitor has a 2-3mm slim bezel.

  • do these have enough light to light u up on a zoom call? or mainly light onto the monitor/workstation only

    • +1

      Nah, the light is for your desk, not your face, so it won't help with zoom calls.

      • I mean you can probably mount it to face the face, but it might be a little too bright.

  • +1

    I'm getting a $45.56 USD after coupon, is this due to fluctuations in currency since post or is there clown makeup being applied without consent?

    • +3

      untick shipping insurance to get the title price

      • My bad, I just noticed after I posted a comment. Fast reply though

  • will it attach to my 23 inch monitor? or is it longer than 23 inches

    • will it attach to my 23 inch monitor?

      yes if the thickness of your monitor is less than 32mm

      is it longer than 23 inches

      Lamp Body Size: Φ23 X 448mm

  • +1

    Thanks, grabbed 3

  • +1

    The good old ThinkLight has reincarnated as a long bar. I prefer that over a backlit keyboard.

  • +1

    Is this only to light the desk? Are there any other advantages?

  • I got one of these for my 34inch monitor. Wish there was a longer version. Just purchased a second one for my other monitor, very impressed with it.

  • +1

    Anyone got recommendation for cheap alternative?

    • +2

      The Baseus one is cheaper but loses the remote / less color temps.

  • Anyone having issues paying for their order?

    • Yeah going through PayPal had to try a few times. Annoying because I also had to sign into shopback each time too

  • Seems like a good product and good value. Bought one. Thanks Ozbargainers. 😁

  • I'm not sure I need this or not. Bought one. Thanks OP !

  • Cheers OP

  • Got shipping notification already.

  • it's showing $59USD on my end, is the sale over?

    • +1

      please apply the code: BGMJ44 in checkout

  • Baseus monitor light also has pretty good reviews across internet.. available for around $35 on eBay.