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Home Loan Refinance - Nano Founding Member Offer: 2.04% p.a. Variable Rate with 0.15% Discount for Life (Owner-Occupied, P&I)


Received an email on an exclusive home loan refinance offer from Joust, recommending a company called Nano.

Initially I didn't know who they are, but with some research, they appear to be an new digital lender, similar to Athena and 86400.

The offer appears quite competitive, with their variable discounted interest rate at 2.04% currently (with the 0.15% discount), which seems to be better than the digital banks mentioned above. No ongoing fees, meaning their comparison rate is also 2.04%.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum income : $150k
  • Maximum LVR : 65%
  • Refinance only
  • Owner-Occupier and Investment available (higher rates for investment 2.44%)
  • Good credit rating
  • Australian citizen only

There isn't too much information apart from that. While I'm not in a position to refinance my mortgage, I thought it may be of interest to others. On the one hand, I don't think this deal will be for everyone, as it lacks some features I can't do without, such as offset account or ability to redrew [edited - It would appear they do have an offset account], but for those people who may not have these it may definitely be worthwhile.

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