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[Kogan First] Xiaomi Smartmi Pedestal Fan 3 $109, Pedestal Fan 2S $99 Delivered @ Kogan


Xiaomi Smartmi Pedestal Fan 3 - $109 with Kogan First ($139 without)

The Xiaomi Smartmi Pedestal Fan 3 has a built-in negative ion generator that reduces static electricity, sterilises and reduces dust, helping to protect people with allergies.

  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Fresh negative ions to eliminate bacteria and dust
  • Low noise operation
  • 4-gear swing head
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life

Xiaomi Smartmi DC Conversion Pedestal Fan 2S - $99 with Kogan First ($139 without)

Same price previously.

The Xiaomi Smartmi DC Conversion Pedestal Fan 2S simulates natural wind while being energy efficient. Less than 1kWh of power can provide 500 hours of operation.

  • 7-blade design uniformly cuts through the air
  • Airfoil-shaped fan blades reduce air resistance
  • Diversion-style fan cover increases linear airflow
  • Continuously stable even at low speeds
  • Quiet, noiseless operation
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Lightweight and portable

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  • So the difference is the negative ion generator?

  • How big are these? Can these be brought for camping?

  • Is this any good ? I feel like it will break if it gets knocked over.

  • Is the 3 DC ?

  • Negative ions can eliminate dust?

    I wasn't aware they were the same as anti matter.

    • They don't eliminate dust but they make the dust charged, so it sticks to walls and surfaces rather than in the air column.

      Helps for dust allergies.

      • I'm imagining being stuck in a giant dustball because it hasn't worked and they're attracted to me instead.

  • Up to 20 hours of battery life??? Does it have a 20 hour battery for 109$?

  • curious to know if the 3 is DC

    Also anyone know how this compares against kogan DC fan? Its only $50


  • Bought mi fan 3 Dec 2020 received I 24 Feb.
    Bought 2s 22 Jan never received, refund it 3days ago.

    Personally, I don not recommend Kogan.

    • I bought this fan in December 2020 as well and it was delayed to February also. Annoying, but I received email updates from Kogan as to the status of the shipping dates slippage due to import delays (twice) both times offering refunds, and the second time, a $20 voucher as an apology and the offer of a refund still.

      I thought it was decent communication and I'm very happy with the product.

    • Ordered mine on 23rd Jan 2021 and arrived on 31st March 2021 (which was the expected delivery date as the item was on Pre-Sale).

    • Strange,

      I Bought this fan on Dec 9 2020 and received it Dec 23 2020.

      I don't recommend Kogan either.

    • Ordered 2s fan on 22nd Jan 2021, received it on 25th Jan. (Kogan First)

    • Same bought fan 3 Dec 2020 and received 24 Feb and zero update from Kogan
      I don't recommend Kogan at all

    • Bought in Jan and they kept delaying. Finally received in March. And if you have any issues with Kogan, the only way to reach them is through email, which can take days.

  • I love fan cooling (much more than aircon) and the 2S is by far the best fan I have ever owned. The battery life is great and what I most enjoy is the "natural" mode, which imitates natural random breeze rather than a steady flow. A lot more relaxing especially in prolonged use (watching TV or sleeping) . For extra hot days you can switch the standard mode which gives a steady flow with more power.
    Downsides are you need the app to switch between modes and to set a sleep timer. Also, there's no battery indicator (neither on the fan or in the app). I understand the 3 series have the indicator, I'd definitely spend the extra bucks for it.

    • To be fair, the 'natural' mode is nothing new. I bought a tower fan from Bunnings 10 years ago that has such a feature (as well as a few other modes) and also has a remote. The only difference is that it's not battery-powered.

      • It's new to me :) never seen it before
        Was the bunnings fan as silent as this? In natural mode and a speed between 1 and 40 it's almost completely silent

    • Yeah my wife and I switched from using Air Con to this fan in January and we love it. Being able to unplug and run for what seems to be 20hours is amazing too.

      Very quiet fan that is actually relaxing to have on.

  • I got the 1X DC smart fan, think it's great. Would have bought another for the living room but previously got a vornado. Just use the app on the phone.

  • +1 vote

    Just a heads up I bought the 3 recently and I can't get it to connect to Google home. Its setup in my Xiaomi app but the device never syncs to Google home.
    No issues with my 1x model which appears in the Xiaomi app and appears in my Google home and I've seen in the other thread people have no issues connecting the 2S to Google either.
    Besides that the fan is fantastic, the BT remote great, particularly for turning the fan on and off in the bedroom in the middle of the night when you really can't be bothered reaching for your phone to fire up the app.

    • I could only get the 1X working with the Mi-home app, it does recognise 'works with google' but the only voice commands that seem to work is 'fan on/ fan off'. Do you have more control than that? Cheers,

      • I've been able to set the fan level between 1-4 using voice commands

        I can't control the oscillate angle or natural / direct via google

        • Lucky you got that working, it's not recognised as a device I can even add to routines. So you can say, change fan to level 2?

        • To increase the speed, can you say blow me harder?

    • Same position.. I have the 2s no issues connecting to Alexa, but cant get th 3 to work.

      It does connect to the Xioami Home app so you can control it there, but its just not visible to Alexa. I am hoping its just a timing thing. I have had it once before where a new product took a couple months to start working on Alexa.

      I have emailed Amazon, and they said for me to call in and try and debug it with them. I havent had a chance to do this.

      • I suspect the Fan 3 is a China domestic model import where Google simply isn't available. Apparently it works with voice commands via the Mijia ecosystem

        • Yeah I emailed Kogan once and they said not supported. Probably a bonus if on off even works

    • I cound connect the 2S to googke home however it only allows switching on/off, nothing else. For all the fan functions I need to use the xiaomi app.

      • yep same. Sometimes that's good enough. could plug into a smart plug but no real point doubling up.
        Some of the scenes stuff with 'works with Google' 3rd party apps are too long winded to include in routines like 'going out' (powers off everything)

  • Order now in time for next summer.

    • If lucky

      If you're unlucky you get an email saying they don't have stock a day before the next 40 degree day

  • Thanks, good deal. Have missed out on previous promos but this price is safely the best price. The reviews for the fan are great. Cheers

  • Just a little warning….. I ordered a 2S fan on 22/01/2021 and received it over 2 months later, on 31/03/2021, just in time for Autumn!!

  • The 2S is really good. I ordered 2 and one was making a small whirring sound and Kogan gave me full credit for one and let me keep it. Definitely can't complain about that.

    • I had the same thing happen with the 3 version. they quickly sent me a replacement and let me keep the noisy one as well. I had to send a video showing the issue though.

      • can you please post a video/audio clipping of it - have to compare with mine.
        It gets too noisy on 3&4.
        1&2 is quiet - but doesnt push any air at all.

  • no referral system for kogan on Ozbargain? I see referral link to share on my kogan account

  • You're gonna need to make a really really good point on how a $100 fan is better than the standard $25 fan, considering the price. I don't understand how people are affording to be spending 5x as much on everyday normal items.

    • The Xiaomi fans has

      • DC Motor (so more energy efficient and quiet on low speed)
      • In-Built Battery (so portable)
      • Can be controlled by App/Remote/Voice Automation (Google Home/Alexa)

      If you don't need these features, then a standard pedestal fan ($10 at Kmart) should be sufficient.

      • i got a 2S recently - it is quiet in settings 1 & 2 alone - but doesnt push any air at all.
        Go to 3/4 - has good throw, it is very noisy and no less than Kmart fans.

        • will be great for cooler nights where you want some airflow. Most cheapies are too noisy on the lowest settings and look nasty

      • See my comment above. The Fan 3 doesn't appear to work with Google / Alexa

      • Or $3.75 if you can find stock.

    • Two reasons I like this fan and now use it exclusively while my $25 fans are in the attic collecting dust.

      It is completely silent on the low settings. You cannot hear it, for me while sleeping this is a game changer and I can't go back.

      It has a battery built in. This means you can just pick up the fan and take it anywhere, no cords, power points required. And it will run off the battery all day. Being able to put a fan anywhere, and move it anytime is so much better than having only a few spots the fan can go.

      This is ozbargain so yeah, you want the cheapest thing. but for me the other fans get used 0% of the time, this gets used 100% of the time, so they are the rip off now.

  • has anyone's order been shipped?

  • For the Xiaomi Smartmi Pedestal Fan 3 received an EU plug instead of AU plug

    • I got one a little while back. Another cable with AU plug was sent separately, received about a week later.

  • Mine arrived yesterday without the AU plug. had one lying around so I could use it right away. A nice fan just wished it could connect to Google Home. Not a deal-breaker but nice to have the fan connected to the ecosystem of our other devices.

    My first Kogan order was dispatched almost 2 weeks after I ordered and the listing kept 1-2 days dispatch listed until now. They should just update their listings and set the expectations rather than mislead customers.