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Free Telstra Plus Points or Gift @ Telstra (Plus Membership Required)


Your gift could be any one of these

Millions of Telstra Plus points.

Including gifts of 5 million and 2 million points. That’s on top of thousands more points you can use to redeem towards treating yourself in the Rewards Store.

Top-brand tech.

Imagine opening up an incredible new handset, tablet or smart watch from big-name brands like Samsung, Google, Fitbit and more.

Audio and accessories.

Believe your ears – you could score anything from earbuds and headphones to a Sony Bluetooth turntable or Home Cinema Soundbar System.

Telstra TV, or a Sony TV.

Keep the home entertainment coming with the latest movie and TV releases streamed via Telstra TV. You could even open up an amazing 65” Sony OLED 4K TV.

Telstra Plus: Must be 18+ with an active service. Points are earned on payment for services or pre-paid recharge (excluding outright purchases, refunds, credits & late payment fees). Points expire 3 years from earning. Marketing opt-in required (preferences can be changed). Excludes Telstra Enterprise and Corporate accounts.

Open from 9am AEST 13 April to 5pm 18 June 2021 to Australian Residents who are Telstra Plus members, except Telstra employees who work on Telstra Plus and their agents, contractors and other companies associated with the promotion and their immediate families. Winners notified by email and published on 25 June on www.telstra.com.au/plus Permit numbers ACT – TP 21/00419 SA – T21/391 NSW TP/00166

One entry per Telstra Plus member will win a prize that is randomly allocated. The prize pool consists of 3,501,187 prizes: a) Telstra Plus Points prizes in various values:
100 points x 1,495,000 valued at $373,750
500 points x 1,500,000 valued at $1,875,000
1,000 points x 500,000 valued at $1,250,000
10,000 points x 4,500 valued at $112,500
100,000 points x 150 valued at $37,500
1,000,000 points x 2 valued at $5,000
1,500,000 points x 2 valued at $7,500
2,000,000 points x 2 valued at $10,000
5,000,000 points x 2 valued at $25,000
b) 30 x Beats Solo Pro Black – each valued at $429 c) 31 x Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro – each valued at $349 d) 641 x JBL Sound Bar Studio Noir – each valued at $240 e) 15 x Google Pixel 4a 5G – each valued at $799 f) 15 x Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB – each valued at $999 g) 15 x Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB – each valued at $1,248 h) 15 x Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – each valued at $529 i) 15 x Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 – each valued at $849 j) 30 x Fitbit Versa 2 Black – each valued at $329 k) 700 x Telstra TV – each valued at $216 l) 4 x Sony 65” KD-65A8H OLED 4K Android TV – each valued at $4,295 m) 4 x Sony HT-RT3 5.1ch Home Cinema Soundbar System with Bluetooth – each valued at $419 n) 4 x Sony LX-310 Turntable with BLUETOOTH Connectivity with Vinyl Pack – each valued at $399 o) 5 x Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black) – each valued at $399 p) 5 x Sony W830 Digital Compact Camera with 8x Optical Zoom (Black) – each valued at $199 The total prize pool value is $4,124,651 (incl. GST).

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  • +37

    100 points, woot!!!! :(.

    So glad I am currently in the process of removing $150/month from Telstra services. Xbox all access pass gone and 2nd mobile service about to be gone.

    • +4

      Telstra just gave me 100 points despite no longer having services with them.

    • +8

      I got 100pts, because I keep taking them to TIO and winning!

    • +1

      so much salt 😂

    • +2

      Got 100 as well.
      I'm off planning my retirement party.

    • +1

      I'm just about to run out of $1300 credit with them (Thanks TIO) , so I'll be leaving too.

  • +7

    500 free points! Kewl

    • +1

      Got the same

    • Me too

    • +1


  • +62

    10,000 points! Yay.

    • +1

      Nice one!

    • -1

      Worth $40 or so

      • $1,000 to get as well.

    • Me too!

  • +32

    Congratulations, you've won 1,000 points
    We hope you enjoy what you’ve opened. Thanks again for being a Telstra Plus member. Your points prize should be added to your account shortly

    • +4

      Also won 1000 points

      • same, 1,000 points

      • Here too

      • Ditto

        • Me too!

          What can I do with these points? This puts my total to about 40k points. Is there anything decent on their store?

      • 1000 for me too

    • Same. 🥲

    • Same

    • Same you guys gold members?

    • +1

      Same - haven't used Telstra in years but still get these points!

    • Same for me

    • Same here..1000 club

    • Same here. Looks like that's the most common prize

    • Ditto. I'm glad at least I win something that of not the lowest value!

    • Here here.

    • +1


  • +65

    It would be nice if Telstra spent this money on Customer Service rather than useless advertising…

    • +17

      Agreed, they are seriously the worst customer service. Their support are so useless, there could be an entire thesis on it.
      Most recent example: after 3 handoffs from different support teams, I was told the new number to call is their latest tech gurus.
      The response by the tech guru is… can’t help you with your Telstra email because you are making the Enquiry from a non Telstra mobile number!!!
      And went on to argue with about how my call about my Telstra email issue is due to me using a Non Telstra phone…
      You can’t make this up.
      Still not resolved… grrr… I need to work up my energy level for my next call to Telstra Support. Unbelievable!
      Seriously, the most frustrating customer service ever and this is practically 100% of the time

      • there could be an entire thesis on it.

        I could write an entire encyclopedia…

        • Do it then

          • +11

            @Broomstick: Ombudsman already has first 3 volumes.

      • +8

        I used to be a Telstra employee and I am saddened by how crap their current support is (these chat windows don't work - I'm guessing they are trying to answer 10 questions simultaneously leading you to repeat yourself multiple times, and having to wait 15min+ between responses and they have no idea what they are doing)- I have literally wasted 6+ hours in the past week (attempting to port service away). Rang their complaints line - first person hung up on me (I was annoyed but not abusive).

        FYI if you want Telstra to actually do something threaten them with reporting it to the Telecommunications Ombudsman - it costs Telstra for complaints to be resolved by them.

        • all overseas call centers been shutdown due to covid

        • +6

          and having to wait 15min+ between responses

          I've been averaging 2-3 hours between responses. Often it is a different person, they don't read the previous notes and you have to explain things over and over and over again… I'm pretty much convinced they are doing it deliberately and are laughing at us behind our backs.
          At least we can still cut & paste, but wouldn't be surprised if Telstra removes that capability at some stage.

          • +2

            @jv: I feel your pain as well. I had to go through several person and I need to keep repeating myself just to solve the Telstra id issues. I mean this is the basic requirement for new sign up. Finally got it fixed but noticed telstra air doesn’t work. Keep messaging but still can’t solve the issue. They just keep passing into new person without fix issue. The worst customer experience ever

        • +3

          FYI if you want Telstra to actually do something threaten them with reporting it to the Telecommunications Ombudsman - it costs Telstra for complaints to be resolved by them.

          That didn't work for me. Ombudsman made them refund 2 months of bills because of their incompetence, but said going forward, because I know the service is crap, I will not get any more compensation as I can just change service provider without penalty.

          The Ombudsman cannot make Telstra fix up their crap service and systems, all they can do is make sure you don't pay, and that they release you from any contracts.

          • @jv: Well it sorta worked. You can take some pleasure in knowing that it cost Telstra thousands to have the Ombudsman step in.

            • +1

              @syme321: True, but it is short-lived pleasure while you know you still have to deal with them.

        • +2

          If you want telstra to do something then you should change providers instead of dealing woth their crap.

          • @umoddbro: True but sometimes people don't have a choice esp with mobile coverage

            • @syme321:

              don't have a choice esp with mobile coverage

              Switch to Boost.

              • @jv: lol which I have done, though their support is terrible too & they are Telstra subsidiary (or something like that)

                • +1


                  though their support is terrible too

                  Nowhere near as bad as Telstra though…

                  they are Telstra subsidiary

                  No they aren't. They resell Telstra. They used to resell Optus before that…

                  • @jv: Sorry my bad I read Boost as Belong

            • @syme321: Coverage maps don't line up with real-world experience.
              What is "100% 4G coverage" means driving about 1km up the road to get a data signal and where "emergency calls only" is displayed on the mobile.
              ADSL still alive but is 12km from the source, giving me ~0.3 - 0.5 Mbps download, usually <0.1 upload.
              AND pay full service.
              (NBN service = satellite where for a monthly 300Gb plan at about $180, 240Gb is to be used between 1am and 7am.)
              So for a home business, that's no option - have to rent elsewhere to be connected (or put in a 30-40m height antenna at my expense)

              FYI: Doesn't matter who the carrier is - all have the same problem.
              Nearest tower is not getting connected to and the only tower that I can get is about 15km away, to get 'echoing' in my calls, when all the planets line up and it may work.
              No plans apparently for upgrades/new towers in next 5 years, including 5G.

              Welcome to Greater Geelong Shire - Rural Division

      • +1

        You guys have obviously never dealt with Optus. You actually get a better outcome by having no phone, than one with Optus.

      • whenever you talk to Telstra ask the person for their delta number and record it for your own record.

    • +4

      Telstra AU based phone support is coming back in 2022.

      • +20

        It's a typo on their website.

        They are aiming for 3022…

        • +2

          Haha good call jv.

        • +5

          Finally a good joke from jv

    • Gelstra* not Telstra…. XD

    • I actually had great service the other day talking through Online Chat. I had a service that had to be removed and credited

      • I actually had great service the other day

        Reported for trolling…

    • They play the monopoly game for long they don't need to do anything with customer service.

    • Not to mention regular purges where they sack thousands of Australian staff members for cost cutting to keep their business afloat like the stodgy turd that it is.

  • +4

    100 points, unlucky.

  • Congratulations, you've won 100 points

  • +2

    1000 points

  • 100 bonus points. Better than nothing!

  • +1

    1000 points!

  • +1

    500 points

  • +1

    1000 points

  • +4

    (profanity) 100 point only

    • I feel your pain.

    • Me too :(

  • 500 points

  • +6

    I had a phone call yesterday from the telstra support team about my internet problem. I had to go in front of my computer and press windows key and ctrl.

    Hang on… I don’t even have Telstra service.

    • +2

      I can help you, just accept the remote control request

    • +2
    • +14

      I love these calls when i have the time. Had one hang up on me after I told him that what he told me to enter caused my computer to catch fire, then my cat was on fire.

      • +1

        LOL this made me laugh, thanks!

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