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Free Telstra Plus Points or Gift @ Telstra (Plus Membership Required)


Your gift could be any one of these

Millions of Telstra Plus points.

Including gifts of 5 million and 2 million points. That’s on top of thousands more points you can use to redeem towards treating yourself in the Rewards Store.

Top-brand tech.

Imagine opening up an incredible new handset, tablet or smart watch from big-name brands like Samsung, Google, Fitbit and more.

Audio and accessories.

Believe your ears – you could score anything from earbuds and headphones to a Sony Bluetooth turntable or Home Cinema Soundbar System.

Telstra TV, or a Sony TV.

Keep the home entertainment coming with the latest movie and TV releases streamed via Telstra TV. You could even open up an amazing 65” Sony OLED 4K TV.

Telstra Plus: Must be 18+ with an active service. Points are earned on payment for services or pre-paid recharge (excluding outright purchases, refunds, credits & late payment fees). Points expire 3 years from earning. Marketing opt-in required (preferences can be changed). Excludes Telstra Enterprise and Corporate accounts.

Open from 9am AEST 13 April to 5pm 18 June 2021 to Australian Residents who are Telstra Plus members, except Telstra employees who work on Telstra Plus and their agents, contractors and other companies associated with the promotion and their immediate families. Winners notified by email and published on 25 June on www.telstra.com.au/plus Permit numbers ACT – TP 21/00419 SA – T21/391 NSW TP/00166

One entry per Telstra Plus member will win a prize that is randomly allocated. The prize pool consists of 3,501,187 prizes: a) Telstra Plus Points prizes in various values:
100 points x 1,495,000 valued at $373,750
500 points x 1,500,000 valued at $1,875,000
1,000 points x 500,000 valued at $1,250,000
10,000 points x 4,500 valued at $112,500
100,000 points x 150 valued at $37,500
1,000,000 points x 2 valued at $5,000
1,500,000 points x 2 valued at $7,500
2,000,000 points x 2 valued at $10,000
5,000,000 points x 2 valued at $25,000
b) 30 x Beats Solo Pro Black – each valued at $429 c) 31 x Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro – each valued at $349 d) 641 x JBL Sound Bar Studio Noir – each valued at $240 e) 15 x Google Pixel 4a 5G – each valued at $799 f) 15 x Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB – each valued at $999 g) 15 x Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB – each valued at $1,248 h) 15 x Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – each valued at $529 i) 15 x Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 – each valued at $849 j) 30 x Fitbit Versa 2 Black – each valued at $329 k) 700 x Telstra TV – each valued at $216 l) 4 x Sony 65” KD-65A8H OLED 4K Android TV – each valued at $4,295 m) 4 x Sony HT-RT3 5.1ch Home Cinema Soundbar System with Bluetooth – each valued at $419 n) 4 x Sony LX-310 Turntable with BLUETOOTH Connectivity with Vinyl Pack – each valued at $399 o) 5 x Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black) – each valued at $399 p) 5 x Sony W830 Digital Compact Camera with 8x Optical Zoom (Black) – each valued at $199 The total prize pool value is $4,124,651 (incl. GST).

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      • Yeah I used to have my mobile bill with Telstra and it felt like a pointless program.

      • If you're a gold member (would be if over 3k per year), you can redeem a free Telstra tv, if you haven't already.

      • I also pay $4200 per year and only 100 points for me

    • Eh it's free, requires zero effort, and you can get some stuff for cheap or free. Don't really see how it's a waste of time. I got about 3 Google Home Mini's through it for free, and just ordered a Series X Expansion Card that retails for $349 for only $120 + my points. Seems like a great deal to me.

  • 1000

  • 1000 points, thanks OP

  • 1000 points for a 1 minute or so spent logging in, well, thanks!

  • It's been over a year I left Telstra but still got 500 pts and 1800 in total. I guess nothing can be bought with 1800 pts?

    • Well the $10 SIM is 3000 points, for a reference point

  • 1000 and 100 on my two accounts

  • Hooray 1,000 points…

  • -2

    Congratulations, you've won a Tesla Model S Plaid+ :(

  • ouch closed my account just over a week ago

    NVM was still able to get it. 500points

    they value their points at 200 to $1…

    But retail value of the products they have in the store is closer to 500 to $1

  • 500

  • 1000

  • 1000 points. Can I try again tomorrow?

    • You can try but it won't work

  • +3

    Woohoo 25 cents!

  • 500

  • 500 pts even I am not with Telstra now.

  • Wouldn't let me sign up :(

  • Damnit, not working for me!

    Sorry something went wrong
    We're working on the problem, please try again later.

    Support code: NCLE001

  • I am another of the 100 point losers. standard result for me in any RNG based competition.

  • 100 points for me, hard to complain about surprise free points, but…

  • 100 point, oh well. thanks

  • 500 points for me

  • Woot 1000 …wish it was a tv

  • Seems like 1000 points is the benchmark. Lower than that mean unlucky and higher mean lucky.

  • +2

    Got 500 points. Thanks OP. Something is better than nothing!

  • 1000 club

  • 100 - my luck stinks.

  • 500 points, thanks OP.

  • 1000 points

  • I just want to know has anyone actually won anything with enough points?

  • Congratulations, you've won 500 points
    We hope you enjoy what you’ve opened. Thanks again for being a Telstra Plus member. Your points prize should be added to your account shortly

  • Now just waiting for Optus do match this offer, been with them for over 20years, should have gotten problem 10 iPhones buy now. My Telstra account is unfortunately only used for Telstra tickets for movies.

    • “ should have gotten problem 10 iPhones buy now”

      Why would you even want 10 problem iPhones 🤔

  • Based on prize pool, 400pts = $1
    Based on some rewards like prepaid sim in rewards store, ~300pts = $1
    But since some of the rewards are normally sold lower than RRP elsewhere, those points worth much less.
    Most people will get 100~1000pts means less than $3
    And people are getting emails like this recently: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/98wnjnv3 , forcing customers to move to a more expensive plan with slower speed
    So, thanks Telstra for the points, and no thanks you won't earn your customer back. Try use your money on improve your service instead.

  • 100 points. Thanks for the 25 cents….

  • Got 1000 even though I ported out months ago.

  • 1000 points - better than nothing

  • Congratulations, you've won 500 points

  • +1

    100 pts…how awesome… also recently got removed from their Silver Tier… whateva.

    Telstra has really lost the plot these days…try reaching out to them for service - It’s a bloody painful experience…

    • it always has been, its just next level bad these days.

  • It’s a something for nothing even if it is a shitty 100pts, but their rewards program is a joke only benefits corporate companies, impossible to earn decent amount of points regularly, only time something in the rewards store is good value is when there is a price error or the occasional sale

  • 1000 pints yay.. i wish it was 1000 BTC. ;)

  • 500 thanks op

  • +38

    WON THE TV whooohoooooooòoooooo!!!!!

    Thanks so much OP for posting!!!! made my day!!!!

    • Congrats!

    • Nice someone cleaned up. Congratulations.

    • 🥳🥳🥳

    • Well done!!!

    • how much is your spend? what services do you have?

  • 500 points, left Telstra a few months ago

  • Thanks op, got 1000 points.

  • Free 1k points it's not like you will win anything

  • 12 year broadband customer until last month, 100 points. Good riddance smellstra! 💩

  • Fitting that after being a Telstra customer for 25 years, I just scored 25c. Time to play some Kool & the Gang…

  • 1,000 points. Apparently worth $2.50. Wowsers.

  • I got 1000points only a low level member. Happy me.

  • Seriously who knows if they really have the big prizes. They don't announce and noone has confirmed gotten anything from them except free points

  • -1

    Haven't used Telstra in 15 years and got 1000 points

  • +1

    Thanks op got 7

    • 7?

  • +1

    Not a Telstra customer anymore, left almost a year ago but still received 500 pts! Thanks op’

    • +1

      Not gonna down vote you dude 🤣, that's the ozbargain way.

      Nice work.

  • Sucks to see all these people who don’t use Telstra services getting the bigger prizes.

    Been with Telstra for years and all I got was 100 shitty points.

  • Do Telstra Plus points expire?

    Edit: Yes.

    Points you haven’t redeemed will expire after 3 years.

  • 100pt! that's like 10c!

  • 500 points

  • 100 points, just as exciting as the free Virgin Velocity points -_-

  • Oh Noice, free 0.1 grand points!

  • Yeah would've been nice to see what i got if i can actually access my account and not get an error message! Jokes on me i guess

  • 1000 points

  • 100 Points

  • 100 only

  • only got 100 but I noticed a new insurance quote on their page would get 500 points so I got the quote. I am on 90000 points and just found out points expire after 3 years, but they only let you see the last year. I rang up and complained because I dont know when my points will expire

  • 500 Points. Not worth much but better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick!

  • Based on my comically bad experiences over the years with Telstra, I'm convinced this skit about Telstra workers is almost entirely accurate: https://youtu.be/pI1l3Caqcxw

  • 500 free points!

  • What is the ‘point’ of all this.

    Ok a couple of players got a TV/sound bar. That’s great. That happens in competitions…

    The real point here is this is just a well known, clever loyalty marketing trick. Pretty much everyone wins a next to worthless prize and of course the hook is aimed at inactive/ex customers.

    Not a deal!!

  • booo only 500

  • wahh only 100

  • 500 here.

  • +1

    Agree, not a bargain but a comp. Still, the amount of r/ChoosingBeggars here is incredible.

    • +1

      A comp with a guaranteed freebie is a gift or giveaway though?

      A comp generally means you have a CHANCE of winning something - here you are guaranteed SOMETHING.

  • anyone getting an error when trying this?

    "Back to Telstra Plus
    An error has occured
    Sorry something went wrong
    We're working on the problem, please try again later.

    Support code: NCLE001"

    • When I first got Telstra Plus, YES! Been fine for about 6 months now though.

      But a few chats later and that has now been resolved.

      VERY likely an issue at their end and nothing you're doing.

  • 1,000 points what a load…

  • I love the people in the thread that have been with Telstra for 589 yrs and received 25c .
    I'm curious what has being with them for a long time got to winning a promo for higher amount ?

    BTW $4,124,651 just over 3.5 mil prizes = $1.18 average.

  • 100 bonus points.

    Well that was lame

  • Do u need to be a telstra customer for this?

    • Apparently, you can be an ex-customer.

  • 100 points!

  • Its basically a 1 in 2000 chance of a decent prize! (100,000 points+ or item)

    Anyone won more than 10,000 points or even 10,000 ($25)???

  • 500 points…

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