[Refurb] Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $279 Delivered @ Sony Australia eBay


Sony WH1000XM4B Refurbished / Seconds WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black)


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  • Wow cheapest deal ever seen

  • For that price I would be better buy the new one for peace of mind

    • Yeah, I bought one thinking it be better refurbished from Sony but I do not have much experience on there refurbished warranty.
      eBay shows 30days some people on searches claim its 90 days and some say its the full, maybe someone here is familiar with it.

      • It's on the listing.

        All items available to purchase on the Official Sony eBay Store are covered by a full 12 month Sony manufacturer warranty from Sony. Sony provides invoices on all purchases via an email with a PDF.

        Biggest caveat would be:

        As the products being sold may be manufacturer refurbished or factory seconds, minor cosmetic variations may occur. These cosmetic variations have been checked by our Sony Authorised repair agent and do no impact the function of the product. We cannot accept refunds for items based on appearance.

        • Right you are, thanks Steve.
          Under the returns tab.

        • Sony Returns Dept is not very good at the moment - my xm4's have been with them for over a month, at this rate they'll be out of warranty soon.

      • Ebay 30 days is for return.
        Standard 12 month warranty applies to these.

        What warranty is available on these products?
        sonyaustralia : All products available to purchase have been thoroughly tested by a Sony Authorised repair agent before being made available to purchase. We also back our products with our standard 12 month warranty.

        Goods could be new, returns, excess stock, actual refurb….

        At ~$90 discount (25%) this is a good deal.

        Decent XM3/4comparison here

      • on there refurbished warranty


    • These are not refurb but seconds so they are new but may have some cosmetic blemishes.

      • The product image has a large REFURBISHED logo beside it and this description: "REFURBISHED: This item is manufacturer refurbished. It has been checked by Sony technicians and assessed as in working order."

        Plenty of sellers use the terms interchangeably. Comments on similar Sony deals have indicated some purchases were actually new products (see also Akib's comment below).

        Manufacturers have to be careful not to undercut retailers who sell their new products, hence the (possible) workaround. Been happening in retail since Moses played fullback.

  • ebay Plus members can get it for $267.84 using promo code PLUSNF4.

  • $300.80 afterpay deal was good

    • $299.99 would've looked nicer (psychologically)

      • I reckon, 81c ripped.. Psychologically correct, like i've listed my QC25 for $99

        I was happy with the price and haven't really had any bt headphones - think they're great.

  • +13 votes

    After buying I've gone the way of search for better prices which i shouldn't do, but I will mention it here came across other listings on ebay for new
    using PAPR15 price will be AU $318.75 could be a deal someone might be interested in.

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    I got the refurb WHXM3s from the APT Sony Ebay store deal 3 weeks ago and they we new in box.

    • That is great, I will post here what I get when I receive the item.

    • Just an update, I have received the headphones today, they certainly look new and unused.
      No scratches or blemishes to hint they are used.
      Only the box is not wrapped in the clear plastic wrapping as the new ones are and box has a sticker to suggest it as seconds "Sony Seconds".

  • https://amp.reddit.com/r/sony/comments/ibleuj/wh1000xm3_wh10...

    This issue seems really common so just in case anyone need.

    • I heard of some touch control issues on the xm3 but the issue with cracking noise is news to me,
      It did cross my mind why there are so many in stock as refurbished items, maybe they are a heap of issues with the XM4/XM3 or they found a fault and are fixing it.
      Hard to say.

    • +2 votes

      Can confirm I had this issue with a refurb pair of XM4's. Sony were quick to refund me entirely when I asked for an exchange so they're probably well aware of the issue. Eventually I stuck a little silica packet inside of the cup that had the cracking issue and it's cleared up almost entirely.

      • Did you buy it on eBay? Sony eBay refunded you?

        Also.. fixed with a silica pack? so its a moisture issue?

        • Yeah on eBay from Sony. I asked for exchange but they refunded after one message saying that they were faulty.

          The only info I could find was on reddit threads that said it was a moisture issue and they tried a silica packet which helped it.

          • @pant: Ah.. yeah I saw another comment saying that they sent theirs in for warranty and quoted $200 to fix it due to corrosion and given how I've seen several account of people saying that they get quite sweaty wearign these, it seems to make sense to be a mositure issue.

            I wanted to buy these as I'm in the market for one but… hmm not so sure anymore.

  • I had the xm3 - 2 warranty claims. I got the xm4 (I like the headphones). 6 months in and 1 of those they've spent with Sony returns - made 5 calls and one of those they said it was gonna cost over $200 to have them repaired - under warranty. It's a known issue - corrosion. This is very upsetting as I paid $420 the moment they became available.
    Good phones but very temperamental. Sony's claims department is not good - careful purchasing this deal.
    To replace these it's been over a month with Sony now, I got the Nuraphones on the $80 down and $15 per month deal - they're performing well - sound is better than Sony XM4, just not as feature rich.

  • Just throught I would share my experience. Got the xm4 refurb during the last deal ($250 from memory) and other then a slightly worn box, could not tell that it wasnt new. The headphones, carry case and accessories were all perfect condition.

  • Anyone used these with an LG CX tv?

  • +6 votes

    I bought one of this during the afterpay special. I'd say it depends on each individual unit. The one I received was no different to brand new except the stick on the box. I checked very carefully, no mark, no scratch, completely clean, even smells new.

  • I got an xm3 last month and it looked brand new, but it developed static noise on the left side when ANC was on after a few hours of use. Asked for a replacement. The replacement has been definitely used with lots of micro scratches and some dents but apparently, the ear cushions are replaced. It makes me wonder if the first unit was a new item that had not passed the QC in the factory?

  • I've never had any noise cancelling headphones, though I have a few pairs of decent IEMs and a couple of pairs of audiophile quality on/over ears.

    My office work is extremely complex and technical and I have a terrible ability to focus when I can hear any conversation taking place around me.

    Will noise cancelling headphones help with this over using IEMs? If so, are cheaper sets of headphones going to give a comparable level of noise cancelling (ie. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611909).

    Happy to spend around $100 but I'm hesitant to drop serious cash ($279) on this as an experiment. I know that this is a bit of a tangent but would appreciate some balanced advice.

    • With my XM4s, if music is playing I can't hear a thing from my coworkers, but if it's just ANC without music then voices will come through fairly clearly.

      However, your IEMs will give you much more passive NC and tbh are probably going to reduce your interruptions more than a set of ANC over ear cans like these. ANC is super helpful for continuous background noise - like aircraft engines or air-conditioners - but not so much for voices and similar sounds.

      • or just tell them to STFU (and work from home) :P

        Agree on passive isolating / active noise cancelling, both have their place. Depends how often you are getting interrupted, The XM4's have a fair few smarts and handy for calls and stuff too. FWIW i thought the cancelling may be a bit stronger, the QC25 seemed as good or better although probably just different. Once got some music on it's good though. Still make a great difference

        • Thanks for the replies.

          It's not so much being interrupted directly as much as being in an open plan area where conversations can usually be clearly heard either in front or behind me, even several metres away. I can often hear voices even with my IEMs playing music. The IEMs do a reasonable job, but it's fatiguing to have music playing constantly and hearing voices over the music is also a significant source of stress..

          It's clearly a mismatch with the work environment but I thought the NC option might be worth considering.

          • @Skeletor: it's annoying, these little yapping dogs next door are a downright pain, little pricks. owners can't control them should have got a few cats.

  • Received mine today. Can't tell it wasn't new except 2 stickers on package box indicating it's second and 1 orange sticker "GDB4". Not sure if it means "Good Before" and just returned item due to change of mind etc. Tested all functions couldn't identify any issues. So far so happy.

  • use code PLUSFL10 to bring it down to $251.10

  • Got my response from SONY today. Very poor form on their part.

    *Please be advised that our request for repair coverage has been disapproved. Sony stands with the authorised servicer's report/finding that unit was diagnosed with corrosion.&

    In terms of getting the WH1000XM4 unit repaired under warranty, I'm afraid that is not an option as corrosion false under physical damage issue, which voids the warranty of the unit.

    As alternative resolution, the management have approved to offer you a brand new Sony headset unit under aggressive pricing as follows:

    WH1000XM4 @ $177

    • That's a shame but there's a reason they are cheaper aka too good to be true?

  • That is disappointing.
    Seem to be related to what pilmarion mentioned with the common problem.

  • Thanks Op, pulled the trigger