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Sony 75" X9000H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV $2545.75 C&C /+ Shipping @ The Good Guys


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Getting less price every month and hopefully another couple of hundred discount make really good deal with price error earlier (2295$).

Even now with 4% CR and 2*1000 giftcard makes 200$ less price

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The Good Guys


  • The X9500H also comes in around $3450.75. Any difference worth the extra $900?

  • Good price but the promised updates have been very slow to be implemented. It's 6 months old at this point, still missing features, and 2021 models will be arriving soon.

  • HDMI 2.1?

  • Anyone feedback for 85 inch? Price is about 3820$.

    again around 250$ can be saved with giftcard (2*1000$) and CR(150$ )

  • Anyone know if there is a limit on the number of giftcards entered at checkout?

  • Careful some of these models don't support Bluetooth headphones.

  • Can anybody comment how does it compare with samsung 2021 model Q70a. It is much thinner then the sony x9000h

      • Bahaha I see alot of you only care for a brand name even if all they promises are broken yall stay loyal as a sheep

    • If you want HDMI 2.1, 120hz, VRR, etc get the Samsung. Sony have screwed up the HDMI 2.1 on the X9000H and have been promising to fix it for over 6 months but haven't. I believe if this was something they could easily fix they would have done it already, as this was supposed to be their main TV for the PS5.

      • They are still working on it. Unlike LG tvs, this has the full HDMI 2.1 bandwidth so will eventually come. The X90J is in the same boat, waiting on an upcoming firmware release.

  • I bought this one for around $2800 6 months ago. Very happy with the TV. Great picture. Only have a PS4 on it, when I can get my hands on a PS5 I'll bite. No issues with software or anything.

    This is a great price for a great TV.

  • How is it compared Hisense Q8? I am considering this Sony 75" X9000H ($2545.75) for the price vs Hisense 85Q8 ($3395) for the size.. I have 5 Meters distance from my couch to the wall. Happy to wait till June end for financial year end sale as well. Your inputs will be highly appreciated.

    • Don't get the q8 if you plan to game.

      • Thanks mate.. Sorry I missed to mention the use - it is mainly for watching TV channels, movies and sports.. Not much into gaming

        • I settled for Q8 as I don't game and couldn't justify the price difference to Sony. I've been blown away by the Q8.

    • I just went thru this exercise I am after movie watching/streaming. (No intent to game @ 120Hz via 2.1 HDMI)

      2020 Sony X8000H, X9000H & X9500H- not the best picture quality panels (no Qdot) and only the X9500H even can hold up to old mid range Samsung Q80T - see rtings compare feature to verify that. The newer Sony J series (X9500J) coming in a few weeks could change that though but at a considerable price hike. In the end I got the Hisense Q8 75" for $2189 (+ $70 delivery) from Joyce Mayne

      have a look here (note we believe Hisense Q8 is H9G in USA and X9000H is X900H in USA)
      and X9500H vs Hisense Q8

      PS Hisense Q8 are also going on clearance (new models coming) - the 85" Q8 has some good deals going so barter hard. I got quoted $3150 today
      PPS Sony and Samsung are 1 year wty whereas Hisense is 3 years !


    • I went in the store and tested the Q8 with 4K remuxes, SDR content and other files. I have a Sony X930e which is still one of the brightest TVs made. Q8 doesn't hold a candle to it. X950h is just below my TV for PQ, little less in brightness but a bit better colour. I played around with all the settings for half an hour or more testing stuff and the image is so soft, there's no real clarity. Blacks seemed pretty good but wasn't able to tell properly as there's still some lights on in that part of the store, looking off angle I couldn't make out any blooming or greyish blacks but when the PQ isn't that great, black levels didn't seem to make a difference. I have a Hisense R6 as a monitor and the Q8 just looked like a bigger version of that. Very disappointed! Colours are quite poor and didn't see great brightness to which they claim. Also tested the BX OLED which was easily a better picture quality but noticed really bad near black noise in so many scenes (which hardly any reviews talk about). The Sony X950H is really a better picture by far. The US H9G must be a completely different set to anything we have here as there's no way anybody would recommend the Hisense Q8 over the Sony, especially once they take it out of store mode and play actual content on it. Any TV can look good playing demos made for that particular TV. Last thing about the motion which isn't that great. You will need to have some soap opera effect to get a decent picture without bad stuttering and judder. Some settings it seems like it has 5FPS. If you have a Samsung TV it may not be that bad as they seem to do a similar thing but if you want accurate motion this is fairly poor. If you like soap opera effect this TV is butter smooth with it. If you haven't had a high end TV its passable but otherwise its just an entry level TV with really good blacks.

      • I'm in the same boat as mybrains above.

        Monstalova do you think it may just be the Q8 you played with had an old firmware? Apparently recent updates have improved motion.

        75q8 around $2150 or X9000 for $2500 (or $2,200 refurbished)… Still undecided here…

        • Yeah I've heard people say that motion has improved with updates, I've also heard it hasn't changed for some people. I really want Hisense to do well. Better tech and competition, which means lower prices for us. I'm not against them at all but to me it's just not at that level to compete with the big boys yet. Strange thing with 75 inch Q8 is it has the same amount of dimming zones as the 65 (confirmed by Hisense) The only people I've seen that are really happy with it on the forums are ones that haven't had a high end set before and are upgrading from quite an older TV. If that's you then go for it as I'm sure it will look much better than what you're used to. If you don't mind a bit of blooming on the Sony I would go that but otherwise wait if you can. 2020 models were a huge letdown quality wise. All they did was recycle the same old stuff just add little things like slightly better processing or backlit remote.

      • Great feedback Monstalova. Source content really makes or breaks a TV. I am told Sony is known to have the best image processing/upscaling in the business so if you have SD or 1080 content, it may be the best choice by far. I read the Q8 upscaler does not like anything under 1080 and lacks Android so ppl add an Android Chromecast or Nvidia shield with its own upscaler processor to get around this. Also the Hisense review shows the default TV setup to be lacking and colour balance way off so calibration may make a world of difference when comparing with a Sony (default accurate out of box) in shop. Sadly no shop calibrates TVs - they just flog em :)

        One calibration on Aussie Hisense Q8 shown here (btw U8QF is european model number)

        • Upscaling is hit or miss with 1080p. Under that res can be pretty poor. One thing that happens with most content 1080p or lower is pretty bad banding and black macro blocking (pixelating blacks in dark scenes). With my Sony it's very good at upscaling but can look grainier than others because it captures the full detail, On my older Samsung Q7F it upscales content with less grain and looks smoother but sometimes with less clarity. Hisense is well below these two. I've got the Nvidia Shield Pro and watching F1 on Kayo was really bad on my Sony with AI turned on. Had to turn it off because it over sharpened everything and could barely read the standings. Could be different with other TV's that don't upscale well already? I was of the viewpoint that the Q8 was the equivalent to the H9G as the box, specs, dimming zones, stand, etc all were the same. No chance when reviewers are saying its better than almost every TV of the last year, even Sony and Samsung flagships. Seems like the U8QF being the same thing is likely as reviews are more mediocre with that. If you need to calibrate the TV then might as well get the Sony as calibration costs hundreds of dollars. You might actually find the picture dimmer and less vibrant doing that. It's set to 120 nit whitepoint, so will lose a little bit of brightness once done. Oh BTW that red blur in HDR that everyone has been talking about with this TV. It's nothing new I've had that on my Hisense 43 inch for the past two years. It frames a lot of faces and objects with a red/green look with movement. It's a Hisense problem known for ages.

  • Good price but I will pass on this. No stock in my state, delivery is $575.

  • Got it for $2,295 from Amazon. Great tv

  • what do you all normally do with your old tv when buying new ones? and is 2 years an acceptable life span before upgrading?

    • I personally wouldn't upgrade every 2 years. I would only upgrade if a newer TV has features you want/need, such as hdmi 2.1 for consoles, or if you need a bigger size.

      As for old TVs, I personally do hand me downs through the rooms and get rid of the oldest TV. Either sell them or give them to family/friends for free or on the cheap.

      • My old tv has been lying on my spare bed for months now also with a million Amazon boxes around it. One day I'll get to it

    • Too short 2 years

  • Man, I can't let go of my Plasma 65" even though it's 1080P. Every time I visit a friend's house (he has a $4000 Sony 75" LED TV 2019 model), I see smearing. The Plasma TV pixel response is like the olden CRT TV's, I need some new tech to be better than this or the same to get on the 4K bandwagon. 4K mean's nothing when it's a blur. Only slow panning shots or zoom still shots looks better than my Plasma.

    • I also have a 11 year old plasma and the picture quality is so much better than many of the "new" panels. Can't bring myself to let it go.

    • same, i feel sick when i go to the store and see the live sports on most of the displays, i can't see through the 'blur' when i compare them to my 55" plasma

    • I just let go of my 10+ year old Panny japanese factory made plasma - as the power supply started playing up and it was sometimes very hard to get to turn on…

      I was very reticent to let it go, but have gone LG OLED and it's pretty damn impressive. I reckon plasma handles fast moving sport better than almost anything, but those OLED blacks - my gosh! And 4K content, and gaming in UHD, with super low latency. Very very impressive.

      If you've been used to plasma, you pretty much have to to OLED next.

      Disclaimer - I haven't checked out any of the 2021 LED panels to see how they've improved, and are matching up against OLED.

    • Sorry but the panny plasma is absolute crap compared to the latest and greatest. I still got mine in the wall… but no way I'd chose it over anything mid range these days

  • Available on Sony eBay shop (seconds) for $2099 using PLUSDE1

    • Your going to make me drop $2k on a spare room tv dude. Cheapest I have seen it! Thanks 😂

    • Oh it’s a refurb, lucky, now I don’t need to sleep on the couch tomorrow.

      • $2099 is the sweet spot for me so I pulled the trigger. My current TV was a 'seconds' from the sony ebay store but turned out to be brand new with a slightly damaged box. Willing to take the gamble, as customer support is good with sony.

        • "customer support is good with sony"
          That's relative as their my experience with Sony mobile phone support was horrible, as opposed to Apple. (Sony no longer sells mobile phones in Australia). Apple is my golden standard for support.

          • @vrsac: Fair enough. I don't have any experience with Apple so can't comment on that. But there are thousands of negative reviews of Apple support online, so yes it is relative.
            I have my guarantees as a consumer and from my experience Sony has been easy to deal with so I am not worried about any potential issues. Worth the extra $500 off the sale price.

          • @vrsac: Apple is such a terrible gold standard… the only company that insists you make a booking like your warranty or repair claim is on THEIR terms or something… and they’re booked out for weeks usually. They also have had various issues which they’ve claimed just “don’t exist” like battery gate, butterfly keyboards, etc. They also charge OOW repairs through the roof and they don’t provide basic services such as data recovery (claiming it is not possible, referring you to instead pay for cloud services.)

            Apple support is utterly terrible. Sure, they have fast diagnostics on a handful of devices so can process a few replacements faster. But that’s it. Everything else is worse.

        • I disagree, from my experience Sony's customer support has been almost non-existent when it comes to issues with their tvs. They were only helpful when threatening to get ACCC/Consumer Affairs involved, otherwise they can't help you.

          • @kittymtd: Sounds like they helped you, that's the main thing. Not sure why you are on this thread if you are so against Sony..

            • @kookykersbrook: Again, only helped us after threatening to take it above them. They gave us many excuses of, 'It'll be in next month's update'.

              I want to warn other people to not fall for Sony's promises of HDMI2.1 features that have yet to be rolled out. You may have had a good experience, that's great. But Sony's support seems more inclined to try and stall until people are either out of warranty or can't be bothered anymore.

              • @kittymtd: No worries. I am well aware of the HDMI 2.1 VRR and ALLM debacle, it has been discussed for a long time online. Even the PS5 doesn't support VRR yet..
                I'm glad to hear that Sony gave you a full refund as requested. And judging from a comment you made in a previous post in December, it wasn't that troublesome for you.. "When we questioned them on why they did that, they couldn't answer and offered a refund straight away."

                • @kookykersbrook: This was weeks after lodging a complaint with Sony about 4k120 being blurry which they never addressed. Just multiple calls of troubleshooting, and them saying they'd send a technician to check the TV which never happened. They only acted once we asked about VRR being removed, and asked to either have an answer or get ACCC involved. You can't judge the whole situation simply by what text I've previously posted.

                  I understand, you bought the TV, so you want to defend your purchase. If HDMI2.1 features don't matter, then it is a good TV. But for people where those features do matter, Sony has really dropped the ball. There's also been separate eARC issues that people have been complaining about for ages that Sony still hasn't fixed.

                  • @kittymtd: You seem quite salty still but you got your money back so I'm not sure why keep going on about it. I'm confident Sony will sort things out for me too, if any issues arise. About 5-6 years ago they replaced a TV that had a stuck pixel for me after I sent in some evidence, no issues at all. I stand by my initial statement that there customer service is good. I got my seconds 75 x9000h delivered this morning actually, super fast delivery! The box is slightly damaged but other than that looks new, with protective plastic still all over it. I have set it up, did an update and the picture is very impressive. Still the promise of further updates down the track, either way, great purchase for $2k.

      • You’re not very true to your name

    • PLUSFL10 seems to make it $1979.10.

  • Dammit, I literally bought this for $2855 from TGG 10 days ago :(

    Anyone know if I'll have any chance of getting TGG to give me some of the difference back in gift cards? Or what their return policy is? I can't find any straight forward answer for their policy on this. I've had good luck with JB Hi-Fi giving me gift cards if they've price dropped something soon after I purchased it.

    • I hear some buyer protection in good guys or something for 10 days or something . You can explore