Refinance $250k+ Home Loan with St George / Bank of Melbourne (+ $4k Cashback) or ANZ, Receive $500 Gift Card @ Refinancer Loans


Hi OzBargain community,

We have extended this till the end of May, get in quick!

This is our first offering on here so please don't go too hard on us!

We have been operating for 3 years and have a team of 20 in South Australia but service Australia wide. (online mortgage brokers)

It is our intention to provide great refinance offerings to those who are qualified and organised and we thought OzBargain would be perfect. We will also gauge the success of this campaign for future one's based on feedback. We have 10 brokers in house with a large team so our point of difference will be quality of service combined with great deals.

We are offering a $500 gift card on your refinance settlement for those who provide details over our website for the following 2 lenders with a loan (net of offset) of $250k or higher.

St George/ Bank of Melbourne Refinance + $4000 cashback + $2000 cashback per additional property with loan $250k minimum

Owner occupied rates below are 60% or under. if LVR is above 60% please add 0.05%

2 years fixed = 1.79% CR 3.33%
4 year fixed = 1.89% CR 3.16%
Variable = 2.54% CR 2.95% with offset account
Variable = 2.44% CR 2.46% basic rate with redraw no annual fee

Investment rates below are 60% or under. if LVR is above 60% please add 0.05%

2 years fixed, P+I = 2.19% CR 3.84%
2 years fixed, IO = 2.39% CR 4.21%
Variable = 2.99% CR 3.03% with offset account
Variable = 2.74% CR 2.76% basic rate with redraw no annual fee

*Recommendation: fixed and variable split for home so you can offset and fix for investment.

ANZ + $3000 cashback with loan $250k minimum (can do offset on 1 year fixed)

1 year fixed = 2.04% CR 4.13% with offset account
2 years fixed = 2.04% CR 3.97%

*Recommendation: 1 and 2 year fixed split for home. The 1 year split acts as your offset.

Gift cards include: Coles, Woolworths, Myer, Jb Hifi, Amazon, Good guys.

We are also looking for long term relationships with clients, if you intend to refinance again or sell within 12 months, the banks actually claw us back on our upfront commission completely so we would be unable to help in these circumstances. I will do my best to reply to all comments.

If I had to provide an unbiased rating out of 5 of this offering (compared to others out there it would be)

Lender Deal = 4.5 / 5
Lender turnaround times = 2 / 5
Our bonus offering = 3.5 / 5
Our capacity to assist = 5 / 5
Sustainability as a business over long-term = 5 / 5

Click this link and looking forward to working with you :)

You can also click this link to book a time to chat with me

2021 Refinancer Pty Ltd. ABN 42 843 128 571 is a corporate credit representative 513 922 of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit License 391 237)

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  • Rates aren't the best… Need to take that into account re: cashback and card.

    • Thanks for the comment, we like to think that with the rate + cashback minus annual fee over a 2 year period it works out pretty good :)

      • +3 votes

        You might, but everyone else needs to do the sums themselves as everyone's situation is different…

        • Agree completely on this, someone with a loan of $250k or $1.5m can look at this differently. My team and I can assist here

  • Please add to future deal posts and edit above…

    2021 Refinancer Pty Ltd. ABN 42 843 128 571 is a corporate credit representative 513 922 of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit License 391 237)

  • add 0.5%? do you mean 0.05%?

  • Is this only for refinance? If I take out a mortgage as a FHB do I get the same cashback?

    • Hi Starclub. The lender cashback is just for refinance. Our giftcard is also just for refinance as well. Happy to help still!

  • Does this work if you refinanced away from one of these banks 6 months ago?

  • Is it for all states, given that you are based in south australia?

  • My current mortgage is with banksa
    Will this make me ineligible with the st George and BOM variable deals?

  • Is BankSA (my loan is 212 (less than 250)) an option?

  • How long after settlement before they pay the $4000?

  • As someone that worked in the big 4 in home loans, the fixed rate might seem attractive, but there are several limitations including fix rate lock in fees, unable to have offset account and once the honeymoon (fixed) rate period is over, you'll revert to a Standard Variable Rate, which is higher than other variable rates. You can always refinance, but you'll need to pay break costs and of course go through the long application process.

    I suggest you use home loan calculators to figure out yourself whether a fix or variable is right for you. You can't always trust brokers as they'll push you into the product that produces the highest commission, usually fixed.

    • Hi Nick,

      I agree with most of what you have said but their are some things to clear up to give another view point.

      Several limitations: Agreed but we usually just have a variable split so you can make extra repayments there

      Revert to standard rate: You can never say never, but from every experience I have seen, the lender will offer market rates after fixed terms or close to it.

      Break costs: They are only relevant if you actually break the fixed term, if you refinance after the fixed terms these costs don't apply.

      Trusting brokers: Everyone has their own opinion on this, but 60% of Aussies use us and we have the least amount of complaints. All lenders pay us pretty much the same. If you are an unethical broker (which I have actually never come across in 6 years) you will be found out quickly and have no long term success. With 20 staff and only great feedback I'd like to think we are industry leaders but please do your research and talk to us :)

      Thanks for the insight it's important for everyone to really think this through and conversations are great for that :)

  • Am I eligible for the 4k cashback if I refinance with a change and property title ownership?

  • I thought you lose your commission if the client refinanced/sold within the first 2 years? Has this changed to 12 months across the board?

    • Hi Spiff, it can be different for some brokers but we loose 100% within 12 months and 50% from 13 -24 months.

      • I see, ok thanks!

        • Wow. So you could potentially get $0 for all the work you do!

          Isn't that unfair for the banks to penalise a broker like that for something completely out of their control?

          I mean, how can you ensure that a client doesn't refinance or sell their property within 12 months or even 13-24 months?

          With so many banks offering big refinancing rebates it's not out of the question for a client to refinance within a short period of time…

  • Hello

    Currently I am with anz 1 year fix term and it will be ending in august . Will I will be eligible to apply at George 4K offer