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Logitech MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard $179 + Delivery @ PC Byte (Price-Match + LatitudePay $129 @ Harvey Norman)


Ask for the MX Keys to be price matched to $179 at Harvey Norman and then checkout with Latitude Pay to get $50 off total. I did it online but you should be able to do it in store as well

Update: use Amazon AU for the price match $175 delivered @ Amazon AU

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  • Amazing price. Just got mine last week and am loving it. I've got two different laptops connected to a single monitor and have a keyboard shortcut set up to switch inputs. Then the keyboard and MX Master 3 can switch at a touch of a button to. If you have the ability to install Logitech Options on two PCs then you can also seamlessly drag the MX Master 3 cursor to the edge of the screen and on to the other and it will switch both the mouse and keyboard to the other PC.

  • Tempted.
    But my Craft keyboard is still working great and I'm loving the dial.

    • Is this a flex? LOL I would like to exchange my MX Keys with you

    • my craft is the best..idk why they stopped making it. Once this gives way i'll probably try to source another one. My biggest issue atm is the keys are all shiny after years of use. The Dial is so underrated

    • What does the dial do?

      • I have the Craft too.
        It's great.

        For the dial, you can set functions to the dial,
        and gives so much versatility to keyboard interaction
        eg, turning the dial cycles through browser tabs

        ( if you use Vivaldi browser, you can already do this with mouse + wheel )

        • I've been a little interested in the craft since it came out, but there's a lot of negative review online that say the dial is let down by poor software integration. What do you folks use the dial for?
          I come from a design/coding/modeling background

          • @saintpat: check Youtube examples ?

            i'm not designing or coding,
            but i did get the Craft very cheap,
            so i didn't mind having a good keyboard, after coming from cheap keyboards.

            i just use the basic functions (eg. Chrome browser tab switching )

            there are pre-set functions for the dial in Chrome, Adobe products
            and you can go into Logitech software to set your own shortcuts.

            the dial is touch-sensitive and pressure-sensitive,
            ie. you can push the dial and rotate, to unlock other features,…if you like.

            when you're using the mouse with the right hand,
            then the left hand can use the dial, to rotate through options, etc.

            i'm sure you can mimic the dial, through the scroll-wheel of the mouse
            and if you have more wheels/buttons on a mouse, then i guess you don't need the Craft dial.
            ( the Craft dial is touch-sensitive though, but it's not as essential if you have other ways to achieve that )

            • @whyisave: Thanks for the reply, really helpful. I'm using the MX master mouse with horizontal scroll and loving it. MX keys might be enough for me.

              • @saintpat: i have the Craft and the MX Master 2S .
                the mouse is OK and the Craft keyboard is alright;
                the Craft is the MX Keys, without the dial anyway
                (the 'dial' - which I don't really depend on daily, but it's nice to have )

    • People lamenting the loss of the craft dial might be interested in the Microsoft Surface Dial: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/surface-dial/925r551sktgn

  • Oops, not latitude pay

  • How does it compare to a Mechanical KB?

    • Not as annoying

    • It doesn't have that same feel tbh. I do personally prefer a mechanical KB, but it's not office/wfh friendly because of the loud clicking/clacking noises so I've bought the MX Keys. It's a very good keyboard. Typing feels great. I would recommend for anyone after a non mechanical keyboard. If you're anywhere near JB or Officeworks, they have them on display so you can try it.

    • The typing experience is bomb.

  • related question: what shops in melb have this model I can test out in person first before comitting to a purchase?

  • Can't see the LatitudePay option?

  • Just FYI, according to the listing photos it appears to be the UK style with the ugly fat return key. Not sure if there's a US version out there but just making people aware.

    Edit: The JB listing https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/logitech-mx-keys-advanced... shows both UK and US style in the photos…

    • The enter key is rectangle as shown on the JB topdown mac picture.

    • I recently bought this keyboard from Logitechshop. The photos in their listing also mistakenly showed the UK version.

      Someone might have copied the wrong photos after a quick Google image search. :)

    • I just picked mine up from Harvey Norman (Mt Gravatt) @ $129 Click & Collect and can confirm I got the rectangle enter key, not the fat return key.

    • Me too. I just picked up this keyboard and it has the normal enter key.

  • +3 votes

    That return key makes me want to throw up.

  • excuse the dumb question but, when OP says "i did it online" does that mean the Price match was done online? if so . how?

  • How annoying is it to have to keep charging every 10 days?

    • Not annoying at all. Just charge it through your docking station or computer on a Friday afternoon. The battery lasts for months if you don't use the backlights.

      • the 10days is wrong mine still going strong for weeks. of course not backlight all the time but sometimes it is using

    • If you don't have the backlights on all the time it'll last so long you will forget it requires a charge.

    • it can be charged when in use, you barely notice it

  • Bought this keyboard late last year. BEST. KEYBOARD. EVER!

  • Seriously.. What is so great about it? Other than if you have multiple pcs connected

    $129 is.. passable.

    • The feel you get when typing on it. Speedy wireless with minimal or no lag. Awesome battery life. Logitech software is not a resource hog. Looks good. Takes up far less space on your desk than many other 'boards. Backlighting (I'm surprised how many 'boards these days still aren't backlit). Not stupidly expensive at $129. Is that enough for you?

    • the feeling… buttons so soft…. priceless

    • I was highly skeptical before I purchased mine, but I am a straight convert. The typing is kind of like typing on a a keyboard but feels a lot more substantial. It's just an overall pleasant typing experience. Very hard to convey in words. Just try it.

  • I have one and I quite like it. The keyboard feel is similar to the Apple Magic Keyboard, but a bit more bouncier, slightly more feedback and more ergonomic due to the indented curved shape of the keys. It’s very quiet so it’s great for office use. With backlight off I can use it heavily for around 1-2 weeks (who needs backlight if you touch type am I right)

  • I am so in love with this keyboard now I'm back at the office a few days I almost want to buy another to have there…

  • Amazon has it for $175 (AU stock), makes it a little cheaper for price matching.

  • How well does this keyboard work on Linux? It says it supports Linux but "Requires Logitech Flow-enabled mouse and Logitech Options software, available for download at www.logitech.com/options.". Then the link only has the software for Windows/Mac!

  • I have this keyboard and it's amazing. Highly recommend with a MX Master 2S/3. Great for my desk with a personal/work pc setup.

  • Thanks OP, live chat and priced matched without hassle.

  • Sigh talked to two “bots” on HN live chat and both were super sensitive, they will only price match if you don’t pay using latitudepay. Was it my bad luck? One sent me a price match link without the latitudepay $50 off offer.

  • need to price match it via online chat (which can take a while).

    I tried to price match it with a local store over the phone but they claim they do not price match online stores which is silly because price matching for online stores is allowed if done over online chat.

  • Thanks OP.

    Jayjay came through for me as well.

  • Got it for $125

    • Hi , can you please advice how did it worked for you , was it through latitude pay or normal payment type

      • Apologies did not see your comment
        Too late now
        Anyway this will come up again.
        Chatvwi online HN guys.
        get code from than to match the price
        Pay with Lattitude Pay when the offer is on