How Much Do You Pay for nbn?

Got a month left on my current contract with Internode paying $80 a month for 50mbps - Unlimited (got a free month for the 6 month contract so it wasn't a bad deal at the time)

Service wise I would say Internode have been about a 8/10. Generally pretty good, were useless when I moved house but otherwise no complaints - customer service has always been local based from my experience (unlike Telstra which I was with last who were hopeless)

I'm doing a bit of research I feel like $80 a month is a bit standard there are a few 'sign up' deals where you pay less for 3-6 months then it hits the $70-$80 mark.

Anyone got any amazing deals they want to share or should I just accept that is where the NBN market it at right now?

Has to be unlimited and in the 50mbps range or better - I'm not complaining about $80 a month but just I know the savvy individuals of OzBargain can always do better then I can at finding deals!


  • I'm on Flip, nbn 25 (25/?) for $50 per month, and paying 1 month in advance.
    I don't think this plan is available anymore but I guess my account has been grandfathered with this plan.

    I'm happy to have this, without need to churn to a different provider every 6 months.
    Despite all the bad reviews online, it's been relatively smooth sailing. Slight hiccups in the beginning and for a number of days a few months back when it was raining often. There was an NBN maintenance in the area and it was ok afterwards.

  • $59 for 50/20 with Spintel. I will dump them in the blink of an eye and move to another provider the minute my discount with them expires. I am loyal only to my $$

    • They have been consistently cheaper than the rest. Used to use them for ADSL back in the day

  • $45 for 100/20 with Optus. (free speed pack, $20 retention discount, $10 plan discount)

    • Wow that’s great, how did u get that

  • 1000/50 for $60 with optus (for 6 months) but ongoing $60 for 100/40 as I get the speed pack fee waived and a $10 loyalty discount and have been with them for 6 years.

  • $60.45/ month on 50mbps ( 500GB ) with Exetel, Im very happy with it.

  • $85 for 250/20 atm with Superloop

  • I know it's not part of the NBN network but if you happen to live in Geelong, Mildura or Ballarat in Victoria;

    iiNet offers non-NBN Cable plans for $79.99 ($39.99 first 12-months) for unlimited data and advertised typical evening speeds of 350mbps, tho I've had up around 650/40 during quieter times (don't believe they limit their download speeds, not sure about uploads tho), rarely ever drops below 200/30.
    Ping from Ballarat to Melbourne around 12ms for me.

    Service & support wise I've always found iinet and internode to be pretty good.

  • $98.95 on superloop 100/40. About time to churn as I’m through all my discounts.

    I really need more upload speed though, tempted to switch back to fixed wireless to get that. Sadly I’m just outside of the current 5G network area.

  • +1

    TPG $70 50/20 FTTC, looking to change providers.

    Had a dig around and I think Mate 100/20 for $79 (BYO modem compatibility list) seems to be the best non-promotional deal around?

  • 69 nbn50 tpg

  • Currently getting unlimited 100/40 on Superloop with Static IP for $62.98 due to referrals.

  • $99 for 100/20 through aussiebb. worth the money for me because i was paying the same at telstra and getting drop outs and not the full speed most of the time and through aussiebb i get 120/25 on speedtest and never had issues with drop outs

  • I'm paying $64.75 a month for 50/20 at Future Broadband. The 50/20 600G a month but with 2000G in the data bank for new customers is $70 which is nothing special on its own but when you add in a routed static IP address and enjoy drama free connection it becomes good value. So why am I only paying $64.75? They allow you to pay in advance and give you a 7.5% discount for doing so… brings the price back to that amount.
    Good value for a high quality connection.

    The downside is they have a sign up fee due to them reselling AAPT business connections but that can be offset to a degree with a referral code… over time it becomes a non issue.

  • Slightly off topic, Optus says 100/40 is the highest speed available for FTTC and can't offer speeds beyond that.
    I recall reading somewhere that higher speeds aren't consistent/guaranteed for FTTC (and some other modes) therefore companies don't make them available (perhaps to minimise risk exposure?).

    Any real-world truth to this?

    • +1

      100/40 is the highest for Fibre to the Curb. There is talk of nbn offering faster but this may not happen. On the TC-2 traffic class consumer plans everything is considered up to and no speeds are guaranteed but that doesn't mean you can't get those speeds. Guaranteed speeds are available on TC-4 traffic class business plans at non OzBargain pricing.

      Fill this out and nbn will email you a Fibre to the Premises build quote within seconds.

      • +1

        The TC-numbers should be flipped around so TC-4 is the traffic class for consumer plans and TC-2 is the traffic class for business plans.

  • How are the providers identifying you as a 'new' customer? Does one just keep churning with a new email id?
    Surely they'd look at the name and address?

    • nbn have assigned a location ID for every single property. ISPs may ask for additional proof eg. a gas bill.

  • $69/month 50Mbit Unlimited with TPG. No issues or reasons to ever contact helpdesk in a few years and I seem to get very close to full speed.

  • Superloop 25/5 for $49.95 (incl $10/month discount)

  • $75 superloop 100/20. First 6 months only b

  • im with internode too and they asked me about switching to a faster service…i dont get lag on the current one so i said no. i think they were hoping id change for free lol

    • Changing to a faster service doesn't increase your ping. Was it this offer?

  • Optus 50/20 $60 (unlimited, if this is still a thing?)

  • $54.99 50/20Mbps 500GB

    • +1

      Who's that with. Pretty good deal.

  • TPG $59.99 12Mbps Unlimited Downloads plan, but I was given a free upgrade to 25Mbps plan over the phone when I called them for technical support. The free upgrade was for been a long time (10+ years) customer. I got my parents the same free upgrade after one email to TPG.

    edit: This was years before they brought back the 25Mbps plan on their site.

    • +2

      I don't think it's a "free" upgrade, there was a new law or policy to state all providers need to give their consumers minimum 25mbps

    • Call them back I got one month free as well along with upgrade. Tell them you have better plan from other provider with one month free .

  • 250/25 for $75 with Superloop.

    • 250/25 for $75 with Superloop.

      Is this a 6-month period introductory price?
      Otherwise, how did you get such an awesome deal?

      • It's 3 months free upgrade, after 3 month it will revert back to 100/20 for $75

        • It’s 6 months btw :)

            • @Homr: Clearly 6 months when I got it sorry … for existing customers. See below:


              The Upgrade Offer

              With effect from 1 March 2021, eligible Superloop NBN existing customers who have been on a Superloop NBN 100/20 Unlimited Plan or Superloop NBN 100/20 500 GB Plan (“Original Plan”) for at least 3 months will be automatically upgraded for a speed upgrade to Superloop NBN 100/40 Unlimited Plan or Superloop NBN 250/25 Unlimited Plan (“Free Upgrade Plan”) for no additional cost for a period of 6 months (post service qualification), subject to these terms and conditions.

              Looks to be 3 months now for new customers.. :)

              • @Skramit: Oh i'm a new customer :(

                Would love to trial gigabit speeds though

  • $61/month 50/20 unlimited with Exetel

    • 12 months contract?

      • Yeah, though I'm out of it. It's just a grandfathered plan now it seems.

        I'm surprised looking at what's out there that NBN hasn't gotten any cheaper after 4 years.

  • $70pm 50/20 with Tangerine. Includes a static IP free which is quite good value if you need that.

    • Hey, question can you easily switch between static and dynamic IP?

      • Good question, I'm not totally sure as I haven't needed to change the default setup. Sorry I can't be of more help!

  • Dodo NBN HFC $60 per month 50/25 no contract
    With them for electricity and gas so get a $10 of NBN.

  • $59 for Mate Internet 25/5 no contract. It's available on their website right now.

    It's a good company with good customer service.

  • I pay $90 a month for 100mbs down and 20up I think. But atm free upgrade to 250 and 25 for the next five months. Telstra

  • 73.95 (double discount for 6 months) on Superloop 100/40 (upgraded to 1000/50 for 6 months)

    It's a bit annoying that we have to keep moving from one to another every 6 months… My discount will end before the 1000/50 upgrade ends, so I might have to consider the options again in the next couple months.

  • On super loop 50/20, have 2x referrals so pay around $43/month.

    Speeds are not great though. Just did a Google speed test and got 34/17. Used to always get 50/on aussiebb

    • Thats a good deal

    • The built-in Google speedtest isn't very accurate.

  • Was paying $80 a month superloop for 100/40 500gb.have recently changed to MATE for $79 100/400 unlim, I have bundled my partners sim with them to get it this price ( $99 in total) sim runs off telstra mobile, 8gb for $20 or 18gb for $25. Pretty good price! And my speed test for fttn is the same as I was getting through superloop. I'd recommend them. If you'd like a referral feel free to message me! Would benefit me alot if you did decide to sign up, a friend recommended them to me

  • Not NBN, TPG FTTB, but 100/40 for $59.90 + 3 months free on sign up

  • +1

    I know your after unlimited but check out future broadband with promo codes have 3TB plus data banking which has been great for us

  • tangerine 100/40 is 75 a month for first 6 months or 90$ thereafter. Easily the cheapest 100/40 on the market. 70$ for 50/20

  • $55 for Belong for the best value several months back, though they weren't contactable when things went wrong, so now $80 for Aussie Broadband. Love a bargain, though sometimes you get what you pay for.

  • $60 a month for 1TB 50/20 on a grandfathed plan. Its plenty of data for me and speeds are great! I'm with Swoop broadband.

    • just checked their new plans, really expensive

  • switched to Tangerine (50/20) $69.95 from Exetel (50/20) and connection has been rock solid, while Exetel gave me a major downtime (about 3-5 days) every 3 months. Thinking of switching to Superloop now but not sure if they would offer static IP like Tangerine.

    • Static IP $5/month @ Superloop.

  • +1

    most isp's have a 6 month discount deal, as soon as the 6 months is up move somewhere else

  • Hi PissLUR,
    Thank you for contacting Superloop.
    Unfortunately, we are unable to extend the promotion for you. However, I can offer to reduce the monthly price to $69.95 monthly instead of paying $78.95 monthly.

    NBN 50/20 Unlimited. is $69.95/month a good price?

    Edit: for my personal references

    Mate is 69/month
    Exetel - $69/mth for first 6 months then $79/mth thereafter
    Tangerine - $54.90 for 6 months, then $69.90 ongoing
    Spintel - $59 for 6 months, then $64.95

  • Superloop 100/20 for $75 + 2 referrals = $56.97.

  • TPG Fibre400 400/400 symmetric $399 p.m.

  • $150 for AussieBB 1000/50

    Worth it? To me yeah, I planned to just try it but after tasting 100mb/s+ downloads I can't go back :)

  • +1

    I pay $30/mth more for NBN cable .. compared to the same service and speed from previously using normal cable internet.

    But I feel good knowing that I am helping and subsidising the people in country areas with lower cost housing still getting their fast internet.

  • $120 @ 1000/50 with Aussie Broadband.

    Pretty good value that gets well utilised every month.. ~10TB with a fair few devices and teenagers.

  • $75 for 25/4 with Telstra FTTC.
    500 GB data, 9 ms ping.
    Actual speed 27/4.6

  • Opticomm, not NBN.

    $99.95 for 100/40 with iiNet. It’s a grandfathered plan, 500gb peak/500gb off-peak.

    I really should stop being lazy and just call to have it changed.

  • I am with TPG. Paying 80/Month. NBN100, Unlimited Data. Extremely happy with TPG so far.

  • $50 AGL 50/20 Unlimited - Fairly poor service, but I'm used to Aussie Broadband, Superloop, Launtel which are all quite good.
    Only sticking with them because it's so cheap. (employee rate plan)

    • that's a good price

  • ABB getting too expensive…. moving to Superloop next month.

  • $55 a month (1 yr contract) on the Belong NBN (Got free modem, free $80 belong sim card).
    Will switch to some other provider after the contract finishes, in the July/ August

  • $89 a month for unlimited 100/40 with Telstra.

  • Currently paying $89 a month for 250/25 with mate NBN for 6 months. Will churn to someone else in 6 months time when the offer runs out and they want an additional $30/mo more. Service is mostly quick but can still be slow in peak times.

  • $69/month for unlimited 100/40Mbps FTTP nbn with MyRepublic. Back in 2016, it was $59/month and now $99/month. I have got the sort of the early users pricing.

  • Optus Internet Everyday 100
    Premium speed (100Mbps^ - nbn 100/20)
    Optus sport included
    $85.50 per month

    Using employer/corporate discount.

  • +1

    $5 per month unlimited. But certainly not nbn speeds. Quick enough for Netflix in FHD though which my shitty eyes can barely discern difference between FHD and UHD anyway.

  • I've got Spintel (Optus) Metro area FTTB 50 MBS unlimited 64.95/month. No contract. Had to buy modem ($130). No dropouts, consistent speed. Quick and easy connect. Compared to previous: Telstra regional area $80/month and lots of dropouts.

    Shop around.

  • Internode can suck a fat d**k. I signed up with Superloop. $59.95 a month for the first 6 months then $69.95 for 50/20 unlimited. Will probably see what deals are around at the 6 month mark and then boost off to another ISP (but it won't be Internode/iiNet/TPG).

    • I did the same today.

      I made a mistake when signing up, but Belinda (about 5km away from me here in Adelaide!) fixed it up over the 'phone.

      Love that local support!

  • -

  • $149 per month for 1000/50 with Aussie Broadband.

    Flawless service, even in peak periods. No plans to switch providers in the future

  • Exetel - Unlimited data nbn50 for $50/mth
    for first 6 months then $79/mth thereafter.
    Offer ends 31st July 2021

  • I curious about a good deal for like the Telstra steady NBN that never disconnects ?

  • Telstra $80 per month for unlimited 50/17Mbps, including home phone

  • The support from Superloop is insanely good. Competitive prices. Great ping/speeds with the right routers. Fast phone pickup for customer service.

    MyRepublic made my hair go grey. Nearly impossible to cancel. Took a week to activate service with FTTP with an active line. Customer Service is only via chat. Slow to action requests and plan changes.

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