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Zotac RTX 3070 Twin Edge OC $1299 + Shipping @ Scorptec


Not the cheapest ever, but it is still a decent price for now. Techpowerup has the review, it is slightly better than founder edition and cooler, and it has two power connectors.

You can realistically build a 5800x + 3070 PC for $2298 without going through SI.

Side note: both PLE and Scorptec update their stock count at night, if you are fast then have small batch of cards every now and then.

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  • +1

    $1299 + shipping

    cough… cough….

    • It's $18 ship to Perth, they are not PC Case Gear

  • +23

    Jesus, that's more than I paid for my 3080. Market is f**ked atm for PC components.

    • woah

      • +2

        $1259 for the EVGA FTW3 Ultra

    • +3

      Totally. In nov last year i was waiting until about now to build my next rig, thinking 3060 prices would be around $600 by now (lol).

      Ended up ordering the recent Lenovo Legion 5 Pro edu deal for $2439 instead.

      I will miss hand-crafting a new pc, but very excited for the new machine I’ve ordered, which has actually just been delivered as I was typing this!

  • Double post here since many people dont read description:

    Side note: both PLE and Scorptec update their stock count at night, if you are fast they have small batch of cards every now and then. They are normally gone in the morning, because miners.

  • +1

    The short lengths makes it great for SFF builds too.

  • +3

    To think that I cracked the shits with Scorptec late last year when I bought one of these for $899 and they didn't ship it for a month…

    • WOW, thats bad

    • Exactly the same here, I got it for $879 as it was 'in stock' only to be informed it was out of stock for another month after purchase. Funnily enough, when I asked to cancel the order they manage to find and ship one that day.

      Feel not so bad paying $879 when prices seem to be just going up.

      Decent card aside from being decently loud under load.

  • +2

    This isn't even the cheapest current price. $1149 at PLE. AFAIK Scorptec have had these Zotac cards in stock the entire time because they are overpriced.

  • How long does it take to arrive from the supplier? scorptec are notorious for saying in stock and yet it takes 10 days to get your parts.

    • +1

      I snagged up an EVGA RTX 3070 from Scorptec when it was in stock at the supplier three weeks ago. Took about 3 business days to get to me.

      • +1

        Thankyou. How much was the evga if you dont mind me asking?

        • +4

          $1229 for the XC3 Edition

          Sure it's $300 more than the cost a few months ago, but I use it for video editing and I needed a functional PC. I'll take a $300 premium over a PC that I can't edit/play games during these times.

    • Iv been waiting for mine for 2 months.
      no contact no eta. (ASUS dual 3070)

    • +1

      Posted it above, but my experience is not good in this regards! Be prepared to wait.

  • +1

    Almost $500 more than I paid for my 3070 only 4 months ago. Might be a good price in the current market, but in no way is this a good deal. The usual advice applies, if you can wait, then do it, as the current pricing is extortion.

  • Their twitter mentioned they got triple digit stock of this card if anyone was wondering..

  • +9

    $1300 for a Zotac 3070 effin lol 😂

    • you think thats bad used 3080 going for 2.5k easy

      • I saw a blower 3080 on Mwave 2 days ago and was wondering why it wasn't OOS.

      • I think anyone desperate enough to buy a 30X series card is insane atm and deserve to pay top $$

      • I bought my entire 3080 build for $2200 LULW

  • Just a side note that this also qualifies for the free shipping offer that they are doing now (not that it will make the wallet any happier 😂)

  • Got a 3080 for under $1200 new at launch.
    How are 3070s more than that now.

    • You could double your money if you sold your 3080 right now.

      • Honestly thinking I should do this but swapping to another card is the issue haha.

        I have the good model as well, TUF OC. I'm sure I'd get at least a grand out of it. Such a dilemma :P

      • thats ridiculous, did the supply go down for these cards?
        I rarely even game on my 3080, if I had a 3060 even I'd be just as happy but valuewise was my 3080 is amazing. $1,139 was what I paid.

        • Well done, thats an amazing price. I wish i had the foresight to get one then too.

          Supply is down because miners are picking them up. This and the pandemic killing supply chains.

    • crypto and scalpers.

      I've already mined about $500 in three months on my 3070. Paid $1k for it..

      • +1

        Don't know why you got negged. That's the best way to get these cars rn. I got my 3080 for rrp and I almost paid it off basically by mining.

        Not that I needed to pay off, or the money. It's just nice to know the card paid for itself.

        • Yeah, it's annoying. Ozb has become a lot more salty since covid started.

          I spent $2.5k on my rig so I need to offset the cost. Last one was from 2012.

      • And how much power did you use to get that?

        • Less than the cost of elec. Right now I'm getting $6usd a day. Electricity for the whole house is a few dollars.

          I do have solar too but generation has slowed a lot since we've got shorter days.

  • +1

    I'll just wait for the 4080…

    • Did you mean 5080?

  • Crypto mining profits of around $200/month. Pays for itself in 6 months. No wonder they are going for these prices. Future crypto prices/returns are uncertain, but that is a quick payback!

    • +4

      Take a look at BTC price today. Might be a few rtx orders cancelled

      • +2

        People don't mine BTC they mine Ethereum. Have a look at its price

        • +2

          ETH has dipped almost the same as BTC in the past 24 hours. Basically every crypto is influenced by BTC.

  • +5

    You can still order a eVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra for $999 with PLE see existing thread

    My experience
    26/3 ordered from PLE EVGA 3070 XC3 Ultra $999
    9/4 order updated with ETA given of 20/4
    23/4 shipped today

    $300 cheaper for 4 to 6 week wait

  • +1

    Place my order at PLE for an RTX 3080 Asus OC in November. It came in after 3 months in middle of February.

    Still glad I got it for $1499. Price now is just bonkers

  • +3

    Not the cheapest ever

    You don't say lol.

    It says sold out as well now so not sure why this is posted as a deal? Maybe it wasnt sold out at the time of posting? If we're posting sold out deals at inflated pricing, I have lots to post.

    As others have said if you're in the market for 3070, you should probably just place an order and join the waiting list on PLE for XC3 Ultra instead of waiting for it to be in stock.. I reckon you'll get it within 4-8 weeks.

    Just for reference on Scumtec's price gouging's - the xc3 black card that is $999 at PLE is $1349 at Scumtec which is also out of stock.


    I have the XC3 ultra from PLE back when it was 949 and manage to place an order. My experience is that the eta date on PLE buying guide is accurate and 3070 stock has been decent… well… relative to the 3080 anyway… https://www.ple.com.au/rtx30-buying-information

    • They had stock yes at time of posting yes, over 100 according to their twitter.

  • -2

    Bad deal if you are willing to wait a month get this
    PLE 3070 XC3 ULTRA $999

    • A month? There is no ETA. It could be many months.

      • He should've stopped at "bad deal". Then there'd have been nothing to dispute.

    • if we still place order does it mean we will be in a queue for when they get new stock?

      • Yep, but you'll be waiting for a few restocks. People who ordered that card in early April still haven't received an ETA - and the ETAs are usually for a couple of weeks time.

        • +1

          thanks mate, not in a hurry so might do that :)

        • I assume they don't charge the full amount upfront? Only when ready to ship?

          • +2

            @gadget: You assume wrong. They must be sitting on a few million from all the preorders.

    • Bad deal if you are willing to wait a month get this
      PLE 3070 XC3 ULTRA $999(ple.com.au)

      Is this a joke neg? If you call that a deal even though it is out of stock, then I'm just going to neg all the deals that have equivalent items that are out of stock.

  • -1

    I got a 3080 in a bundle deal from PCCG today for $2600. Works out to be $1700 for the 3080 if I purchased the other components at list price, so I'm guessing I can sell them off pretty easily for a couple of hundred less.

    I think that's a better deal than this. They pop up now and then, you just have to set up an alert and be quick when they restock.

  • -3

    Funny how the RRP of the RTX 3070 is $809 AUD. And yet they sell for $1300. Being ripped off big time with the scalper prices.

    • That is founders price which we cant get and every AIB made by 3rd partys set the price of their own products which they have been slowly raising over time.

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