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Xiaomi Portable Handheld 120W Vacuum Cleaner (13000pa) $59 (with code) Delivered @ Kogan


Edited: Kogan First members' special $54 (without code) probably expired at 4pm. However $59 with code delivered still in stock as of 6.46pm.

The Xiaomi Mi Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Mini cleans the room while also pleasing the eye. Compact, easy to use, great for different household cleaning needs and cleans your car too.

13,000Pa Powerful suction
Multi-function nozzles
One-touch dust disposal
2 suction modes – Standard and Strong
Removable steel primary filter
Built-in HEPA filter core
30 minutes of battery life in standard mode
The Xiaomi Mi Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Mini features high-performance brushless motor and the straight dual-vent design to reduce energy loss and improve cleaning efficiency. The quick start-stop prevents dust from staying in the nozzle when you turn off the machine. Its dual filtering system with steel primary filter and HEPA filter core prevents even the smallest particles from escaping, so you’ll never make dust while you vacuum.

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  • +3

    Are these actually really good or just more gimmicky?

    • +3

      previous post by skido, which has youtube review link, check it out

    • +2

      I think a bit gimmicky. I've got the dreame and that would cover most uses.

      This might help in the tough to reach spaces though.

      • +1

        Perfect exactly what I wanted to know. I think I’ll hold out and just use my dreame hah

    • +2

      I have one, decent for little stuff like around your desk, on top of monitors, on top of counters, behind the toaster. I have really high expectations for Xiaomi products but that has fallen in the last year or so. The suction is ok. The attachment is ok, no real option for getting the really hard to reach places like 90 degrees. Battery doesn't last long on full power. You can accidentally open the dirt container if you bump it really hard on something.

      I use mine for cleaning dust from small-medium items before photographing them for ebay sales, it makes that WAY easier.

  • +6

    Got this from Banggood. Impressed with the quality and performance.

    • are you able to vacuum whole car with single charge?
      you are unable to use it while charging, if this is correct?

      • +4

        I have one. Can't charge and use at same time. I would only really use it to vacuum dust in car. It wouldn't be strong enough to suck up big bits and the vacuum bin is extremely small which is understandable. The head is also small so would take forever to vacuum the carpeted areas in a car.

        Best use is in the kitchen to pickup crumbs, or your desk.

        It takes a long time to recharge and has 2 suction modes.

        Battery doesn't seem to be replaceable.

      • +1

        I use it mainly to clean computer and desk.
        It is mainly for dust, not the big bits as mentioned below.

      • +1

        I used mine to pick up all the crumbs from a baby seat. It’s definitely suitable for spot cleaning not so much cleaning the whole car.

        • Would it be soft enough to use on laptop screen

          • @AussieMark: I don’t know if there’s differences between this and the banggood version, but the bristles are soft. That said, laptop screen you’re better off using IPA and a lint free cloth.

            • @ATangk: Doesn't IPA have alcohol . I tend to avoid.

              Normally just use paper towel and water bit super annoying.

              My laptop also has touch screen capability for happy time

              • +3


                Doesn't IPA have alcohol . I tend to avoid.

                Normally just use paper towel and water bit super annoying.

                Thats the dumbest thing… the opposite of what you're supposed to do.

                AVOID water, use IPA as it evaporates fast and does not affect your electronics. Vacuum's create static which is also kinda bad for electronics.

                And of course, you're using paper towels which leave all sorts of paper mess behind.

                Just use the wet wipes from KFC and you'll instantly see better cleaning results.

                • +1

                  @ATangk: Haha thanks bro. Just thought alcohol dmgs the laptop screens

                  • +1

                    @AussieMark: It does damage the coating. Probably okay if it is low alcohol %. I use a spray that is made for cleaning screens.

      • +1

        Get the aldi wet dry 12v rechargeable vacuum for the car when it's in stock. Much better for picking up more than dust, including wet particles and can use when being charged. Or the kmart version.

        • prolly different ones to the home easy handheld vac that is piss weak

    • Bought a suckgood off banggood I see.

  • +8

    I may be the minority, but I purchased from the last deal and was not impressed by the performance. Build quality on the other hand was amazing.

    • +1

      mind to share about what performance you are not impressed with? which may help us to decide if it is worth.
      comparing suction power, with baseus which only 5000 pa, so this should be more powerful.
      i wonder if the battery life is too short to vacuum whole car?

      • +1

        I have one, not really a "whole car vacuum" kind of product. Better for sucking up dust and whatnot on the dash or out of couple holders or what have you. Suction isn't strong enough to give your car a good clean.

    • It was okay for me, though I'm always using "high power" mode (2 presses of the Power switch)

    • +1

      I purchased one from banggood last time. It was pretty poor performance and banggood gave me a refund. I wouldn't like your chances of getting any refund let alone any customer service from kogan.

  • +1

    This is really good for some light cleaning

  • +1

    Got one from a previous deal. It's good to keep in the car for very light cleaning, or if the kids have stepped in sand etc. But if the car is filthy you will be trying to clean until the battery dies.

  • +2

    I got it in the last deal for more or less same money.
    It's not bad as an additional vacuum for your car to cover those tight spaces. Still using V9 Dreamie as my main car vacuum though.
    Quality is pretty good for such a small device.

  • +1

    free express shipping for kogan first members.

  • +6

    Bought this last deal and it's okay depending on your usages. It's excellent for picking up spills in the kitchen (uncooked rice) and very small things on floorboards (dried grass) and I imaging it would be good on leather upholstery, but I'm not sure I could recommend it for much else. Standard mode is too weak and you'll struggle to suck much up, which means you'll be using it on the higher suction, which drains the battery in about 12 minutes. You'll struggle to suck anything up on thicker carpets or rugs. The brush-head attachment makes the suction unbelievably weak that you won't use it.

    Overall, it's okay for the price.

    • +2

      very small things on floorboards (dried grass)

      Awesome! I am always losing my marijuana on the floor, this will be perfect to recover it and smoke it! For $50 it's less than a few sessions too, bargain.

    • Spills as in water as well like the wet/dry kmart rechargeable?

  • +11

    My mum has a similar one that she keeps under the bed.

    • +1

      mothers day gift sorted

    • +7

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • That's not a vacuum friend

  • Thanks, ordered one for my car.

  • Is this one endorsed by Hubie? Can I store my soup in it?

  • +8

    Do not buy anything from Kogan. Their return process is very bad. Customer service staffs are useless. I hate when I hear KOGAN

    • +1

      Not very bad… hmmmm that is not very good

    • I agree

    • A bit of a hit and miss. However, this time around they've been pretty good I have to admit.

    • I've dealt with their customer service several times over the years (although not recently), and I can say every time they have been extraordinary. Whether it is faulty product, or missing parts, warranty case, they have always resolved the issue for me with excellent customer service.

  • +2

    I said don't disturb me when I'm cleaning my room!

  • Are these okay to use to clean your computer tower?

  • +2

    Does this come with a fleshlight attachment?

    • Free ginzu knives!

  • +1

    I've got one to clean my desk and computer, works a treat to keep it dust/crumb free. I don't use for much more than that, though, not enough power and battery life.

    • Do you use it to vacuum inside of your computer case?

  • +2

    The price just dropped to $49! For Kogan first members.
    Update: now it’s gone back to an even higher price of $58. =/

    • got that deal hours ago

  • Can I connect this to Home Assistant?

  • +1

    It’s really only good for cleaning keyboards and desks. Even then I think a cloth would be faster. I actually found it more useful as blowing instead of sucking.

  • -3

    Chinese spyware

  • +1

    receved a USB Charger, wtf!!


    Free QC 3.0/18w charger. Nice one!
    They go for $14, nice bonus.

    • Hi millzy, Where did they say this bonus? or did you mean they just silently added it to all orders? I got the charger only😂 definitely sthing went wrong. Contacted kogan, but yet to receive any response.

      • Yeah exactly, they added it as another order automatically. Great bonus,nice build quality. 5 star reviews too..
        Two different deliveries. Guessing your xiaomi vac is on the way.

        • +1

          Thanks millzy, you're right, kogan said the charger is included in this order, but sent in separate shipments. Finally got the vacuum yesterday afternoon.

  • I've had this for a month now. Not as useful as I thought it would be. Even for hard-to-reach area, I reckon a full-size vacuum with the right accessories will be more practical.

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