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AMD Ryzen 5 5600x + MSI X570 Tomahawk WiFi Motherboard Combo $679.15 ($663 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Shopping Express

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  • Any Gigabyte / Intel bundle deals at the moment?
    Seem to be in short supply.
    Building a NAS so looking for Intel particularly (so I read).

    • I ordered an i3-10300 for an unraid build from last Plus 15% deal and was told a few days after that it was out of stock and delayed for 3 weeks.

    • Depending on what software you are using for the NAS, you're probably better off with AMD for ECC memory support, particularly if using ZFS

  • MAG 360R aio is for 129 at PC Byte Auburn pickup (nsw)

  • For some queer reason, I am getting the buyer's remorse for the 5900X bought two weeks ago from the 5800x deal.

    • Rewatch a YT video about 5900X vs 5800X performance, you'll feel better again I'm sure

  • Would this motherboard be able to handle two m.2 nvme drives at full speed?

  • is this a good deal?
    what are the individual prices normally when on sale?

    • The way I see it, this is basically getting the motherboard at a pretty decent price. RRP for MSI X570 Tomahawk WiFi is too high for me. Ryzen 5 5600x, honestly, it is too expensive due to getting very good reviews.

      • what are the individual prices normally when on sale?

        these combine deals makes it hard to tell how much of saving it is..
        since they both can go on sale individually with ebay sales etc.

        Performance for 5600x vs 3600 is about 7% increase yet price still seems too high


        Example cpu on it's own with discount = $455.67 (normal price AU $549.00)

        these 3600 + Gigabyte B550M DS3H = $279…

        or this
        AMD Ryzen 5 3600 AM4 CPU + MSI B450 Tomahawk II ATX Motherboard Combo $349

        So is this 5600x really worth that much for only 7% gain?
        Am I missing something about 5600x that makes it worth much more?

        Also this cpu + motherboard is approx 2x or more than the other two deals.
        So 7% gain for 2 or more times the cost?

        So what are your thoughts on this?

        • Its like 20-40% faster in most applications except 1080p gaming.

          • @Vegge: price point seems still too high though..

            this is suppose to be the 3600 replacement

            • @pinkybrain: I'm sorry its 25% better at 1080p 15% at 1440p and 4% at 4k
              20-40% at random shit like cinebench and excel

              3600 is def the value pick yea.

              • @Vegge: usually when we see a new gen release, then it should take the price point of that last gen
                while the last gen should drop further down in to the next price point
                but in this case it is not reach that price point yet..

                Yeah for most people they wouldn't notice most different in app performance..
                The people who do care if they see huge difference or not are more the gamers..

                The $300+ saved could be spent towards a better GPU
                which would make a bigger difference.

                Also there are many apps using GPU for even better performance than the CPU

            • @pinkybrain: First of all, you + voted it then complained the price point is still too high so please make up your mind.

              A lot of people are seeing it as 16% CPU increase in general (even if whether they actually have workload to benefit from it is a big question mark).

              The bottom line is AMD isn't the white knight we were expecting. Will empire Intel strike back soon?

              • @netsurfer:

                First of all, you + voted it then complained the price point is still too high so please make up your mind.


                Does this seem like a good deal?
                possibly if buying both separately is more expensive than this deal

                but is the price point is still too high?
                Seem like it to me…considering that this

                The bottom line is AMD isn't the white knight we were expecting.

                They were when it was 2600. 3600…
                but due to lack of competition in price/value, they are not as competitive in pricing with the 5600x

                Will empire Intel strike back soon?

                Hope so..

                Need more competition so we can get some better prices..

                Intel seems to be trying to compete again on the desktop cpu
                and going back to their tick tock cycle from what I read..

                • @pinkybrain: Most people don't need either the CPU nor the motherboard. Problem is both are getting good reviews.

                  However, for someone who really wants 5600x and willing to let go of some of the features in that motherboard, there could be cheaper alternatives.

                  Anyway, yes, we need more competition.

  • I wanted this combo at this price 6 months ago but the 5600X was over inflated. Now this price is too expensive especially there are no 6070 XT/6080 XT/3070/3080 at RRP to match.

  • Hi Good Ozbargarins,

    Would the 5600x + B550 Tomahawk be a good price for $580 (699 - 15% as per deal)? I have an R1600 (4yrs old) with a B350 gaming MATX.

    Individual prices are 5600X = ~$470 and MB ~$220