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Ferrex Brushless Tools: Drill $49.99, Impact Wrench $79.99, Rotary Hammer Drill $99.99, Battery Charger Kit $39.99 + More @ ALDI


Excerpt from the upcoming Aldi catalogue.

Credit to the original Facebook poster.

Original scan

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    Now waiting for Bunnings' Ozito price match.

    • How long does it usually takes for Bunnings to price match?

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        Usually happens on the week of the sale.

        It's great because ALDI never have stock for anything good so youre better off sticking with Bunnings brands or at the very least buying the battery converters on gumtree.

      • It is my understanding that Bunnings don't advertise their price matches with Aldi product, and that you just have to search their web site to see? Is that right?

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        • Yep. Or drop in to your local Bunnings to check out the pricing.

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      Looks like the Ozito only has 215NM torque compared to Aldi's 350NM

      • True, but sometimes manufacturers have very strange ways to calculate peek torque. There are lots of tests on YouTube that show that advertised ratings can be difficult to achieve, especially with these low price point tools.

        Also 215NM should be way more then enough for most things tightening. But more torque when loosening is very handy.

        I would take Aldi's rating with a grain of salt, but I would bet it would hit harder than the Aldi one.

        I'd probably get the Bunnings one they have a better warranty after sales support.

        • For sure the Ferrex impact driver is far more likely than Ozito to meet its own specs, Ozito's are basement spec at the best of times- all Bunnings did is make sure the battery ecosystem is solid and the high volume models competitive and reliable (for there price points). Some of the lower volume models are very sketchy indeed.

          But that said, check. Both could be basement spec, different in price only. Aldi buyers are unlikely to be discerning enough to be the reason the Ferrex tools are usually reasonably made, more likely it is all down to Ferrex doing a better job making things.

          • @resisting the urge: On a second look, this does look very similar to the worst of the latest base budget wrenches coming from China. The main difference is colour and battery compatibility- the amazon/aliexpress/ebay ones are all compatible with Makita battery designs. From as low as $30, these are all advertised as brushless, and capable of 300-720Nm.

            • @resisting the urge: welcome to the wonderful world of aliexpress where you can buy tiny 18v 14,800mah batteries and 10,000 lumen led flood lights that run of a pair of aa batteries. however, we are talking about reputable brand names here …

              aldi also offers a 60 day refund policy if you are not happy with your purchase

        • i'm sure both brands can achieve their rated torques.

    • Last time Bunnings were not willing to price match. Asked a few people, they said "it's 20V ours is 18V so it's not the same product".

    • Ozito price matches up on the website for me

      • Ozito Brushless (skin only):
        drill $79.90
        hammer drill & impact driver $99
        impact wrench $99.90

        What location/store are you looking at?

        • I'm in Wagga Wagga.

          Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill $99 normally $179
          Rotary Hammer Drill $89 normally $99
          Reciprocating Saw $49.98 normally $55
          Brushless Impact Wrench $94.98 normally $99

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    some very cheap xfinity-compatabile power tools are also available from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622837

    • Thanks. Missed all those hidden bargains in the comments!

      Ordered myself a heat gun. Will convert it to run off my ozito batteries

      • Any advice on the conversion would be amazing edrift.
        Bought a heat gun too and will buy batteries at Aldi if I have to, but would rather use Ozito.

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          Proper way is to 3d print, but I don't have a 3d printer.

          I do however have the standard budget ozito battery charger spare so I'll cut off the cord to that and rig up something and glue it on to the heat gun.

          I think my charger is like this:

          But Aussie plug.

          • @edrift: Anyone done a 240V AC transformer/cord mod for PXC?

            Would be good to plug the workshop vac into the wall when using for dust extraction, and just use batteries to clean up around the place. Only dual powered device I could find was hybrid inflator/deflator.

            • @Abaddon: It's possible but not cost effective. A high amperage transformer will cost a lot.

              The batteries are usually rated at up to 20A. I've never seen a consumer available transformer that would output that at 18-20v.
              Cheaper to buy a corded tool

            • @Abaddon: just get an adjustable dc power supply or 19v laptop power brick off aliexpress. you should be able to find one that can supply 5-6A

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          Alternatively, if you search "Aldi Xfinity battery to Ozito Power Xchange tool adapter" on gumtree, there is a bloke selling it for $30 a pop (they're 3d printed as well).

          • @ialam99: you need the opposite tho to use ozito batteries with those $10 tools

            • @chickenface: The gumtree guy sells both. Can vouch he's legit and ships quick.

        • is the heat gun temperature adjustable pls? want to get one and change phone battery

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            @karlitos: No. I have one. Its good but its battery powered so you can't expect too much. It's mainly for shrinking heatshrink though so it would work perfectly for things like phone repair.

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            @karlitos: a hair dryer would probably work as well for changing your phone battery

            • @mtg: thanks, my hair dryer didnt work, maybe should get a more powerful one.

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          Ok I did it.

          Not too hard if you're handy.

          Requires a doner charger.

          1. Unscrew charger
          2. Desolder charging circuit board from terminals
          3. Unscrew heat gun
          4. Desolder terminals from heat gun
          5. Cut off tabs/pins from heat gun terminal. Only keeping this to cover a hole. It isn't used anymore
          6. Solder power wires to ozito charger terminal
          7. Drill holes into base of heat gun to screw ozito terminal on
          8. Reassemble everything

          Final results:


          Enjoy your $10 heat gun!

          • @edrift: Nice, got one spare "eco" charger left!
            Ordered one together with the light.

          • @edrift: Great stuff, thanks for the info!

          • @edrift: nifty!

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      Pretty standard though. Even brand new laptops will list hardware as 3 years, consumables as 1year.

      Despite being rechargable, they're considered a finite cycle product, and fall into consumable.

      Dont expect LiIon cells to fail after a year though.
      Its just to stop ass clown nerds, like me, taking in a battery report at year 2, showing my 4Ah battery is now only 3.5Ah, and I'd like to warranty it.

      • Anyone knows what cells are inside? Are they still using Samsung ones?

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          Bought a couple 4ah batteries a few months ago and they're still using 10 2ah Samsung 18650 cells.

        • Last one i took apart it was using Samsung 20q cells, they perform similar to the famous 20r cells.

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        Bunnings give you 3 year warranty on the ozito batteries. 5 years on the tools

        • +1

          I know, It's the main reason I spent the $150 once off, on a professional grade lithium cell tester.
          I swap them when they start to show age (as above).

          • +3

            @MasterScythe: Do you mean you swap the battery or swap the cells inside the battery?

            • +2

              @jedimaster: Battery. Bunnings don't offer raw cells.
              Just print out a battery report, show it's below its rated sticker, warranty.

          • @MasterScythe: Which tester did you get?

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      Strong word for a
      $39 battery
      for $49 gear
      from Aldi.

  • That is a fancy looking drill press, same one they used to build the death star lol

    Any one got the impact wrench? Any good?

    • 350nm of goodness i believe

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        Sweet I'll be stripping all kinds of bolts lol

        • +1

          You can start doing that from tomorrow if you don't want to wait to battle people at the ALDI sales:

          • @edrift: It's quite a different driver. The Aldi one is shorter and the front housing is a different moulding, so there must eb some significant differences. But even if the Aldi one is less than twice the price… (See OneJay's comment below), is it any better?

          • @edrift: i checked out the box for the power g impact wrench when i was in store the other day and it claimed 320nm max torque. so reasonably good. given the same price i would go for the aldi one because of the 60 day return policy

            the power g impact driver on the other hand is pretty weak @ 130nm

    • I have the workzone titanium one which is the same thing before the ferrex rebrand and it's a good impact wrench but it doesn't feel like 350nm.

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    Never knew I wanted a right angle drill adaptor but I must have it

  • is this good enough for my house, i'm not a tradie so i don't need a pro model dewalt, milwaukee, etc…

    • +2

      Probably too good if you are basic diy person.

      Get this instead:

      Cheaper, better warranty.
      Not as powerful, but perfect for small jobs.

      Yes it's available at some stores still. Check out box Hill Victoria if you're from Melbourne

      • dang, im in sydney. i will check a few local bunnings and try to get it. thanks for your help.

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    Been waiting for an Xfinity battery so I can use all the PowerG tools I bought 2 1/2 weeks ago from Autobarn Chadstone.

    $40 Impact Wrench
    $10 LED, $10 Air Compressor, $25 Angle Grinder
    50% off clearance table

    Also available was a brushed drill driver, and a leaf blower.

    • How is the air compressor?

      • +1

        Given the first sentence i doubt they can tell you yet.

      • i got one and tried it out briefly. seperate low and high pressure outlets. it's got a backlit lcd display and displays digital pressure measurements. different pressure presets for ball, tyre, bicycle or you can manually select a pressure using +/-. built in led light. but it is friggin loud. if you can get one for $10 it is worthwhile

    • +1

      I saw this and went to Camberwell and bought the Impact Wrench. I haven't used it yet. It does say 0-2000rpm and 0-3200bpm. But it doesn't seem to be a continuously variable speed via the trigger. Perhaps when I come to use it it will be evident just how it works. The manual reads like it is continuous but nowhere does it use the word "continuous", it just says variable. It has a High/Low button and the trigger seems to be a two speed controller. It has a rapid stop function also operated by the same button above the battery that stops the tool in the reverse direction when it stalls while unscrewing. It says it is to save on battery power.

      It is 15cm front to back without a socket attached. Which seems ok I suppose until I try to fit it into a 14cm space.It has a good heft to it for what that is worth.

      I just bought it on impulse because my occasional use is nicely matched to the $40 price and that I already have Aldi batteries.

      Camberwell on 19thMay had about 3 more left.

      I also bought the $10 Air compressor and a $20 leaf blower. I think I got the last ones of those in the Camberwell store. The leaf blower is effective for small jobs like blowing leaves from a balcony or patio. I am hoping my elderly aunt will be able to use it to get leaves out from amongst her pot plants on the patio. It has a low speed and additional nozzles for inflating air beds and beach stuff.

  • This is annoying, isn’t this the brushless stil they’ve been selling at $79 over the past 6 months ? Coz I bought one and now it’s only $49? Omg

    • +1

      you probably have the hammer drill

      • +1

        Correct. This deal is for the smaller, less powerful version without the hammer and screw-impact function.

      • i need to ask a noob question so looks like i got the hammer drill but whats the difference ? is it just power?

        • +1

          Hammer drills have a gearbox with an extra mode. So in addition to normal turning, they have a 'hammer action', which helps your drill pierce hard composite materials (but only work if you have masonry bits that suit the material).

          The previous Aldi model ($80 w battery) also has a part-hammer (impact) action to help to tighten/loosen screws better than a normal drill, and is bigger and more powerful than this one.

  • -1

    Waiting for a deal on table saw

  • +2

    I have the impact wrench from last year, looks the same. Box says 300Nm but wouldn't undo 150Nm nuts

    • I've seen a study on undoing torque conducted by Mitsubishi. The release torque has a been curve anywhere from 30% of the tightening torque to 50% more under scientific conditions.

      • So are you saying release torque should be less?

        • Could be less or more, you can't gain any understanding from the release torque of the original tightening torque. This must be checked during tightening.

      • Cheers for the info. But if the box says 300Nm, then that should be the minimum in either direction.

        I'm guessing tightening get the added bonus of momentum.

        Why we are on it…

        Dear tyre/ auto shops…if my door card says wheel nuts at 110Nm…then that's what you do them up to. COMPLY TO THE COMPLIANCE PLATE.

        Had a roadworthy inspection not long ago, and just went to rotate the tyres. Ended up needing me (82kg) jumping as hard as I could on a 1.5m bar to crack the nuts. Used my torque wrench first, but me jumping on that wasn't enough. If I was stuck on the side of the road, I would have never got them undone with just a wheel brace.

        • Would of been the apprentice for sure 😂

          • +2

            @DannyBoy: Hmmm, must be the apprentice's job every time. Never had my wheel nuts tightened correctly…ever! Always way over tightened.

  • +9

    Will never buy ALDI tools again. They're good in theory, but trying to get available replacements from their supplier Action Spares is a real pain in the arse.. I should do an AMA.

    I had to get ALDI involved citing Sections 54,58, 271,274 of ACL just to get Action Spares moving and threaten to take it to small claims for my entire powertool set on the basis that the inability to replace them under warranty in a timely manner, and through the 5yr warranty period is against ACL statutory clauses.

    It took 5mths to get a replacement for the original XFinity, which ended up being replaced with the same Ferex i bought in store and demanded compensation for.

    Buyer beware, save yourselves the headaches and just go with bunnings ozitos or ryobis

    • +3

      This is a great point.

      The ALDI tools regularly sell out and are listed on an infrequent basis.

      Trying to get a replacement is going to be a massive pain.
      They'll often want to just give you a refund which is no good if you've already invested into their eco system and actually just want the tool so you can finish whatever job you started.

      As tempted as I have been to buy into the ALDI tools, I've stuck with Bunnings ozito. The warranty process is awesome there.

  • Good timing. Hopefully Bunnings will reduce the price of their Ozito PXC batteries again. Need some replacements.

  • Is impact wrench the same as a driver,?

    • +2

      No, impact wrench is a wrench for nuts and bolts. Impact driver is a driver for screws

      • Thanks mate

        • +1

          You can also get fittings that turn the latch of the driver to the shank of a wrench so you may need to have driver and wrench. Just make sure they are strong/up to the task.

  • I'm going for the Multi-Tool 👍

    I'm annoyed that even Makita doesn't have a brushless multitool in the range. Ozito has two non brushless in the range and they tend to pricematch with the weaker one which I wouldn't take if it was free.

    • +1

      I own both the recip saw and multi tool from workzone brushless model. The multi tool is brilliant. Just need to invest on quality heads.

      The recip saw is just ok. Cant take heavy loads/force. Inbuilt motor smoke easily. Had a replacement and behaved the same. For the price, can't complaint.

  • Has been using the 12v IKEA electronic screwdriver for something I shouldn't (screw on timber to mount an IKEA curtain rail).
    Bought the Brushless Hammer Drill at ALDI last week to replace the IKEA for $69.99 with 2ah battery, happy purchase!
    Still waiting for the screw release bit from ebay for all the slipped screws….

    • slipped screws is why you should use an impact driver to drive screws not a drill

      • really?
        I mean, I use an impact friver, but only for convenience, I haven't noticed screws slipping more with the drill.

        depends on the types of screws I quess, Phillips screws are not designed to be driven by impact drivers anyway.

        • +1

          applying constant torque allows the bit to cam out of the screw, the intermittent driving of an impact driver lets the bit reseat between impacts

  • -3

    Not buying anything from Ikea from here on since they’ve capitulated to the social engineering idiots. They can all,go and screw themselves with brushless tools.

    • +3

      sir this is an ALDI post.

  • i'm hanging out for a lawn mower deal! need a replacement ASAP!

  • Can anyone provide comment on the Multicooker pressure cooker please. Wondering if it slow cooks and pressure cooks please.

  • Are the angle grinder, rotary drill and chainsaw any good?

  • +1

    Watch out for the 2ah charge pack. The quality is really gone downhill. The one I got had bent charging pins, but perfect packing, meaning they were packed that way.

    Opening it up, it had DMEGC INR18650-20P cells in it. Almost identical to these

    edit: 4Ah'ers still use quality Samsung cells, if you can find them

  • +1

    The drill press has a parallel guide that is meant to slot into the base, but it looks like they got the tolerances wrong and the slots don't fit the nuts. I checked 3 separate machines and found the same problem on all of them.

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