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First Choice Liquor: 30% Cashback (Capped at $30) @ ShopBack


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This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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  • Also 10% off site wide with code FRENZY - but this is not mentioned as an approved code so YMMV

    • +2

      Confirmed yes by SB in Super Savers Community on fb, they said they loading the code up now

  • Can we combine with the 10% store wide

    • +1

      Yes, re above comment

      • So it's 40% off?

        • +3

          No but close

        • The 30% cash back does not include GST. Roughly about 34% off total price.

  • Ha. None of this 20% BWS rubbish. This is where it's at.

    • this has $30 capped. BWS is uncapped.

      • +2

        Exactly, and BWS has a bonus 10% off for Reward members

      • If you've waiting to stock up on a booze cashback deal I don't know where you've been hiding the last few months.

        Higher % back the better option if it's a deal every (other) day.

        • BWS has better wine on clearance, and literally has been none.

          First Choice is every few weeks these days. 10% + 30% is a solid effort!

          I got Penfold Bin 28 2013 for $26 a bottle!

          • @Adelv: 1st C doesn't seem to list their clearance wine online. They have some great wines for $5 on clearance.

  • +1

    Whats happened to JV? Haven't heard his 'jokes' in ages.

    • Say his name 3 times in your own bargain post and he gets summoned

    • +3

      I am not jv but have some bolded text instead.

  • I used this a few weeks ago (the cashback). Can we use again?

    • Yes.

    • I bought on the last deal and it's worked this time too.

  • +1

    VSOP rum for $26 delivered each is a steal, thanks OP

  • +1

    If my maths are correct on this then a bottle of 10yo Glenmorangie ends up at:
    68 - (10% frenzy code) - (30% cash back) = $42.84 which is stunning for a bottle of that.

    • Yep not bad, solid pricing on Glenlivet 15, Macallan 12 and Oban 14 too.

    • About $45 as SB cashback is on the price excluding GST… Cracking deal nevertheless!!

  • +1

    Has anyone’s purchase tracked yet ? Want to make sure mine tracks before collecting.

    • Been over 2 hours and hasn’t tracked still 😕

      • +1

        Usually it'll get tracked in minutes, but this time it is taking hours …

        BUT BUT BUT I'm not going to collect them unless it is tracked .. haha … That's what I do normally ..

        • Don't feel excited even they tracked, they can void your Cashback afterward.

          • @yos921: You are being too pessimistic .. :D ..
            Not even once they have voided my cashback after getting tracked (with lifetime rewards of $1829) as far as you have not returned/cancelled … Even the success rate of getting the cashback after not getting tracked (through missing cashback option) is around 95% for me…

            • @GDayStraya: I agree with u (95% rate) . That's my 1st time happen, but I just bought 1 item. (Cashback around $5). And I request the claim, they just repeat said those 4 reasons I'm not follow( even I said I didn't do that). Anyway just be careful.

        • Tracked ! Yay

      • Mine took 2 hours and 10 mins to track

      • Hey Bargain-hunt,

        Tracking can take up to 2 days for the networks to report back to us.
        If you haven't seen your cashback tracked after 2 days, DM me or reach out to our Customer Service team so we can investigate it asap :)


    • I ordered 3h ago, picked up 2h ago, and got the tracking notification 1h ago.

    • Yeah mine took about 4 hours to track, with the FRENZY code. Great deal!

  • +1

    Is this single or multiple use?

    • +1

      "Capped at $30 Cashback, 1 transaction per customer.30.00%"

      So looks like if multiple transactions only the first one would track with 30% cashback

  • Ignore… the referral at the top is for ShopBack, not for FirstChoiceLiquor. My bad.

  • Got some scotch & brandy. Wish they stocked The Dubliner honeycomb!

    • +1

      That product is a Woolworths group exclusive.

      • Thanks, good to know.

      • Bottlemart pubs usually have it too

  • Free delivery when over $150 before the 10% "Frenzy" discount. That's nice :-)

  • so the sweet spot is around $122.25?

    • +2


      • I make it $122.22.

        FRENZY 10% off: 122.22*.9 = 110
        Lose the GST: 110/1.1 = 100

        • FC tracks after GST but before promo codes. $110 will earn $30.

  • +1

    One transaction per a customer? One time cash back per ShopBack account?

  • thanks OP, got some Splicer XPAs and Martell Cognac

  • Mine has just tracked in 3.5 hours

  • Does this work with champagne?

    • +1

      I've got cashback on first choice champagne before from a boosted cashback so assuming this is no different should be OK.

      • Gave it a shot and it worked! Thanks

  • I forgot to use the code Frenzy. Anyone know if possible to redo the order and get refund on old one? I got confused as the wine 6 pack discount applied making me think the frenzy coupon happened automatically…

  • Hi OP, when does the upsized cash back offer end?

  • Poor Toms Gin + Case of Stockade Brew = $85

    Nobbad I say!

    • it already ended

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