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Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine $389.27, ASUS RT-AX88U Wi-Fi 6 Router $389.27 Delivered + More @ Wireless 1 (Account Required)


17% off with a free account @ Wireless 1.

ASUS RT-AX88U $389.27 Delivered.

ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 WiFi AX AM4 ATX Motherboard $183.43 + Delivery ($0 with $200 Spend).

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  • Membership required means to sign up right?

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      Yeah make an account.

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    UDM is still cheaper at $359.95 on eBay with PM1517 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265133052406

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      Missed that thanks. Get in quick as there is only 3 available @ eBay.

      • And it's gone.

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      I ordered over a week ago from these guys and it still hasn't shipped. I have been back and forward with them the whole time, sent 8 or so messages now, with my most recent one just asking them to cancel and refund. YMMV though, maybe I'm the one off

      • From the eBay or from Wireless 1?

      • Same experience (with the eBay seller refered above) on other Ubiquiti products I purchased through these guys. Impossible to get a tax invoice and long time to progress shipping. I did receive the goods in the end.

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          Sir may I ask how long time does it take to deliver in the end? I was expecting my UDM from last week and haven't heard anything since from this seller, just trying to stay cool and be realistic at the moment lol.

          • @Aloa: Took abut 1 week before item was marked as shipped and almost 2 weeks to deliver to Perth (almost 3 weeks from order to delivery). Pretty average! Price is good though.

            • @Bargain boy: Thanks mate, I might just need to patiently wait then…

      • I've got a tracking number but I can't see anything on the couriers please website…

      • As an update, after requesting a cancellation yesterday they appeared to have ignored my request and actually sent the item instead … So that kinda worked. Still, 11 days from ordering to actually handing off to auspost is pretty rubbish.

        • I ordered yesterday and it shipped today. Maybe they were just waiting till they had sold a set amount to save going back and forward to post office every day but they should update their handling time if that’s the issue. In any case they shipped within their stated time frame on my end so will see what happens.

      • I bought a UDM a few weeks ago from them (before the eBay code) and they gave me an AusPost tracking number but then drop shipped it via a courier so the AusPost wasnt actually ever scanned. I've had it for a week now and tracking still shows its yet to get its first AusPost scan

  • Is it easy to get wire-guard going in UDM?

    • Not supported yet

    • For remote or site to site?
      Wire Guard only works on Edge Routers and UniFi Security Gateway ATM.

      Just use OpenVPN unless this is for business?

    • There is an unofficial way to get this going. Someone posted a how to on Reddit. I will share later

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    Doesn't the UDM require a remote access to the Unifi systems?

    After Unifi had there security failure and weren't forthcoming about it, I wouldn't buy any Unifi (or any other company's) equipment that required remote access to their systems.

    • You can turn off cloud remote access and login locally. An account is still required for setup.

    • I don't think you can disable cloud access for UDM and UDM Pro.
      (unless this ability was added in recent releases)

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        You can. I have mine disabled.

        • Yep, you are right. I had to sign in with "owner" account to see this option.
          "Super Admin" user can't see this option.

        • This must be quite new.

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            @whats up skip: For UDM Base the option has been available for over a year now. UDMP got the option 4 months ago I think.

    • After Unifi had there security failure and weren't forthcoming about it, I wouldn't buy any Unifi (or any other company's) equipment that required remote access to their systems.

      What do recommend as an alternative?

      I agree they didn’t handle things well (I’m yet to know a company that has handled a breach well), but I’d still trust them over anything else in the prosumer space.

      • I don't have a better recommendation. TP-Link has released a competitor type product, but to date it isn't at the same level in terms of the software. I am sure TP-Link will continue to improve this. Having said that I haven't been very happy with the Unifi EdgeRouter from a software point of view.

        • Do you reckon the omada gear from TP-Link is worth a look?

        • Take precautions with whatever you use. However, I'd still feel safer with a US based company than a device from a country that is becoming increasingly antagonistic towards Australians and had an an incentive to abuse any back doors in the devices.

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        Could try having a look at Mikrotik.

      • For what device? a router? a switch? an AP?
        Had a look at Aruba?

    • Just enable 2FA.

  • noob questions - Can Asus RT-AX88U cover a single storey 4 bedroom house (block size - 448m2) when the router is placed in garage OR will I still need an AP with this?

    • Hard to guess without testing it out. Wi-Fi routers placed in the garage are not ideal.

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        yeah, will ask the sparky to run a cable to study which is somewhat in the middle of the house. Cheers

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      I'm using it in a double-storey, and my router is in the garage.
      Upstairs all the room no trouble, but when I go in the backyard after 20-25 meters from the router, only 2.4 works, not 5g gets a very weak signal.
      If single storey long home you might find it difficult.
      Best to have it in the centre.

      • thanks for the info. Looks like I will have to ask the sparky to run a cable to study. That should do the trick!!

        • Instead of running a cable
          You can also get another cheaper Asus router and set it as a AiMesh node

          Even a RT-AC68U will work quite well as a Mesh node, a second hand or refurb one cost around $150ish
          Just check scorptec is currenlty on sale for AC68U - $149 (new)

          • @littlesoldier: @littlesoldier thanks for the tip. So do you reckon RT-AC86U and 68Utogether is a good combination for AIMesh. Is it too difficult to set it up or is it just few clicks? Cheers

            • @go2force: Its very easy to setup
              basically when you get a new router (which you intend to set as node)
              in the new connection wizard it has a AiMesh option

              Then login to your current primary router (eg.
              in the left menu select "AiMesh" and you can click "Add AiMesh Node"
              it will automatically search available nodes from wireless signal
              once you select the new "node" it will automatically sync the process and setup the node for you

              • @littlesoldier: Cool, that sounds doable. Do you think I should first start with RT-AX88U and add a node down the line if required OR should I just get AC86U+AC68U combo considering the main router will be placed in the garage. Cheers

                • +1

                  @go2force: Would recommend to get the AX88U as a start
                  AX88U processor is faster, more memory
                  and support Wifi 6 (while 6e is coming, currently there's no consumer products support it yet)

                  In my experience where I have set up 3 AC-68U before (1 as primary and 2 AiMesh nodes)
                  I intermittently got wifi drop out issues (around 50 wifi devices connected)
                  after upgrading the primary router to AX88U I no longer experience it (with 2 x AC68U as nodes)
                  I believe AiMesh does requires the primary router to do calculate such as routing of devices via nodes
                  and a faster processor on the router makes the difference

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    The hell's a dream machine?

    • Router, wireless access point, switch and Unifi controller.

  • Full list of qualifying products:


    Nothing interesting, personally..

  • How is the returns policy in case the ASUS router isnt for me? ive been trying my ass off to get a router that can handle my gigabit connection (get at least 600mbps via wifi) but to no avail…

    maybe i should just wait for more wifi 6e routers..

    • +2

      From the review AX88U can reach up to 800mbps on 5Ghz wifi


      But you need to ensure your client end can support that

      • okay - thanks! i think ill pass this time, and wait for wifi6e.

        I have a solid ac router atm, and on a 250/25 plan, can reach 270/30 on wifi….. giving it a few more years.

        thanks mate

  • I literally ordered the udm today from another ebay seller then this deal pops up 7 hours later so cancelled that order and got the ebay one linked in the above comments, Absolute steal for that price.

  • I bought the UDM last year - I don't think it was worth the money at all.
    I have 2 switches plus a separate wifi access point for downstairs.
    I'm a sucker for new tech - If I knew the system was half baked, I would never have bought it.

    • +1

      What don't you like about it? You been having issues?

      • +1

        My personal feeling/opinion is that the interface is unnecessarily complex
        The menus are not clear nor intuitive.
        Options for things are buried away a few levels down.

        With previous devices such as Netgear, Apple Airport Extreme, TP Link, it was EASY to setup parental controls.
        The other interfaces were user friendly to setup time limitation, or had implemented basic filtering (by age, etc)

        Also, I was not able to setup and configure the UDM without connecting to the internet.
        It wasn't my impression that it was tied to the cloud for configuration and operation.
        I'm not convinced the firewall is as secure as it should be.
        I figure they are just as shit as any other manufacturer and I shouldn't have paid the price premium for it.

        Sure, I have better wifi coverage in my house with less AP's, but meh.

        Of course, YMMV.

        edit: let me clarify some background. I'm a dad who was actively setting parental and time limits for my kids. I had poor wifi coverage in my house, and I bought this to help improve my internet speeds downstairs (which it did).

        • Parental stuff is rubbish on he udm. Never works properly.

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    Listing on ebay just got updated again with more stock 359.95 with code PM1517 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265133052406

    • All gone again :(

      • They’re back again mate if you’re still wanting it, say’s there’s two or three left I just checked.

  • MiniPC with 2x LAN for $200, Wifi access point $100 and free OPNsense will take 2hrs to install. And no stupid cloud stuff as in here.

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    I’ve owned the UDM for over a year. It hasn’t quite lived to my expectations. There is a lot of features but of late the firmware upgrades have made it worse than ever with stability issues requiring it to be force restarted almost weekly as the user interface becomes unresponsive.

    Ubiquiti was once the darling of the prosumer market but their software and firmware QA has gone massively downhill and they’ve lost a lot of customers and respect since.

  • I haven’t bought anything from Wireless 1 before, are they ok to deal with?

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      yep, I've had no issues with Wireless 1 in the past

      • Thanks

  • Can you combine two udm dream machine devices in your house?

    Eg one downstairs and one upstairs?

  • Just an update, I ordered this from these guys https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265133052406 on Tuesday 18th May, got shipped on the 19th and delivered today. No issues at all. Just goes to show you shouldn’t always listen to negative feedback, I asked them directly and the issue from their end was they just had so many orders to fulfill and ship out caused a delay, I also asked them regarding “drop shipping” which another user in this thread claims they did with his but he must of been a anomaly mine is AU stock tagged and tested with seals brand new shipped from Sydney via Couriers Please.

    Just some feed back as I know negative reviews from impatient people jumping the gun seems to be the norm these days, their happy to complain as quick as they can but rarely take the time to put up a positive review when things work out.

  • For this guy:

    I ordered 31st of May, Ebay marked it as posted, have been trying to email for 5 days to get a Tax Invoice/Tracking Details, got a reply yesterday saying he was busy and may post it today…. no reply on Tax Invoice.

    Defo considering cancelling my order.

    • I ordered off them they shipped it the next day as per review just above you. Seems hit and miss with them I guess

      • Glad you had a good experience :), I must be lucky… lol

        I'm still waiting on a Tracking Number and a Tax Invoice, after even more queries. Gonna pull the pin today if I get no response, and rate them accordingly on EBAY. Terrible service.